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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 20, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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of british shipping, and indeed internationally shipping in the strait of hormuz. british airways has suspended all flight to cairo for seven days due to security concerns. labour sets out plans to stop private companies providing council services in england. the crowd in the arena knows, 11 months ago.. england's hopes of reaching their first netball world cup final have been dashed — after they were beaten by a—time winners new zealand in liverpool. that's one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. it's 50 years ago today that neil armstrong took the giant leap to become the first man to walk on the moon. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, with mejane dougall and ben mundy. the headlines this evening. tears again for england as the roses crash out of the netball world cup to new zealand. his to new zealand. putter has been on fire today. shane his putter has been on fire today. shane larry has been throwing the crowds at royal port rush, but will the irishman take the clericjob. you don't have to tell geraint thomas stage 14 of the tour de france is known as the long mountain, the defending champion loses more time to julian alaphilippe. also coming up on sportsday. the anniversary games return. paula radcliffe looks back at the afternoon's action from the london stadium. nothing welcome to sportsday.
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we start with the news that england's netball world cup dream is over. there were tears from the players and head coach after an incredibly tight match against new zealand, ended with the roses losing by 2 goals. that's now eight world cup semi—finals that england have lost and they now face south africa in the bronze—medal match. head coach tracey neville said her side's "basic errors" cost them the game. we canjoin kate gray who was watching at the liverpool arena. kate, what went wrong for england? well, this is a team that everybody believed could go all the way in this tournament, and with that comes pressure. and that is exactly what it looked like on the court today. england looked nervous, under pressure, and asa looked nervous, under pressure, and as a result, they made a lot of mistakes. new zealand cut them off guard in the early stages and got an early lead, five goals in five minutes, and england never really re cove red minutes, and england never really recovered from that. at times, they showed moments of greatness, and they managed to get a three goal
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lead by half—time, but then the mistakes came back. there were some big shots that were missed at crucial moments, and as a result, new zealand remains confident and composed, and held onto their lead in the final quarter to win that match 47 goals to 45. hugely disappointing for england. the whole nation that thought they could be the first to get to a world cup final. but that wasn't the case this time. let's get a full summary of that match for my colleague, natalie perks. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, tracy neville, who announced weeks ago she would step down after this world cup, no longer has to bang her own drum. yes, netball has captivated this liverpool crowd, but england fans knew it would be tough. they weren't wrong. a jumpy start soon so i new zealand race into the lead. this is a collectors item. yet it wouldn't be the last mistake. england's tournament swagger had been replaced by the jitters, new zealand shooters meanwhile, were on
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fire. her shot is so sweet. they were cranking up the pressure, in needed attackers to finally hit their mark. in the blink of a quarter, england had returned a six goal deficit into a three goal lead. the wind was now in their hands, but they threw it away. using the attack again with all the answers, with just away. using the attack again with all the answers, withjust minutes left, england was three goals down, mouths were dry, but with new zealand so brilliant, both ends of the court roses were left to rue mistakes going down at 45—47. her breaking for england, just as michael's in it, but not out by a resurgent new zealand side coming to the third successive world cup at the third successive world cup at the semi final stage. isa the semi final stage. is a down legs? misunderstanding? 0r just a is a down legs? misunderstanding? 0r justa build—up is a down legs? misunderstanding? 0r just a build—up of pressure? they did a greatjob on those, but i think there were opportunities for us to take that game. and we left it too late. the seventh match in nine days just a step too far, the world cup final
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remains elusive, for now, natalie perks, bbc news, liverpool. kate, we saw close and physical match between australia and new zealand and the group stages, so now we know who is in the final, what can we expect from that match? i think it's going to bea from that match? i think it's going to be a fascinating final two of the best teams in the world, they have beenin best teams in the world, they have been in this position many times before. australia did win in their last match in this group phase, but only by one goal, and it's been an interesting tournament for australia, playing many different starting sevens, not really finding the perfect combination of there at the perfect combination of there at the moment, and struggling to find rhythm at times. whereas new zealand have gone under the radar at this tournament, many thinking their past record of performances that recent tournaments means they weren't coming into this as the favourites, but they've slowly built on each performance, and obviously beating england here today, they will be full of confidence knowing that actually, they are the ones very much on form, and looking to get a world cup title to their name. it's
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going to be a brilliant match nonetheless, and unfortunately, it won't feature england this time around. no, of course. but england now have to pick themselves up and face south africa for this third—place playoff, that will be a tough task for them. absolutely. it's going to be really interesting to see how it they bounce back from today's huge disappointment, there we re today's huge disappointment, there were tears all around the arena from coach and players after the semi final match, but they need to come back and hopefully get a bronze medal to their name, at least this tournament. tracy neville, i'm interested to see what she will say to her players to hopefully give them the response they need to take on south africa. they have already beat them at this tournament by 11 goals in the group phase, so they know they can do that, but actually south africa had a great match against australia and their semi final, and they will be wanting to see if they can get a bronze medal to their name as well. it certainly isn't the situation that england ever wa nted isn't the situation that england ever wanted to find themselves in, or ever expected to find themselves m,
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or ever expected to find themselves in, here in liverpool, but it's what's happened, and theyjust will have to make the best of it. really busy afternoon at the bbc sport centre. from the netball to the golf. day three of the open at royal portrush in northern ireland. the overnight leaders — jb holmes and shane lowry — coming to the end of their third round. let's have a chat with our man on the course, adam wild. adam, they call this moving day. how's that leaderboard looking? well, it's not stopped moving all afternoon. it has been quite extraordinary, it looks so has been much said in the build—up to this about this great tournament returning to northern ireland for the first time since 1951. such excitement, and of the competition this afternoon has really lived up to that excitement. it's been absorbing, it's been thrilling, maybe just make out some of the cheers going on behind me on the course. it has been quite extraordinary. much of that
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excitement down to just one man. shane lowery, the irishman, who i can tell you in the last few seconds, has taken a four shot lead at the top of the leaderboard. he has not made a mistake all day. three birdies on his front nine holes, he made the tournament and 33, and he's just holes, he made the tournament and 33, and he'sjust sunk in yet another birdie putt at the 17. it has been quite an extraordinary performance. pushing him hard for most of the day though, it's been tommy fleetwood, the englishman, sitting on 12 under par. he has gone around at five under, just coming down the eighth. you can see him just there. he is of course well first —— versed in the links courses, having grown up in the northwest of england, 500 for his rounds, 12 under overall. lee westwood as well, has not been an english winner of the open since 1992, nick faldo, the last man to do
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it, how we westwood would love to join him there as an open winner. he's eight under par currently, 100 for his round, he is coming down the 18th as well. it has been quite an extra ordinary morning. the clubhouse leader, the world number one, his caddy of course, ricky elliott, very fine golfer in his own right, he is from port rush. someone was telling yesterday, there are many fans following perks curb, to see his caddie, brooks, not sure if that's quite the case. but he is looking ominous, nine under par, alongsidejustin rhodes. looking ominous, nine under par, alongside justin rhodes. but looking ominous, nine under par, alongsidejustin rhodes. but things are changing all the time, it's a quite extraordinary contest. adam, you are right, we can hear the cheers behind you, i assume that for you, making an appearance on sports day, no place for rory mcelroy of course, missing the cut by one shot, he urges the fans to get behind shane lowery, i assume those fans behind you are getting behind him? you know what? we knew it was going to be special, the open weekend is
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a lwa ys to be special, the open weekend is always special. but this is something else. it is quite extraordinary. the teas, the fairways, the greens, have been absolutely packed. lively, noisy, facet for us, always well behaved. they have really thrown their support behind shane lowery, the cheers, as you can hear, have been ringing out across the course here. it's been quite extraordinary, i've never seen anything like it, and tomorrow, it is only going to get noisier. but i can tell you it is also going to get much, much wetter. the conditions have been fair today, that's why we have seen such spectacular golf. tomorrow will be a different story. in fact i can tell you in the last few moments, it's been announced at the start of play has been moved forward. they are going to start earlier tomorrow to try to miss the worst of that bad weather. they will tee off around half past seven in the morning, the leaders will be going off at around quarter past one. so they will move
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it forward. they know it will rain, so it forward. they know it will rain, so they could add yet another element to this really absorbing 0pen element to this really absorbing open championship. we cannot wait. adam wilde, life at royal port rush. thank you. to cricket now and england women are struggling in the ashes test match at taunton. australia declared on 420—8 and then took the wicket of opening batter tammy beaumont for a duck. in a day where the highlight for england was maiden test 50s for natalie sciver and amyjones, it seems the ashes are getting further and further out of reach. well henry moeran has been watching at taunton. they knew their hopes to keep the dream alive was slim indeed come australia's dominance in the first couple of days, as well as poor weather on day two meant that they are prospects of forcing a win were very slim indeed. craig templeton reports on a day where london at least showed some real fight. day three at thompson and for england a daunting prospect. australia's grip
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on the ashes was tightening, and beth mooney wasn't about to loosen it. england got just join beth mooney wasn't about to loosen it. england gotjustjoin us in, and the dangerous sophie molineux, but money was still applying pressure. when she eventually hit a bad one, amyjones tracked it in the wind, and the australian captain had seen enough, 420—8 declared. terrorised england with the bats, now time for the ball. with amyjones and heather knight at the crease, england found a bit of form. but she was searching for herfirst a bit of form. but she was searching for her first test wicket, her first victim, the england captain. jones continued the fight back, and made her half—century in style. she couldn't convert it into something bigger. nat followed her lead with 50 of her own. but to catherine brunt felt late on, and the ashes are surely slipping away. australia will almost certainly confirm the retention of the ashes tomorrow, any prospect of an england win seems to
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have gone. but there will be some cheer and the england dressing room tonight, because at least there's been some real fight shown by the side, and some notable contributions from some of those that have struggled in this series up until now. tomorrow, the most likely outcome in this game, there is the potential of course for an australian victory if they can take the remaining england wicket, and just potentially, who knows? a miracle a week ago for england's men could history repeat itself? you are watching sports day. let's have a quick look at some of the days other sports stories. algeria are on their way home from the africa cup of nations with extra hand luggage. they won the tournament for the second time after this freak goal gave them a 1—0 victory over senegal in the final. south africa ran in five tries as they kicked off the rugby championship with a 35—17 victory over australia. replacement scrumhalf cobus reinach rounded off the win at ellis park injohannesburg. south africa ran in five tries as they kicked off the rugby championship with a 35—17 victory over australia. replacement scrumhalf cobus reinach rounded off the win at ellis park injohannesburg.
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great britain's marcus mepstead has claimed a shock silver medal in the men's foil at the world championship in budapest. the world number 51 beat defending champion and world number one alessio foconi on his way to the final, but was eventually beaten 15—6 by france's enzo lefort. for the second day running geraint thomas has suffered on the tour de france. his hopes of overhauling leaderjulian ala—philippe were dashed on stage 14. one of the race's most iconic mountains, as nick parrott reports. the 14th stage on the tour de france is the most visited mountain, it's a challenge that can make or break a rider's overall race. after increasing his lead on yesterday's time trial, alljulian alaphilippe had to do was stick to main rival, geraint thomas. the tour started 12 miles from the finish, and it was soon proving too much for some. adam yates' hopes of a top ten overall finish slipping away, along with those of colombia's quintana. for the rest of the contenders it turned into a game of cat and mouse,
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thomas tried to shake his shadow. but alaphilippe was having none of it. as the altitude crept up towards more than six and half thousand feet, the air was getting thin. the frenchman was gasping, but it was the britain who crashed with just over half a mile to go. thibault pinot was of the first to cross the finish line, but for alaphilippe getting second it felt like a victory, with thomas finishing eighth, more than 30 seconds behind. nick parrott, bbc news. so thomas is still in second place overall, but he's now more than two minutes behind ala—philippe. egan bernal has moved up a place to fourth, but is three minutes behind. britain's adam yates has dropped out of the top ten. she says she's in the best form of her life and it was certainly a convincing win from laura muir who romped to victory in the 1500 metres on the first day of the anniversary games. the european champion was the outstanding favourite, after kenya's faith kip—yay—gon withdrew before the race.
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a determined—looking muir outsprinted german konstanze klosterhalfen on the final bend — to win by quite a margin in three minutes 58.25 seconds. conditions were a bit breezy today, sol conditions were a bit breezy today, so i thought you know what? i am just going to sit and use my strength and the cat, i know a lot of other girls strength and the cat, i know a lot of othergirls and strength and the cat, i know a lot of other girls and there have run fa st of other girls and there have run fast times over longer distances, they will be strong, sol fast times over longer distances, they will be strong, so ijust knew my advantage was in my kick, and i use that. no faith, no... here, this must give you confidence knowing that you can come here and race anyone? are definitely. you know, the fields here are always well cast, and one of the girls were in there, we could've had a proper battle, but no, the same time, that was still a really high quality field, and i'm really pleased i came out with the wind. well, the next major event for muir is the world championships in doha, where she says she wants to improve on her fourth—placed finish at the last world championships. paula radcliffe says that is within her grasp.
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she was speaking tojeanette kwayke. laura mure underlined the shape she was in today, and let's see her get that metal that she so deserves, and he thinks will breathe a sigh of relief that that they are not doing theirevent, andl relief that that they are not doing their event, and i think that's quite exciting for us as well, because that means potentially, laura could be on that podium. i think potentially she could be anyway, regardless of who is there. it's about her getting the racing right. we know that she has the potential, has the talent, has the raw speed to be able to get on that podium. it'sjust about getting it right in the final, and we saw her practise a different way of running racing today, and she did that really well. well, britain's zharnel hughes also declared he would be ready for those world championships, after coming second in the 100m at the anniversary games. he recovered from a slow start out of the blocks, and was pipped to the line by the tightest of margins. finishing just 0.02 seconds behind south africa's akani simbine. one man not in that final was james ellington. the 33—year—old finished last
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in his heat, but he did receive one of the biggest cheers at the london stadium. it was his first 100 metres race since suffering career—threatening injuries in a motorbike accident in 2017. everything i've been through so far, there was no way on this planet that i wasn't going to make that start, you would have to chop off my legs. and i have always seen this coming, i set from the beginning, i will be back, and for me this is my second to last milestone. i wasn't expecting to run anything fast. i've sequences of speed and training, but i've literally, that was the first time i've sprinted over 60 metres since my accident. so... afterthis? i cannot get on the head, really try and heat up, and achieve my last milestone, which is next year olympics, and i will be there. britain's tom daley has lost his world championship crown after finishing a shock seventh in the 10m platform final. daley, who won gold two years ago, led after the first of six rounds,
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but a mistake in the second saw him fall behind the leading pack. nick hope is in south korea. so many times over the years, we have gone into the final day of a major diving competition, and the ten metre event, expecting time daily to effectively save the day, and wina daily to effectively save the day, and win a medal. he did in 2009, with his first world championship title, again, london 2012, when he claimed brown's and in 2017, two yea rs claimed brown's and in 2017, two years ago, at the last world championships, where he won the gold medal. so he was the defending champion heading into this one, but u nfortu nately champion heading into this one, but unfortunately today, he didn't have his spark. finished short and seven. he actually let after the opening of six rounds, after a strong first dive, but then he began to slip behind. china's eventual gold medallist, at second—place young how delivering a series of stunning routines. some of the best we have ever seen in the sport. as such, daly was left to battle for brands, however, to fifth—round dive, combined with a lifetime best
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performance saw him fall as contention with the russian finishing third. daily would end on a hike to secure a place in next season's world series events, and insists he will be back stronger next year. obviously my bit disappointed, but i'm also excited about getting back to training, and the off and getting ready for next year, because i came here with onejob, ready for next year, because i came here with one job, that was to qualify both olympic spots, and we have done that, and at the end of the day, this wasn't the olympic games. if this was me standing here next year, again, then yeah, i would be even more upset, but for right now, like i am just happy that i have managed to get the spots, and i get to see little robbie tonight. earlier on saturday, more frustration for tom daly as he and grace reed finished fourth in the mixed three metre springboard competition. they were silver medallist two years ago, but finished 3.15 points off the metals this time around. that was one of several near mrs for the british tea m several near mrs for the british team during this world championships, but they still finish the event with three metals, which is their second best ever hold. they
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also attain seven of the big places for next year's games, and although we finish on something of a negative note, because he didn't win a medal today, the british team as a whole do look well—placed for success at tokyo 2020. nick's been busy. he's also been talking with adam peaty, with the swimming element of the championship starting tomorrow. yeah, he's looking to lower his 50 and 100 metre world records. and the olympic champion says there's a lot of pressure on him as he prepares to defend his title in toyko next year. no, i know the pressure that people will put on me, and i know how much, you know, that will, you know, people will try and affect that in my performance, people expect it will affect my performance, but i do, i only see it as a good thing. i know deep down, you know, what i'm capable of, you know, when i need to use that. but also, i'm fully aware that no one, no british person has ever defended on olympic title, which is almost exciting. sol ever defended on olympic title, which is almost exciting. so i enjoy that, i thrive out of those kind of scenarios, i thrive off the pressure. there's been a lot of
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personal battles in my head, a lot of lows, a lot of highs, but yeah, i mean that is part and parcel. that's myjob, that's what i need to deal with to get a good performance. on much did you learn from the commonwealth games last year? when complacency creeps in, it's almost like water down her crack. it will just open, open, open, you know? it felt like i was undefeatable, and that's when, you know, you are open toa that's when, you know, you are open to a loss. everything to me is coming into place, but again, you know, as well as i do, it's a sport. it's so unpredictable. i could either blow it away, i could either get near it, or i can be a mile off it. but i don't feel like i'm in worse at any point, i don't feel like i'm in a worse position than i was at the trials, the trials are completely different. compared to what i am in terms of thinking smartly and where i've got my energy, so it's all looking good. obviously my swimming in barcelona, i was almost in the trial time anyway, so that gives me a lot of confidence that i'm doing something
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that i should be. adam beatty speaking to nick hope there. lot's of pre—season football taking place this afternoon, both domestically and around the world on premier league clubs' lucrative tours. manchester united continued their preparations in singapore with a 1—0 win over inter milan. 17—year—old mason greenwood showed off more of his potential with this excellent finish for the only goal. his manager says greenwood could develop into something special. he's learning every day, training with these boys, it's been the last few months, and he has grown in confidence, grown in stature, and as i've said before, when you have players who perform, its i've said before, when you have players who perform, it's difficult to keep them out. but we have got to keep our feet to keep them out. but we have got to keep ourfeet on to keep them out. but we have got to keep our feet on the ground as well, let him know that he's only 17, and it will be... but at the moment, he is enjoying his football. manchester city were beaten by premier league rivals wolves in the final of the asia trophy in shaghai. it finished goalless in normal time and went straight to penalties,
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where city's academy graduate lukas nmecha missed the crucial kick. rui patricio making the save to give nuno espirito santo's side some pre—season silverware. meanwhile, steve bruce watched his new newcastle side from the stands for the first time, in the competition's third place play—off. they put in a much better display than their semi final loss to wolves. to beat west ham 1—0. yoshinori muto scoring the only goal. and just before we go — jurgen klopp got over liverpool's pre season friendly defeat to borussia dortmund on friday, by hugging a journalist in the post match news conference. here's that journalist, who, it's safe to say, is probably a liverpool fan. he actually looks a lot like klopp too. getting what he wanted. we all want a hug from him, don't we? now if you are an everton fan.
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that's very true, yes. the leader at the open, shane lowry, has finished. he's on 16 under, he has shot in the under par around today. so going into the final day tomorrow, as a strong favourite. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. thanks very much forjoining us. goodbye. good evening. it's been a day of real contrast out there with the weather. for many of us, beautiful blue skies, warm weather as well, this was the picture earlier on in cal shop in hampshire. but we have also had a some big shower clouds, heavy downpour some and thunderstorms around as well. this picture was taken in lincolnshire earlier on in the day, where we have had a lot of torrential downpour is, a lot of lying surface water, and some pickled thunderstorms as well. those showers across eastern england in eastern scotland now easing away, so for the rest of this evening into
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night, it is looking dry across really all of the uk. we have got long clear spells, the winds are falling later than they have been as well, and those temperatures are still pretty warm, in fact about 10-14d still pretty warm, in fact about 10—14d for most of us. so mild, fairly humid start to your sunday morning. now through the day on sunday, it's not looking like a bad day at all, lots of dry weather with some sunshine will stop from the northwest though, a frontal system is approaching. so that will bring rain to northern ireland, by about lunchtime, that rain pushing to scotland, so this rain heavy at times, accompanied by a strengthening south—westerly wind. but for eastern scotland, and the bulk of england and wales, dry all day, and feel pretty warm. temperatures around 18—24d on sunday. and then as we look ahead, sunday. and then as we look ahead, sunday night, this is when the rainfall gets particularly happy, especially across parts of northern ireland and western scotland. the rainfall totals really mounting up here, we could see some localised flooding issues as we head on into the early hours of monday. now through monday itself, we have got that rain sitting in the northwest, but for the rest of the uk, it is a
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dry sunny picture, feeling quite summary out there with temperatures on the rise. the humidity also rising with this south or south—westerly breeze. so temperatures by the time we get to monday afternoon, in the region of about 28—29d down towards the southeast, even for the north, scotla nd southeast, even for the north, scotland and northern ireland about 24-25dc. so that scotland and northern ireland about 24—25dc. so that is going to be the theme as we head through this coming week, by the middle of the week, some very high temperatures across parts of france, germany two, and high—pressure to the east, those winds are drying up towards the uk. so what we could see the all—time temperature record beaten in paris, 41 celsius, forecasted through the middle of the week, all of that warmth drifting our way as well. so here is the outlook of the next five days or so. some showers in the north and northwest, dryer towards the south and southeast. temperatures reaching about 32, possibly 34 degrees. bye—bye.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: dramatic footage of armed iranian troops boarding a british—flagged oil tanker in the gulf. the foreign secretary expresses "extreme disappointment" to his iranian counterpart. this is totally and utterly u na cce pta ble. it raises very serious questions about the security of british shipping, and indeed international shipping, in the straits of hormuz. british airways has suspended all flight to cairo for seven days due to security concerns. labour sets out plans to stop private companies providing council services in england. it's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.


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