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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 21, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm sarah stone. ireland's shane lowry has become the open champion at a jubilant royal portrush. adam peaty has become the first man to swim 100metres breaststroke in under 57 seconds. and new zealand win the netball world cup beating australia byjust one goal! also coming up in the programme. a better day for britain on the tour de france as simon yates claims his second stage win, and defending champion ge—righnt thomas clause back time on the leader. and harry kane scores a wonder goal from the halfway line againstjuventus in singapore
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good evening. welcome to sports day, i met sarah stone. shane lowry is the open champion. the irishman extended his overnight lead to finish six shots clear of england's tommy fleetwood to win his first major amid raucous scenes at royal portrush in northern ireland. let's get more from our reporter adam wild. yeah, despite the rain and wind here at royal portrush, the party is starting. we have seen some quite extraordinary scenes on the links this afternoon, as shane lowry became the 2019 open championship winner. in fact, the celebrations began long before he reached the 18th, once he sunk that birdie putt at 15, i think there was never any
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doubt that anyone would catch him. tommy fleetwood, the closest man, but six shots behind. some extra ordinary scenes as shane lowery walked down those final holes, 20 deep, the spectators were from t to fairway to green, the open championship in its 148th addition, i don't think has ever seen scenes quite like the ones we saw this afternoon. and a really emotional shane lowery, we saw him with his father, brandon, his wife, his young daughter... fans truly emotional and excited that the fairy tale had it come true, that the first open championship on the island of ireland since 1951 has seen an irish winner. it has been quite extraordinary afternoon, quite remarkable scenes on the 18th green. here is what the champion golfer of 2019, shane lowery, had to say. it wasjust incredible
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it was just incredible to walk down, to walk down the 18th, the crowd going wild, it was like something that, you know, ijust i couldn't believe it was happening to me. and ijust went believe it was happening to me. and i just went out believe it was happening to me. and ijust went out there and tried to give my best, and look, i am ijust went out there and tried to give my best, and look, lam here now, major champion. ican't give my best, and look, lam here now, major champion. i can't believe i'm saying that, to be honest. i think the people around me really believed that i could, which helps me an awful lot. i do remember a lot of times in the past, when i am down oi'i of times in the past, when i am down on myself, and i suppose when you have the people around you who really believe in you, it helps you an awful lot. there you go, that's shane lowery, who will forever more be known as open champion, shane lowery. let's ta ke open champion, shane lowery. let's take a look at that final leaderboard then. lowery winning by six shots ahead of tommy fleetwood, nine under, he just couldn't get close, could he? to shane lowery this afternoon. lee westwood put in a valiant effort, but does make over
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for the day, he never really got close. we should mention as well, bob mcintyre, the young left—hander from opening, scotland playing in his first major, three part for him to finish here at five under. we will see much more of him in the yea rs will see much more of him in the years to come. i have no doubt. but all the talk tonight will be about shane lowery, the irishman who has w011 shane lowery, the irishman who has won the open championship here at portrush. many people on the course this evening, describing it as a fairy tale. for those of us fortu nate fairy tale. for those of us fortunate enough to be here, it certainly did feel extremely magical. a fairy tale indeed. thank you very much adam. now, it was known as project 56. adam peaty‘s plan to become the first man to swim a hundred meters breaststroke in under 57 seconds. today the olympic champion did just that, breaking his own world record in the process. patrick gearey has the story. adam peaty says he now meditates before big races like this world breast stroke semi final. mental peace before incredible pace.
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this is a swimmer who has already conquered the world, but wants to do it better, faster. giving everything just to finish in less than 57 seconds. 56.88, he is absolutely destroying the best of the world! this has been a journey far longer than that 100 metres of water, when peaty at one on the big old three years ago, setting a world record in the process, many would feel there were no worlds left to conquer, peaty took on project 56, a personal crusade to break what he called the magic 57 second barrier, as an athlete so far ahead of the field, he had now found his new frontier. i'm really thinking, coming to the finest form of an athlete i have ever been in, and hopefully the finest person i've been, trying to get back to the sport. this is how i set my legacy, this is how i want to do it. with every record broken, every race one, the question returns to adam peaty, what next? in this case, the answer is immediate, the world championship
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final is tomorrow. patrick geary, bbc news. new zealand have beaten australia byjust one goal in the final of the netball world cup, with the final score 52—51. england, meanwhile, secured the bronze medal after beating south africa. kate grey is watching live for us. kate, what a win for the silverferns! what's the latest from liverpool? yes, this fantastic netball world cup has come to an end here in liverpool. it's a real party atmosphere, and we were treated to an epic final, which saw new zealand beat australia by the smallest of margins. it was always set to be a clash of the titans, and that is exactly what we got. it was very neck and neck in the first half, with new zealand just getting over the line at half—time by two goals, three goals, sorry, but then australia made some changes. that took a while to get their rhythm, but they started to come back at the silverferns, and but they started to come back at the silver ferns, and it but they started to come back at the silverferns, and it got but they started to come back at the
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silver ferns, and it got very close in the final quarter, but the experienced silver ferns, the in the final quarter, but the experienced silverferns, the new zealanders, managed to hold onto that win, and they saw the match out 52 goals 251. huge celebrations for that team winning their fifth world cup title, not many people would have had their money on the silver ferns coming into this world cup, looking at their recent performances, but they have gone through this tournament fairly unphased with everybody putting the pressure on the likes of england and australia. but today, new zealand have been crowned at the world cup champions. and obviously, they were delighted with that performance. but there was also a bronze medal match taking place today, which saw england take on south africa. now obviously england were hugely disappointed after losing to new zealand in the semi finals byjust ultimate goals, today was about redeeming themselves, and that's exactly what they did. they put out a very competent performance, beating the very much matured south
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african team by 15 goals, which was an impressive score line, and of course there were huge celebrations for them at the end of the tournament. they were coming here for goals, they had to settle for bronze, and they were very much pleased to be leaving this tournament with a metal around their neck, so let's hearfrom tournament with a metal around their neck, so let's hear from the captain, serena guthrie, and her coach tracey neville. this bronze medal isn't a consolation for us. world of netball at the moment, is as high as it's ever been. we knew that we would get what we deserve at the end of the day, and it was a bronze medal in this world cup, it was a bronze medal. we went out yesterday, and we fought, and we gave her what we could, and it wasn't good enough to him and you have to accept that as an athlete, the best we could get today is bronze, and we are externally proud of that. although it was a difficult position for me to hand in my notice, and just take a bit of a break, it was the best decision for me at this particular time, but hopefully in 20 years, the roses programme, i'm destined to be back in this role again, and sometimes i hope that whoever is in charge will give me this opportunity. is that a promise,
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you want to come back? of course i always want to come back to the roses, when i stopped playing, i wanted to coach, and when i stopped coaching, i want to be part of the squad no matter what. clearly a very emotional ending the four tracey neville's time as england coach, for now, i am sure she will be back at some point in the future. they leave this tournament with a bronze medal, and new zealand are the world cup holders once again. but actually, the real winners here has to be the sport of netball, they have seen sell—out crowds at this tournament, over 100,000 people passing through this arena, and it really feels like netball is on some high momentum, and they will continue after this tournament, next stop will be the commonwealth games in three years' time. you enjoy that party atmosphere, thank you very much, kate. it's been a much better day for britain at the tour de france. simon yates claimed a second stage win as defending champion ger—aint thomas clawed back time from race leader julian ala—philippe. nick parrott reports.
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another day in the mountains of the tour de france promised another day of intense battles. after losing time to alaphillippe yesterday, defending champion garrett thomas couldn't afford to lose sight of him again. one man who was allowed to get away was a briton's simon yates, the reigning spaniard champion wasn't a threat to their ambitions as his searing pace saw him shoot up the final climb to stage victory. behind him, the attacks came thick and fast, for a moment it looked like thomas had let allaphillipe get away, but the increase in pace proved too much for the frenchman. back on level terms, and with just over a mile to go, thomas went for it. yesterday, he said he felt quite weak, but now he showed strength, as he pulled away, cutting the time deficits between them with every pedal stroke. it was a serious statement of intent, but not enough to take the yellow jersey off of allaphillipe. after all that effort, tomorrow's rest they will be needed. nick parrott, bbc news.
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so here's how the standings look now. thomas has cut ala—philippe's lead by almost half a minute., but he remains just 12 seconds ahead of steven croys—vike. but he remains just 12 seconds ahead great britain men's 4 by 100 metres relay time clocked a second fastest time in british history at the anniversary games at the london stadium. lynsey sharp won the 800 metres while dina asher—smith was second in the 100 metres. gabby logan and michaeljohnson were watching the action. we have enjoyed two days of top class athletic section here at the london stadium for the anniversary games. as all roads lead to the world championships at the end of september, michaeljohnson, denise lewes, your highlights, especially from day two? i would have to say that 100 metres, shelleyjust reasserting herself, and establishing herself as the dominant female 100 metre sprinter of this time. and that will be an
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amazing match up between her and her country women, elaine thompson,. great britain disappointed that asher smith couldn't get closer, she ran well this weekend, but it shows you the kind of marker they are setting down at the very top level. for lindsay charbonneau, a different story. a really different story, because she was dominant in the 800 metres, and it was great to see her finally finding her form, that she seemed to have lost for the last couple of seasons, but competence is high, she ran a really, really good time, 158, and that's putting her right in the form. it was a seasons past for her, and the performance of the day from a british point of view. although, may be a nod to those men, the four by 100 m quartet. that four by 100 m quartet looked really good, a huge seasons pass from what they did in japan at the world relays earlier, and i think that you know, varnell hughes was the key to that, and he hasjust been amazing this season, and i think that he has some really good chancesin think that he has some really good chances in the championships. at that will also have a really good
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chance at the championships. dean asher smith, a home crowd favourite of course, running two sub 11 100 metres today, you know, it's a really exciting time, isn't it? she's confident, she is quick, and she knows what she has to do. at the quality was unfortunate, but she is looking really good. those world championshipsjust looking really good. those world championships just can't come quick enough. australia have retained the women's ashes after the only test match in the multi—format series was drawn today in taunton. it means that england cannot catch australia despite three t20 matches remaining. henry moran reports. it always seemed likely on this fourth day that a draw would be the outcome of this game, a lot of time was lost on the second day, and our results seem implausible, england did get past the follow on target, and the declared, and see if they could try to get early wickets that would refer us to result in this game. a couple of wickets fell in one over, that peaked a bit of interest for england, as laura got the openers, healy and haynes, but at least perry, what a series she's had come another half—century as
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australia batted through the afternoon and into the evening. and eventually, got australia of the draw they needed to retain the ashes. three to follow this match, if england win all of them, they will at least level the series on point, but i want to be good enough to reclaim the trophy, australia having won the last competition, well, the guarantee with this draw, that they will be taken that trophy back to australia. and finally to football. harry kane scored a stunning winning goal in injury time as tottenham beatjuventus 3—2 in the international champions cup. kane lobbed juve keeper wo—check shezney with a first time strike from the half way line to give spurs the win in singapore, leaving the former arsenal keeper with absolutely no chance. both kane and shezney were able to see the funny side at full time. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. next on bbc news, it's click.
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jump on in. thank you. so you are not using the steering wheel at all, you are using...screams. wow! laughs. which way are we going?! i'm at nasa in houston, where lucien junkin
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