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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 11, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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thanks forjoining is, we start with the ultimate demolition job... as england dominated australia from start to finish to reach their first world cup final in 27 years. they bowled the aussies out for 223 with an over to spare and then chased down their target with ease to win by eight wickets at esgbaston. they'll now face new zealand as they look to win their first cricket world cup. will perry was watching: cricket‘s coming home was the chant after having them beat their old rivals by eight wickets to book their place in the world cup final on sunday against new zealand at lourdes australia. it looked like a really good toss to win early on this morning because they put
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themselves and to bat, but reg retta bly, themselves and to bat, but regrettably, they might not be thinking about the right thing to do, they were 13 for three having lost the early weekend, their captain for lost the early weekend, their captainfora lost the early weekend, their captain for a goal, as did peter who was in for captain for a goal, as did peter who was infora captain for a goal, as did peter who was in for a world cup debut. then they had steve smith get them in some sort of position to put up some sort of fight against england, he was the only australian batsmen to go gci’oss was the only australian batsmen to go across 50 and run for 85 runs in the australia tail went as they both finished with three wickets and a decent volume as well. so 224 was the target for england and they knockedit the target for england and they knocked it off very comfortably there. 0pening partnership, 124 betweenjohnny there. 0pening partnership, 124 between johnny and jason roy, johnny eventually going for the ball where it was reviewed and whenjason really needed one, pat got behind and did not get anything on it, he was given an out and he was back to the pavilion, 0lan morgan, the
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wednesday captain, saw them hitting the winning runs to put england into that showpiece finale against new zealand. england have been to three world cup finals in the lesson was backin world cup finals in the lesson was back in 1992 when they beat south africa and sydney to get to the finals stop that was not to be for england, 20 years on, they have certainly put the semi finals, over the summer and england, certainly put the semi finals, over the summerand england, can certainly put the semi finals, over the summer and england, can they go to lords and get their hands on the world cup trophy? the last two world cups have been won by the host nation, england will be hoping to make it three. they were on the brink of going out... but are now into the final on the back of winds against new zealand, india and australia. the performance, i think we have gotten better and better as a group. we would have to do that in order to get to the semifinals and actually
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be contenders. so, i think today was, i suppose, be contenders. so, i think today was, isuppose, a be contenders. so, i think today was, i suppose, a step further in the performance and adding on the two that we have built already, it is important that we did that. a win over australia is always special for england fans, but at a world cup semi final on home soil... that's a whole other level. it's the best sporting live day of my life. i was watching in 2000, this is better. fantastic! amazing! it is so good! the final is more important! good result against new zealand in the group game, so it's hoping we can beat that. it took seven time champion serena williams under an hour to reach the wimbledon final — where she'll be hoping to win a record equalling 24th grand slam title. she sailed through her semi final in straight sets and will face simona halep on saturday. craig templeton reports:
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step—by—step, that is how serena williams is treatable but then this year. you might not be able to tell she is chasing history. until she got onto the court because then it became clear that her 24th major title is in her sights. she said she had no fear ahead of the first grand slam, she may have changed her mind. she had no reply to serena's serve. 0r volleys and mixed doubles with andy murray had a role to play there. but the second break was all serena, or power. and with less than half an hour gone, the first set was over. she was a spectator at times when she did try to outthink her opponent, serena read it. this increased the area and then she was broken again. another mist brought
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another break and it was turning into a painful experience. it would be over soon though, finished in just 59 minutes. and the chase for history is still on for serena williams. step-by-step and the record is just one step away. it's definitely a lot better. ijust needed some matches and i know that i'm improving and ijust needed to feel good and i said now that i feel good, i could do it i do best which is play tennis. i get to play in front of crowds in wimbledon, not eve ryo ne front of crowds in wimbledon, not everyone can do that. he reallyjust kind of break it down and i have a greatjob and i love what i do and i'm still pretty good at what i do, i guess. ijust really enjoy it, it's just a remarkable experience every time. should be playing forfirst should be playing for first time
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since the first romanian woman to get there, against, taken the first set, the second a bit tougher, she won 6—3 to reach her fifth grand slam final. i talked to my mum after the match, she said that her dream is to play finals in wimbledon because everyone is here, the royal box and i think it is an unbelievable moment. so today, her dream came true so i would play in the final. it is very special, this moment, to be able to play wimbledon, it is pretty amazing. be david wegner as he made his competitive debut at the championships, playing the doubles championships, playing the doubles championship in australia on saturday. let's have a look at some of the other stories making
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4-3 4—3 on penalties following a one all draw following extra time. that was what gave algeria the victory, they will play nigeria in the semifinals. arsenal say they're very disappointed that captain laurent koscielny has refused to travel on their preseason tour of the united states — he's asked to be released from his contract with a year still to run but the cloud has refused. from his contract with a year still to run but the club has refused. and a superb eagle putt helped matt kuchar to a share of the first—round lead at the scottish 0pen — he's one of four players who shot eight—under—par rounds of 63. this is the final event before the open championship next weekend. defending champion geriant thomas has enjoyed a very good day at the tour de france. the welshman attacked some of his closest rivals on the first mountain stage today and improved his overall position to fifth as ben croucher reports. the view from the top is quite something. getting there is no easy ride. he can look down all of
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cycling but can he scale the summit in 2019? this was his first real test, the name and present to pleasa nt test, the name and present to pleasant beast as nice a beast. as thomas potts was team controlled his rivals, he turns out lasted to grind his way to the state victory and he could take comfort in taking over the lead of the race once he got his breath back. priced from the back of the jersey where he surprisingly attacked near the finish, just one man could go with them. no one knew just how fit thomas was after crashing his warm—up race, this was his emphatic answer. writing past the frenchman and leaving all his rivals in his dust, fourth on the stage now, for the overall but on this, not long before he could be peering down in everyone once again. qualifying for the rubber league tonight, wins for albert dean, you
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can find all of the results on the bbc website. reaching the super league with a 35—22 victory over the london broncos, six tries and the wind, which keeps them third, warrington 24 points. ferrari driver charles leclerc has told the bbc that he was determined to pursue a career in formula one despite the death of his godfather and close friend jules bianchi. he died in 2015 from injuries he suffered in an accident at the previous year's japanese grand prix. but leclerc said he never considered quitting the sport: there was definitely no thoughts any time in my career to stop my career for that. from the beginning, when you going to the sport, you know how dangerous it is. it will never be a safe sport, it is not getting safer. and we are going at 340 kph, it cannot be safe. i knew it from the
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start and yeah, i do not know, i just want him to do good for him because he has learned many things and he has learned a lot of ways to push me forward and get better and yeah, the only thought they had when this happened was to do it for him to make him proud. we have had some very good moments and get matter that, it was good times and we had a good fight two weeks ago and i can't wait to have 12 more with them. and training together, it is good to find ourselves. we would take it on very soon find ourselves. we would take it on very soon and many more after, but yeah, they're trying to take the opportunity whenever we have it and for the future, my dream is being a row champion so i am finally in a tea m row champion so i am finally in a
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team where i think this can be


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