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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 14, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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england have beaten new zealand in the world cup final at lord's. it all came down to what is known as a super over, where both sides get to bowl another six balls. it basically comes down to who can score the most i’u ns comes down to who can score the most runs in those six, unless you lose two wickets in that time, in which case you are out. england had scored 15 runs of six balls, new zealand had scored 1a, they needed 16 so that they would win. it got to the point where there were two more runs needed from one ball, and they didn't do it. they were just about to score that final, that second run, and the batsmen was run out by the fielder. let's speak tojohn watson. it couldn't have been any closer.
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who would of thought after seven weeks of cracker to find this? england will feel pleased sending new zealand that target of 16 runs for victory. an impressive performance from butler, alongside ben stokes. 15 was all that new zealand could reduce in reply. you can probably hear fireworks going off behind me at england when this tournament for the very first time. so many resources, so much tournament for the very first time. so many resources, so much focus, so much attention has been placed on england's performance. good as long last they get over the line? but still, nobody would ever have imagined that it would have come down and be decided in this way. a fantastic turn and rounded off with a brilliant and with england lifting the world cup in such a matic scenes. a fantastic way to watch cricket for those at lord's this
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afternoon. time for a look at the weather forecast now. actually here and now. high pressure across the uk, that'll bring a mainly dry and quiet night. mixture of clear spells and variable amounts of clear spells and variable amounts of cloud. kitty lou clout in northern scotland and eastern england. that'll bring some misty and murky conditions and maybe some patchy drizzle as well. temperatures typically between seven and nine celsius. we start the week with some warmth and some sunshine and it stays dry. but it gradually turned wetter and windier as they week wears on. on monday, this area of high pressure centred across the uk. for now keeping his atlantic friends at bay. good deals in time to start the day, particularly the further west you are. my cloud across east
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anglia and south—east england. it may not be until the afternoon that we see if you brighter it's any smells coming through. it is a dry day, pleasantly warm, 20 to 2a celsius premise. a little bit cooler for the eastern coast. and tuesday, this weakening front to deal with. increasing the cloud across northern ireland and eventually scotland. also putting some drizzly and showery outbacks of rain across northern ireland and into scotland. cannot rule out one or two showers across northern england and wales, but for much of england and wales it isa dry but for much of england and wales it is a dry and warm day. some good spells of sunshine in the morning fair weather cloud in the afternoon and temperatures between 20 and 25 celsius. more like high teens and low 20 celsius for scotland and northern ireland. in the middle part of the week we have this more active front for the middle part of the week. some windier conditions started to pick up, as well. for england and wales, still holding on
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some warmth and lighter winds. another fine day across england and wales. some strong sunshine, light winds and something much different across northern ireland and scotland. some persistent went gradually pushing its way eastwards the winds will be strengthening as well. temperatures potentially getting up to 2526 celsius. all of us seeing some rain by friday.
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a thrilling end to the cricket world cup as england's men defeat new zealand to become world champions for the first time. they have got to go! he had started! england have what they world cup by the barest of m . what they world cup by the barest of margins! it was a dramatic and extraordinary finish as the game is played to a tie before each team played to a tie before each team played a decided super over. jubilant england fans watch the game in trafalgar square in london and around the country. we were happy latest life in lloyds where they match took place. the other main story... it scans as the latest
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diplomatic link suggest that donald trump pulled out of the iran deal because it was the work of his predecessor. a man is charged with the merger of the... how regular exercise and i have a diet could lower the risk of dementia by up to a third. and after more then five hours on court, novak djokovic has beaten roger federer to retain his wimbledon title. good evening. in the last few
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minutes england's men have trying to over new zealand in the cricket world cup final at lord's. their first ever victory in the competition. it was an extraordinary, nail—biting finale. the game is played to a tie before it ended up being decided by a so—called super over, but each of the two sides batted again. i was points corresponding to its at lloyds now. i guess the reason we love sport is for the drama. here it was intoxicating. i have never witnessed a cricket match quite like this. i guess, the higher the sta kes, this. i guess, the higher the stakes, the higher the tension. england had done it. they are world champions. but the way they did it stretch belief. deep breath as we try to take you through the game. english cricket has moment to any day that this work takes over the
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streets and the hides and the mind. the opportunity that only a finale on home soil can provide. new zealand chose to bat first, steady and sensible is their style. normally. liam plunkett, 14 years since his england debut, had one of his best days. henry nichols, one of his best days. henry nichols, one of his three wickets. was there to be a late new zealand flourish? no. not really. enjoy that, zhivago square? eight bands on there. —— trafalgar square. all england needed was to hundred and 42 for this. jason roy is england's chief aggressive, gone 17. joe rich is england's safest anchor. gone for seven. england needed controlled aggression, ben stokes. butler was playing well,
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butler was out. now england were running out of batsmen and running out of time. stokes was still going, percent of the edge. to the boundary. watch his step. instead of out, it was a six. stokes spending, the ball rebound of his bed. he did not know, a glorious accident. two runs, plus four more. to needed from the last ball. england, they hoped, they made one. the scores were tied. so, what now? super over, that is what. england scored 15 of theirs. now, let usjust show what. england scored 15 of theirs. now, let us just show you what happened in the last 20 seconds of this world cup final. this was new zealand's response and their super over. the batsmen daphne desperately trying... he did not quite make it, he was short by maybe a metre or so.
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it's mentally super over was tired, it's meant that england won, because during the game they had scored more boundaries than new zealand. it was a technicality. it was the tightest possible finish to the tightest possible finish to the tightest possible final. it was the way that england finally have one demand's cricket world cup. there is great camaraderie between these teams, a great respect between new zealand and england. they are genuine fans of the pitch. remember, new zealand's men were trying to wind as competition for the first time every range of emotion here. the point is, for english cricket this is captivated me, did it captivate the nation? uk, france and germany have made a direct appeal to donald trump anti i ran's leader to end the
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escalating tension. the leaders say they are concerned that speedier reach the iran could unravel further. it can smite leaked diplomatic cables are published, this time availing that britain's former and acid to washington believe donald trump pulled out of the iran deal to damage the legacy of his predecessor barack obama. i corresponded to be ports. little more than a year ago borisjohnson as foreign secretary was urging mike pompeo to persuade his boss not to abandon the hard one international agreement with iran restricting its nuclear ability for stops and try it aspire from perfect, but it is the best thing we have at the moment. four months mrjohnson had been working carefully with mr kim direct. —— sir kim dark. when leaked to the cables cost him his job. the
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lea ked ca bles to the cables cost him his job. the leaked cables so that... the administration he wrote... on this matter is now because britain and the united states disagree profoundly of policy towards iran. both have worshipped in the gulf and want to prevent iran shutting down the vital sea lanes. but only the us seek to destroy iran's economy by ever tightening sanctions. whoever becomes the minister now faces a huge series of tasks. try to keep secret secret, trying to restore and rebuild confidence and morale here is the foreign office and perhaps hardest of all, trying to wind, not lose in washington. at the moment, the relationship is not satisfactory for significant reasons that are actually much more important than
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these leaks. namely, middle east policy, including towards iran, the damaging policy which the united states is adopting. the deep transatlantic disagreement over how best to contain iran's nuclear programme has been highlighted again this evening. the leaders of britain, france and germany have appealed jointly to both the united states and iran to stop the escalation of tensions activism dialogue. james is in the studio now with me. what is the significance of thisjoint appeal? with me. what is the significance of this joint appeal? it is very important, because i think it points out the level of division between europe and the united states over the iran policy. but it also of course point out the strong desire among european leaders to try and get people back into dialogue and wind this crisis down, not up. i will read you a key sentence... we are concerned by the risk, say theresa may, emmanuel macron and angela merkel. we are concerned
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about the risk that the nuclear agreement will further unravel under the strain of science and imposed by the strain of science and imposed by the united states and following iran's decisions no longer to implement several of the central provisions of the agreement. they go on to urge all parties to pause and continue consider the possible consequences of their actions. i think the wedding will likely infuriate the white house was not it does seem to equate aspect of the united states policy and its hard line with those of tehran and the iranians regime. it is very clear that the nuclear agreement still has value and that the fact that rain delays might iran has been shipped does not mean it should be struck off. thank you very much. we will have coverage tonight from inside iran on the bbc news at ten. i corresponded as gauge where access to the country and has been hearing the views of iranians on the nuclear
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