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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 9, 2019 1:45am-2:00am BST

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and india and new zealand prepare to battle it out for a place in the final of the cricket world cup. hello and welcome to the programme. the big three in men's tennis cruised into the quarter finals at wimbledon. novak djokovic, roger federer and rafael nadal all enjoying straight—sets victories, but the fairytale is over for 15—year—old coco gauff. and it was a day to forget for the top seeds the women's draw. holly hamilton has more from wimbledon. fairto fair to say the women's draw is wide open at the business end of the tournament. we started the day with five of the top ten seeds and now we're down to just two. world number one ashleigh barty was first to go, knocked out by american allison riske. party took the first set but allison riske took into a decider to win the biggest victory of her
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career. getting to the quarter—finals is amazing butjust the way i've been fighting, for me, that's what is most exciting for me. i must say, being in the last eight at wimbledon isn't too bad. next up for her is fellow american serena williams, who beat carla suarez navarro in straight sets, wrapping upa suarez navarro in straight sets, wrapping up a match injust 64 minutes. things took a little bit longer on court number two, where number three seed karolina pliskova lost out to an unseeded player in a match lasting over three hours. the sixth seed petra kvitova is also out, losing to british number one joanna konta while seventh seed simona halep is into the quarter—finals at the expense of 15—year—old coco gauff. her dream run here is over at wimbledon after she was beaten by the former world number one in straight sets. you don't really use expect this kind of support when you're not in your home
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country but i felt like i was playing in new york somewhere. i'm really ha p py playing in new york somewhere. i'm really happy people believed in me. in the men's draw, some familiar faces remain. third seed rafa nadal and defending champion novak djokovic are in the last eight after winning in straight sets and rival roger federer didn't waste any time at all against matteo barry tina from italy. he took the first set in i7 from italy. he took the first set in 17 minutes and he cruised to victory and into the last eight, where he will play nishikori from japan. the performances are still going up naturally, you know how the surface reacts and how the balls are flying, all these things, you can play closer to the lines and obviously today was excellent. very happy, i expected a tough match, a close one with not many chances but it was opposite and it was great. tuesdayis opposite and it was great. tuesday is the women's quarter—finals where all eight will be back in action. williams against allison riske ‘s first up on centre
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court as eight is whittled down to four. the line up for the quarter—finals of the africa cup of nations is complete. tunisia claimed the last spot with the last kick of the last 16 in a penalty shootout win overghana. piers edwards is in cairo for us. this was a dramatic penalty shootout. moments before it took place, tunisia substituted their regular goalkeeper and replaced him. then mustaffa would go on to save the only save in the shootout, so allowing tunisia to go into the quarter—finals. from the touchlines, hassan, who had been livid about being replaced, all he could muster as he watched his team win was a simple thumbs up. earlier in the day, wilfried za ha simple thumbs up. earlier in the day, wilfried zaha fired ivory coast past mali with a 1—0 win to set up a meeting without area. the first semi—final on wednesday sees senegal play benin and then nigeria play
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south africa, who knocked out egypt on the weekend. local fans here, like garner's, must now watch on with reduced further. paris st germain say they will take appropriate action after neymar failed to turn up for the first day of pre—season training. the brazilian was due back at the club's training ground on monday. he joined the club for a world record $263 million two years ago. the forward missed the copa america with injury, and has been linked with a move back to former club barcelona. psg put this on their website on monday: the united states have arrived home with the women's world cup. they arrived home at newark with the trophy, which they won for a record extending fourth time in lyon, beating the netherlands 2—0. they
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will have a parade in new york on sunday, where bill de blasio will present them with the keys to the city at city hall. india and new zealand will battle it out for a place in the final of the cricket world cup on tuesday at old trafford in manchester. india topped the final group table, having lost just once, whilst new zealand sneaked into the semi—finals having lost their last three matches. but as both captains say, anything can happen on the day. joe wilson's been looking ahead to the match: i'd say the atmosphere amongst both teams at old trafford has been relaxed today. on the eve of the first cricket world cup semi—final. the indian training session was at times jovial. certainly optional. but the indian captain insists this tournament is about to reach another level of seriousness as finally we get to the knockout games. league stages, when you know that you just need a victory to qualify, then the team is a bit more relaxed and you can go out and try a few
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things but i think knockout games, you need to be very precise as at the same time being very intense. that balance... this is more similar to the toughest situations you will get in test cricket, where you have to be absolutely precise but your intent can't go down. there's no mistaking the attention india always bring with them. when the new zealand captain came in to speak at his media conference, there were still around 20 tv cameras there mainly from indian broadcast media. that creates a sense of freedom and opportunity for the indian opponents, who whether india play the opponents automatically become the underdogs and that's a point i put to kane williamson. there's truth in that, india are a very successful side with a large population and a large portion of cameras population and a large portion of cameras and that's great, it brings so cameras and that's great, it brings so much to the sport we're fortunate to be part of. but it is a cricket match, you do try to simplify things as best you can as a team and each
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side will want to put each other under pressure, and we know when that happens it can be a real challenge so both sides will be looking to do that. let's be clear, evenif looking to do that. let's be clear, even if new zealand's form has tailed off during the group stage, they are in the semis on merit. they have a talented and very experienced group of players. and if they are not underdogs for this semi—final, well, that is a status new zealand have enjoyed for about forever. joe wilson reporting there. it's the all star mlb match on tuesday, and a lot of the attention will be on mike trout. the los angeles angels player signed the biggest contract in the history of sport this year, and trout set a new home run record for his side this weekend. he could well be a future hall of famer, and angels fans have really welcomed him. he is honestly the greatest player in the game. he is super loyal, i think he's a leader. he's very loyal, and i love that about him. lucky to get to see him all the
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time. he's in the prime of his career time. he's in the prime of his careerand time. he's in the prime of his career and everything. he's awesome! there's always going to be a number on your back when you sign a contract like that, but it's not going to change anything for me. i'm here 12 more years, so i'm very excited. first time it felt like a videogame, felt like i was a kid playing normal xbox or playstation, thought i was playing a show. a feeling you can't really explain. i thought i could a lwa ys really explain. i thought i could always do it since i was a kid, but it got real and i got the call to the big leagues. a lot of teams shied away because the east coast don't play a lot.|j have a soft spot for people coming from non— baseball states like the north—east. you play high school in april and it can still be snowing and switch back to a different sport. in jersey when i'm not
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playing baseball, it is indoor basketball. 28 other teams passed on me, so i'll try and prove them wrong and i've been doing so since day one. it's hard, lots of people will say you can't it. think positive always, keep working hard and things will work out. smart words from mike trout there. frenchman julian alaphilippe has claimed the tour de france yellow jersey after a late solo attack on stage three. alaphilippe went clear over the final climb, the cote de mutigny, and held off the peloton over the closing iskm. the rider won the 215km stage to epernay and leads belgium's wout van aert by 20 seconds in the general classification. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello. this time last year, we were on a run of five days with temperatures sitting 30 celsius or above somewhere in the uk. great news if you don't like heat like that. there is nothing like that on the immediate horizon. high pressure being squeezed to the south, rain—bearing weather fronts moving in, mostly across the northern half of the uk, average temperatures for most of us this week. it's a warmer start, though, in the morning compared with where we've been over recent mornings, but a lot of cloud around and some outbreaks of rain. this is what it looks like at 8am in the morning, with outbreaks of rain running eastwards across scotland. a few heavier bursts within this. still some patchy rain for northern ireland and northern england. it's at least a damp start for some of us here. some of this rain will fringe north wales, through the midlands and even push onto parts of east anglia but it is going to be lighter, more patchy than it is to the north. south of that, a lot of cloud around
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but there will be some brighter sunny spells to be had here. let's take a look at how wimbledon is shaping up for tuesday's play, a rather uninspiring look at cloudy skies. a few brighter spells out there, maybe the slight chance of a shower but dry for a full day's play once again. this is how tuesday goes. scotland and england and northern ireland will see most of the rain at times, drier interludes but we could see an area of heavier rain running eastwards as we go on through the afternoon. again south of that, it is mainly dry. some sunshine, cornwall down to the channel islands, a few spots in the 20s, most of us 19s or low 20s. the next spell of rain could turn things quite wet at the end of the day in northern ireland and southern scotland and northern england, clears overnight. and into wednesday, another spell of rain into northern ireland and north—west england and western scotland later in the night, and the nights are getting a little warmer. it's getting rather humid for many of us as we go through the week. for wednesday then, another spell
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of rain pushing east to start the day. digging a little further south to parts of eastern england. sunny spells follow, particularly to england and wales. a lot of cloud in england and scotland and a few more showers following on as we go through the day. let's take a look at thursday, because we could well see some quite heavy, thundery downpours developing in parts of northern ireland, scotland and northern england. by no means everybody will see, them but where they do pop up, that could lead to some disruption in some spots. england and wales seeing a few showers moving from west to east as well, and still a few sunny spells as well. going into the weekend, the showers slowly fade over the weekend. it turns drier, sunnier and a little warmer.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: donald trump lashes out at the british prime minister and the uk ambassador to the us, following leaked memos criticising his adminstration. the wealthy american fiancier jeffrey epstein pleads not guilty to charges of trafficking underage girls for sex more than a decade ago. footage of eight international climbers swept away by an avalanche in the himalayas is released by the police. and a balancing act for the planet. we have a special report from the amazon on the vital role played by its trees, as more and more are cut down.


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