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this is the briefing. i'm maryam moshiri. our top story: a shooting at a food festival in northern california. reports say at least one person has been killed and several others wounded. britain's prime minister heads to scotland, after a weekend of protests in hong kong, the beijing government calls a rare news conference to respond to the crisis. britain's prime minister heads to scotland, as the main business organisation says the uk and eu are nowhere near ready for a no—deal brexit. america's top trade negotiators head to china as hopes fade of a quick deal to resolve the trade war.
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a warm welcome to the programme, briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and you can be part of the conversation, as it's announced the duchess of sussex will edit the september issue of vogue, and has picked 15 trailblazing women to grace the cover. we want to know, who would you put on the cover of vogue? male orfemale — tell us what you think. just use the hashtag #bbcthebriefing. there's been a shooting at a food festival in northern california. witnesses said a man opened fire, one report citing a hospital spokeswoman said five people had been shot. their condition is not clear. it happened during the annual garlic festival in the small town of gilroy, to the south of the san francisco bay area.
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it was taking place in a local park where weapons are banned. armed police are at the scene. peter bowes is our north american correspondent. peter, what more do you know? well, this is a three—day event. it was just coming to a close. it is an event which has gone on for many decades. tens of thousands of people in attendance. as it was beginning to close, eyewitnesses described hearing, and some report seeing, a gunman opened fire on the crowd, with people falling to the ground and running for their lives, with people falling to the ground and running fortheir lives, running to safety. a number of people, we know, it has been confirmed by local hospitals, have been taken in for treatment. in the past our comedy police have said that the area is still being treated as an active crime scene. —— the past hour, police have said. that may mean that they are still looking for the person or persons, we do not know if
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only one person was responsible for this. it is still clearly a sensitive and potentially dangerous situation. many, many people, those festival—goers, are still milling around. this was the kind of event where people would go and count in their caravans and camper vans. this area has now been cordoned off. everybody is really just area has now been cordoned off. everybody is reallyjust waiting for news to see how serious this has been. there has been no official word on the condition of those casualties. we have seen pictures released on social media of people running away from the scene. yes, a lot of people posting video and at least one video that features what sounds like some kind of popping sound, which may have been gunshots, in the background. and again, people falling to the ground. we don't know whether they have fallen to the ground for their own safety to avoid those gunshots, or indeed whether those gunshots, or indeed whether those people have been injured. still a very confusing situation and of course a terrifying situation for
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this small town. as i said, it is an annual tradition, a garlic festival. they have food, they have live music, they have competitions. a fun weekend which has ended in such a terrible and dramatic way. and of course no official word on the type of casualties, or the number? correct. we are still waiting for that information, and as is always the case in situations like this, especially with social media, there isa especially with social media, there is a tremendous amount of speculation about the number of casualties and the potential conditions. we still have not had an official news conference. the authorities have not released any information on the record, apart from those tweets, reinforcing the fa ct from those tweets, reinforcing the fact the area is still being considered an active scene. peter, thank you very much indeed. chinese state officials will hold a press conference in beijing in the next couple of hours to address the situation in hong kong. the city has seen eight consecutive
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weekends of anti—government and pro—democracy protests, often turning violent. on sunday police fired teargas and rubber bullets at protesters. celia hatton is our china correspondent and joins us now from beijing. quite an unusual move, isn't it, for the government to give a press conference like this? what are we expecting? absolutely. well, this was the first major press conference given by this particular arm of the government, the hong kong macau affa i rs government, the hong kong macau affairs office. it is their first major press conference since the former british colony of hong kong was handed over to china in 1997. so, yes, this is incredibly rare, and it is unclear, we're going to be at this press conference for any indication of what beijing is thinking it will do. now, it could try to calm tensions. it could try to indicate that it will leave this
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affairand to indicate that it will leave this affair and indicate this is really an internal affair affair and indicate this is really an internalaffair in affair and indicate this is really an internal affair in hong kong. or it might threaten the ultimate military intervention. china's people's liberation army is partly stationed inside hong kong. it does have the ultimate safety control over hong kong's external affairs. so it does have that ability to go m, so it does have that ability to go in, if it chooses. we will be watching for any indication of which avenue beijing is going to take. how was all of this being played out and being seen in beijing and generally among the wider chinese population? —— how is. among the wider chinese population? -- how is. if we go by the beijing government's language, we can sense increasing frustration with these pro—democracy, ongoing pro—democracy protests in hong kong. use of terms like "intolerable" have been bandied about. we are really starting to
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sense frustration than a stop but i think people in china are watching what is going on in china, in hong kong, with great interest, of course. “— kong, with great interest, of course. —— frustration there. but i think. the comments on the internet, those not being wiped away by sensors, there is a lot of support for the police and frustration with the protesters in hong kong. the view in china is that people in hong kong are actually quite well off, they should count their blessings compared to how things are in mainland china. of course, there is a large portion of people whose comments are not allowed to exist freely on the internet, and they are the ones who are watching and waiting to see how the beijing government will deal with this process in hong kong. —— these protest clinic. of course, everybody in their minds are going back to the pro—democracy protests in tiananmen square in 1989 in which the government did choose to use force
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to shut down those protests. this comes at an uncomfortable time for the government to be reminded of what happened in 1989, and to look through that lens at what is happening in hong kong now. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. the russian opposition leader, alexei navalny, has been transferred from prison to hospital for treatment for what was described as an acute allergic reaction — a diagnosis his personal doctor disagrees with. a number of prominent russian and ukrainian opponents of president putin have been poisoned in recent years. mr navalny was jailed last week, after calling for unauthorised protests, which took place on saturday. president trump has confirmed that the director of national intelligence, dan coats is stepping down next month. donald trump says he'll nominate the republican texas congressman, john ratcliffe, to replace him. dan coats has been in office for two years and has often appeared out of step with the president.
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cuban government officials have been among the mourners at the funeral for roman catholic cardinaljaime ortega. the former labour camp inmate was critical in helping rebuild the relationship between the church and the communist government and helped mediate a rapprochment between washington and havana five years ago. the duchess of sussex has been revealed as the guest editor of british vogue's september issue, the fashion bible's most important edition of the year. on the front cover, 15 women that buckingham palace called "trailblazing changemakers," including climate change campaigner greta thunberg. one noticable exception is the duchess herself, who apparently told the editor she felt it would be "boastful" to appear. the uk prime minister, borisjohnson, will travel to scotland today, where he's likely to encounter opposition to his latest plans to prepare for a no—deal brexit. scotland voted overwhelmingly
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to remain in the eu referendum. on sunday, the conservative's leader in scotland ruth davidson said she couldn't support a no—deal brexit despite the government saying that preparing for that was now it's number one priority. here's our political correspondent jonathan blake. days into thejob, borisjohnson is on the road again. after visiting manchester and birmingham last week, the prime minister is going to scotland, where he will announce £300 million worth of funding for local communities, and argue for a renewal of ties that bind the united kingdom as it prepares for a future outside the —— of the european union. yesterday michael gove, the minister in charge of preparing for an ideal brexit, said that was now the government's number one priority. —— a no deal brexit. the government will chair a new
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twice—weekly meeting of senior government figures to oversee the uk's exit. it is part of a new approach to government hopes will send a clear message about its promise to deliver brexit by the end of october, with or without a deal. it comes as the business group be cbi issues a new warning that neither the uk nor the eu is ready for a no deal brexit. —— the cbi. the uk government is saying it will put a lot of time and energy and effort into preparing for no deal. that is the right thing to do, we wa nt to that is the right thing to do, we want to see businesses preparing as well as the eu responding in kind. but ultimately, we can avoid all this. the leader of the scottish conservatives, ruth davidson, will make clear to johnson when conservatives, ruth davidson, will make clear tojohnson when she meets him today that she cannot support leaving the eu without an agreement in place. the prime minister is also expected to meet the scottish first minister, nicola sturgeon, who says leaving without a deal would be catastrophic. let's pick up on that warning jonathan mentioned in his report — the cbi says the uk government and the eu aren't prepapred for a no—deal brexit.
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kulveer ranger is vice—president of strategy and communications at atos. he used to be the transport director for borisjohnson at city hall. and a close personalfriend of his. yes. what do you think he makes of what the cbi is saying? they have not really changed their tune which is what they have been saying all along, no deal is no good for business. a constant theme from the cbi, the voice of business in the uk, saying that businesses need to be concerned about uncertainty, the customs union, what the effects will be on supply chains. a number of issues which are particularly concerned the business community have been what the cbi has been saying to the previous government and now to the new government. but the additional information that is the additional information that is the cbi is now saying is, where are the cbi is now saying is, where are the eu on their preparedness? quite a valid point. we have all been focused on, yes, i we prepared in the uk, businesses in the uk? but it ta kes two the uk, businesses in the uk? but it takes two to tango. there will be
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the other side of the fence. they have put out this report with over 200 recommendations about what else needs to be happening in preparation, because we have seen a marked shift now. up until this point, with this prime minister, no deal was considered a potential option. you know, it may or may not happen... didn't he say it was a million to one, not going to happen? yes, but at this point now, where this prime minister now wants it... things are changing. exactly. as michael gove said this weekend, the government is fully focused, it's number one priority is to prepare foran number one priority is to prepare for an ideal brexit. easy for me to say. what do you think the mood is at the moment in downing street? obviously this is business pushing their agenda, but there are other elements as well to consider. where do you think borisjohnson's priorities lie? i think boris is trying to convince the country about, which has been, as we all know, it has been extremely splitting the uk over brexit, but
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this is the right thing to do. —— split in the uk. it is his main focus has prime minister. it is what he thought about. he is making it clear, he is going to deliver brexit and what he now needs to do is convince people, and we are also seeing this on the front page of the daily telegraph today, he is saying there is now a huge marketing campaign to get the message out about not just the campaign to get the message out about notjust the challenge, not just negativity, but what will be the benefits, or from just negativity, but what will be the benefits, orfrom the government's respective, the opportunity that breakfast... sorry, but brexit will bring. opportunity that breakfast... sorry, but brexit will bringlj opportunity that breakfast... sorry, but brexit will bring. i know it is early in the morning in london, we will feed you breakfast later. you worked with him very closely. do you think he has changed his mind on brexit, so clearly, before the referendum to now, will have that have an impact on how he views it? not at all. he has been clear since the referendum. the campaign he ran,
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he was totally committed. he made that case as foreign secretary. we remember those pictures of him visibly arguing with the prime minister as the cabinet tried to get toa minister as the cabinet tried to get to a deal as chequers, about how the prime minister should take it forward. he wasn't happy about the direction of travel. it appears they couldn't get that withdrawal agreement through and now it is his chance to make his case and how he sees brexit and how it should happen for the benefit of this country and for the benefit of this country and for a future relationship with europe. 0k, for a future relationship with europe. ok, you will be back with us inafew europe. ok, you will be back with us in a few minutes to talk through the papers with me. for now, you can have breakfast, if you like. thank you. stay with us. still to come, refugees and the balkans accused croatia's police force of brutal behaviour. —— in the balkans. cheering the us space agency, nasa, has ordered an investigation after confirmation today that astronauts were cleared to fly while drunk.
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the last foot patrol in south armagh. once an everyday part of the soldiers' lot, drudgery and danger, now no more after almost four decades. if one is on one's own, in a private house, not doing any harm to anyone, i don't really see why people should wander in and say, "you're doing something wrong." six rare white lion cubs are on the prowl at worcestershire park and, already, they have been met with a roar of approval from visitors. they're lovely, yeah. really sweet. yeah, they were cute. you're watching the briefing. our headlines: there's been a mass shooting at a food festival in northern california. local reports say at least one person has been killed and several others wounded.
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britain's prime minister heads to scotland on monday as the country's largest business group says neither the uk nor the rest of the eu is prepared for a no—deal brexit. a bbc investigation has found evidence of police forces in some european union countries detaining refugees and migrants who've reached the continent, and then expelling them to prevent asylum claims. an officer in the croatian police says expulsions are being carried out under official orders. the bbc has also seen evidence that police forces, particularly in croatia, are subjecting refugees to violence and stealing money from them. damian grammaticas has travelled to both sides of the border and sends this report. they have fled wars, bloodshed and depression in their own lands. now, just beyond the eu's frontiers, they are forced to camp out amid bosnia's war groves . are forced to camp out amid bosnia's war groves. asylum seekers who have become the terms of new violence. this time, meted out by the eu
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countries they thought would protect them. croatian police, they tell me, using batons, fests, boots. they catch refugees who crossed the frontier. assault then while in custody. then illegally expel them from eu territory. the stuffer is just 17. i tell him what you do, i don't have... if they reach the eu across this border, each refugee is legally entitled to a fair hearing for their case. they can't be expeued for their case. they can't be expelled en masse. that is what is happening. there are dozens and dozens happening. there are dozens and d oze ns of happening. there are dozens and dozens of documented examples, what appears to be a deliberate croatian police policy to push people back and deny them their right under international law to claim asylum once inside the eu. you saw them here? yes, i saw them. this is the
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mayor of the bosnian town of bahic stop on this track inside bosnia, he confronted croatian police forcing refugees back across the border. they said they had orders to do it and they are just ordinary policeman. on the same path, croatian with a gun in his hand. footage captured with hidden cameras set up last winter. men and women being marched out of the eu in violation of the eu's own laws. croatia's government would not a nswer croatia's government would not answer our questions. but the president visited the border, local tv cameras in tow, to say her police we re tv cameras in tow, to say her police were not violent. translation: it is normal people getting bruises and injuries crossing this forest. remember this when you hear those about our police being brutal. they are not, i absolutely guarantee that. but speaking anonymously, this police officer detailed to us how the
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pushback so happening on government orders. translation: i got orders from my superior and he got it from his. it goes all the way up to the top. we we re goes all the way up to the top. we were told we have to catch them before they reach human rights groups orany before they reach human rights groups or any place that would help them to seek asylum. so now the refugees wash in bosnia's rivers, relaxing before they will try to enter the eu again. but they are destitute because the croatian police who beat them often robbed them of all their money as well. 400 euros. 300 euros. and the eu it seems is turning a blind eye, so the refugees abused by a europe they have turned to for help and up here, dumped on the eu's frontiers, penniless and hungry. now it is time to get all the latest from the bbc sport centre. hello, i'm marc edwards and welcome to your monday sport briefing.
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there's a new superstar in cycling and his name is egan bernal. the 22—year—old colombian has become the youngest rider in 110 years to win the tour de france when he crossed the finish line on stage 21 in paris on sunday. with the race leader not challenged on the final stage, bernal crossed the line in the peloton to spark wild celebrations from paris to bogota, bernal, colombia and latin america's first ever tour de france winner. what more could you want? we have a new chapter, a new ambassador. what a brilliant ambassador. i think he needs to enjoy the moment, have a party, celebrate and then try and realise what he has achieved. i think it is something historic for columbia, very important and i am very happy to have helped him achieve this goal. now, who says formula 1 has become boring and predictable? certainly no—one watching an incident—packed german grand prix on sunday. max verstappen taking his second win
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of the year in a chaotic race, which saw several of the favourites crashing out in wet conditions. the race featured a remarkable six safety cars, two of them virtual, and the winner made five pit stops to change back and forth between wet and dry tyres. verstappen holding his nerve in the red bull, finishing seven seconds in front of ferrari's sebastian vettel, who fought his way from the back of the grid to come second. kojin young will reclaim world number 1 ranking when they're published on monday. that's after the south korean won the evian championship, women golf‘s fourth major of the year. ko really cementing her reputation as a playerfor big occasions with her second major victory of the year. the 24—year—old earned herfirst major success at the ana inspiration and added another with a final round 67 to finish 15 under, two shots clear of overnight leader kim joo hyo. will he, won't he? one minute, he's off to china
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and the next minute, he's not. well, it seems gareth bale's move to china is off after real madrid cancelled the deal with the wales winger now set to stay at the spanish club. he had been expected to finalise an extremely lucrative move tojiangsu suning, said to be worth more than $1 million a week. but our sports correspondent david ornstein has confirmed bale is staying at real madrid. only last week, real boss zinedine zidane said bale was "very close to leaving" having fallen out of favour. andy murray's return to competitive tennis continues this week at the washington open. the former world number one will partner his brotherjamie in the doubles. it will be andy's first hardcourt tournament since undergoing hip resurfacing surgery injanuary and a stepping stone to playing singles later this year. the murray brothers last played together at the 2016 rio olympics. you may remember the so—called viking clap made famous by iceland supporters at euro 2016 in france. now, malaysian football fans have taken it to a new level. clapping
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over 80,000 of them joined forces for a record—setting clap before the malaysia fa cup final. although associated with iceland, the viking clap is thought to have been started by fans of scottish club motherwell. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me and the rest of the sport team, goodbye. a 16—year—old gamerfrom the us, known as ‘bugha', has won $3 million after being crowned the fortnite world champion. his real name is kyle giersdorf. he's been speaking to our correspondentjoe tidy. i feel pretty amazing, honestly, but at the same time, like, not too much emotion, just because it hasn't really kicked in yet. and during the game, you looked in control. you dominated from the start, first game i saw you, and by the end of it, you were smiling
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and you were taking people out left, right and centre. did you expect to do as well as you did? of course, i expected to do very well because i put in a lot of time to the game and i really did just expect a good performance. top 20 at least. how much time did you put into this? on school days, i usually put in, like, six hours and summer days, probably double or a little bit more. wow, and that's always on fortnite? that's always grinding, as you say. yep, always. how did you manage to work it around your schoolwork? have your grades suffered? my grades really haven't suffered. they stay a, b, c, pretty much around that range. but, yeah, that's about it. i wonder if he will leave the house now that he has $3 million to play with? stay with me on bbc news. i'll be back with the business briefing in just a few moments.
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we'll have more. stay with us here on bbc news. good morning. pleasa nt pleasant sunshine and warmth for some this weekend. a relentless rain for others. in fact, we had over 90 millimetres of rain this weekend. that is over a month's worth and it did ring localised flooding. if we ta ke did ring localised flooding. if we take a look at saturday and sunday's rain radar combined, you can see the relentless wet weather, some of it heavy as well at times. the last few hours, it is starting to weaken a little and as we go through tomorrow, the places that has seen the heaviest rain will see more sunshine coming through. there is the cloud with the rain. we have shower cloud in the north—east of
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scotland. we could see a few thundery showers over the next few hours slowly easing away. monday morning will start pretty cloudy and murky into scotland. the front is drifting north and weakening substantially. that afternoon for ireland, heavy rain and highest value is likely of 26 degrees in the south—east. down to the south—west, an area of low pressure likely to moving towards the end of the day on monday and that is going to be quite a feature to weather storage through tuesday and into wednesday. tuesday morning we start of wet and windy. some rain quite heavy with rumbles of thunder mixed in and of whims 45 to 50 miles an hour. sheldon eastern areas also the best of any brightness, but with the showers and wind it will not be a pleasant day and may well feel a little disappointing. we might see highest of 24 degrees if we have the sunshine into east anglia. into wednesday the low pressure continues to drift east and it will take its
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rain with it as well. again, some showers will be quite heavy with thunder mixed in there as well. affecting southern scotland through the north of england into east anglia as we go through the day. central and southern england as well as wales and northern ireland dry and brighter. the far north—east not faring badly at all on wednesday. by the time we get to thursday and friday, higher pressure will build. it will dry friday, higher pressure will build. it willdry up friday, higher pressure will build. it will dry up and many areas seeing those temperatures into the mid— 20s. those temperatures into the mid— 205. it those temperatures into the mid— 20s. it certainly looks as though there is a change to the theme of our weather this week. much fresher, sunshine and showers for many with gusty winds.
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thisd is the business briefing. i'm sally bundock. america's top trade negotiators head to china, as hopes fade of a quick deal to resolve the trade war. and brazil's transgender influencers — changing the way brands talk about the daily struggles and joys of people who change their sex. and on the markets asian investors are cautious this monday ahead of the key week, as all eyes are on the us federal reserve in washington and the trade negiations in shanghai.


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