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this is bbc news. i'm rachel schofield. the headlines at 10pm. the disgraced american financierjeffrey epstein has been found dead in his prison cell after an apparent suicide while awaiting trial on sex—trafficking charges. national grid says it will "learn lessons" after nearly a million people across england and wales were affected by yesterday's power cut. wet and windy conditions cause disruption to travellers, with the west coast mainline hit by flooding. the family of a 15—year—old girl missing in malaysia make a fresh appeal for information to help find her. and coming up at 10.30pm... we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers jane merrick and martin lipton. stay with us for that.
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the billionaire businessman and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein has died in prison in new york. he's believed to have taken his own life. epstein once counted among his friends bill clinton, donald trump and prince andrew, and was charged last month with trafficking dozens of underage girls for sex. he was due to stand trial next year. earlier we got reaction from the new york times journalist, ali watkins, who has been covering the case so far. we were all stunned. this comes on the heels of thousands of documents being unveiled on a related case and it has been working its way through the court system. it ruin to focus
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what this was. every few days there isa what this was. every few days there is a new turn this and nobody expected this. as we heard in that report, only a few weeks ago epstein was found in his cell having a p pa re ntly was found in his cell having apparently tried to take its own life and questions are being asked about how somebody in a secure unit could have attempted something like that. we are exploring right now and we find jeffrey epstein was not on suicide watch. he had been placed on suicide watch. he had been placed on suicide watch. he had been placed on suicide watch three weeks ago when found in his cell after an apparent attempt at suicide and he was put on attempt at suicide and he was put on a special unit designated in the system for people who are at risk of suicide and he was then taken off that unit on july suicide and he was then taken off that unit onjuly 29. a few days ago he was moved to a separate cell. still a separate facility but he was no longer under 20 four sevenths
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surveillance. a lot of questions are being asked and we had about this fbi investigation. and the justice department this morning said that the fbi is looking into his death and the bureau of prisons and the justice department have started their own investigations looking into how and whyjeffrey epstein was taken off suicide watch and how this could have been allowed to happen. and he was awaiting trial on the sex trafficking charges and there will be people hoping to have their day in court who were hoping to have these allegations aired, what do we know about the legal proceedings right now? we know the criminal piece against epstein is likely dead. but there are several different avenues this could take and prosecutors have made clear in court documents in new work that they were investigating other individuals involved with mr epstein and we obviously know there have been allegations trailing several
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high profile rich, powerful men for yea rs of high profile rich, powerful men for years of having been involved in his activities so where the case goes from there, it will be interesting to see how the prosecutors handle this. ali watkins from the new york times. in a few minutes we'll be joined by bbc one viewers for a full round—up of the day's news with clive myrie. but first — national grid says it will "learn the lessons" after nearly a million people across england and wales were affected by yesterday's power cut. the supply failure left thousands of train passengers stranded. earlier, nigel harris, from rail magazine told my why the train network was so affected. network rail has got standby generators in all of its big signal boxes and control centres so the signalling system stays alive. as soon as a mains power goes off the generators kick in so the signalling system stays clear. if we had a 100% diesel railway, the railway would just continue, but, of course, we have not, the main lines are overhead electric
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and in the southern region we have third rail electrification and if you pull the plug the railway would need its power stations to energise 25,000 volt overhead wires, so if you lose power the network stops, you literally unplug the national network. how unusual an event do you think this was? is this something that has been troubling people as a possibility in the rail industry for a while? i guess it gets looked at, i have been in railfor 25 years and i cannot recall, there was one other incident where there was a power failure like this and it was very original, nothing on this scale. the idea that you get a sort of power outage which takes out three quarters of the main lines is just outrageous. the national grid should not have such a lack of resilience in terms of having reserve online that you lose two power stations and the whole system seems to collapse if the railway was so ill—prepared,
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then we would have a very different interview. do you think that the railway industry will be lobbying the energy industry to say something needs to be done and this is what we would suggest? i am sure those points will be made, but for goodness' sake, it should not mean the railway, this affected a million people, hospitals, hundreds of thousands of homes, we are the fifth biggest economy in the world and we cannot have the main national power system so poorly resilient — it will not do. nigel harris. it's a right to be done by the ra i lwa ys it's a right to be done by the railways on the train operating companies? we heard that some people in those situations where they were stuck on trains had their lives made worse by the way the trains were set 7 worse by the way the trains were set up? those new units on thameslink which the government designed and specified, let us be clear, do seem to have an issue when the power goes off and that will be looked at
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urgently. maybe the rail industry should specify trains and not the department for transport and that is a question that does need asking. and that once doing. when we have individual trains breaking down then certainly we spend far too long rescuing individual trains but when the whole network goes off and every electric train stops, then there is nothing we can do until the power comes on and let us take one second to salute, if you like, thousands of real weight men and women who had a terrible day yesterday trying to do their best to keep people happy, fed and watered and as comfortable as a good while they sat on trains. they did a hell of a job. absolutely. dealing with cross people. one final thought, we heard that although the power was back on yesterday evening, the knock—on effect will last some time. why is that? just like in
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aviation, when there is a couple of inches of snow at heathrow on the flight inches of snow at heathrow on the flight stop, it is such a busy network that all the trains and all the people, the day after, or in the wrong place to sign in on duty for thejobs wrong place to sign in on duty for the jobs they need to do so it takes a couple of days to get everything backin a couple of days to get everything back in the right order and in the right place and working in the right sequence right place and working in the right sequence to rebuild that complex timetable. we carry 800 million people and we now carry billions and the system is under stress and when it collapses takes a while to get it back.
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the convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, once a friend of presidents and british royalty, is found dead in his prison cell, in new york. the multi millionaire financier, faced new sex trafficking charges, and apparently took his own life. he once courted the rich and famous, but stood accused of exploiting dozens of under age girls, forcing them into prostitution. the fbi is now investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.
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also tonight... the national grid says it will urgently review procedures, after nearly a million people across england and wales, were hit by yesterday's power cut. we will learn lessons and want to review how this worked, to avoid some of those significant impacts in future. the family of missing british teenager nora quoirin, who disappeared in malaysia, make a fresh appeal, for information. hundreds are arrested across russia, after opposition protests, described as the biggest the country has seen, in almost a decade. and a sterling performance for manchester city, but was it enough for the defending champions, in their opening premier league game?
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good evening. the fbi is to investigate the death of the multi millionaire businessman and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, who was found dead in his cell, in a jail in new york. the 66—year—old is believed to have taken his own life, while awaiting trial on new charges of trafficking dozens of underage girls for sex. epstein had once counted among his friends bill clinton, donald trump and prince andrew. he was due to stand trial next year. 0ur north america correspondent, neda tawfik, reports from new york. the body ofjeffrey epstein is taken away from a new york hospital this evening. the multimillionaire sex offender was found dead in his prison cell as he awaited trial for sex trafficking. 0nce, epstein's extravagant lifestyle had seen him party with donald trump. the president had called him a terrific guy. he has since distanced himself from the convicted sex offender.
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originally a math teacher in manhattan, the financier mysteriously accumulated a fortune that gained him entrance into high society and royal circles. he was close friends with prince andrew. seen here as recently as 2015 in new york. but his social status and opulent parties, his accusers say, masked lured crimes at his many palatial estates. for more than a decade, epstein faced allegations he sexually assaulted dozens of young girls, recruited to give him and other wealthy men massages. 0ne alleged victim, virginia roberts, said jeffrey epstein instructed her to have sex with at least half a dozen prominent men, beginning when she was 16 years old. she was photographed with prince andrew and in 2015, she alleged she was forced to have a sexual relationship with him. buckingham palace has said those allegations are categorically untrue. in 2008, epstein pleaded guilty to lesser prostitution charges. that widely criticised plea deal
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is now under investigation by the department ofjustice. after 13 months in prison, he continued to live a life of luxury, but he was arrested again last month and charged with sex trafficking. epstein was found unresponsive on the floor of his prison cell, here in manhattan. many are now questioning how he could have apparently taken his own life and why greater precautions weren't put in place after he was found semiconscious with neck injuries just two weeks ago. his victims say they would have preferred he lived to face justice. neda tawfik, bbc news, new york. 0ur washington correspondent, chris buckler is at the white house. the investigation has led to questions about his relations with people at the very top of american society, does his dad to bring an end to that? —— death bring an end. jeffrey epstein could hardly have been better connected, he knew royalty, he knew bill clinton and
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donald trump, donald trump once he was a great guy and like him he liked beautiful women and went on to say, butjeffrey liked beautiful women and went on to say, but jeffrey epstein liked beautiful women and went on to say, butjeffrey epstein liked him, as he described on the younger side. president trump has tried to distance himself from those comments and from jeffrey epstein himself and thatis and from jeffrey epstein himself and that is also true of other us politicians who have been named in recently named civil court papers and what everyone is asking, given the publicity surrounding this case and the nature of these allegations, how could jeffrey epstein have been found dead in his cell especially after an apparent suicide attempt just two weeks ago? us attorney general is said be livid and there are investigations taking place by amongst others, the fbi. chris butler, thanks for joining amongst others, the fbi. chris butler, thanks forjoining us. national grid says it will "learn the lessons," after nearly a million people across england and wales, were affected by yesterday's power cut. the regulator, 0fgem, has demanded an urgent report into what went wrong.
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the supply failure left thousands of train passengers stranded, homes up and down the country without electricity, and ipswich hospital lost power when back up generators failed. here's ben ando. it was the biggest and most disruptive power failure for over a decade. major stations in chaos, passengers stranded or trapped, traffic controls inactive and a large nhs hospital without power. one of the many caught on electric trains that went dead was lily winin. the power cut off and i was sat in a carriage by myself and the storm had started outside, so all of the rain was coming onto the windows and it was pitch black. we all started to sit together to try and piece together what was going on, because no one could really understand and the announcements were failing because of the lack of power. and then we all had to walk to the very end of the carriage in the pitch black, going through a tunnel. after four hours, lily and her fellow passengers were led along the tracks to the nearest station. at ipswich hospital, the main power cut was followed by a failure
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in emergency back—up generators, but hospital managers say essential equipment was able to keep working on batteries. so, what went wrong? two generator plans, one a gas—fired power station in cambridgeshire, the other a large wind farm in the north sea, failed almost simultaneously. to protect the rest of the network, power was cut to certain areas. a double failure has happened before, in 2008, but with far less impact. so, why so much worse this time? the energy regulator has asked for an urgent report. we need to do a detailed technical examination of the event and we will be sending that report through to 0fgem and we will build that analysis over the coming days and weeks as we review it. and then, off that, i'm sure we will learn lessons and want to review how this worked to avoid some of those significant impacts in future. there are also concerns that although power came back quite quickly,
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the railways were in chaos for hours. questions are being asked about the performance of some of the new trains now in use. they're electric, the air conditioning wouldn't work and they became hot and stuffy very quickly because windows can't be opened. also, even when power was restored, they couldn't be restarted by the drivers who had to wait for engineers to come along. that massively added to the delays. national grid could now face a fine of up to 10% of its annual turnover. but some argue that years of underinvestment by successive governments is partly to blame, leaving the uk with a power network that works fine, most of the time, but is exposed when the unexpected happens. ben ando, bbc news. and travellers have been affected by further disruption, this time because of bad weather, after heavy rain and thunderstorms hit large parts of the uk. an overnight downpour caused flooding on parts of the west coast mainline, between carlisle and lockerbie, trapping passengers on five trains.
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heavy rain also affected parts of yorkshire. this footage was filmed in hauz, in the north of the county. and high winds brought down a tree in russell square, in central london, crushing a taxi. police had to close the road. tens of thousands of people in russia, have taken part in nationwide demonstrations, which organisers say were the biggest the country has seen in almost a decade. the protestors are demanding opposition candidates be allowed to take part in local elections. hundreds of people were arrested. from moscow, sarah rainsford reports. it was moscow's biggest protest in years. tens of thousands shouting their anger in the pouring rain. this wave of protest was sparked by a block on opposition candidates from local elections. but the chants now have a new focus.
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they are demanding the release of people like this student, facing eight years behind bars for rioting. though almost all the violence of these protests has come from the police. today's rally was authorised by city officials. well—known musicians turned out along with their fans, many too young to know any president but putin but fed up with his take on democracy. i think people are speaking out and i'm here for the first time ever. i have never been to a protest in my life. why now? why did you join this one? the boiling point has been reached. that clearly worries the russian authorities, judging by the scale of their response. in the authorised protests on the outskirts of moscow, people have headed through the city centre and they want to take their protest to the presidential administration just over there. but instead, they have been met by huge numbers of riot police to stop them getting anywhere near the centre of power here.
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but they've cleared the streets before and that hasn't stopped these protests. sarah rainsford, bbc news, moscow. the family of a 15 year old british schoolgirl, who disappeared while on holiday with her family in malaysia, have made a new appeal for information to help find her. a 200 strong search team is continuing to scour dense forest near the resort, where nora quoirin, who has learning difficulties, was staying. from malaysia, howard johnson reports. it's been a week since their daughter went missing — a teenager with serious learning difficulties who disappeared while on holiday, suspected missing in the jungle. we are extremely impressed with the effort, your expertise, your dedication. and we hope that you find nora. the malaysian authorities have used drones, sniffer dogs and thermal scanning technology
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to try to find nora. the 15—year—old was born with a condition limiting the development of her brain — it means she needs help with simple, everyday tasks. the family have stressed that given nora's learning difficulties, it is very unlikely she would have walked off alone. they believe she may have been abducted. but today, the police say they are continuing to treat nora's disappearance as a missing person's case. this is the seventh day of search and rescue efforts, and as you can see, some commandos here and other search and rescue workers are coming down into this area, around 30 of them exploring an area about a kilometre away from the dusan resort. they're looking in a riverbed to see if there are any signs of nora, any traces that might help with this investigation. this time last week, nora's family were arriving for a luxury break, but today they remain wracked with emotion, not knowing the fate of their much—loved daughter.
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howard johnson, bbc news, pantai, in malaysia. now with all the day's sport, here's jane dougall at the bbc sport centre. it was a busy first saturday of the new premier league season and with it came the implimentation of new technology — video assistant referee — which featured significantly in manchester city's match against west ham. if you want to wait to find out how on match of the day — and for all the rest of the day's results — look away now. it was a convincing 5—0 victory for the defending champions against west ham at the london stadium. raheem sterling took centre stage, scoring a hat trick. but he was ruled to be just offside by var — — disallowing a gabrieljesus goal. then a saved sergio aguero penalty was ordered to be re—taken after a var review. aguero didn't miss on his second attempt. he has a reputation for not scoring in august... well, it's the 10th and harry kane
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scored twice to break the omen, helping tottenham to a 3—1 victory over aston villa. but it was newly promoted villa who scored first. and it wasn't until the 70th minute that record signing tanguy n'dombele equalised for spurs. in the rest of the day's premier league matches: after 12 years away from top flight football, sheffield united scored a last minute goal to equalise against bournemouth. two goals from ashley barnes helped burnley beat southampton 3—0. it was goaless between everton and crystal palace. and a first three premier league points for brighton's new manager graham potter after they beat watford 3—0 . just two games into the scottish premiership and champions celtic already have a goal difference of ten. they briefly looked like they might stumble at motherwell but came from behind to win 5—2. patrick gearey reports. second week of the season at motherwell, a ruefully repeated question, how do you stop celtic? all ideas welcome. liam donnelly had a thought, catch them unawares, 1—0 motherwell after 12 minutes, fir
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park alive with energy but a vacuum formed just shortly afterwards, kristoffer ajer with the equaliser, so kristoffer ajer with the equaliser, so much for the best laid plans. half an hour later, celtic free kick and a leigh griffiths special, he missed much of last season are dealing with depression and he said the supporters helped him through. motherwell were now chasing a team that had won eight titles in a row, south, especially when james that had won eight titles in a row, south, especially whenjames forrest gets the ball, that made it 3—1 and this from 0dsonne edouard was four. celtic are trying to conserve energy for their champions league qualifier said this was about efficiency, ryan christie's penalty was their fifth shot on target and all of them brought goals. motherwell got one back but it was a footnote. the question had already been settled. patrick geary, bbc news. elsewhere in the scottish premiership, 10 man hamilton beat kilmarnock 2—0. newly promoted ross county drew 0—0 away at hearts.
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and it finished 2—2 at mcdiarmid park after stjohnstone came back from 2—0 down against livingston. not long until the rugby world cup begins and ireland have started their warm up matches with a 29—10 victory over italy in dublin. ireland conceded first, but ran in five tries in the match, including this one from dave kearney just before half time. some concern for ireland though asjoey carberry was carried off early in the second half. ahead of the world cup — ireland will be hoping it's not serious. australia have recorded their highest ever score against world champions new zealand, beating them 47—26 in the rugby championship in perth. the wallabies scored six tries against new zealand to give them their first win over their neighbours since 2017. defeat means the all blacks have provisionally lost the top spot in the world rankings for the first time in 10 years, with wales set to take first place officially if they avoid defeat against england tomorrow. there's more on all those stories on the bbc sport website including all the build up to england's warm up match against wales at twickenham tomorrow. clive.
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that's it. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel, but from me and rest of the team, have a very good night. some severe weather across the uk with torrential rain and thunderstorms in this very strong and in places damaging winds whipping up the waves in penzance and once it is an exposed spot, gusts of 84 mph on the isle of wight would be no worthy in october let alone august when we saw gusts up to 60 mph across inland areas. all tied in with a deep area of low pressure, slowly pulling northwards and eastwards overnight into the north sea. gradually the strong gusts will ease down and dusty windy across
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northern scotland and south—east england with outbreaks of rain for scotla nd england with outbreaks of rain for scotland and northern ireland and northern england in this area will slip further southwards and become more showery and to the south of this, clear skies and not nearly as windy by the dawn of tomorrow. temperatures overnight between 10 and 15 celsius. the concern tomorrow is for the rain across scotland. persistent rain through the central belt and southern scotland and fringing northern england and that will bring disruption in places and it's starts to gather through the morning through the central belt into southern scotland and for the north, looking mainly dry with spells of sunshine and that extends into northern ireland for the afternoon and wales it is sunny spells and thundery showers. windy for the northern isles tomorrow but mainly dry and the sunshine extends into northern and western scotland but the persistent rain through the central belt into southern scotland fringes northern england and we could see 50 millimetres in places and it should be a fine afternoon
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for northern ireland with a mixture of sunny spells and heavy, thundery downpours through england and wales. we have the sunshine, may be 23 celsius, cool feeling across northern ireland and scotland, particularly with that rain. we start the new week with his frontal system starting to edge eastwards so the more persistent rain clears away through monday morning and behind that will see spells of sunshine before showers gather across northern ireland, the western isles and parts of south—west england and further eastwards through the day it isa further eastwards through the day it is a cooler start to the week. that is a cooler start to the week. that isa is a cooler start to the week. that is a trend for the week ahead with sunshine and showers and the potential for persistent rain on wednesday. goodbye.
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hello, this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines. the disgraced us financier, jeffrey epstein, has been found dead in his prison cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. national grid has said it will learn lessons after nearly one million people across england and wales lost power yesterday.


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