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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 28, 2019 11:30pm-11:46pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment. first, the headlines: riot police in hong kong clash with thousands of protesters who defied a ban and marched through the streets for an eighth weekend. it's coming in here, teargas, rubber bullets, pepper spray. and every week it seems to get worse. the government says it's still hopeful, but is "working on the assumption" there'll be a no—deal brexit. the injured refugees and migrants beaten by croatian police and refused asylum hearings. could cannabis be legal in the uk within a decade? a group of mps says the law should change. slip—sliding in germany,
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with rain taking its toll on formula one. riding into history — egan bernal becomes the first south american to win the tour de france. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejohn rentoul, chief political commentator at the independent, and the broadcaster lynn faulds wood. thank you for coming in. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the financial times reports carmaker vauxhall will close its uk operations if brexit hits it's profits. the metro has a picture of two men wanted in connection
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with a homophobic assault in london. the daily mail says a growing population and an nhs recruitment crisis is making it harder to get a gp appointment. the telegraph reports the government is going to launch a public information campaign about the effects of a no—deal brexit. the guardian leads with a warning from a think tank that a no—deal brexit would make the government's domestic spending pledges unaffordable. the mirror says british holiday—makers are at risk of violence in some popular holiday destinations. and the times reports borisjohnson is going to visit scotland and promise more government spending there in a bid to shore up the union. so a vaired set of front pages, let's take a look at some of them in more detail. starting with the times and that pledge to spend money. and scottish! would you like to kick us off? why don't i i think there are very few really charismatic politicians and in scotland you've got two, nicola
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sturgeon, the first minister, and ruth davidson, the leader of the tories and the opening paragraph said it will be a bruising encounter between mrjohnson and ruth davidson and for several reasons. first of all, he sacked the scottish secretary, david mundy l, an ally of ruth davidson and secondly he ignored her advice not to go and see nicola sturgeon, the snp first minister, in her official residence and she said that because in the official residents there's saltire ts, official residents there's saltire ‘s, scottish flags, and she said he thought he would look like a visiting dignitaries surrounded by scottish flags, for the prime minister of all of britain. and there was something else really exciting she said as well. the problem with all of this is £300
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million is being promised all over the country, so i don't know how much money scotland is going to get. it doesn't seem like he's going the right way about befriending the scots. ruth davidson also said she's opposed to a no deal brexit, which is now the government position. before we turn to the next paper, another amount of money going to hear about. there's been questions about... a split between the scottish tories and the tories down south basically as well. that's a consta nt south basically as well. that's a constant argument as to whether ruth davidson is the head of a branch office or whether she's the leader office or whether she's the leader ofan independent office or whether she's the leader of an independent conservative party in scotland. these women are being taken seriously in scotland, yet it talks about the stripped down whitehall structure and the stripped down structure and the stripped down structure in whitehall is six blokes led by michael gove in daily
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meetings! the scottish women are not going to take kindly to that either. turning to the daily telegraph and anotherfigure here, turning to the daily telegraph and another figure here, £100 turning to the daily telegraph and anotherfigure here, £100 million this time. on an advertising campaign. the one thing the daily telegraph doesn't tell us is what this advertising campaign's actually going to be telling people. what is the point of an information campaign about a no—deal brexit? what are we supposed to do? hide in our sellers until it's all over? this is the biggest advertising campaign since the second world war. we can all remember big ones before, so we can all remember big ones before, so this is public money and you're quite right, what are they going to tell me to do in this advertising campaign wheni tell me to do in this advertising campaign when i don't know whether we've got hard brexit or soft brexit? do you think this is part of the funds the new chancellor is meant to be releasing for no deal? is this what we're talking about? this is something borisjohnson used to
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what we're talking about? this is something boris johnson used to say about philip hammond, he wasn't prepared to release the funds to prepared to release the funds to prepare properly for a no—deal brexit. borisjohnson's position is incredibly difficult, because his argument is unless you prepare seriously for no—deal brexit then you're not actually going to get a deal. you haven't got any negotiating leverage. he's prepared to spend £100 million of taxpayer money frightening the people of britain for the purposes of giving himself negotiating leverage in brussels. and also, i want to know which ad agencies are going to get this £100 million! some of them have been very pally, like the one with the enormous poster campaign labour isn't working, so are you going to further inflame the opposition with this orfind a middle road when you tell us what's likely to happen after brexit? we'll see if that question gets
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a nswered we'll see if that question gets answered as to who those agencies are. let's turn to the guardian, and it's about spending plans again but they could be left in tatters if we have no deal. according to the institute for government. which is a very respected think tank. i tend to like to read what they say because i tend to believe it. imean, yeah, tend to believe it. i mean, yeah, everybody knows, i think, that a no—deal brexit would cause some economic disruption, but the question is how much and whether it's worth it. this isjust making the point that the government 's spending plans are going to be seriously disrupted by a no—deal brexit, and it's going to mean is less money available for spending on all the wonderful things boris johnson wants to do, such as the £300 million in scotland, which he's going to announce tomorrow. i would say magical thinking here, where is this money coming from? i was going to say, is anyone totting it up so far? we've seen magical promises. it's easy to
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promise a land of milk and honey. he's been promising it in most papers, probably not yours! and the guardian! we're not going to call him boris anymore, he is prime ministerjohnson, he sounds too cuddly as boris! i think this bounce could end by about next week because you can't keep on saying there's a lwa ys you can't keep on saying there's always money unless you back it up quickly with some real stuff. general election after the 31st or before? what's your feeling? you first. after the 31st of october. i think we are heading for a crisis in 0ctober think we are heading for a crisis in october and once it becomes clear borisjohnson is trying to get us out of the european union without a deal, i think the opposition... is he serious about that? we were
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talking to a former comms director for the scottish tories earlier and he said! for the scottish tories earlier and he said i don't think he's actually serious about it, it's just a case of who will blink first. who can tell? at the moment it looks like they're saying we're definitely out. you've got michael gove, who is leading on this every day with meetings with these six blokes, these six cabinet ministers. in the cobra room. two things i wonder, one, whether michael gove is leading that so prime ministerjohnson can i’ui'i that so prime ministerjohnson can run around later saying i should have been involved more in that if it doesn't work, who knows? i've forgotten what the other one was! very quickly, john, is he serious about it? i think he is serious about it? i think he is serious about it? i think he is serious about it but he doesn't have any plan about how to get past of the opposition of parliament, which is why i think he will be forced after the end of october to go to the country and say i've been blocked by parliament and i need a mandate for my brexit. turning to the financial times and this is the reality of it, people's
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jobs are on the line. you were talking about good exit headlines for borisjohnson, talking about good exit headlines for boris johnson, but talking about good exit headlines for borisjohnson, but this isn't one of them. this isjobs being threatened at vauxhall —— brexit headlines. if exit affects the profitability of the plant, but with the pound plummeting at the moment, i would have thought that improved the profitability —— if brexit. most ca i’s the profitability —— if brexit. most cars are being exported to europe. and importing cars as well. exactly. these days with cars, they get parts from all over the place and they are assembled in britain and 80% of vauxhall cars get exported to europe and if we have a hard brexit, you can see why that's going to become unprofitable and they're going to be in trouble and the society of motor manufacturers and traders warned a couple of years ago i think that the car industry really doesn't want a ha rd car industry really doesn't want a hard brexit. it's going to be too difficult for them. the car industry
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employs a lot of people, 1000 people at ellesmere port in cheshire who risk being thrown out of work. another working at luton for vauxhall. this is a serious issue. michael gove used to speak for the other sector that will be really affected by a no—deal brexit, agriculture ‘s. he said it would be catastrophic for farming. now he's in charge of preparing for it. with manufacturing it is all about just in time, you can't work with that if you have customs and border checks! turning to the times and i love this story. why do you love it? it is beautifully written, for a start, and! it is beautifully written, for a start, and i laughed when i read it. the times we're talking about. yes! not so long ago they got rid of 20,000 police officers, now they
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wa nt 20,000 police officers, now they want 20,000 police officers back again but we're not taking the ones that were experienced that they got rid of before, they're trying to recruit young ones. but the young ones, i should read you this because john simpson and richard border wrote it, there's some really good stuff in it. the home office has been told that rookies, new young police officers, are wrapped in cotton wool and they are routinely shocked that police are expected to work nights and weekends, but worse, they don't like confrontation! that is the most telling line of all! the idea you go into the police force and you don't like confrontation! i do think this is unfair on young people. i hate miller niels, but the idea that they don't realise working for the police is going to be difficult in terms of times and shift patterns and so on, i'm surprised —— millennials. i don't
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know who wrote this report. surprised —— millennials. i don't know who wrote this reportm surprised —— millennials. i don't know who wrote this report. it is based upon... i'm a chartered accountant's daughters, 244 officers across a number of forces that means it is six each at consulted! forces might have to change their working practices to fit in with the new recruits! it is going to take a long time to train these officers. what they mean is they want a lot of people who know about cybersecurity modern police stop the young people that know about computers! very quickly, let's finish with the daily telegraph and a first for british vogue. our fashion correspondent... me! come on, john! royal correspondent as well! the duchess of somewhere... megan, even though we are not allowed to call people by their first we are not allowed to call people by theirfirst name.
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we are not allowed to call people by their first name. i call her megan, she is cuddly, boris, i'm not so sure! the duchess of sussex is the guest editor of vogue and that means herface is on guest editor of vogue and that means her face is on the front of several papers. she doesn't want to be on the front of vogue because... she doesn't want to be boastful. actually i think quite understandably she doesn't want to be in it. and the addition is called forces for change. good on her i think! lovely having you both here to go through those front pages. world correspondent, john rentoul! and the woman's correspondent, too! —— lynn faulds wood! don't forget, you can see the front pages online on the bbc news website at, and if you miss the programme, you can watch it later on the bbc iplayer. next on bbc news, it's the film review.
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leonard hello and a very warm welcome to the film review on bbc news. the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases, i'm joined by jason solomons. good to see you, jason. hi, jane, good to see you too. what have you been watching? well, this week we've been going back in time. we've got the horrible histories team and their little take on rotten romans, roman britain in the form of emperor nero, boudicca, the celts and lee mack and nick frost, those well—known ancients! someone also had a ‘bright‘ idea, they thought they'd make the current war, a starry drama, out of thomas edison, played by benedict cumberbatch, against michael shannon's george
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westinghouse, and the battle for the best light bulbs in america. illuminating!


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