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a police officer is killed while on duty in berkshire. a murder investigation has been launched. pc andrew harper was attending reports of a burglary. ten people have been arrested. the prime minister said he was deeply shocked and appalled by the death. the home secretary expressed her condolences to his family. i am devastated by the tragic death of pc andrew harper. all my thoughts are with his loved ones, the people that he served with, his colleagues, but also the local community that he served. police, i am police, iam hearing, police are behind me undertaking a fingertip search to determine how pc andrew harper was killed.
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we'll have more from our correspondent in berkshire in a moment. also this lunchtime: hope for 4,500 british steel workers, after a tentative deal is reached to rescue it from insolvency. 50—year—old vincent fuller pleads guilty to the attempted murder of a bulgarian teenager by stabbing him in a supermarket car park. concerns about facial recognition systems. privacy campaigners say there's now an epidemic of them in public places. cheering. and england's bowlers have begun a fightback against australia, taking early wickets in the ashes test at lord's. and coming up on bbc news, former world number one andy murray says he will play no part in this month's us open as he wants to focus on his singles comeback.
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good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. a murder investigation has been launched after a police officer was killed as he attended a reported burglary in berkshire. thames valley police say pc andrew harper died following a serious incident on a road near the village of ufton nervet. ten people have been arrested. the prime minister has said he is deeply shocked and appaled. he is deeply shocked and appalled. naomi grimley reports. a police called in and behind it, a forensic tent, are all that can be seen this morning of what is now a murder scene in west berkshire. late last night, pc andrew harper lost his life here. he was part of thames valley roads policing proactive unit. a local reporter explains what
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we know so far. we know that pc andrew harper sadly was killed when he was attending a reported burglary. he was actually based at the abingdon police station. he was here, attending, as i said, a reported burglary. at the moment, the scene watch is still in place and both of the roads opposite the a4 our closed and the a4 itself as we open. the incident happened at the crossroads near the village of ufton nervet. details are sketchy but one unconfirmed report suggests the officer may have been hit by a vehicle. ten males has been arrested, between the ages of 13 and 30. ina arrested, between the ages of 13 and 30. in a statement from thames valley police, the deputy chief co nsta ble valley police, the deputy chief constable said:.
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the prime minister, borisjohnson, also offered his condolences on twitter. iam i am devastated by the tragic death of pc andrew harper, and all my thoughts are with his loved ones, people that he served with, his colleagues, but also the local community that he served. and of course, today we remember that police officers serve their communities, day in, day out. they are professional individuals who work very hard to keep our public safe. my condolences to andrew harper's family and his colleagues, who must be absolutely devastated. he was doing his duty, examining apparently what had happened at a
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burglary, and was killed in the line of duty. i am pleased that ten arrests have apparently already been made, but we have to remember there isa human made, but we have to remember there is a human being here and a family involved and colleagues, and this is the danger that police officers face. as the tributes pour in, police are appealing for witnesses. this was near a busy stretch of road between reading and newbury, so they wa nt between reading and newbury, so they want drivers who were passing through the area last night to come forward. chi chi izundu is at the scene near the village of ufton nervet in berkshire. what is the latest? what are the police saying? police are still conducting a fingertip search. the forensic tents are erected behind us. forensic tents are erected behind us. they are looking at a pile of something that is in the middle of the road as well. there is actually a house cordoned offjust behind the camera, a redbrick house, that they
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are also investigating. we have seen them doing door—to—door investigations to try to get people to talk and try to find out exactly what happened here. as you heard in the report, they want anyone that was driving along this busy road last night at 11:30pm to come forward , last night at 11:30pm to come forward, as witnesses, and try to give their side of what they may have witnessed. as far as we know, the easy andrew harper was called to attend reports of a burglary. —— pc andrew harper. we don't know any more than that. he was involved in a serious incident and ten people have been arrested. we know they are all males and their ages range from 13 to 30. there has been a number of condolences sent by borisjohnson, jeremy corbyn, the home secretary priti patel, as you have heard, and a number of police stations up and down the country have all expressed their view at the fact this is an appalling way for a police officer to have died while on duty. thank
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you forjoining us. our home affairs correspondent danny shaw is with me and how rare is it for a police officer to be killed on duty? thankfully, what has happened to pc andrew harper is very rare. he is in fa ct andrew harper is very rare. he is in fact the first police officer to have been killed in suspicious circumstances this year. but there is concern about the increasing danger that officers are fit —— appear to be facing on the street because this week there has been two other incidents that could potentially have led to officers losing their lives. in birmingham, a police officer was run over by his own car. in east london, a policeman was attacked, allegedly by a man with a machete. those court cases are currently ongoing in relation to the incidents. this will i think raise concerns about the level of protection for officers but also, it may well raise concerns about the roads policing units, how many
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traffic officers there are, are there enough? have their numbers dwindled? certainly, there enough? have their numbers dwindled ? certainly, as there enough? have their numbers dwindled? certainly, as we have seen across england and wales, the number of police officers has fallen by some 21,000 since 2010, and roads policing units in general have taken the brunt of some of those reductions, particularly because some forces understandably are prioritising serious violent crime and have moved some officers to those units and away from traffic units and road policing units. that is something i am sure that will be looked at. thank you forjoining us. danny shaw, our home affairs correspondent. and we'll have more from the scene later in the programme. there is some hope for the nearly 11,500 people employed by british steel, after the announcement of a tentative deal to buy the firm. the investment division of turkey's military pension fund, oyak, has been given time to carry out detailed inspections, before potentially completing the purchase later this year. british steel, whose largest manufacturing site is in scunthorpe, went into insolvency in may
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after rescue talks between the government and the company's owner, greybull capital, broke down. our business correspondent emma simpson reports. for nearly four months, the future of british steel has been hanging in the balance. here in scunthorpe, its main plant dominates the landscape and provides most of the work. today, news of a tentative deal to rescue the business. it's a move forward from may when we were in a period of extreme uncertainty and obviously concern, to now where we have a preferred bidder and an announcement from the official receiver that they are entering into more detailed discussions with the hope of a purchase by the end of october, is extremely positive. the scunthorpe steelworks and its other assets in the north—east, are an important strategic asset for the uk. british steel employs around 11,500 workers, the vast majority here at scunthorpe. another 800 on teesside. 20,000 jobs in the supply
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chain also depend on it. steel production in an industry that's been feeling the heat. this loss—making business was bought by greybull capital for a pound three years ago, but it collapsed. the government's official receiver took control and the search for a buyer began. ataer, the investment arm of turkey's military pension fund, has now clinched a provisional deal. sources told the bbc it was the best offer, saving morejobs. the next stage of the process from our perspective is we now expect ataer to engage with us, present their plans for proper scrutiny. right from the beginning we've always said that this business needs to be kept together. the long—term future of steel—making in scunthorpe needs to be secured, and there needs to be an investment plan which takes the business forward and secures steel—making in scunthorpe and the north—east of england for generations to come. there is some way to go though before this deal is complete. and it's clear government financial support will be crucial
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to getting it over the line in the coming weeks. emma simpson, bbc news. judith moritz is at the british steel facility in scu nthorpe. overall, this is potentially a huge number of people associated with the plant who will be hoping for good news. yes, a huge number. you know, they wear badges are saying save our steel but they might as well read save our community because there are 3500 people who work at the plant in scunthorpe, 3500 people who work at the plant in scu nthorpe, another 800 3500 people who work at the plant in scunthorpe, another 800 on teesside, 20,000 in the wider supply chain. in total, that represents a third of all uk steel production. there are so all uk steel production. there are so many people who have an interest in this and that is why one union representative said to me a few moments ago that the last three months have felt like three years.
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he said as well, don't forget the painful past here. they have had months of uncertainty and what they need to make sure now is that awill keep the business together and have a bold vision for the future so that history does not repeat itself again. —— that ataer will keep. our business editor simon jack is here. what do we know about the potential buyers? ataer is a holy is the mystery of the turkish military pension fund, and you might think it's a bit odd that a pension fund would want to buy a steel company but they say they are just like any other occupational pension scheme. hs one, a bunch of uk airports is owned by ontario teachers are so occupational pension schemes are some of the biggest investors in the world. this particular subsidiary also owns 50% of turkey's biggest steel producer and it is thought they could be quite complementary although they do different things, they will complement each other.
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government sources told me the reason this was head and shoulders above the other bids is because of the business logic to it, they are not just a financial the business logic to it, they are notjust a financial buyer, they have other similar assets they can put together and they have $20 billion worth of assets and $10 billion worth of assets and $10 billion in revenue so they have the finite —— financial firepower to billion in revenue so they have the finite —— financialfirepower to put a plan together but as we had in the report, that will need government support, when it is reported that 700 million in loan guarantees will be made available. thank you for joining us. —— several hundred million. a man has admitted trying to murder a bulgarian teenager in what prosecutors say was a far right terrorist incident. vincent fuller has pleaded guilty to four charges in relation to the attack in surrey, in march, the day after the christchurch mosque attacks in new zealand. richard galpin is at kingston crown court in south—west london. this is a case which actually received little attention when it happened back in march but prosecutors are saying it is just the latest in a series of incidents of far right terrorism in this
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country. hey, hello everybody, how are you doing? vincent fuller has admitted the attempted murder of a bulgarian teenager in what the prosecution say was a far right terrorist incident. the attack came the day after the fatal shooting of 51 muslims in new zealand by a white supremacist. shortly before vincent fuller started his attack in stanwell, he posted a message on facebook, saying, "i agree with what that man did in new zealand, as we will not be brainwashed to this their wrong". he also wrote, "i am english, no matter what the government say. kill all the non—english, get them all out of our england." he then went out onto the streets of stanwell carrying a baseball bat. at first, he tried to break into the house of a south asian neighbour. then he hit cars. he soon moved into a tesco car park, armed with a knife. he approached a bmw
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car with a bulgarian teenager at the wheel. he said to him, "you are going to die", and thrust his knife through the open car window, injuring the man in the neck and hand. but the teenager was able to drive away and get help. shortly afterwards, fuller was arrested. vincent fuller denies it was a terrorist attack, but has admitted it was racially motivated and that is an issue which will be ruled on by thejudge during is an issue which will be ruled on by the judge during sentencing on september the 5th. richard galpin, thank you. the liberal democrat leader jo swinson says the senior conservative ken clarke and former labour deputy leader harriet harman have both said they'd be willing to lead a unity government in the event that mps pass a vote of no confidence in boris johnson's government to try to stop a no—deal brexit. jo swinson has rejected jeremy corbyn's proposal that he should be installed as a caretaker prime minister if the government is brought down.
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our political correspondent nick eardley is in westminster. following the twists and turns of this, nick, we had a proposalfrom jeremy corbyn yesterday, one from joe swinson today — will any of this work? i'm not sure either party can be confident of success at the moment, because although they agree that no deal would be a disaster, they don't agree about how to stop it. nothing they are proposing would be simple. the first step would be a no—confidence vote, booting boris johnson out of number ten to stop them leaving without a deal. it won't be straightforward because it requires conservatives to vote for it, and many are reluctant to be seen it, and many are reluctant to be seen to be bringing down a government led by their own party. they will be even more reluctant if it means putting jeremy corbyn into number ten. at the moment, the numbersjust number ten. at the moment, the numbers just aren't there forjeremy corbyn's plan. jo swinson's is
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different, put somebody more palatable at the top of the plan as the temporary prime minister, she has suggested to harriet harman and ken clarke, saying they are both up for it in principle. there is a snag there too. jeremy corbyn has repeated again today that he thinks it should be him at the top of that government and doesn't think someone else could lead it. at the moment, opposition partiesjust else could lead it. at the moment, opposition parties just can't get their ducks in a row. some in downing street will be rubbing their hands in glee. they are ploughing on with their plan to get the uk out of the eu at the end of october, and they will be looking at opposition parties and going, this crunch moment arrives and they are fighting each other rather than us. than us. the time is... 17 minutes past one. our top story this lunchtime: a policeman has been killed while on duty in berkshire. 10 people have been arrested on suspicion of murder. coming up, it has been a drizzly but successful morning for england's
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cricketers. i will have the news from the ashes. coming up on bbc news, liverpool's second choice goalkeeper adrian is a doubt for southampton after being injured by a fan during the super cup final celebrations. the uk is experiencing an epidemic of facial recognition systems, according to the privacy campaign group big brother watch. the technology scans people's faces in crowds, cross—referencing them with data bases of criminals and terrorists. big brother watch says the systems are in use at various locations, including a shopping centre and a museum. it comes as the information commissioner's office announced it would be investigating a facial—recognition system installed in kings cross in london. our technology correspondent rory cellan—jones has more. the king's cross development in london has shops, offices and an art school, and this week the site's owner confirmed that cameras using facial recognition technology are scanning visitors.
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now, big brother watch says it has uncovered other examples of where the controversial technology is being used. the meadowhall shopping centre in sheffield has confirmed that it used it last year in two trials with south yorkshire police — one lasting two days, the other a month. and liverpool's world museum used facial recognition to scan visitors to an exhibition about china's terracotta warriors. the museum says it acted on advice from the police, and may use the technology again, in line with guidance from the information commissioner. big brother watch is calling for a ban on its use in public spaces. essentially, they are all over the place — shopping centres, even museums, conference centres, casinos, and king's cross, as was found last week, so lots of spaces that millions of people go through all the time who are having their photo taken,
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their identity checked, their data being taken. we don't know what's happening with that data. and this is all happening, really, without us knowing about it. the use of facial recognition systems by south wales police is facing a legal challenge by campaigners, who say the technology is unreliable. but researchers say it can prove valuable. the main way this can potentially benefit the police is that it can seriously speed up their investigation time and the time it takes for them to identify suspects. so, for example, people who are suspects and people who are wanted on warrants that they can't locate otherwise. the information commissioner has now launched an investigation into the use of facial recognition at the king's cross development and says it's deeply concerned about the growing use of the technology. rory cellan—jones, bbc news. the scottish government is to nationalise ferguson marine engineering —
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the last civilian shipyard on the river clyde. last week, bosses at the yard served notice of intent to put the business into administration, with 300 jobs at risk but the scottish government has now stepped in to save the yard. lorna gordon is there: tell us more. i think workers are relieved that the news that there jobs are secure. the scottish finance secretary derek mackay a little earlier today here at the yard, and they had been facing an uncertain future after the guard found itself in troubled waters over a disputed contract to build two innovative dual fuel ferries for the state owned caledonian macbrayne ferry company. the original contract was for £97 million but the build proved complicated. these were ships that would be the first of their kind in the world, and now the costs are
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estimated to be roughly double that. the gmb union says nationalisation is not a quick fix, there will be challenges, they say for instance, a limit to the amount of private sector work for which the yard can compete, but the scottish government says that in nationalising they are securing the future of the yard, the jobs, and of course, the two ships. thank you. a group of women who've been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer linked to breast implants are seeking compensation, by taking legal action against pharmaceutical companies and surgeons. worldwide there have been more than 500 confirmed cases of breast implant associated—anaplastic large cell lymphoma, including 57 in the uk. 33 women around the world have died. one leading plastic surgeon says that women are almost being used as ‘human guinea pigs'. lauren moss reports. ijust wanted to feel a little bit more womanly after... when mum of two linzy bromfield paid thousands of pounds for a breast enlargement, she hoped to feel more confident
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about her body image, but the boost it gave her later turned into a nightmare. i took my bra off and looked and it was massive. i mean, i couldn't get it into the bra. fluid had built up inside one of linzy‘s breasts. she had it drained twice, and tests then discovered she had a new and rare type of lymphoma. i cried, really cried. i was angry, i was hurt, i was worried i was going to die. i said to him, am i going to die? linzy‘s surgeon says her case is the first hecome across but it's not known how common the cancer is or exactly how it's caused. in 2012, the americans were coming out and saying it was one in a million. the australians are now coming in and saying it is one in 3000. somewhere between the two obviously is the truth. i think if you look through the literature, there's been a huge amount of underreporting or misdiagnosis. tens of thousands of successful breast augmentations and reconstructions are performed each year, using silicone or saline inside smooth or textured outer shells.
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there are some theories that the cancer could be caused by a reaction to a textured surface or a bacteria. she was diagnosed with lymphoma... charlie's mother, kim phillips, was 48 when she died just months after one of her breasts became swollen. she was devastated. i mean, we all were, and i guess, to a point, you don't want to believe it and you just keep hoping that they are wrong. the pathologist raised a potential link between the cancer and kim's textured implants, but this was never proven, and it wasn't until the following year that uk surgeons were first warned of the risk. in december, one company, allergan, lost its european license for certain textured implants, and last month issued a worldwide recall of some products. an independent panel is now monitoring cases in the uk, but those overseeing it are concerned women still aren't being made aware of possible dangers. women aren't being appropriately warned that these are not for life, necessarily, they have significant risks associated with them, and it does mean that we are using our entire population as human guinea
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pigs, almost. the uk regulator says, at the minute, any women with these types of textured implants don't need to have them removed if they've not developed any symptoms, but surgeons are meant to advise anyone considering breast implant surgery that there is a risk. linzy‘s been free of cancer since her implants were removed, but she needs regular checkups. other women and their families are left with many questions unanswered by a cosmetic industry worth millions of pounds. lauren moss, bbc news. england have taken three wickets in the first session as they attempt to take control of the second ashes test at lord's. but it's a race against time as rain is expected to disrupt this afternoon's action. joe wilson is at lord's. lots of things were happening here yesterday in the sunshine. i can tell you that nearly £a00,000 was
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raised for the ruth strauss cancer foundation. this morning, the situation was simple, with australia resuming more than 200 runs behind while england had to take wickets. conditions made it possible. you know what they say — floodlights in the morning, cricketers' warning. as poor weather loomed, artificial light gave england's bowlers their chance. near misses and frustrated faces. england's captain did not have england's most successful bowler to call upon. james anderson was a life—size cardboard spectator. careful, don't give him another injury! jofra archer is anderson's replacement, and here it was — his first test match wicket. cameron bancroft, lbw. well, remember, chris woakes has an outstanding record on this ground, and now he struck. khawaja out for 36. that brought you—know—who to the crease. he gets an ovation before he's hit a ball. steve smith carries the greatest comparison. he is the new don bradman — the greatest australian, the greatest batsman, the man who seemed impossible to get out.
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well, steve smith can give you the same impression. he was defending. but travis head was in trouble, lbw appeal, not out. the ball was missing the stumps said the umpire. the technology proved he was wrong, proved stuart broad was right. another wicket. would smith start to attack? well, this shot was safe. it went for four. and while steve smith prevailed, so could australia. it was the game within the game. australia will resume theoretically after lunch on 80 for the loss of four wickets, still 178 runs behind. theoretically, england are in a very strong position, but we are, of course, once more in the hands of the weather. keep that umbrella to hand! thank you. let's return to our top story. a murder investigation has been
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launched after a police officer was killed as he attended a reported burglary in berkshire. in the last few minutes, the prime minister has given his reaction. the murder of pc andrew harper is a mindless and a brutal crime and obviously all our thoughts are with his family, his friends and his colleagues. but when i think of the bravery that pc andrew harper showed in intercepting those criminals, i think of the risks that the police run every day to keep us safe. and that is why we are investing now in 20,000 more police officers on the streets to bring crime down across the country. but obviously today our thoughts are very much with pc andrew harper, and our thoughts with his family and our sympathies for their loss. our correspondent chi chi izundu is at the scene near ufton nervet.
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remind us what is happening there and what the police need to do. last night, as far as we know, pc andrew harper was called to attend reports ofa harper was called to attend reports of a burglary. there is a housejust beyond the camera behind us that has been cordoned off by police. we have seen been cordoned off by police. we have seen forensic officers and police coming out of that house. just behind me, you can see there are two forensic tents that have been erected. that police are using as pa rt erected. that police are using as part of their investigation. beyond them is a car that has police markings around it. we understand that ten men, including a 13—year—old child, have been arrested as part of the murder investigation into pc andrew harper's death. thames valley police say they are planning to speak to us quite shortly and we'll be hoping to hear more details then. as i said, ten people have now been arrested over the murder of pc andrew harper, who was killed here last night at
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11:30pm as he was called to attend toa 11:30pm as he was called to attend to a burglary in this area. time for a look at the weather. here's mel coles. after a brief lull, we are back to the wet and windy conditions. overnight in through the early part of this morning, the heaviest rain was across northern ireland and scotland, but through the afternoon, oui’ scotland, but through the afternoon, our focus is more across wales and england. some tricky driving conditions out there. some heavy downpours, and accompanied by gusty winds also a risk of flooding — worth keeping an eye on the forecast. it is down to this low pressure meandering in from the atla ntic pressure meandering in from the atlantic and it will work east through the weekend. the rain has really set in across england and wales. heavy bursts, particularly over the hills, gradually working to
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the east as we


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