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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 24, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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the debate about safety in boxing reignites after the death of russian fighter maxim dadashev. and james anderson will miss england's historic first test against ireland, but he will be ready for the ashes. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the news that another athlete has snubbed the chinese swimmer, sun yang, at the world aquatics championships in south korea. this time britain's duncan scott refused to shake his hand on the podium after the chinese swimmer controversially won gold in the 200 metres freestyle, due to the original winner being disqualified for a false start. but scott's protest relates to sun's previous drugs ban and the fact that he's allowed to compete whilst awaiting an appeal on the decision of a further doping offence. australia's mack horton was given a warning by fina for a similar protest after sun won the aoom freestyle event.
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i'm team mack. if he can't respect our sport, why should i respect him? a lot of people, but make did end of 403, everyone in a swimming behind him so hopefully this happens for more events. former world champion mark foster doesn't believe it does the sport any favours with what people are seeing. it is great for the sport to talk in talking points but it is also a bad talking points but it is also a bad talking points but it is also a bad talking point because of what it is talking point because of what it is talking about. swimmers want a level playing field not cheap. i am not saying that sun yang is a complete sheet. we have rules and regulations, if you have served a ban and then you are allowed back m, ban and then you are allowed back in, you are allowed back in. it doesn't leave a bitter taste if you
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come in second and you could have been well championed. the russian boxer maxim dadashev has died at the age of 28, after being injured during an ibf light—welterweight bout in the usa. the american based fighter suffered injuries at the weekend during a fight in maryland with puerto rico's subriel matias. the bout was stopped after the 11th round and he was hospitalised with bleeding on the brain undergoing emergency surgery but failed to recover. a short time ago i spoke with writer steve kim who was at the fight and he explained that there was never a time he thought that dadashev was in trouble. i was at that event. nobody thought that fight should have been stopped earlier than it was. he was much lauded for stopping the fight against the wishes of maxim dadashev. subriel matias was strong and consistently hitting him with ha rd and consistently hitting him with hard shots but never really putting him away. you start to see him the
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client physically. i have written in the past, i have applauded trainers in the conifer being braver than the fighters. i do not think that you can second—guess a question the decision made that corner on that night. how would the referee be feeling. he did follow everything to the letter of the law? the referee isa the letter of the law? the referee is a veteran referee with many championship fights, quite prominent in that part of the country. i do not think that there was a dereliction of duty. hindsight again is always a twenty20 and it is easy to second—guess, knowing the end result. now to cycling where australia's caleb ewan won tuesday's 16th stage
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of the tour de france, but defending champion geraint thomas couldn't make up any time on leader julian alaphillipe after crashing in the alps. the bbc‘s simon brotherton was watching. the stage and that is expected with the fast men fighting it out in a spectacular sprint finish on a very hot day in the saddle. geraint thomas escaped with scratch knees very lucky. not so lucky for another cyclist living in an ambulance. the australian winning the stage. the frenchman julian alaphillipe retained the yellow jersey. frenchman julian alaphillipe retained the yellowjersey. geraint thomas may be bruised but is also second overall. england will be without james anderson for their historic test against ireland at lord's on wednesday. their veteran record wicket taker is rested for their only ashes warm up with a calf injury. but there will be plenty
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for the fans to enjoy at the home of cricket where england are playing ireland in a test match for the first time as our sports correspondentjoe wilson reports. if this is the one a day before the ashes warmup test much, it is certainly very warm at laws. we have seenjames certainly very warm at laws. we have seen james anderson go certainly very warm at laws. we have seenjames anderson go through his drills and routine separate from the rest of the squad. england so they are being cautious by not picking him for this match and remain confident that he will be fit for the ashes. but it does present an opportunity individually against ireland for holly stone, fast bowler and jack leach, spin bowler. collectively it is an opportunity to build on the level of interest there is intricate following the world cup and that is a point i put to the test match captain, joe root. the most important thing for me and that the squad is to play with a huge amount of pride passion and
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intensity. intensity this week will set the tone for the rest of the summer. set the tone for the rest of the summer. as long as we apply ourselves in the right manner and go into this came exactly like that then we will give a good account of ourselves stop i do believe that. maybe nothing ever a loss live up to a match of the drum of the world cup final but just a match of the drum of the world cup final butjust imagine for a second if ireland were to win a test match for the first time, right here. surely that is something that ireland's captain must be imagining. we have seen some great spotting results for irish spot, whether individually or collectively. if ireland were to win this test match wouldn't exceed anything that spot has achieved? i think it is a bit much to say but in terms of cricket, it would be. and it would keep the
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profile back home up there would get the following and everything else but i would not say that it would be the greatest thing ever achieved in irish spot but, as far as cricket goes, it would be. just the sight of kevin o'brien labouring up at lords would send english mind back to the world cup eight years ago where his scintillating hitting lead to a victory for ireland over england. different occasion, different format but what we have learned in never pays to underestimate ireland. antoine griezmann‘s barcelona career got off to a slow start after the catalan‘s lost 2—1 to chelsea in saitama on tuesday. goals from tammy abraham and ross barkley were enough for frank lampard's side injapan and, despite a late ivan rakitic goal, it wasn't enough for the spanish champions. what i have learned about the place is they are a good strong group. they are a determined group.
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everything that has been asked of them they have done and they will deservedly now get a couple of days. iam very deservedly now get a couple of days. i am very happy. it has been good on pitch and off pitch in terms of the game particularly today, i saw a lot of sides of the work we have done, which is really good for me stop there is more work to do but it has been a good trip. in maryland, gareth bale has scored for real madrid in their match against arsenal. after all the speculation about his future the welshman came off the bench to score real‘s first with the match nearing a conclusion. manchester city's manager pep guardiola has defended the club after criticism they'd ignored fans on their tour of asia calling the claims of disrespect as "far away from the reality". and just to warn you, there is some flash photography coming up. a chinese state news agency had reported that city didn't engage with local fans in the country last week and showed "discrimination" towards local media. the city squad are now in hong kong before finishing their tour in the japanese capital of tokyo. here's what guardiola has had
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to say on the matter. ido i do not understand how that people can say that. maybe a generalised is a little bit upset i do not know why. it is far away from the reality. the players had an incredible time in shanghai. all the people asking something, we are ready to do that. i know we come here is a unique experience for us andi here is a unique experience for us and i completely disagree about the journalist and that is not the reality about our club. it is exactly one year to the day the tokyo olympics will take place. follow a couple of weeks after that by the paralympics. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello. temperatures have been soaring across the uk. in fact, to record levels forjosey on tuesday and a newjuly record set in maison saint louis of 35.7 degrees celsius. and don't be too surprised i think if we don't see some further records being broken before this hot spell is out. the peak anticipated on thursday and some spots could get up to 37 degrees celsius and that would be a new ukjuly record. to start us off on wednesday, plenty of humidity around, and some pretty widespread thunderstorms across the northern half of the uk. potentially some big hail, gusty winds and a lot of lightning and thunder. losing their intensity as they drift across scotland through the morning. they clear from all but the northern isles by the afternoon. then we are then left with widespread sunshine. bit more of a south—westerly flow today. so that will just take the temperatures down a little towards the west of the uk but still some hotspots in the east facing highs of 32 or 33 degrees.
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through the evening and overnight, not a lot of changes but you'lljust noticed some business going on out here towards the western area of low pressure is trying to get closer and what that is going to do is increase the southerly flow for thursday. thursday morning, again, a very hot affair after a very uncomfortable night. it is all to do with that wind direction though, bringing the extreme heat on a thursday. that southerly wind tapping us in to heat from the continent, where we're looking at ecord—breaking temperatures for parts of belgium, the netherlands, luxembourg and germany on thursday. that hot air surges into the uk too. this front trying to approach from the west could spark off a few showers ahead of it. but in eastern areas, as the sun beats down, we are anticipating about an 80% chance of thatjuly record being tumbled somewhere in the south—east of england, probably favouring somewhere around the greater london area or parts of kent. the current record stands at 36.7 degrees celsius and that was set at heathrow on the first
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ofjuly in 2015. if it is all getting a bit much for you, though, there is some hope for the end of the week. the low finally starts to really bring in its implements overnight, thursday into friday. nothing actually particularly dramatic in the way of rainfall for many areas but fresher air arriving behind the cold front for friday. still pretty warm in london but we're back down to much more average temperatures for the likes of belfast and cardiff. as for the weekend, definitely a fresherfeel for all, and the potential for some quite rain in places as well.
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welcome to bbc news. i'm mike embley. our top stories: borisjohnson wins the race to be conservative leader and britain's next prime minister. he takes office on wednesday with a 3—point plan. deliver brexit, unite the country, and defeat jeremy corbyn. and that's what we're going to do. world leaders offer their congratulations. among the first, donald trump, who suggests borisjohnson is a british version of himself. former fbi director robert mueller faces questions in congress about his report on donald trump's campaign and russia.


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