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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines. it's being reported that at least 18 people have been killed in a mass shooting at a shopping centre in the texas city of el paso. we do have one person in custody, i can confirm he is a white male in his 20s. we don't feel that there is a threat to the public or there are any other suitors at this time. —— shooters. desperate efforts to shore up a dam in danger of collapse in derbyshire. more residents nearby, are told to leave their homes. i did have to walk up the road last night and just scream because i did face what i could lose. talks to avert strike action at heathrow resume tomorrow, but more than 170 flights next week, are already cancelled.
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and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers political commentatorjo phillips and the political editor of the people & the sunday mirror nigel nelson — do stay with us for that. good evening. police in texas are investigating a mass shooting, with reports from bbc‘s partner network cbs that at least 18 people have died. -- 19. it happened around 10:00am local time at a shopping centre, in the city of el paso. one man is in custody. people are being advised to stay away from the area. 0ur north america correspondent, chris buckler has the latest. families were out shopping on
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saturday morning when they were advised to leave. run, run, run. inside the mall in el paso, officers moved in, responding to another report of an active shooter. it is believed somewhere in the region of 20 people have been shot, however it's not clear how many have been killed. this is a large crime scene, a large area, so killed. this is a large crime scene, a large area, so we are killed. this is a large crime scene, a large area, so we are going through it and making sure anybody in the area — making sure no—one is a suspect and making sure those people who were separated or hurt i getting the care that they need. people who were separated or hurt i getting the care that they needm is claimed the government started his attack in the car park of the shopping centre before continuing it inside a walmart supermarket. just days ago, two of the company's staff we re days ago, two of the company's staff were shot dead in a number of its stores in mississippi, and days before that a gun and fired at people at a food festival in northern california. these needless deaths will again raise concerns
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about how easy it is to buy guns in america. paso is the strongest place in the world —— el paso, this community's going to come together. i'm going back there right now to be with my family and to be with my hometown. in its weed, president trump said the reports from el paso we re very trump said the reports from el paso were very bad and that many had been killed, leaving many grieving and asking if all of this could have been avoided with tighter restrictions on guns. sergeant robert gomez is from el paso police department. he's been telling reporters his unsure exactly how many have been killed. we do have one person in custody, i can confirm it as a white male in his 20s. i don't have any other information on that. it will be released at a later time but that is the information we have right now. the estimates of the shoppers at the
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walmart were between one and 3000 with a hundred employees present. it is back to school and walmart was at capacity when the shootings occurred. we have secured walmart and we have secured cielo vista mall, we don't feel there's a threat to the public or that there are any other suitors up this time that was not from the last conference, we are conditioning into the dozen are conditioning into the dozen are conditioning into the criminal investigation site. we have the location on lockdown and we will be finding out what took place. i can confirm there were fatalities, i cannot confirm how many. there were several injuries. i don't have those numbers as of right now. the delay with the injuries and the fatalities, we can't account for anyone who transported themselves, so our anyone who transported themselves, so our numbers will be a little delayed. 0nce so our numbers will be a little delayed. once we have that information we will definitely make
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it available to all. so that was sergeant gomez speaking to reporters earlier. and we'll have more from our correspondent in la, peter bowes, shortly. more homes have had to be evacuated tonight, in a town close to a dam in derbyshire that's in danger of collapse. with the forecast for more wet weather tomorrow, the emergency services have been working round the clock, trying to pump water out of the toddbrook reservoir, close to the town of whaley bridge. there are fears rising waters and damage to the dam, could cause serious flooding, endangering life. more than 1,500 residents of whaley bridge, are now preparing to spend a third night away from their homes. charlotte gallagher reports. an raf chinook helicopter picks up bags of aggregate. this is the third day of operations to save a dam and the town of whaley bridge. here, a crew member leans out to make sure the sandbags are dropped in exactly
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the right place. the chinook still a strange sight in this small town. these fire crews and pumps are working 2a hours a day to divert the 300 million gallons of water in the reservoir. we were here early hours on friday from west yorkshire. and if you pan across, you can see the brick level, all these stones. that was underwater when we arrived. so, as you can see, it's quite visibly come down. it's a major incident, make no mistake. whaley bridge would normally be packed on a summer holiday saturday, but today, it's a ghost town. people who were forced to leave their homes are being allowed to return forjust 15 minutes to collect valuables, medication and even their grandchildren‘s toys. we were advised by the police we are going in at our own risk. and, yes, all right,
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it's a calculated risk, really. we knew we needed to get things, we knew we had to do things, and as long as you moved quickly, and i would say listen all the time. because they told us if we hear three blasts on a horn, we were to just run. i did have to walk up the road last night and just scream because i did face what i could lose. this family had to leave their home and the guesthouse they run, an adventure for the children, less so for their parents. i had some builders who had to get out quick. so they are losing as well. just not knowing when i can open back up and take bookings. i've had to advise people that we are closed for the foreseeable future. i don't know when we'll be open. engineers are constantly checking the dam. they are pouring concrete onto the damaged section.
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police are using patrols and a drone to monitor the evacuation zone, and a government minister visited today to give more reassurances. i want to thank the residents. it is imperative that we keep them safe. that's the only reason why they're out of their homes. and i would also reassure them, i know the police are taking very seriously the need to keep their home secure. people have been coming down to the dam all day, but it could be a while before they're able to say goodbye to the rescue teams for good. we are hearing the prime minister, borisjohnson is set to announce a 1.8 billion pound boost for the nhs in england. the money is in addition to tens of billions already pledged by his predecessor, theresa may. 0ur political correspondent, nick eardley is here. next, there is going to be a lot of
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people very sceptical about this announcement, is it old money?m people very sceptical about this announcement, is it old money? it is new money. extra cash on top of the billions theresa may secured as part of the funding agreement for the next five years which was in 2018. this money is a cash injection designed to shore up front—line services. so there's £1 billion that will go into things like new equipment, new beds, repairing building defects. there is also going to be £850 million which will be for urgent work on 20 hospitals. this is something borisjohnson spoke about when he made that speech outside number ten when he took over. at least 20 hospitals to make sure they have better facilities. the money that's being announced is just to england, but there will be funding nikons for scotland, wales and ireland as well. —— knocked on
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is. -- and ireland as well. —— knocked on is. —— knock—ons. and ireland as well. —— knocked on is. -- knock-ons. it sounds like a huge amount of money. the big question is is it enough? there is still a huge shortage of nurses, isn't there? not just still a huge shortage of nurses, isn't there? notjust here, but across the country. the payers and infrastructure, they are saying this isn't enough. many people e—mailing to say there is a £6 million backlog when it comes to repairs, this is only a third of that. there is a long way to go with everything is to be sorted out. labourers saying this is just be sorted out. labourers saying this isjust a drop in be sorted out. labourers saying this is just a drop in the be sorted out. labourers saying this isjust a drop in the ocean be sorted out. labourers saying this is just a drop in the ocean after the cuts we've seen in the nhs the last ten years in austerity. —— labour. theresa may announced a massive billions of pounds extra for the nhs, think back to the £350 million, yes that was controversial,
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yes that figure was massively debated, but we're to honour it anyway. put it in by 2022, 300 90 million pounds every week at the nhs. boris johnson is million pounds every week at the nhs. borisjohnson is going to pick up nhs. borisjohnson is going to pick upa nhs. borisjohnson is going to pick up a button —— £390 million, and attempt to keep his critics at bay —— keep up the baton. attempt to keep his critics at bay -- keep up the baton. nick, while you are here, briefly, just running through some of the front pages which we will read through at 11:30 p-m-, which we will read through at 11:30 p.m., there is a lots of newspapers looking out the huge possibility of a general election. that could occur just before or after october 31. you think borisjohnson just before or after october 31. you think boris johnson is just before or after october 31. you think borisjohnson is acutely aware of that possibility that if he doesn't deliver on brexit or if there is some kind of strong rebellion, do you think that this is what this is actually all about?” think if you look at the announcements that he has made over
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the week, he has at least half an eye to go back to the country. it is all about whether the parliament tries to block him from leaving. there is no sign that europe is going to renegotiate, and if it doesn't, parliament will do whatever it can to stop borisjohnson getting no deal through, potentially bringing him down. the sunday telegraph is reporting tomorrow, i think, that it was make too late for that and that boris johnson think, that it was make too late for that and that borisjohnson can't deliver no deal anyway, it is past the point where mps can force his hand. some of them are worried, some of them are excited, but a lot of people think a general election is the most likely to get out of the impasse. nick, thanks. and as i said we will be looking at the papers at 1130 pm. —— 11:30pm. let's return to that mass shooting at a shopping centre in el paso in texas.
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the bbc‘s partner network cbs says at least 19 people have died. local police have been unable to confirm that figure. let's get the latest from peter bowes, who's in los angeles. these are, any more info information coming your way? that is the information we're getting from cvs. 19 people have been killed. we also understand that the suspect who has been taken into custody as a 21—year—old man, his name is patrick crusius, police are saying at the moment he is the only suspect. there are were reported earlier that perhaps a second or in the third person, sometimes it is typical in the confusion of events from previous mass using that people have talked about, seeing others involved
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and then as the investigation has continued, that has turned out not to be the case. we don't know what the case is in this incident, but the case is in this incident, but the authorities are saying at the moment they understand just one person, at least one person in custody. they say there is no imminent threat to the general public at this shopping mall, which is clearly still a crime scene, a huge crime scene. detectives, law enforcement agencies, including the fbi, attempting to talk to people, to eyewitnesses, to get them to explain what they saw happening. we understand from some of those eyewitnesses the shooting started in the car park and then the suspect moved inside the buildings. up to 3000 shoppers at the walmart sensor, the middle, a saturday, a very busy time for a lot of those people. eyewitnesses say they were shopping for their children, it is back—to—school time or children here in the united states, buying
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supplies for them. peter bowes, thank you. that is one of the main headlines tonight here on bbc. let us have a look at them. it's being reported that at least 19 people have died after a shooting at a shopping centre in the texas city of el paso. one man is in custody. an additional 55 homes have been evacuated from the area surrounding a dam in derbyshire, which is at risk of collapse. heavy rain is forecast for the area tomorrow. talks between union leaders and management at heathrow to try and avert strikes on monday and tuesday resume again tomorrow. more than 170 flights have already been cancelled. it has been a fine day for cricket fa ns it has been a fine day for cricket fans today. gavin is one of them. he has had to work from the bbc sport centre. england's cricketers hold
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the balance of power in the opening ashes test — but onlyjust. by the time bad light prematurely halted day three at edgbaston, australia were 124—3, leading by 3a runs but crucially their talisman — steve smith — was still in. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson reports from birmingham. 0ne one of those days of ashes test much cricket when the advantage seems to slip and slide between one team and the other almost by the hour. england certainly had the opportunity at the start of play to bat themselves into a dominant position. didn't quite take it. ben stokes out for 50. rory burns found the energy to go to 133 before he was dismissed. a good catch from tim paine the captain and wicket—keeper. it was down for late order partnership between chris woakes and stuart broad to bat england to a lead of 90, which seemed significant. and certainly when they we re significant. and certainly when they were able to take three australia second winning circuits. david warner copped a lot of the fund from the edgbaston crowd on saturday and
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seemed in good heart and good humour. anotherfailure seemed in good heart and good humour. another failure would seemed in good heart and good humour. anotherfailure would be bad for him. the same to be said for cameron bancroft. usman khawaja got to 40 cameron bancroft. usman khawaja got to a0 before being dismissed by ben stokes. remember that england's bowling attack is limited because james anderson has not told today in australia's second innings. but who stood firm for australia? travis head is still there and so is steve smith. he was hit on the helmet from ben stokes, after medical assessment he shook it. so much now rests on how long steve smith stays in the crease in australia's second innings. joe wilson reporting there. england's charley hull and bronte law will begin the final day of the women's open five shots off the lead. hull, on her home course of woburn, managed four birdies on the latter half of her round, to move 9—under par. law hit ten pars before birdying the 11th and clawed another shot back on the 1ath.
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but the woman to catch isjapan's hinako shibuno, who's playing in herfirst major, her late surge saw her move to 1a—under par. just going to go out there and have fun. i'm just going to have fun. just another day at the office. just pretend i'm out there with my friends playing golf. go and make as many bodies as possible. i'm hitting the ball well, creating chances. there's no reason they can't go out there and shoot a low number. now to formula one. max verstappen has taken his first ever pole position ahead of sunday's hungarian formula 1 grand prix setting a new track record in the process. the dutchman also has the honour of being the 100th different driver to have started an f1 race on pole. it is incredible. yeah, this one was still missing. the car felt good all we can. you knew it would always be ha rd we can. you knew it would always be hard in qualifying but we managed to do it. of course, a big thank you to the team. the car was fine out there in qualifying, it was incredible.
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celtic started their title defence of the scottish premiership. with a 7—0 thrashing of stjohnstone, celtic are going for their ninth league title in a row. elsewhere, there were wins for hibernian and newly promoted ross county. rangers are playing tomorrow. st helens have secured their second successive super league league leaders shield following warrington's 30—10 defeat to catalans dragons. it was a heated match in perpignan. tony gigot crashed over to confirm the victory but there were ugly scenes in the final minute of the match with tempers flaring on the field and in the stands. warrington's jake mamo was sin binned and catalans fullback sam tomkins was given a red card alongside michael mcilorum. the ridelondon women's classique, which is made up of 20 laps of a 3.akm loop in central london, came to a dramatic finish. dutch rider lorena wiebes won the race after her compatriot, kirsten wild veered from her sprinting line in the closing metres, causing a huge crash which brought down half the peloton. wild came through on the inside to win, but after a review she was penalised for her sudden change of direction.
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there was disappointment for britain's alice barnes, who came ninth last year, she finished more than three minutes behind. that's all the sport for now. gavin, thank you. talks will resume tomorrow to try to avert strike action by workers that he threw airport. it is a dispute over pay. discussions between management and unions entered today without agreement, you will be pleased to know, more than 150 flight scheduled for monday and tuesday have been cancelled. we get more from katie austin. at heathrow with his big holiday getaway season but a possible strike by airport staff, such as security guards and engineers, has left some people's plans up in the air. this is really stressful. it is a lot of money. and things like the taxi to the airport is costing me money. and it isjust
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the stress of the unknown. they don't know what's going on and no—one's giving me the answers. my first real holiday with my boyfriend. what is meant to be a relaxing endeavour is becoming more and more stress. but if a strike does up and passages are being warned to expect long queues to get through security and are being told to allow extra time. not everyone will be able to fly as planned. heathrow has already taken the decision to cancel dozens of lights departing here on both monday and tuesday. heathrow has said it can run the airport safely if the strikes go ahead and that those affected by cancellations will be booked onto other services get refunds from their airlines. analysts say passengers are unlikely to get any other compensation.“ there are delays that changes the game somewhat and they will be entitled to some compensation, like if they were stuck at the airport overnight, they should get hotel compensation. but airlines are not liable for a circumstance beyond the
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control like this. strikes early next week and later this month could be prevented if airport managers and unite category a pay deal. union members rejected heathrow‘s latest offer. with time running out, there no sign side is ready to back down. katie austin, bbc news, at heathrow. the irish prime minister leo varadkar has taken part in belfast‘s pride parade. he joined tens of thousands of people at the annual event. as well as a celebration the parade aimed to highlight that, unlike the rest of the uk, gay people cannot get married in northern ireland. clodagh rice reports. pride has been celebrated in belfast for more than 20 years, but this is the first time the rainbow flag has flown at city hall to mark the event. it's the first year, and i don't think it will be the last year. i think that everybody in this city must feel that they are part of the city.
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and i think city council has sent a very powerful message today that if 60,000—70,000 people parade through our city, they do so under the pride flag for the very first time. it's poignant because we celebrate the 50th anniversary of stonewall. in another first, the taoiseach leo varadkar marched in the parade, and it was also the first time bbc pride has marched in northern ireland. well, despite the rain, organisers are hoping this will be the biggest ever turnout for belfast pride, with tens of thousands of people expected to take part. and it certainly seems like the rain isn't dampening anyone's spirits. it's so fun. you feel like a big community. it's, like, where everyone comes together. it's class. it's the best way to celebrate everyone. i was expecting, like, just a couple of flags and, like, people dancing, but not this. like, there's too many people here. it gets bigger every year. i've noticed more straight people come. it gives you hope for the future, if you know what i mean. it makes you tear up a wee bit. there's my dad behind behind me, my husband, my children, our friends are in the parade.
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we believe that love is love, and equality's so important to us, so pride's the best day. spectators didn't let the weather rain on their parade. clodagh rice, bbc news, belfast. the entertainerjoe longthorne has died at the age of 6a. the singer and impressionist who regularly appeared on tv shows and toured the uk and europe had a career spanning five decades. the entertainer les dennis said he was "a supreme talent". joe longthorne started in the entertainment business at an early age, after winning a talent contest in hull — the city where he was born, from where nicola gilroy reports. will there be any barbra streisand fans here? yes! well, right, here's frank sinatra for you. laughter. he had charisma and a wealth of signing impersonations. # and now the end is near... # diamonds are forever!
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that madejoe longthorne's career an enduring one. as the most promising artist of 1983, joe longthorne. he first started performing when he was 1a, but got his big break on the tv show search for a star, becoming a regular on british television. # i don't know why i'm frightened. # i know my way around here... everybody wanted to be like joe. everybody wanted to sing like joe. even the stars wanted to sing like joe. if you see michael ball, there's bits of his performance that are joe longthorne. everybody watched joe, did what he sang, sang his songs. so, this is where he cut his teeth, on hessle road in hull, where he was born. he first performed in the pubs and clubs up and down this road, including the rayners. very upsetting.
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yeah, very. it's one of hull's very own. joe, hessle roader, fantastic singer, and it will be a sad loss to hessle road. i want them to know he's a normal hessle roader like i am, born and bred. you can't beat the hessle roaders. he'd grounded in lots of clubs in hull as a youngster and knew how to perform to an audience, how to treat an audience and how to get them un—sad. for services to charity, he also received an mbe in the queen's diamond jubilee honours list. his career had its ups and downs. he ended up in court and was declared bankrupt in 2000, but it was his health that was his main concern throughout his later years. his family made the announcement that the beloved and entertainer "passed away peacefully in the early hours of today". he died "in his bedroom laying in the arms of his devoted husband of 21 years, jamie". music and show business was in his blood, and his star
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talent that will always be fondly remembered. # yes, it was my way... joe longthorne who has died at the age of 6a. large clouds of painted lady butterflies are being spotted across the uk, and they've been particularly prevalent in scotland. the phenomenon happens once a decade when the colourful insects turn up in huge numbers having migrated from europe and africa. sightings of painted ladies have prompted countless pictures and videos to be posted to social media. very pretty. very nice. and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers political commentatorjo phillips
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and the political editor of the people and the sunday mirror, nigel nelson. that's coming up after the headlines at 11:30pm. now it's time for a look at the weather with ben rich. thank you very much. a very good evening to you. after a week of heavy downpours which cause disruption across some parts of the uk you don't need me to tell you that, there are more heavy downpours in the forecast. that is probably the last thing that many people need. you can see on the radar picture there have been some showers and thunderstorms this evening. most of that activity dying down. there isa of that activity dying down. there is a line of showery rain pushing in across northern ireland was not through the that will extend towards western scotland. printing into west wales in the far south—west of england. away from these areas, prom ptly england. away from these areas, promptly dry through the early hours of sunday. the odd mist putts on a fairly warm night. 12—15. we start with a band of showery cloud and rain across western areas. as this
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band of moisture edges eastwards it will start to spawn some scattered showers and thunderstorms across parts of the midlands, northern england, and up into scotland. the juxiao for wales in the south—west, particularly over high ground. each isa particularly over high ground. each is a predominantly dry towards the south—east. quite a lot of cloud. some bright and sunny spells. highs of 25 or 26. the met office has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms across much of northern england up into southern and central portions of scotland. hitand miss and central portions of scotland. hit and miss downpours which could give 30—a0 millimetres of rain in a couple of hours for some locations. that could bring some further problems with flash flooding and travel disruption. also notice some heavy thundery rain pushing across northern ireland during sunday night and into the early hours of monday. that band of showery rain gets into western scotland and the south—west. you get the idea the showers continuing to work through. spiralling around an area of low pressure which will be sitting just about here on monday morning. this low is really going to dominate the
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weather through the week ahead, bringing further showers or longer spells of rain. we start monday morning with a band of cloud and showery rain working eastwards. as they please we will see more in the way of sunshine, perhaps one or two showers or thunderstorms breaking up. temperature wise during monday we are looking at 19—2a in the south. generally a fresher field. breezy. northern parts of the uk seeing lots of showers as we head towards the middle of the week. there is the ongoing risk for some disruption and flooding. further south, not as many showers. spells of sunshine. temperatures up to 2a. further downpours in the forecast. it is worth staying tuned to the forecasts of the next few days.


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