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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 3, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm BST

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week or so. down ports cause past week or so. down ports cause disruption and there are more in the forecast. heavy showers and thunderstorms out there right now which will fade through the night for the most part but further shall rate rain pushing into northern ireland and western scotland. those temperatures are fairly muggy. through tomorrow, we see this band of cloud and heavy showers pushing in from the western as we get into the afternoon, especially across northern england and scotland, we will see some it and it's thunderstorms and torrential rain possible in places. further south you but not as many showers in the salvation stay dry at highs of 26. what this meant office yellow weather warning is in force to northern england and scotland and some places could see 30 or a0 mil metres of rain in a couple of hours. that rainfall could cause further localised flooding issues and is u nsettled localised flooding issues and is unsettled in the start of the working week. heavy showers, quite breezy as well.
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this is bbc news. more homes are evacuated as emergency workers race against time to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the damaged dam in whaley bridge amid fears of more storms. 55 more houses need to be evacuated. the hong kong government has fired tear gas at protesters. talks aimed at averting strikes by thousands of heathrow airport workers have been adjourned for the day and will resume tomorrow morning. more than 100 sunday flights scheduled for monday and tuesday have now been cancelled.
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let's catch up with the rest of the cricket and sports on sports day. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me gavin ramjaun and lizzie greenwood—hughes. the headlines this evening.... england claim early wickets, in australia's second innings — as they look to get the upper hand in the first ashes test. in the women's british open — charley hull and bronte law are still in contention, going into the final day at woburn. and dutch delight for max verstappen as he claims the first pole of his formula one career. he'll start the hungarian grand prix ahead of valtteri bottas and lewis hamilton. also coming up in the programme... taking a tumble — the action from a dramatic conclusion to the women's classique of ride london.
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hello and welcome to the show. more on a busy day of football action in the efl and scottish divisions to come. but first to the cricket and england just about have the upper hand in the opening ashes test. after eaking—out a total of 37a, in their first innings at edgbaston, a lead of 90 runs, they managed to take three of australia wickets today but crucially couldn't dismiss steve smith who'll still be at the crease when they resume day four tomorrow morning. 0ur sports correspondent joe wilson has more. dress code optional, but try to be eccentric. some of them made you think, why? some, how? even on fancy dress day it is about cricket. no ashes without fire. i no england without burns. # and it burns, burns, burns #. it took a sharp catch from the wicketkeeper
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to get rid of rory burns, but his 1a3 was an immense contribution. who would add to it? batting suddenly seemed baffling. chris woakes attacked. in the context of the match, as england built a lead, this shot seemed almost worth more than six. nice try in the stands! crowd fully engaged, suggesting david warner, the former ball tamperer, had sandpaper with him. empty pockets, he showed them. the crowd was not enough for a passer—by to hear. —— the crowd was loud enough. as england bowled, 90 runs ahead. david warner tried not to hit this one, but on england's review there was the evidence, had brushed the bat, he was out. farewell, old friend. england took two more wickets, moeen ali struck, then ben stokes got usman khawaja. the match was moving. like an inflatable president pursued by mexicans, very edgbaston. the man who really matters
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withstood everything, stephen smith, medical check, 0k, australia 3a ahead, and ready for more. joe wilson, bbc news, birmingham. well we can cross tojoe, who's at edgbaston for us. — it's nicely set up for the fourth day. who will be the happier of the two teams today? it is such a good question, it is funny someone asks you about a test match and say who is winning, and you do not really know, the top of the programme just about on top is a fair assessment. they came into resume their endings this morning they had the potential to back themselves into a dominant position and did not take it. ben stokes got out for 50 when he was starting to attack and with a tumble of wickets we thought it might be a lead of 20 or 30 but the fact that they were able to rescue it and gave them a
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lead, that was significant. also significant they took three wickets before the close of play but one thing to note james anderson came out to bat for a bank did not come out to bat for a bank did not come out and ball. he has to shuffle his resources and job route bold abate today and plenty of over us from moeen ali and it is that's been attacked from england because my point of view that may be decisive tomorrow. steve smith the man at the crease bold and incredible total for his first endings for them and what are the chances of them getting him out soon and early on? going back to the 1930s there was a time that england reckon the only time to beat australia it would get one man out and that what led bat series and i do not think england is quite there yet with steve smith but they are approaching it. they try to many things to get him out that he is an unconventional batsman and it drives
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you crazy as a fielding team as a bowling team. he got hit in the head and seem to shake that off. a lot of it depends on how long he spends at the crease tomorrow and is it possible he can make another century in this match and australia can end up in this match and australia can end up with a read of 200 or so, i think thatis up with a read of 200 or so, i think that is possible. thank you for that there. still to come on sportsday... a dream start for salford city in the football league. the newly promoted side impress in a convincing win over stevenage, on their league two debut. chris froome says his only goal is competing in next year's tour de france as he continues his recovery from a serious crash. my from a serious crash. first question was can i get u can my first question was can i get up? cani my first question was can i get up? can i get back on my bike, am i going to be ok and he made it very clear that i was not and i was not living anywhere. that i should just lie still. —— i was not moving
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anywhere. 0nto golf now and bronte law and charley hull are five shots off the lead, going into the final day of the british open at woburn. but the defending champion georgia hall dropped two shots to fall way down the leaderboard. hinako shibuno ofjapan now leads, after a sensational third round — with competition at the top really hotting up. adam wild has been watching the action. the defending champion georgia hall. this was georgia hall, the defending champion starting her day and touch at the top but a touch at times letting her down. 0r challenge faltering. fellow britons charlie hall had been a member at their sense childhood and the familiarity making the greens easier to read. brady after brady on her back nine, she carries many home hopes. as does another who is steady ground keeps her around the chase he does will be
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used in the charge, carlotta began taking the law by the warrants. 0ne of the rounds today from the spaniard who is right up there as well as the well number one who hear quite brilliant. a new name at the top, hinako shibuno, announcing herself with a two shot lead marching into the final round. we can speak now to our golf correspondent iain carter. he has been watching the action at well then. ian, let's start with the top of the leaderboard because after leading the entire tournament — ashleigh buhai has dropped to second and insteda it's the japanese debutante in front? it is an extraordinary story from the japanese player, 20 years of age and is playing outside ofjapan for the first time in her career. very much an unknown quantity on the world stage but you would never have guessed that today. especially on the back nine, she came home and did four of the last five calls and got
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to 1a under parand four of the last five calls and got to 1a under par and at one stage, she was five shots clear and stumbled on the way home and 38 and 12 under par is two shots behind. the real danger of figure is the world number one who is going for successive major victories after the victory and the evian championship last week and that is 68 at ten under par which makes her a very dangerous presence on that leaderboard. let's move on to the british contingent and it is disappointing how charlie hall was and if she is going to win a major this is one of the best opportunities for her? they are still in contention aren't they? yes they are it was a little bit disappointing and it certainly was for the front nine and she seems to be playing herself out of the championship and she had for birdies on the way home and looked very much at home and looks more and more
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motivated as the week goes on and she is not out of that. seventh place, a few shots behind and we saw how quickly weeds come and go today and bronte law has been so consistent as well and she has yet to dropa consistent as well and she has yet to drop a shot this week and 70 could be better today and she is alongside charlie hull on the leaderboard. is it all over for defending champion — georgia hall? and dropped her down to a share of the 20 seventh place and out of contention and the difficult aspect was the double bogey really derailed her and she looked disconsolate and the 7a has laid to rest any chance ofa the 7a has laid to rest any chance of a successful title defence. the football season is back... with the first weekend of fixtures, for the new season in the football league and scotland. there've been plenty
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of goals and talking points from saturday's action. joe lynsky has been across it all for us. joe — lots to talk about — particularly in scotland. . .. where neil lennon is off to a flyer! all the hope all the optimism starts today. plenty of stories to look out for. the first day of the new domestic football season in england and scotland. plenty of stories to look out for today, including whether some clubs could even get a team out for their opening fixture. we start with the scottish champions, though, more of a feel—good factor to celtic this season as they are still in the race for a qualification spot in the champions league. neil lennon will look to lead them to a ninth straight league title this season. so after so much success do they still have the appetite for more. well here's your answer, 7—0 against stjohnstone. mikeyjohnston got celtic up and running at 1—0before ryan christie scored the first of his three goals to put
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celtic in control — christie went on to get his first celtic hat—trick. what a good story to finish off this match as well. celtic‘s seventh was scored by leigh griffths — the scotland striker making his return to domestic football after eight months away. he took a step back from the game last december because of mental health issues, and he crowned a perfect day for the champions. these the rest of the scores in scotland on day one, ross county and hibernian the other winners. i was just i wasjust going i was just going to ask you about the championship as someone who is tea m the championship as someone who is team spent a lot of time in the championship that is what i want to know about. the first thing i look at is how half the teams regulated from the team got on to do. they are the team that are going to have the resources going into the championship. fulham, cardiff city and huddersfield town the sides
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who've come down to the second tier this year. at fulham, scott parker is going into his first season as permanent manager. but as you can see he's not made a good start. lost today 1—0 at parentheses. parker's not had much playing experience at this level but for a few games at west ham in 2011. and barnsley, another side back in the championship after promotion from l1 did a number on his side today. luke thomas their summer signing from derby getting the only goal. fulham very disappointing — they've got a lot of firepower for this division — mitrovic, knockaert and cavalero added to the ranks, but beaten on day one. they report today. cardiff city was beaten on their return to the second tier. this was a brilliant game at wigan athletic. the relegated side had a 1—0 lead through joe ralls.
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this was topsy—turvy this night but reagan wrestled control and when this match 3—2 from the evans. good start then for wigan who were teetering on the edge of relegation last season. a nice cushion for them to start off this new campaign. a look at the rest of the scores in the championship. charlton, like barnsley, another newly promoted side to win — 2—1 against blackburnstoke — disappointing last season but many fancy them to be recharged for promotion under nathanjones this year — lost 2—1 at home to qpr though. swansea city — despite losing their two best players last season 0li mcburnie and danjames were comeback winners at home to hull city. you can see the result here. west brom have 12—1 and had to come from behind against nottingham forest. two sides with new managers getting their first taste of championship football, and sabri lamouchi's forest made
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the better start matty cash put forest them in front. kyle edwards, the academy graduate made at 1—1. kyle edwards, the academy graduate made at m. then this free goal, you see it there. was it a fluke? the baggies won't mind, they come through a tough opener with three points. how did the team's fare in the other leagues? both and struggled to put out a team today? bolton wanderers were only cleared to play their match against wycombe wanderers on monday. they only had three senior players travel for this match, but they did get a full matchday squad out, mainly thanks to academy players and three signings they hastily announced an hour before kick off. remarkably though they were still back by 1600 away fans,
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but bolton lost 2—0 and it's going to be a hard season, they're on —12 points after going into administration.much so difficult times for them i had. much more optimism i had a four backed by the class of 92. the format united stars. they were playing in the northern premier league division one north ten years ago. today they started life in the football league, in week two against stephen edge and it was the start they would have dreamt of. rhia chohan reports for season openerfor for season opener for salford city who were in the eighth tear five yea rs who were in the eighth tear five years ago, despite their debut in the english football league, an occasion indeed but with hopes of
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another promotion, will it start up on the right foot? salford where up and running almost. all it took was for right back to set up the moment. and then the first league goal and marked a career milestone. when you get a taste for the league goals, the appetite follows. it became his day even if he did not get the hatch act grey hat trick he longed for. whether or not their success continues, this is undoubtedly a new beginning for the club of this old town. great day for salford city then and i will leave you with a quick look at the championship because we had a look on the page today at wigan athletic side. this is their new mascot crusty the pie. he was designed by two local
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primary school children, who said "we designed crusty like this because everyone in wigan loves pies." he joins other mascot greats such as west brom's boiler man in the second tier. big season for them and their mascot, crested the pie.|j big season for them and their mascot, crested the pie. i have had those pies there, very good price. i am not sure everyone in wigan likes prize. one other football line, and argentina captain lionel messi has been banned from international football for three months. it's for saying that the copa america was "fixed", after he was sent off in their match against chile. the ban means messi will miss upcoming friendlies, but will be back in time for argentina's qualifying campaign for the 2022 world cup — which begins in march next year. a heated match in the super league as catalans dragons thrashed warrington 30 points
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to ten in perpignan. tony gigot crashed over to confirm the victory but there were ugly scenes in the final minute of the match with tempers flaring on the field and in the stands. warrington's jake mamo was sin binned and catalans fulback sam tomkins was given a red card, alongside michael mcilorum max verstappen is on pole for the first time in his formula one career. the red bull driver outpaced mercedes pair valtteri bottas and the championship leader lewis hamilton, in qualifying for the hungarian grand prix. it was a stunning performance from the dutchman, who lies third in the driver's standings coming into this race, and is very much the man in form after two wins in the last three races. nick parrott reports. after winning two of the last three races, max verstappen is formula 1 cosmic man of the moment especially as he started them from second on the grid pull position is always the goal and to get it he needed to avoid putting a foot wrong. he was quick to show it might happen with
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red bull breaking the track record in the first session. they would have loved a flawless start. and said his ferrari mechanics were battling to get his car into the second session and fixed it in time and leclair qualified. after a disappointing home race in germany, mercedes needed cheering up but no i°y mercedes needed cheering up but no joy for it lewis hamilton who settled for a third behind his team—mate. and once again max verstappen had the last laugh, breaking the track record once more by following up the race went with the first pull of his career. it is incredible. this one is still missing and the car felt good all weekend and of course it is always going to be hard and qualifying but we managed to do it and we took it to the team and the cart was fine and qualifying, it was incredible. lewis targeting ferris and max did a
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greatjob and lewis targeting ferris and max did a great job and once lewis targeting ferris and max did a greatjob and once it got lewis targeting ferris and max did a great job and once it got away from me but we are in a good position to fight for the when tomorrow. a quick look at some of the other sport making the headlines... marc marquez will take pole postition at the czech grand prix after qualifying fastest. the championship leader shaved a second and half off his time, on his penultmate lap — finishing over two seconds quicker than his nearest rival — jack miller in brno. marquez now equals mick doohan's record of 58 premier class pole positions. and tyson fury looks set to step back into the ring in las vegas next month, after agreeing terms to fight sweden's 0tto wallin. fury is still unbeaten, and is expected to have a rematch with deontay wilder for the world heavyweight title next year. it's the final day of glorious goodwood, and the big race, the stewards cup was won by khaadem. the a—1 favourite won convincingly in the six furlong handicap sprint to become the shortest priced horse ever to win the stewards' cup. it was another good day for trainer charlie hills and jockeyjim crowley who won the king george stakes yesterday.
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the ride london women's classique, which is made up of 20 laps of a 3.akm loop in central london, came to a dramatic finish it's the most lucraticve race in women's cycling with a prize of 100,000 euros. dutch rider lorena wiebes won the prudential ridelondon classique after her fellow netherlands rider kirsten wild veered from her sprinting line in the closing metres, causing a huge crash which brought down half the peloton. wild came through on the inside to win but after a review she was penalised for her sudden change of direction. there was disappointment for alice barnes, who finished as the highest—placed briton last year in ninth. it was pretty disappointing, i really wa nted it was pretty disappointing, i really wanted to have a go today but there was a crash behind me and i was stuck on my back wheel and i just finished now and i want to see my skid mark and it was about 20
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metres long so all he did was, that was nothing i could do and there was a lot to go and i could not get back on and sprint then. just writing past the finish and now i have no idea what has happened. i hope everyone is ok as well, that was horrendous. the four—time tour de france champion chris froome says riding in next year's tour is his only goal as he continues his recovery from a serious crash. froome broke his neck, leg, elbow, hip and ribs after hitting a wall during the criterium du dauphine in june. he's been speaking about the accident for the first time, a warning that there are some images of his injuries coming up in this interview. i think my first question was can i get up? can i get back on my bike? am i going to be ok? and they made it clear i wasn't and i was not moving anywhere and i should lie still. and that i would not be carrying on the rest of the race. i think one of my first questions
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was am i going to be all right for the tour de france in a few weeks' time? and they very quickly put that out of my mind and they could not give the prognosis but they said it looks like your leg is broken and your arm does not look good either. so now, you are not going to be on your bike and i think those first moments where the moments that really hit home and i took it on board that i am not going to be raising the tour de france this summer. now, riding a motorbike can be dangerous enough, but what happens when you're thrown from your bike at up to a hundred miles an hour. well this is what happened to south african rider steven 0dendaal and he somehow managed to keep control of his bike, during qualifying for the moto2 czech grand prix. keeping it upright, and eventually bringing his bike to a standstill.
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that is still there for you. core strength. he had to deal a bit of ice skating at the end. that reminds me of some of the crashes i had on my moped but maybe not quite as dramatic as that. we just had some really dramatic stuff. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. hello and good evening some pretty dramatic scenes and the weather as well over the next few days but that is not good news for those parts of northern england so badly affected by flooding in recent days because there could be semi—localized flooding on the way. this is the satellite picture on the way, you can see bands of cloud pushing and from the west and various bands of crowd bringing some shower in the
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rain and we are seeing some scattered showers and the odd thunderstorm out there at the moment. most of those will fade and as we go through tonight you see shari rain pushing through the west of scotla nd shari rain pushing through the west of scotland and perhaps some of that in the far west of england later in the night. even where it stays largely dry and it will be a warmer and monday night. many of us starting on a fine note that the sherry rain dangling across the western side of the uk and his band of moisture works its way further east and gets into northern england and scotland, it will fire off a scattering of heavy and tandoori down forest. southeast of england and probably staying dry through the england. —— heavy and tandoori down forest. warning of thunderstorms in northern england and southern scotla nd northern england and southern scotland and this is the lowest level of winning the met office will issue but it is because of the head and miss nature of the down forest. places will avoid them completely and others can see 30—a0 mm of rain
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and others can see 30—a0 mm of rain and space of a couple of hours which could cause further issues of flooding and transport disruption and heavy downpours across northern island which will work into other and parts of the western uk and that showers keep on coming and it is another pretty warm and muggy night, 1a-16d another pretty warm and muggy night, 1a—16d so this is how we look as we start monday and low—pressure, it will lumber its way eastwards and quite slowly over the coming days will be with us for much of the week ahead and there will be for their showers and downpours but on monday, the first clutch of showers should punctuate northeast words and for many there will be a dryer side of weather, and height of 18 and 2a degrees with heavy downpours later in the day and that is the story as we look towards the middle and end of the week. lots of heavy downpours and thunderstorms particularly across the northern half of the uk so there is potential of further disruption but not as many showers
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further south and temperatures here around 2a degrees. more heavy downpour is to come and stay in touch with our forecast over the next three days. —— next few days.
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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines at 8pm. more homes are evacuated as emergency workers race against time to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the damaged dam in whaley bridge, amid fears of more storms. residents were allowed to return to their homes for 15 minutes today to pick up essentials. idid i did have to walk up the road last night and just scream because i did face what i could lose. breaking news this hour. a number of people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping centre in the texas city of el paso according to police. police cannot say how many. police in hong kong have used tear gas and baton charges against pro—democracy demonstrators as they demonstrated


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