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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 30, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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from nba superstar to the us open is ranked 97 in the hitting rock bottom, jeremy lin breaks down world and came through in straight sets. he won 6—4, 6—6. he will face at an event in taiwan. the number two. welcome to sport today. romelu lukaku was a notable absentee from the manchester united squad which arrived in norway on monday — ahead of their friendly against kristiansund. with the ashes kicking off the belgian striker‘s been linked on thursday the australian cricket squad suffered an injury scare when batsman david warner with a move to inter milan — limped out of training in birmingham on monday with a badly bruised thigh who are said to have had a bid of 66 after being hit by a ball. million dollars turned down. the injury‘s not thought to be tuesday's match against serious, and warner's expected to be 0le—gunnar solskjaer‘s hometown club is manchester united's penultimate fit for the 1st test pre—season fixture before they face against england at edgbaston. ac milan in cardiff on saturday. warner, plus former captain steve smith and cameron bancroft, united have won all four will all be reunited as they play of their pre—season friendlies, so far — with victories against perth glory, leeds united, inter a test match for the first time following lengthy suspensions milan and tottenham. for their involvement
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in the ball—tampering scandal that engulfed australian cricket early last year. another former captain steve waugh — who's part of the backroom staff — gareth bale has pulled out of real madrid's pre season trip says all three will be raring to go, but nervous. to munich following the collapse of his transfer to chinese super out of the game, haven't played a league side jiangsu suning. it is understood bale is not test match for 16 months. that's a big weight. they are world—class players. the thing about steve smith, he always finds a way. in the right mental state to play after real president florentino perez prevented him from moving to china. daniele di rossi was officially introduced as a boca juniors player on monday. they'll be excited. because the the 36—year—old former challenges, they ran at him expect italy international — who left roma in may after 19 years with the club — that insight mean. a significant has signed a 12—month contract with the argentinian club. he's expected to make his debut for boca in next month's copa argentina tie against almagro. moment. the other players were very grateful they are back on the side and looking forward to playing with them. there will be some nerves. former manchester united and france this week's test is the first defender patrice evra has announced his retirement. of a five—match series the 38—year—old confirmed with england desperate to regain the ashes after losing a—nil that he would now on their tour to australia in 2018 — move into coaching. evra made almost 700 but they haven't lost a home test appearances for eight different clubs, including monaco and juventus
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series against the australians since 2001. over two decades. his honours included winning five they also have a very premier league titles, good record at edgbaston two serie a titles and venue for the 1st test, one champions league. and england's director we're more than three years away of cricket ashley giles says it'll be important to take from the 2022 fifa world cup advantage of that. in qatar but for many nations the long and ardous road to football's flagship event is already underway after asia got the ball rolling last month. on monday the preliminary round draw for african qualifying was made in egypt. the continent's 28 lowest—ranked sides,s i think it's always important to get were all in the hat. they'll play each other in a home and away knockouts. toa the 1a winners willjoin i think it's always important to get to a good start. edgbaston will be the continent's top—ranked 26 sides, like that. we've had a lot of those a0 teams will then be split success like that. we've had a lot of success here. it is a relatively into ten groups of four for the second qualifying round. compacted series. australians have but even at this stage been here for a long time as well. there are some tasty ties to look forward to. we need to manage a squad. keep our 00:02:42,668 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 best players on the what was also very interesting, burundian tanzania, two teams which just competed in the africa cup of nations and also liberia and sierra leone, two great players emerged from these teams. his excellency, the president of liberia and also a
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famous sierra leone player. interesting encounters. there are no more small teams. 0nce interesting encounters. there are no more small teams. once you have a good coach was technically and tactically prepared, you can install into the players something. also, at the just passed tournament with madagascar, benin, just to mention to countries that did quite well. jeremy lin, once an nba superstar, says he's hit rock bottom. the 30 year old had the world at his feet when he led a winning turnaround with the new york knicks in 2012. his remarkable run was dubbed "linsanity" and saw his jersey outsell even lebron james and kobe bryant that year. but times have changed. lin is struggling to find a new team despite becoming the first asian—american player to win an nba title while playing for the toronto raptors last season. and they say that once you hit rock bottom, and the only way is up. rock
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bottom, and the only way is up. rock bottom just seems to be getting more and more rock bottom for me. so free agency has been tough. because i feel like in some ways, the nba has kind of given up on me. staying with basketball — the nba's annual " basketball without borders" camp is taking place until wednesday in dakar, senegal. the event, aimed at developing basketball talents in africa, is organised in conjunction with the sport's world governing body, fiba. this year, 60 teenage players from 29 african countries are playing with current and former nba and fiba stars. louise dewast reports. this is really a unique opportunity for young players to develop their skills, meet some of the best in their field skills, meet some of the best in theirfield and skills, meet some of the best in their field and it can also be a stepping stone. 68 former
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participants have been drafted by the nba. it's the 17th edition but the nba. it's the 17th edition but the second only here in senegal and a lot has changed since the first edition. this arena, for example, is new. the nba has also opened an academyjust outside dakar new. the nba has also opened an academy just outside dakar and new. the nba has also opened an academyjust outside dakar and one of the players, senegalese players who has made it across plays for the minnesota timberwolves and we asked him how it felt to reach the nba and if he had any advice for younger players. you don't have to listen to anyone. tell them what you can and can't. you can be whatever he wants to be. don't listen to people label you can do this and that. just to get in the nba is very exciting. one goal is to professionalise and develop the sport here. an africa league is scheduled to start next
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year and so some league is scheduled to start next year and so some are league is scheduled to start next year and so some are hoping that participants here will aim to reach the nba but also to play on the continent. that's all the time we got left for now. all the latest sports news on got left for now. all the latest spofts news on oui’ got left for now. all the latest sports news on our website. see you soon. goodbye. the heatwave of last week seems a distant memory now but i want to draw your attention to the provisional 38.7 degrees celsius recorded at cambridge university botanic gardens. the met office actually confirmed this temperature on monday as being genuine so this stands as the new top temperature ever recorded in the uk. now, the next few days will feel more like autumn than summer because of this area of low
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pressure, pretty deep feature for the time of year, bringing strong wind and plenty of heavy showers. some of the showers are likely to be torrential in places with the risk of some localised flooding. and those wind, very gusty especially across england and wales. this morning, those strong winds and heavy showers will be affecting the south—west of england, south wales moving northwards and eastwards as the day moves on. you can see the bright colours indicating torrential downpours affecting wales, england's south—west and the midlands and parts of northern england too. those winds gusting to 50mph along the south coast, 30—a0mph in other areas. it may bring some branches down as the trees of course are in full leaf. temperature wise, not that great, certainly cooler than monday, with temperatures reaching 19 to maybe 22 or 23 degrees. best of the sunshine across the north and east but as we head on into tuesday evening and overnight the showers will continue to move northwards and eastwards and again, some of them will be
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heavy in places and still windy in some areas. but a cold night but drawing up some warm airfrom the near continent. that area of low pressure pusheing on towards the eastern side of the country, still quite windy but not as windy as we are expecting to see today. the focus of the showers will shift northwards affecting parts of scotland into northern england, perhaps in towards the east of england and maybe the east midlands as well into the south—west southern england, better and a drier day here, perhaps a little warmer. but cooler further north where those showers are. that low pressure system then moves out into the north sea on thursday, still affecting the eastern side of the country and the winds will be lighter as well so where the showers turn up, and i think again across parts of scotland and northern eastern england, they will be slower moving into areas where you can see a bit of rain in a short period of time. the dry weather across the southern and western areas with lighter winds temperatures will be a little
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higher, may in the mid—20 celsius. but still high teens in the north. it promises to dry up a little bit as high pressure builds in for friday and the start of the weekend
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: as the afghan presidential election gets underway, the trump administration announces it will start withdrawing american troops before the us election next year. at least 50 prisoners are killed in fighting between rival gangs in a brazilian jail. two children are among the dead in the california festival shooting. police say swift action prevented many more killings.
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350 million trees — that is what officials say ethiopians have planted in a single day, to help preserve the environment.
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