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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 25, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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surviving a scare but into the quarter finals — the united states see off spain at the women's world cup. and seeing off sweden — italy wins its bid to host the winter olympics and paralympics in 2026. welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. shakib al hasan was the star of the show again, becoming just the second man to hit fifty and take five wickets in a cricket world cup match, as bangladesh beat afghanistan by 62 runs, in southampton. yuvraj singh was the first to do it back in 2011 against ireland. the victory for bangladesh means they still have an outside chance of reaching the semi finals. imran sidat reports.
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despite three defeats in the tournament, bangladesh fans had plenty of belief that their side could qualify for the semifinals. they were facing in afghanistan team who had lost every match so far but mushfiqur rahim struck early. shakib al hasan is the leading scorer the competition and lead the fight. when he was bamboozled by spin, they had a new sense of hope. mushfiqur rahim was brought to the crease. we could continue to follow and some good bowling restricted bangladesh to 262 from their 50 overs. after coming so close to upsetting end on saturday, the afghan open knew a good start was essential. they survived the first ten overs before the easiest of catches. they were scoring at less tha n of catches. they were scoring at less than four and over. gulbadin
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naib providing the occasional flurry. when he was dismissed, afghanistan belief was starting to fade. there was a sense of inevitability as a valued efforts of the minnows came to an end as bangladesh closed in on victory. they revived the hopes of making the last four while afg hanistan‘s they revived the hopes of making the last four while afghanistan's wait for the first when continues. the —— their first for the first when continues. the —— theirfirst wind. it is difficult mathematically but having said that, in cricket anything can happen. as i said, it will be difficult but we have the belief that we can play well in the next two matches and get the result. sweden are into the last eight of the women's world cup after a 1—0 win over canada. it was no classic but the swede‘s won't care, as they set up a quarter final against germany.
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our reporter sarah mulkerrins was watching the game in paris. it was so hard to decide which two of these teams was going to wind before this game. it was probably one of the hottest months ago and it looks that way in the first half. very little action. in the second half, sweden broke the deadlock, a lovely broke through found stina blackstenius and that put sweden i—o up. then a little bit more drama, as this world cup is proving. at the other and a penalty awarded. asllani judge to hand bowl. janine beckie stepped up, not christine sinclair as you would expect. hedvig lindahl
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with a magnificent save. so sweden progress. they will now face germany. germany not amount four yea rs germany. germany not amount four years ago in the round of 16 and three years ago in the olympics it was germany who emerged as winners so sweden perhaps may well be targeting a germany side that are not quite at their best, that are not quite at their best, that are not where they were four years ago, to ta ke not where they were four years ago, to take a little bit of a revenge, perhaps. 50 to take a little bit of a revenge, perhaps. so much of the talk has been about the united states but a bit of a scare earlier which will give to the rest. the team that's got 18 goals suddenly had to require spot kicks to get through their round of 16 game against spain. this defence that we have had? before this world cup about the usa, a bit ofa this world cup about the usa, a bit of a blunder for them so this world cup about the usa, a bit of a blunderfor them so spain equalised. it took a spot kick late
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on to wind it for the us. question marks over questions that spain asked them. how they best dealt with that. plenty of hope for france. we saw france perform so well in their opening game but have struggled to finish their chances in the games sense. we know these two are going to meet here in paris on friday. it is the blockbuster quarter—final everybody was hoping was going to happen. there are two matches at the copa america which will decide group c and the final place in the last eight. chile play uruguay in a match that will decide which team tops group c. a win for ecuador orjapan would take them through — a draw is no good to either. ecuador going desperately close. whoever can when we'll go through
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but at the moment they are not going to progress and paraguay will go through. they‘ re the second—highest placed african nation in fifa's world rankings but tunisia could only manage a draw against angola at the africa cup of nations. it finished 1—1 in their match in group e thanks to a second half angola equaliser. in the other game in the group, mali thrashed the tournament debutants mauritania 4—1whilst aston villa'sjonathan kodja got the only goal of the game as ivory coast beat south africa by a goal to nil. meanwhile ghana begin their campaign against benin on tuesday. and they'll be hoping to improve on a series of near—misses. across the last six tournaments they've finished runners—up twice and reached four other semi finals. we've been talking to one of their star players about why he thinks they're one of the teams to watch: this is why you should support
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ghana. we are an exciting team and we don't want to go into the bench andi we don't want to go into the bench and i believe this is going to be a yearforghana. i and i believe this is going to be a year for ghana. i will give and i believe this is going to be a yearfor ghana. i will give it to you. my barack does the work for us. and he is very serious for a team that does not choke on the pitch. —— mubarak. he scores are good goals, gives good passes stop he also creates a lot of chances for us. he is always a cracking jokes and a lwa ys is always a cracking jokes and always dancing and he is the one who leads the team always. the worst,
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when we singing he raises his voice and spoils everything. sings. i am not bad, right? nothing is impossible. we can wind. ——we can win. when christian atsu returns to his club newcastle united, he won't find rafael benitez in charge there anymore. the spaniard is leaving the club after just over three years in charge. newcastle fans have been protesting about how the owner mike ashley runs the club. benitez wanted more control over transfers. he's also received an offer of $15 million a year to manage chinese super league club dalian yifang. italy will host the olympics and paralympics in 2026,
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with milan and cortina d'ampezzo sharing the hosting duties. international olympic committee members voted for the long—favoured italian bid over a swedish one. skating sports and ice hockey will be held in milan, while most alpine skiing events will take place in the resort of cortina. we strongly believe in the candidature but until it is not written in the paper it is not written in the paper it is not written so when they said milano cortina i had an explosion. we have a strong programme. we are really spending few money and we already have everything set up. it would probably be my last olympic but i will manage to be here. that is it from us. the latest news
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on our website. from me and the rest of the team, goodbye. hello. the heat and the humidity have been rising over recent days and that is bringing us feel for some heavy showers and some thunderstorms as well. as we head through the day on tuesday, we're going to keep that warm, humid, fairly sticky feel to the weather and we are expecting further thundery showers as well. now, we've got this weather front that's been pushing up from the south over the past few hours. it will continue its progression north—eastwards, as we head on through tuesday. but early in the day, this is the zone we're most concerned about, in terms of those heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain. not everywhere is going to see them but if you catch one, could well see some flash flooding problems, particularly across this part of eastern england and into eastern wales as well. through the course of tuesday morning then, that first batch of rain tends to drift its way northwards and eastwards,
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across north—east england, and eventually out into the north sea. we'll also see some further heavy showers building through into the afternoon, particularly trough parts of the midlands, perhaps wales as well. scotland and northern ireland having a bit of a dryer day. whereever you are, it's feeling reasonably warm. most of us around about 19—25 degrees or so. just a little bit cooler along some of these north—east coasts. as we move through the course of tuesday evening and overnight into wednesday, then that first batch of rain clears away and we then we've got a little bit of a change on into wednesday. quite a lot of cloud across the country, and it's going to be another mild and fairly muggy feeling night, with temperatures between around 10—16 degrees overnight. so heading through wednesday, once we have lost that frontal system, high pressure tends to topple in from the north, becoming more of a player and quietening the weather down. so through the day on wednesday, there will not be as many heavy downpours and thunderstorms. still the chance of perhaps one or two showers lingering across the far south—west of england, the channel isles too. most other parts of the country looknig dry. best of the sunshine, i think, across scotland and northern ireland. quite a bit of cloud for england and wales but it will tend to
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break up through the day, allowing temperatures to rise to around about 23 degrees or so. later in the week then, that high—pressure topples in further. we see low pressure moving out towards the west. so we are going to be drawing in these warm southerly or even south—easterly winds. lifting temperatures to as high as about 31 degrees or so in the warmer spots. so through the day ion thursday, plenty of sunshine around. it's looking like a dry day across the uk, bit more brightness, i think, compared to wednesday. still a little cooler, with a bit more cloud around parts of eastern scotland and north—east england as well, where we draw the breeze off the sea. the warmest temperatures are going to be found further west. but later on inthe week it is looking dry, mostly sunny, again hot and pretty humid, and also fairly muggy and sticky by night. bye for now.
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welcome to bbc news — i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: the frontrunner to be the next british prime minister — boris johnson speaks exclusively to the bbc. he insists he can deliver brexit by the october deadline. my pledge is to come out of the eu at halloween, on 31 october. the us imposes new sanctions on iran — president trump calls them hard hitting and designed to target the country's supreme leader. the sinister side of south korea's glitzy gangnam district — we have a special report into the underbelly of seoul's most elite nightclubs. and — how the eastern black rhino is returning to rwanda,


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