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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 15, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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keeps them in the game. compared to the total, we could have eked out a few more and could have got a few more and extended our game but i think it's game on and we are amongst them. obviously, but are day pupils in this test series, and they are looking at different ways of getting me out. they ran past me and mentioned it within about three balls. i was well versed in what i was prepared for what i was getting. it is just was prepared for what i was getting. it isjust a was prepared for what i was getting. it is just a good battle, was prepared for what i was getting. it isjust a good battle, isn't was prepared for what i was getting. it is just a good battle, isn't it? we have to make sure we are doing the basics good of the bat and bat for long period of time. they have world—class bowler so it'll be challenging but fingers crossed we can dig deep, and if we can better couple of big partnerships and for a long time, hopefully we will get in a decent position. wolves and rangers are both one
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match away from reaching the group stage of the europa league after victory in the third round of qualifying tonight. both took comfortable first leg leads into tonight's matches. wolves already 4—0 up against armenians pyunik. there were four more tonight including a first senior goal for teenager morgan gibbs—white and a brilliant finish from diogojota saw them go through 8—nil on aggregate. rangers swept aside fc midtjylland, 3—1 on the night, 7—3 on aggregate to set up a play—off with legia warsaw — the winner ino the group stage. welsh side new saints are out, losing nine—nil on agregate to ludogorets whilst aberdeen fell at the europa league third qualifying round for the sixth consecutive season with an abject defeat at the hands of croatian side rijeka. the head coach of the scotland women's national team, shelley kerr, has spoken about a row with her players after they were knocked out of the world cup in france which left some in tears. kerr admits she, along with other
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members of her backroom team, had been drinking with dinner before the meeting but says it was during down time and that the squad is now fully behind her. this exclusive report is from our sports news correspondent, chris mclaughlin. facing the cameras for the first time since france, shelley kerr wa nts time since france, shelley kerr wants the focus now to be on qualifying for the euros. cast your mind back to paris injune, scotland 15 minutes from progressing. then it all fell apart. the day after, at an impromptu team meeting, the head coach and some of her players had a heated argument that left some in tea rs, heated argument that left some in tears, others considering their futures, and claims that string had been taken before the debrief. there was a few hard and fast conversations, and that'll always happen ina conversations, and that'll always happen in a performance environment. on reflection on what i do things different? of course. how heated did it get? i am told there were players
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and tears. for me, there was some heated discussions and that happens in football at times and as i say on reflection, you've got to look at that and i look at that, as they head coach, being responsible and seeing the timing, because of the emotions, certainly you look at these circumstances, they were so unique. how aware are you have suggestions from within the camp that perhaps too much alcohol had been taken? listen... for me, we as a staff group have said we got consumed for ten months, staff are working around the clock, and the day after, when the tournament is finished, myself and some of the staff went out for a meal and we had a few drinks. is it safe to say that, in hindsight, the staff, yourself, perhaps, shouldn't have had a drink before speaking to the
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players? again, you are on time off. the staff are absolutely amazing through the tournament, a great support mechanism, we were on time off andi support mechanism, we were on time off and i can see perception. perception for the players. off and i can see perception. perception for the playerslj off and i can see perception. perception for the players. i think so. perception for the players. i think so. of course, perception, but there is nothing. you look and reflect and you can't tell how you are going to be. are you aware there were players after when that happened considering the international futures?” after when that happened considering the international futures? i think thatis the international futures? i think that is always the case in a performance environment. but because of that in itself? we went out with a squad, players that were involved at the world cup, and we will continue with that squad and we will address, debrief. i've spoken to a lot of the players. you know, directly, indirectly. and i've got a positive feeling about the euros, and that is what we need to focus on now. so, the narrative from here is
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very much hands up, things have gone wrong on and off the pitch. but forget france and let's build for the euro polemic. yes, the squad is fully on board now but there are bruises that will take some time to heal that have little to do with football. arsenal manager unai emery says he's "ioo% confident" mesut ozil and sead kolasinic are mentally ready to play against burnley on saturday. the pair were left out of the gunners' season—opening win over newcastle because of further security fears after being involved in a carjacking attempt by an armed gang injuly. our sports correspondent natalie pirks looks at the safety of football stars who are both famous and very rich. the start of a new season is usually start of optimism. but for sead kolasinic and mesut ozil, it is
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fraught with anxiety. mesut ozil was at the wheel and the players terrified twice in the back, their car was traced to a local restau ra nt. car was traced to a local restaurant. in a separate incident two men were arrested outside mesut ozil's hours and charged with public order offences. both players have not played since. are you confident that, mentally, they are ready to play? 10096. | that, mentally, they are ready to play? 10096. i want to help them to be normal with us, timing, thinking, ina bubble, be normal with us, timing, thinking, in a bubble, taking the focus for each match. it's notjust arsenal who have been affected. next write watford's training ground, they've beefed up their security in light of what was my cabin. the club wouldn't confirm that but they did say they're confirm that but they did say they‘ re constantly reviewing confirm that but they did say they're constantly reviewing their security measures. that is something mesut ozil has understandably done recently with security dogs now patrolling his house. this company provides highly trained dogs to players at clubs like leicester and manchester united. this added layer
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of protection doesn't come cheap. top that it might dogs like this one go for around £15,000 but many feel it is worth it. technology, like cameras and stuff, will only take you so far, they record the incident but they don't deal with it but a dog gives you all the security aspects but also gives you a loyal family pet as well. former footballer jermaine family pet as well. former footballerjermaine pennant was robbed and burgled when he played for liverpool and he believes modern footballers are even more of a target now. it's probably even worse because the money in football, from tv and all the rest, has gone through the sky so players are getting paid a lot more and it is documented in the media. mesut ozil is one of the league's eyes per page players but even in a spot of such riches, you cannot put a price on happiness. runaway super league leaders st helens warmed up for next weeks challenge cup final with a brilliant second half display to see off leeds rhinos 36—20 at headingley. the sides had been level at the break but a hat—trick from fiji international kevin naiqama sees saints head
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to wembley in good form. they are now 16 points clear at the top and take on warrington in the cup final a week on saturday. and another day and another outburst from nick kyrigos who could face a ban from tennis after smashing two rackets and rowing with an umpire at the cincinnatti masters. he lost to karen kachenov. and his reaction led him to him being fined for five separate examples of unsportsmanlike conduct, one of verbal abuse, an audible obscenity and for leaving the court unauthorised during the match costing him $113,000. and the punishment may not end there. the atp says they are now looking into a potential suspension as well. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are sian griffiths — the education editor, sunday times — and political commentator, lance price. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. four tory rebels — dominic grieve, caroline spelman, nick boles and sir oliver letwin,
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have welcomed jeremy corbyn's plan to become caretaker prime minister and avoid a no—deal brexit, that's the lead story in tommorrow‘s telegraph. similarly, the times says hardline conservative remainer mps could favour supporting jeremy corbyn acting as a caretaker prime minister over the accepting a no—deal brexit. on the same story, the guardian says the liberal democrats are under growing pressure to back jeremy corbyn as a caretaker prime minister to stop a no—deal brexit. also leading on brexit — the ‘i' reports that nicola stugeon and the snp have backed the labour leader's plans to remove boris johnson from office.


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