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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 30, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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whilst eight months pregnant. two men have now been arrested. the shadow chancellor, john mcdonnell conceded he's frustrated by labour's lack of progress on its brexit position while the head of the unite union asks thatjeremy corbyn is given more time. sir david attenborough makes a surprise appearance on glastonbury‘s pyramid stage — praising the festival for going plastic—free. that is more than1 million bottles of water have not been drunk by you in plastic. applause. thank you. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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good evening. welcome to sportsday. i'm ben croucher and here's what's been catching our eye on this dramatic sporting sunday. one win from the semi finals. england beat india to keep their cricket world cup fate in their own hands. max powers to victory at the austrian grand prix as verstappen pips charles leclerc for his first win of the f1 season. there's a surprise winner in the european games to as lauren smith and marcus ellis win badminton‘s british battle. also coming up in the programme... hoping it's not bronze for bronze. we'll be in lyon two days out from england's world cup semi final against the united states. and after watching his beloved liverpool lift a major title — we took kyle edmund to anfield to chat football and a bit of tennis too.
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welcome along. england have beaten india at the cricket world cup to keep their prospects of reaching the semi finals in their hands. after back to back defeats england knew they probably needed to win their last two games and afterjonny bairstow‘s century helped set india 338 to win — the 2011 champions fell 31 runs short in a chase that kept us on the edge of our seats for much of the afternoon. joe wilson has been at edgbaston for us. a lot of excitement at edgbaston. the game that held attention almost throughout. very important to england that they won the toss and had a chance to bat after the nervy failures in their recent run chases.
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the reunited pair of jason failures in their recent run chases. the reunited pair ofjason roy and jonny bairstow. a view nervy moments. some big hits of the spin bowlers as he finished iii. moments. some big hits of the spin bowlers as he finished 111. if that is how he answers his critics, maybe he should be criticised more often. ben stokes also played a big role in the innings. some really remarkable hitting from him as he got into his stride and finished with 79 which ensured england got a formidable total of 337. trying to chase that down, india got off to a slow start. the first ten overs were excellent from england, chris woakes was outstanding in particular. the partnership with virat kohli, a really big moment was when chris woa kes ca m e really big moment was when chris woa kes came back really big moment was when chris woakes came back into the attack to get rid of rohit sharma for 102. we
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saw flashes, even a scoring rate of ten and over felt possible for india but in the end it was too much and they fell short. what does it mean for england? if we think back to what eoin morgan told us yesterday, his philosophy was that england had four matches left and if they got to the semifinal and won them all, they could be world champions. in theory, that still applies. so here's what it all means then. england back above pakistan in fourth place. if they beat new zealand on wednesday they'll be assured of a semi final spot, regardless of what pakistan and bangladesh do in their remaining games. india need to beat either bangladesh or sri lanka in their remaining games to seal a place in the last four alongside australia. take a look at the winner of today's formula one race. yep — not a mercedes driver — for the first time this season. max verstappen produced a memorable
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drive for his maiden win in 2019. it took until about 7 o'clock for the result to actually be confirmed after his race—winning overtake drew attention from the race stewards. lewis hamilton could only finish 5th. eleanor roper has the story. as formula 1 travelled to austria, france stopped to remember nikki lauda. eight months on from his death and turn one of the red bull track has now been named the nikki lauda turn. looking for his seventh win in nine races, lewis hamilton started in force because of a penalty but a technical problem altered his progress. as verstappen made his way through the order, the fans lit up. he made it into second place, but could he catch leclerc? with two laps to go, he was past.
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although the manoeuvre is being investigated. when sebastian vettel overtook hamilton, it made his bad day even worse. the first day this season he hasn't made the podium so if you are tired of the mercedes dominance, this at least provided some relief. after that start i thought the race was over but we kept pushing hard and i saw that i had a bad flat on my first time. flat on my first tyre. after the pit stop we were flying. you could see on the straight we had good pace so we could make it past. extremely happy for the whole team but also for the whole team but also for honda. we just started working together this year but to win here is incredible. let's head to france next and check in with the england and usa camps ahead of their women's world cup semi final. for england, they've never made it beyond the last four but are full of confidence after easing past norway last time out. for the usa, they're firm favourites after beating hosts france. jane dougall has been at lyon's parc 0lympique. both camps are very much up for this
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match. such an exciting semifinal with england up against defending champions here in this magnificent stadium. phil neville said he'd been waiting 18 months for this match ever since he took the job. the waiting 18 months for this match ever since he took thejob. the usa head coach ellis is actually english. she was born in portsmouth and moved to the usa a long time ago but was asked in her media conference whether she felt at all english in the lead up to this match. her captain alex morgan was beside her and said, no, she's100% american. she was asked whether she would have had the same opportunities in the women's game if she hadn't moved to the usa. i grew she hadn't moved to the usa. igrew up she hadn't moved to the usa. i grew up playing with boys in the schoolyard and my brother in the backyard so i had had zero opportunity to play football over here so that's what america gave me is an environment to put on my first ever tea m is an environment to put on my first ever team uniform terms of soccer andi ever team uniform terms of soccer and i always loved the sport so it just gave me a vehicle to really experience it even more.
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0ne experience it even more. one of the things that makes this semifinal so tasty as the individual matchups between players. alex morgan against many bright and steph houghton. the key to paris against crystal dunn who used to play for chelsea. phil neville was asked about a matchup between lucy bronze, who he has described as the best in the world potentially up against the usa's talisman, megan rufino. it might be rachel daly up against denmark. the ability for it lucy bronze to step up into midfield, we have a decision to make. rapinoe, from day one, i really admired her. she believes when the ball bounced on the touchline, i went to catch the ball and a stud went right through my watch and she hasn't
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repaid me back for that watch and what i liked about it, she just got on with it. she is a winner. england in the semifinal for the third consecutive major tournament, gathering so much momentum and enthusiasm and so many people back at home as well and contributing to the visibility and growth of the england game. england captain was asked how she felt the tournament was lifting the game globally. every time the game is being played, we are being told the viewing figures back at home and for them to be record—breaking over the last two games is fantastic for english football but for football as well because the standard of the game, as phil hasjust said, because the standard of the game, as phil has just said, has because the standard of the game, as phil hasjust said, has been exceptional. and i think in terms of people coming through the crowds, coming to watch us in the stadium, hopefully it will be a sell out in the semifinal i think and for us to be able to attract that many people and people watching back at home and around the world is unbelievable for
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the sport and without a doubt it is the sport and without a doubt it is the best women's world cup yet. tomorrow england will be training in the morning because it is so much cooler in the morning than it is later in the day. the heat has been oppressive here in lyon. 37 degrees today. tuesday's match is at 9pm local time, 8pm uk today. tuesday's match is at 9pm localtime, 8pm uk time today. tuesday's match is at 9pm local time, 8pm uk time so hopefully by the evening, temperatures might have cooled down a little bit. it's the final day of the european games today. great britain were guaranteed gold in the badminton mixed doubles but there was a surprise as marcus ellis and lauren smith pulled off a shock against commonwealth champions and compatriots chris and gabby adcock. the win will also count towards 0lympic qualification next year. this time tomorrow, the bubbly will be popped and the crowds will be tucking into strawberries and cream. it can only be wimbledon of course. no andy murray in the singles draw again so kyle edmund will carry the hopes for the british men. in an exclusive interview, our sports correspondent david 0rnstein joined edmund on a tour of his favourite football club — liverpool — and found out that the british number one is more nervous watching football than he is playing tennis.
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there's a point where you really have to start believing it if you want to do it. kyle edmund has lofty ambitions, inspired by the football team he follows, the british men's tennis number onejoined me on a visit to liverpool. it's amazing how big it is. home of the european champions. the bottom line is you are never considered great or, you know, good in people's minds without silverware. i think that's just the nature of sport and looking at these guys winning trophies who have been so consistent throughout these years, it's impressive but there is a time now when those guys are going to be coming out of it and there is a gap to be filled and it's down to me to do it. born in south africa but raised in yorkshire, edmund has been a lifelong liverpool fan. and who better to get advice from than the man who has guided the reds to a sixth european title? my father was a tennis coach. i played a lot of tennis in my childhood and one of the first things on my bucket list when i had my break was going to wimbledon once, having strawberries
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with the cream and stuff like that. everyone turns on the tvs at that time of year and the first name you go to is obviously the british number one. that's where the expectation is and andy has done very well for so long and it shows how well he did to cope with it and how much sort of pressure and expectation was on him but, you know, now it's me and it's my turn. in his 1a—year career, andy murray reached the top of the world rankings. edmund's highest position is 14th and at wimbledon he is seeded 30th. while murray has won three grand slams and two 0lympic golds, edmund made last year's australian open semifinals but aged 2a, he has plans to go further. i wish you luck for wimbledon. a lot more nervous when i'm watching football than i am playing tennis. going out at centre court you're obviously nervous and excited but you know you're in control of what you're doing and you've done it so many times but in football you are
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out of control, you've just got to watch and hope. he will also hope not to be hampered by a recent knee injury. the focus is solely on tennis for now. maybe one day when your career is done and dusted, you might be back here as a season—ticket holder. when my career is done and i get the chance to go every saturday i would maybe do it but the waiting list is so long i don't know if i've got a chance to get one. as a wimbledon champion you might jump a few places on the list. we'll see. edmund will be third up on centre court tomorrow against jaume munar of spain. he follows us and aussie open champion naomi osaka and defending men's champion novak djokovic. kicking off action on court 1 is simona halep. exciting german alexander zverev follows with 15—year—old coco gauff taking on 39—year—old venus williams. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening.
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now on bbc news, the story of a group of holocaust survivors going to prague to recreate a photo taken in 1945, and what became of their lives after the war. (heartbeats) it was actually 1945. we were all happy to be alive. and show the world that some have survived. this is the miraculous story of what happened to the children in this photo. here, they are on the brink of starting new lives. freed after years in nazi concentration camps. now in their 90s, they have returned to the same spot.
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surrounded by their families. this is me. their story is also my family's story. six million people died in hitler's plan to kill the entire jewish population. my grandfather, david herman, was one of the survivors. he passed away ten years ago. myjourney began in manchester, where two survivors who knew my grandpa now live. ike was 13 years old when he was into his first concentration camp. this was the moment where we found out that the guards had disappeared and we were told we were free. that's me, the one that's waving his cap, we were supposed to be gassed the following morning because they couldn't take us anywhere else.


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