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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 9, 2019 9:00pm-9:13pm BST

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two months police have used excess up two months police have used excess up all the while across picking up all the while across england, scotland northern ireland, wind easing compared to what we had had during today. overnight temperatures, 14—17d humid feel. area blood pressure for tomorrow, as she see to the south of this is bbc world news today. that low pressure system, white lines, it's our top quashing together. that always means stories... we can expect very protests break out in windy weather, indian—administered kashmir — strongest across central parts of days after delhi said it england, and wales as well. would revoke the area's sorry special autonomous status. that crop up here should ways that they're fairly quickly and big president trump says dry spells and sunshine, where as per serious discussions are taking the night wind is lighter. meeting place on introducing tougher background showers and storms crop up but checks for gun ownership. slow moving and lots of rain and sunk we need intelligent background location. some of us up at the checks. this is not a question northern eyelid and partner at that england lasts further south, you can at nra republican or see the black window democrat. hong kong airport is occupied —— wind arrows, showing and land areas by hundreds of demonstrators — as protests in the territory enter their tenth weekend. of 50 mph. 60 and a touch more for
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coastal areas. that could cause disruptions quite unusual. temperatures saturday hello and welcome afternoon at 23 degrees. is he got to world news today. into saturday night, brisk wind india has told pakistan to keep out of its internal affairs, across the south, areas of wet as tensions continue to rise, weather and places as over the disputed region of kashmir. well. the wind today some mosques were allowed slowly eases as we had to open, in the indian administered through sunday, blustery for a parts of the territory, after a communications time and even blackout and lockdown, though the aeds, they switched to a that's been in place since sunday. kashmir is claimed by both northwesterly cool air our way. pakistan and india, showers pushing southeast and spells with the two nuclear armed neighbours controlling different the sunshine as well. afternoon sections. temperatures in aberdeen and belfast about 11; degrees. it last week delhi revoked the limited autonomy, warmer further of the area it administers. south. for some, the move fits the populist agenda, of india's hindu nationalist prime minister, nahendra modi, because kashmir is india's only majority muslim state. our correspondent yogita limaye is one of the few international journalists in kashmir. she's sent us this report from srinagar. tensions are beginning
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to rise. young protesters have been coming out in many areas. pelting stones at security forces and jeering at them. soldiers fire lead pellets. and tear gas. to disperse the mob... voices that have been suppressed for days have begun to be heard. this was a spontaneous march by men who had just offered friday prayers. they won through small alleys because they cannot go on to the main roads. translation: in every part of india, people are celebrating but they don't know that our hearts are bleeding. we are crying and
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under siege. we have been completely betrayed. they put a gun to our heads and told us that a few people in the government have decided our fate. earlier, inside the mosque, too, there was sloganeering. there has been a lot of anger in this region since the indian this is bbc world news, the headlines: there have been protests and the cleric also made a speech about the issue. in indian—administered kashmir, "the dispute over kashmir can despite tight security only end when they take for friday prayers. the opinion of people here", he said. it's just days since delhi it's the first friday announced it would revoke since the move was announced. the area's special status. while most of the bigger mosques were closed, in some places people were allowed president trump says congressional leaders in the us are having serious to go out and pray. however, phone and internet lines discussions on tightening up remain cut off and separatist background checks for gun ownership. leaders have been moved out of kashmir. he also said he'd spoken top politicians from the region remain under house arrest. to the gun lobby group in some places people have the national rifle association been so their views can be allowed to come out and represented. pray. china is demanding the cathay but many big mosques are closed. pacific airline suspend there were reports earlier any staff supporting protests in hong kong. that the curfew had been thousands of pro—democracy activists have been staging a sit—in lifted the indian government at the territory's international taking no chances, worried airport — the first that the situation here could spiral of three days into widespread unrest. yogita limaye, bbc news, srinagar. in muzaffarabad, the capital of rallies. of pakistani—administered
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kashmir, students and faculty parts of the uk have been affected by a members of the territory's main university chanted ‘we want freedom' as they marched on the offices widespread power of the united nations military observers group, in order to lodge an official cut. complaint against the indian government. suppliers say parts in delhi, supporters of the national grid failed — of prime minister modi backed causing disruption to transport, the indian government's homes, and hospitals. actions. it isa it is a very good move, we will now be able to control terrorism. it is a very good move, we will now be able to control terrorismlj it is a very good move, we will now be able to control terrorism. i went at ten o'clock, clive myrie will be to cashmere in 2013 as here with a full round up a tourist and of the days news. did not feel safe. —— cashmere. now on bbc news in a series of documentaries the we will explore how we can prime minister has made a good move, protect our precious planet, exploring sustainable will go there solutions around the globe, and meeting the people again without fear. at the forefront of driving change. the prime minister has done what no other prime minister could have how can we done. true indians will support his decision. president trump says best protect congressional leaders in the us are having serious discussions our precious on tightening up background checks for gun ownership. planet? climate change and pollution are but he told reporters he wants taking their toll, that much is not to ensure the very strong views taking their toll, that much of the powerful lobby group is now the national rifle association scientifically evident. are also but for all of the uncomfortable truth, we hold the future in our hands. respected. mr trump didn't address
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calls for wider controls on weapons, following two mass shootings last weekend in texas and ohio that killed 31 people. we need intelligent background checks, this is not a question at nra republican or democrat. i will tell you, i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday, he is totally on board. he saidi yesterday, he is totally on board. he said i have been waiting for your call, he is totally on board, i spoke to senator is in some cases who are friends of mine, but pretty ha rd who are friends of mine, but pretty hard lined senators, hard—line and when i say that in a positive way. hard line on the second amendment. and they understand, we did not want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people, we do not want guns in the hands of the wrong people. i've been speaking to our correspondent chris buckler — who's in washington. the phrase he uses time and time again, apartfrom the phrase he uses time and time again, apart from saying that he had beenin
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again, apart from saying that he had been in discussions with the nra and spoke to them once, their views should be respected and represented in the discussion, that gives you an idea that national rifle association is something that president trump wa nts to is something that president trump wants to pay attention to, particularly with an election coming up particularly with an election coming up next year, that they are very powerful gun lobby, and powerful group in terms of the amount of money they get people and politicians particularly during campaigns. and he is very aware of that. at the same time, there is this place, this movement for change for the american gun laws, particularly an idea that there should be improved and what was described as meaningful background checks. yet, while he tries to push that, there is no sense at all happened quickly. they have been some cause potentially the senate could be recalled for summer recess to look at legislation. the president seems to willed that out the republican majority leader in the republican majority leader in the senate mitch mcconnell has also seem to roll that out. it gives you
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a sense that there will be talk, and that's what's potentially wearing the democrats, they say there is a chance that could be lots of talk but no action. hong kong is bracing for another weekend of turmoil. there was a large, but peaceful, occupation of the international airport earlier by pro democracy demonstrators. hong kong's leader, carrie lam criticised those who've been involved in increasingly violent street clashes and beijing has ordered the hong kong—based airline, cathay pacific, to suspend any staff who support the demonstrations. our china correspondent stephen mcdonell has been at hong kong airport. in the thousands, activist occupied the airport. officials allow the city to continue as long as cory door were left clear for travellers to leave the building. we want democracy because we realise that this is an
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authoritarian government, and we need our voices to be heard from the government. protesters said theiraim was to from the government. protesters said their aim was to reach a wider audience and carrying banners chris is and what the government because of free universal suffrage and demands to inquire between links of triad gangs and place for. the past 00:08:25,322 --> 429496610:26:55,823 two 429496610:26:55,823 --> 858993220:45:26,323 months 858993220:45:26,323 --> 1288489831:03:56,824 police 1288489831:03:56,824 --> 1717986441:22:27,324 have 1717986441:22:27,324 --> 2147483051:40:57,824 used 2147483051:40:57,825 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 excessive
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