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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 26, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello, you are watching bbc news. the headlines this hour. the us—mexico border crisis deepens after the deaths of a father and toddler pictured face down in the rio grande river and for the reports of migrant families held in poor conditions in us camps. under the disgrace, the board of deputies of jewish... they react to the news of chris swenson being readmitted to the party after investigation into comments about labour pot second gave anti—semitism allegations. jurors have been showed cctv footage of momentsjust before jurors have been showed cctv footage of moments just before this train passenger was stabbed to death. england's care system failing financially and feeling older and people with disabilities says a new
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report. now just before people with disabilities says a new report. nowjust before we joined the team for our daily look at sporting stories, let's look at what else is coming here and bbc news this evening. we will ask if a change in approach of this bonmarche will be... and heat wave hit southern europe who has turned around the world studying the effects of extreme temperatures on the human body. half past ten and half 11, we will have our daily look at the front pages of tomorrow's papers. join me tonight the former pinches visit baroness altman and the broadcaster and writer. that's coming up later this evening. do you see with us on bbc news. now it is time tojoin sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm john watson. the headlines.
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can england stay cool as the heat‘s turned up ahead of their world cup quarter final? konta's concern — another defeat on grass with wimbledon just five days away. and pakistan threaten piling on more pressure on england at the world cup. good evening. we will be life in france shortly getting the build up before that huge game for england at the women's world cup with that quarterfinal to come tomorrow night but we start with tennis. wimbledon seedings were raised today. perhaps there are
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signs that there is still work to do on the grass asjohanna konta lawson the third round at eastbourne where we can trust —— crossover. big names include angelique herbert but no choke content. sam smith alongside me to explain what happened. she played a red—hot opponent and there was not an awful lot that she could do about it. she was a little nervous to move tentative because the court was greasy and thatjust affected the rest of her game. she was not as offensive and driving through the ball which would be a great tactic but she could not do today for some she will be seated 19 at wilmington. the women's seedings follow the rankings. serena williams at 11 -- 11. no at 11 —— 11. no shocks. at 11 -- 11. no shocks. pretty straightforward. where is terrain in
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relation to her? the men have a different form and they take into account grass court form as not surprisingly having one in with an eight times which means roger federer is ring three in the world, seeded number two. he and ralph nadalflip places. the runner—up moves from eight to fourth cephas of an john runner—up moves from eight to fourth cephas of anjohn isner who is ranked 12th in the world is of two ninths seed. it interesting because some people take umbrage at that. why would you not go on the last 12 months ranking? the way the club seat is they tried do best for the players and be fair in the draw. they do want big gaps to open up for players who are specifically terrific on grass but not so good on other surfaces and vice versa. that's what happened many years ago hence the formula. but the comments nadal made needs some review some point some being happy being back
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on... roger federer post this photograph on twitter with one word which was "back". i think that is pretty cool and you close so romance and comfortable. i kay he continues to break records was a —— so relax. back from the swiss mountain. dan evidences through to the quarterfinals. he will now meet either camry or kyle edmond in an all british quarterfinal facet more from eastbourne tomorrow on bbc two from eastbourne tomorrow on bbc two from p.m. . ourthanks to clear balding and sam smith. one of the men, the singles at wilmington this year. carl and men men, the singles at wilmington this year. carland men —— kyle and men, the singles at wilmington this year. carl and men —— kyle and been going up against cameron norrie. pay was kay play was stopped for was an hour due to was kay play was stopped for was an hourdue to an was kay play was stopped for was an hour due to an ill spectator but kyle edmond is leading in that first
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set 6—2 and he is currently one break—up in the second. now, to by break—up in the second. now, to rugby week. luther could make his debut this week after switching from union to leak. he left northampton at the end of the season and has become one of the most high—profile players to switch codes. i caught up with them earlier on and he explained why he made the move. when i was in the england regime, he was a big fan of love —— rugby week. a lot of the structures were all based around that. i followed our defence coach. ifollowed our defence coach. my voice spends a follower of it. for me to get this opportunity and test myself as an athlete and a rugby player to make this transition is one that really excited me. i had an opportunity to stay in union but sometimes you get a little bit co mforta ble, sometimes you get a little bit comfortable, i don't want to say complacent, but i went to keep
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pushing myself and that is really what excited me the most to make this transition. it's a great club and hopefully cracked both coats. you could stand on the cusp of doing something really impressive is because he won the premiership with northampton at your time and rugby union. they are doing well in the super league at the moment, they haven't won a grand final but if you can accomplish that, you can have a super week aside and a premiership trophy. that would be amazing. even ifi trophy. that would be amazing. even if i don't play minutes, i would probably do the john if i don't play minutes, i would probably do thejohn terry and celebrate with the lads. i like to get myself out there and add some volume to the team. i have been putting some hard work in this past three and a half weeks was up i'm chomping at the bit to get myself out there now. it's a back and co mforta ble out there now. it's a back and comfortable with the of round me. my last ruby union run was a month ago. i want to get myself up to speed as
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quickly as possible. —— my last by quickly as possible. —— my last rugby union run i don't want to rule it out but ultimately when the gaffer feels he is comfortable to throw me in that i believe he would do that. you lead the way in roping union, i'm sure you would do the same in leak as well. you may not be the first to make this move. danny cipriani and another may think that lea k cipriani and another may think that leak could be a pathway for them as well. it is been pretty big use to be honest. i did not expect for together as much momentum as it has. a lot of players to come out of the woodwork and i say out of the woodwork, danny karen and danny cipriani, i took them aside. the amount of reach that has been great. hopefully i can pull a few ads across, especially what i think the younger players around the early 20s, mid 20s that have not had as
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much game time. i couldn't advise them enough to advise them and give ita them enough to advise them and give it a try because the fitness levels and skill set that you need to be able to be at i would say... i won't say a level above but the tester and difficult ways —— different ways of. is it difficult ways —— different ways of. isita difficult ways —— different ways of. is it a difficult change? it could be. that's why i advise players to not rule it out and see it as a valuable option for them because it will only increase your game. that was with her bradley who also told me that missing out on selection in the england world cup squad back in 2015 one of the big disappointment of his career so far. plenty for england to contend with, the rising temperatures in france and concerns over central defenders steph horton and millie bright who are both major doubts for tomorrow's quarter final with norway in le havre. let's cross to france now and join
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jane dougall who's there. sta rt start on those concerns. this many fire sweeping through the camp, what's the latest on the progress? we knew steph horton would be a doubt because of that dreadful tackle she got in the match against cameroon. she did train with the rest of the squad today. she took pa rt rest of the squad today. she took part ina rest of the squad today. she took part in a full training session. she can't be that badly injured which is a real relief. but then phil neville in his media conference said that she would still be a doubt especially to start for tomorrow's match. we were kind of expecting that but what we were not expecting was the news that her partner and centre defence millie bright was going to be in major debt because of a virus. i asked phil neville what kind of virus she had and he kind of shrugged and said just sickness. he wouldn't expand on it too much. nearly break did not train with the
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rest of the squad today. she did not ta ke rest of the squad today. she did not take part, both of them had been a co nsta nt for take part, both of them had been a constant for phil neville in his defence. this is going to give him a headache. he was very relaxed about it when people in the media conference asked him about it. he said "this is why i have 23 members of my squad to pick from". you plan for these moments. we don't wa nt you plan for these moments. we don't want to throw someone in who we have not tested or tried and does not know our system. there has been a plan behind it and it is for moments like this where i am totally relaxed. when i got into management isaid relaxed. when i got into management i said from day one only worry about those that can get on the bus. those that can get on the bus on the fit once. i put my life on those two if they're called on to be the best two players on the pitch. he's facing a lot of question over his rotation policy but he is answer them now for some we know that these defensive concerns england have and how things
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are progressing in england camp. what about norway? what's her challenge will they pose to england tomorrow night? —— what sort of challenge will they post england? they are a talented match. they were very good in their last match is austria. they put them out and took them into penalties. they managed to contain australia pretty well and one of the best players in the world. they kept her fairly quiet. they have done pretty well. phil neville said today in his media conference that they ticked all the boxes, they are a physical side, they had a sense of togetherness as well and also that they were very technically gifted. there captain both play for chelsea. and there will know by some members of the england squad who played with or against him in the ws out and phil neville said he was a big fan of them. ellen white has played against
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norway on several occasions. she said that although england happened perhaps got out of second gear yet, they're going to have to against norway and she feels they are equal to the task. i think norway's when we are toughest test of date. i have been asked a question a couple of times but we are coming off the back of two clean sheets which is really important for some it shows a lot of momentum. i think we have grown and grown as this tournament has gone on for some people be analysing norway the best we can, their strengths and weaknesses and how we connect with them and focusing on us and how we can do in our parity is 100% on norway and how we can get the result thatis norway and how we can get the result that is the best for us. that's our priority is under way. phil never talked a lot about ellen white, he compared her to alan shearer saying she is ruthless in front of gold. phil was asked about the weather. we know it will heat up, about 35 degrees during the match tomorrow
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which is going to be tough but he says his players have prepared for it and don't forget, fifa will stop the match for drink breaks if it gets dangerous for players. jane, many thanks indeed for some we pulled up towards kick—off 8pm in the half, with those defence concerns she was talking, england will have to contend with, it will be tough conditions in france. with the many heatwave expected in the coming days. i spoke to simon king area to assess what the remaining quarter finalists and the women world cup will have to do with temperature wise. how hot would be simon for england in that match with norway tomorrow night? hot and uncomfortable. we have aircoming night? hot and uncomfortable. we have air coming from africa moving this way north from spain through much of france. it would be a record—breaking week in terms of temperatures across europe. if we look at the match, they will be in the ‘30s to start off with for something for it is an evening match
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because the sceptres will drop away as we go through the night. it's still very hot for an evening game was ever very uncomfortable. what about friday because we have paris against united stash france against united states in paris. will temperatures rise was of a friday and saturday will be the warmest and hottest days. on friday in paris it is an evening match with those temperatures are still in the ‘30s to start off with dropping away gradually. very hot temperatures to plan. let's speculate if they make it to leon next week. how's it shaking up to get there without the rats disappear towards the south. the reds turns the south. we could see temperatures cutting up to the ‘305 see temperatures cutting up to the ‘30s in the day. it should get more co mforta ble. ‘30s in the day. it should get more comfortable. they must get there first but tough and hot conditions for him and to contend with. simon, things a lot. england will be great for their plane tomorrow night. simon was saying it will get hotter
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friday and saturday. so these are the remaining quarter final fixtures, england norway tomorrow france face usa on friday, and on saturdaty italy play the european champions netherlands and germany take on sweden. the refereeing has come in for feminine criticism and var is being scrutinised after several long delays. but atop referee has defended it. the number of a face —— my sisters have affected the results of a match costing a lot to one or two teams playing the game are very much reduced. why do you think the reaction to va are this summerat the think the reaction to va are this summer at the women's world cup has been less positive than last summer after russia? because it seems that way to me second it's something that i would try to investigate, to
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understand. the numbers and statistics of var are pretty dissimilar to other competition. what is important is whether the decision taken on the field of play where correct and the very few m ista kes where correct and the very few mistakes which were committed so far did not affect the result of any game. reflecting on the use of var at the women's world cup. a quick look at some of the day's other stories. manchester united have reached an agreement to sign aaron wan—bissaka from crystal palace in a deal believed to be worth around £50 million. his wages will rise from £10,000 a week, to around £80,000. david silva has said next season is likely to be his last at manchester city — he's won four premier league titles and two fa cups — bringing to an end ten years with the club. liam broady is one win away from qualifying for wimbledon, he won his second—round match today — he's bidding to reach the main
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draw for a fourth time. but before we hear from the former rugby union man england cricket fans will have been keeping a close eye on pakistan's match with new zealand at the world cup today. they're one of the teams that could pip eion morgan's side to a semi final spot, so a black caps win would help their chances following a third defeat in the group stage yesterday. pakistan look as they could hire —— pie more pressure on the host is patrick gary can tell us. if pakistan have a plan it is not an easy one to work out. after six games there is no steady level but co nsta nt games there is no steady level but constant volume. his first ball. new zealand swept away in the chaotic energy that pakistan five on for some power there captain to somehow grasp ross taylor. wickets everywhere, sudden movements all over the place. like the sharp spin came williamson, new
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zealand's captain out 83—5. pakistan ruckus england nervous was that they we re ruckus england nervous was that they were the third team in this match. pakistan could catch them. they would've cheered everyone and... they heave their site at 237 who had a game. how would pakistan cope when faced with the key we attacked? lucky ferguson made him flinch and martin guptill. pakistan 114— to delicately poise. the time than for you sure touch for supper and i would've called despite everything. not all heads were as level. he is thinking the professor but yet here he made a critical miscalculation. a wicket to williamson who hardly both. sometimes more forcefully, he brought pakistan ever closer to a wind that could launch their world cup. are you watching, england? patrick gary, bbc news. i am sure they are. you one how common it will be in the england camp right now.
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the weight is. they need 39 or 50 balls. pakistan and ping the dish could catch him and in pursuit of fourth place. england still in control of their own destiny if they win their two remaining matches, they kay first one of those in india on sunday. chris gayle has seemed to backtracked on plans to retire from one—day cricket after the world cup.the west indies batsman said this year that he would end his odi career after the tournament but, speaking before tomorrow's match against india appeared to changed his mind. and he wasn't shy on the legancy he will leave when he does finish. i'm definitely up there. i'm deafly up i'm definitely up there. i'm deafly up there with the greats. without a doubt. i'm just enjoying every moment of playing for the west indies. still nothing and, still have a few games ago. maybe another serious ago. let's what happens. there has been


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