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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 25, 2019 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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where he hasjust ended up in times where he hasjust ended up in the bath because it has been to messi. when i'm not an hundred percent sure i have got it all i stick in the bath stop before nappy woes she was winning gold metals. on her return, all was not well. about a month after rio and being in that success , a month after rio and being in that success, i had really bad mental health issues. i kind ofjust outnumber not i did not have a purpose in life any more. for years going to tokyojust purpose in life any more. for years going to tokyo just felt like a really long way off. ijust kind of lost myself a bit and i really struggled. thankfully, iwent lost myself a bit and i really struggled. thankfully, i went to see a psychiatrist in leeds and he was absolutely incredible. i think he works with quite a number of sportspeople and he really helped me out. some time away from competing
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fellows, but she is now back at the track with baby and guide dog into. training is going well, despite the old interruption. hey, what is up? i think for me now, sport is incredibly important to me still, but having a babyjust gets me that extra focus when i am at training to know if i am taking time away from my little boy, i want to make sure it is worthwhile. for me i think my training focus will be so much better. a new focus, but the targets remain the same. good to see her back, isn't it? recap on our top story, england in danger of making —— not making the semifinals of the world cup. that is all from sports day, thanks for watching.
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britain's most advanced weapons system is being tested in battle over iraq and syria for the first time. the raf‘s new f35jets have been flying their first missions in the battle against the group known as islamic state. our defence correspondentjonathan beale reports from raf akrotiri. britain's most advanced and most expensive fighterjet is now ready for combat. f—35s flying out of raf akrotiri in cyprus. they have now flown their first sorties over iraq and syria. nearly five years after the raf first began its air campaign against islamic state. the f—35s have flown over a dozen missions over iraq and syria, hunting down the remnants of the group known as islamic state. but as yet they haven't fired or dropped any weapons in anger. instead the jets, each
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of which cost around £100 million, have been gathering intelligence. albeit against an enemy that has already lost its territory. the real test for this aircraft, designed for stealth, will be against a more sophisticated adversary with air defences. for example, a country like iran. let's say a certain state wanted to protect its borders. with this aircraft, because of the stealth qualities, you are able to find your way through without being seen. the f—35 is still suffering from a host of technical glitches. the defence secretary came to cyprus to assess the progress. it comes amid rising tensions in the gulf. is this a warning? everything is continually under review. this deployment, for example, is part of one that was preplanned. we have moved more assets in. it is not in response to what iran has been doing. but clearly, we are positioned in the
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area. and we will take action if we think that is the most appropriate course. for now, the focus is defeating islamic state. six f—35s will continue flying missions over iraq and syria until the end of the month. combat ready, if not yet battle proven. jonathan beale, bbc news. india's supreme court wants to know what is being done to fight the outbreak of the virus which has killed local children. it says the crisis is now under police out of control. —— is now out of control. there has been a link between the
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virus and light cheese. president trump has appointed a new white house secretary and commissions director. on twitter the first lady said she could think of no better person to serve the administration and the country. now in mexico she's a heroine — frida — a search and rescue wonder dog, is hanging up her goggles and retiring from duties with the mexican navy after nine years of service. the labrador became famous for finding earthquake survivors in 2017, and is credited with having found 12 people alive. will grant has the story. there were few greater symbols of hope during the mexico earthquake of 2017 than frida. the labrador retriever, clad in her protective eye mask and safety gear, went from building to building with her handler in the aftermath of the terrible disaster, looking for survivors
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and often finding them, too. in 53 rescue missions, she's helped locate 12 people alive under the rubble, to be exact. and notjust in mexico. she travelled to haiti in 2010, guatemala in 2012, and ecuador in 2016. cheering however, now the time has come for her to hang up the goggles and the flak jacket and gnaw on a bone or two in peace instead. at a ceremony in mexico city, frida's uniform was removed and replaced with a chew toy. for many, frida seemed to represent an indefatigable spirit in the country that kept people going when the news kept getting worse. frida is yet to confirm the plans for her retirement, but it's believed she may move to the countryside. now it's time for a look at the weather with stav danaos.
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conditions are gradually turning drier across central part of the country drier across central part of the cou ntry after drier across central part of the country after today's rain begins to fizzle out. this weather front clearing away which brought on the rain today. high pressure building in from the north—west, which is why things are settling down. it is also bringing slightly fresher, less humid out to our shores. drier, cooler air arriving in the north of scotla nd cooler air arriving in the north of scotland tonight. we settled onto the cloud in the south and light rain and drizzle. it was to be quite muqqy rain and drizzle. it was to be quite muggy in the south, but single figure values and north. gray note to start wednesday, probably the best of the sunshine across northern ireland and scotland. a little bit of brightness developing across the south temperatures lower than they had been of late. about the low 20s.
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on into thursday, high—pressure cell with us. but we a bit of a squeeze on the ice about across the south, mainly be pick a strong easterly wind. lots of sunshine across the uk, as you can see for elisabeth of cloud here and there across coastal areas where it will still be cool in that northerly went. little bit warmer further west, we could see 2040 25 degrees. quite warm in the central belt. cross into europe, this blistering heat may throughout this blistering heat may throughout this week. record—breaking temperatures likely across parts of france. it does look like we'll be typing internet heat once again, as we and the week. right across the uk it will be very hot, potentially the hottest day of the year across the southern parts of the uk as we head into saturday. that breeze coming up
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from the south, stretching the heat into many areas. mainly across western areas, doesn't cooler air across north sea coast. by the west we could make 27 or 20 degrees, even mid 20s across central scotland. on into saturday, because the low 30s celsius across the south with high humidity. it kills down for all as we head into sunday.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. conservative leadership front runner borisjohnson says he is fully committed to leaving the eu on october 31st. it is "do or die" says mrjohnson. the conservatives, he says, are staring down the barrel and must deliver. but his challengerjeremy hunt says the party needs to choose someone it can trust, someone that europe can trust, to deliver a deal. thejudgment is, the judgment is, who was the person we trust as prime minister to go to brussels and bring back that deal? it is about the personality of our prime minister. the insults fly between iran and the us — president trump warns any attack on anything american will be met with overwhelming force


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