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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  August 17, 2019 3:45am-4:00am BST

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well, let us not start with the 12—year—olds, let us start in hollywood and quentin tarantino. how is it? it is just a lot of film. it is a film i have seen a couple of times, i am desperate to see it again. we go back to 1969 hollywood for this movie, a changing time. it was, we see the youth culture and the counterculture starting to encroach upon the old guard, on the mainstream. it focus on three different people. one is rick dalton, an actor played by leonardo dicaprio, who feels like his moment has passed. he feels middle—aged and too old. cliff booth is played by brad pitt, who is rick's best friend, his stuntman, and you have sharon tate, played by margot robbie. sharon tate was a real person, she was a real actor, married to roman polanski, and she is the opposite, her star is on the rise. it is three people over a few
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days in hollywood, 1969. this is a clip where rick is desperately trying to get some stunt work for cliff. let us have a look. i can't afford to hire a bunch of guys that smoke cigarettes and sit around and talk to each other all day n the chance i might use them. i got a four—man team here. i need more than that, i got to get it approved. i got to look after my dudes. if your dudes were a better match i would say ok, you got me, but that is not the case and you know it. he is a great match for me. yes. you could do anything you wanted to him. throw him off a building, right. light him on fire, hit him with the lincoln. get creative, do whatever you wanted. he is happy for the opportunity. rick. yeah. i don't dig him. and i don't dig the vibe he brings on set. leonardo dicaprio looks like he is having fun. are they all having fun? i think so. that is one thing that actors get in a tarantino movie, they can go to town. there are some big tarantino—esque moments.
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he is known for big ott moments, there are a couple of those in the film. absolutely. but i think it is a slightly more mature film from him. because it is about growing old, it is about two guys having midlife crises, and with the sharon tate storyline, obviously, in the background of the whole film, there is the manson family, the manson family cult, which brings us a much darker side to the story. so there is a lot going on. yes, if you want your big ott tarantino moments — you just saw a clip of bruce lee — there are moments like that in the film. overall, it is much more serious, more authentic, perhaps less immediate than some of the other films, but it is one, you know, as i said, i have been to a couple of times, i think it's a film you will want to revisit because there is so much going on. i have seen criticisms that it is self—indulgent and that the sharon tate character, played by margot robbie, a great actress, shejust
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isn't given enough lines. she doesn't have a lot of dialogue, that is true. i think there is a problem that it is margot robbie. because she is famous, we expect her to be in it more. she is a supporting character, she is not a lead. if it was someone less famous we wouldn't focus on it so much. there are moments where it is about her and she doesn't say anything, but through facial expressions she says so much. there is a scene where sharon tate is watching one of her own films at the cinema, it is perhaps the most beautiful moment in the film. she doesn't say anything, but you get the sense of what she is trying to convey. it is not all about dialogue. we haven't mentioned violence a lot yet. imean, tarantino, cataclysmic violence quite often, what about here? yes, there are some moments, some explosive violence, but overall it feels slower, calmer, and it does feel more mature. this is his ninth film. he has been making movies for, what, 27, 28 years. he is not the young buck that he once was.
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that is very much reflected in this film. it is about people who aren't as young and cool as they used to be. let us move on to dora and the lost city of gold. does it strike gold? it is actually fun. it is a live action version of the cartoon series. it is huge on kids' tv. in the cartoon she is young, probably about six in the cartoon. in this live action version she has been aged up, she is a now teenager, 16 years old. leaves the rainforest and goes to la to hang out with her cousin. still very adventurous though. one good thing about the tv show, it has been quite moral and upright. educational, very strong on celebrating latino culture. it is all still there in the movie but the key difference is it is co—written by a guy called nick stoller, who worked on the recent muppet films. if you've seen them, they send themselves up a bit. they are very respectful of the muppet legacy but they send themselves up and it's the... i love that line, "respectful of the muppet legacy". you've got be respectful of the muppet legacy.
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this is respectful of the tv show, but it does have a laugh too. there is a few knowing winks and nods and gags in there for the adults who will take their kids. ultimately, very clean cut, very sweet, very lovely, but there are some good jokes in there too. the idea being the jungle of school or secondary school is more scary than the jungle jungle. it is like you have seen it. saw the trailer. it is a teen movie because of that, but i still think it plays to under tens. it is not like a proper teen film, it's very much aimed at young children. now talking about the young children, what about those 12—year—olds and their foul language? yes, good boys. it is produced by seth rogan, he is a writer, producer and actor. even though it is about three 12—year—old boys, because it is produced by seth rogan, who made the brilliant film superbad, a fabulously filthy teen movie. this is like a junior version of superbad. so three boys, and they are getting into trouble when they lose their drone in a neighbour's garden. let us look at good boys.
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can we please have the drone back? if you don't give it back, i'll tell my dad you stole it. i'll tell them you're a pervert. we'll tell the whole school. this is harassment. we will tell everyone you're a misogynist. i never misoged anyone. this is what happens when you don't respect women. i respect women. my mom's my best friend. what about me ? does it work? that is all we could show. ah — because? because it is fruity. that is the joke, the joke is it is a 15 certificate film and it is young children saying inappropriate things, and they say some things that will make you laugh out loud, and that will make your hair curl. as well as being funny, that is truthful. i remember being 11 or 12 and you think you know everything, you have a lot of bravado, you don't really know what you are talking about, but you pretend you do and that is reflected in the film.
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the interesting thing is, as the film goes on, it goes from being superbad to being more like stand by me. it starts to get poignant and deal with issues of growing up and friendship and childhood. so yes, there is a lot of dirty jokes, it is not for children, aimed at 15—year—olds, but the surprise is at times it gets quite touching. i never expected that. do you think, like the three 12—year—olds in question are boys, is it going to appeal to girls? i think teenagers, i think that is the joke, is that they are too young to be saying this, and that is the joke. if you are a teenager you will find that funny. what do we do now? notorious, this is the best film out at the moment. a reissue, bfi have reissued this, the classic hitchcock movie, ingrid bergman, cary grant.
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there is a cary grant season at the moment at the bfi in london, so it ties in nicely with that, and restored as well, so looking sparkling, like it could have been made yesterday, and the chemistry as well between cary grant and ingrid bergman isjust still sparkling itself. so good together, this romance, she is undercover on a mission in rio, he is her government handler and they have a complex romance. still looks brilliant, immaculate, perhaps a simpler story than some other hitchcock movies, but so glad to see it on the big screen. it still has that brooding impending horror about it. the tension is ridiculous, there are classic moments, scenes that go on for a long time, you're at the edge of your seat because you don't know what is going to happen — you kind of do because you have seen it before. the tension is there, so even though it is 73 years old. 73 years old! 1946. yes, still works. just time for a look at a dvd, what is your favourite? benjamin. this is out on dvd. simon amstel wrote and directed this. stars colin morgan playing the title character. benjamin is like simon amstel, because he is sort of a neurotic vegan film director.
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this is a british film? yes, romantic comedy. this is what happens when benjamin meets the new love of his life. this is noah, very laid back, french, very relaxed, musician. it's a romcom, reminds me of annie hall, there's so much anxiety in this. all the characters have neuroses, but very charming and funny and packs a lot in. it's 85 minutes long but it packs a lot in. and even better, there is a cameo from mark kermode in it! you're kidding me! what does he do? he plays himself, who else? great romcom, very romantic, very funny. and slightly younger than the annie hall generation. it feels like it is very much 20 somethings in london, trying to cope with life, trying to cope with being grown up. and poignantjust or funny enough? i think it is both. it feels like it is simon amstel opening up his heart, showing to it the world
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and the results are very poignant. thank you. it has been great having you, come back again soon. that's it for this week. thanks for watching. goodbye from our film review. hello there. we can all look forward to seeing some sunshine this weekend, it was a poor day though on friday, especially across england and wales, the wettest weather in snowdonia. that rain—bearing weather front is putting away from the south—east of england but this area of low pressure is going to be the one constant right the way through the weekend. that will focus the showers towards the north—west of the uk — some of them will be heavy. we'll get some sunshine, yes, but they will be accompanied by some blustery winds as well. those showers continue into the morning, these are the temperatures first thing, 12—15 degrees, but some heavy showers from overnight especially in scotland
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and the north—west of england. it will be western scotland and northern ireland that sees the bulk of the showers on saturday, wetter weather in the north—west and the winds really picking up later on. one or two fleeting showers for england and wales but not many, good chance it will stay dry at lord's for the cricket, but we will have these strong winds, not as strong as last weekend, and those temperatures back into the low 20s now that we have the sunshine across eastern parts of england. those showers, though, continue in scotland and northern ireland again, heavy and thundery, gusty winds as well, we have thickening cloud across southern counties of england, maybe threatening a bit of rain. in between, clearer skies and temperatures around 11—13. the wetter weather in the south and south—east courtesy of this weather front here, that should pull away on sunday morning. still got that area of low pressure, it is a bit closer to scotland this time, and again it will focus the more frequent and heavy showers into scotland, into northern ireland, again some thundery downpours, gusty winds too, probably a few more showers in northern england, north wales, the south—west of england the best of the sunshine, and dry weather through the midlands and eastern england. strong, gusty west to south—westerly winds, probablyjust taking the edge
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of the temperatures but sunday is probably going to feel quite similar to saturday. as we head into the beginning of next week, we still have an area of low pressure but it is starting to move away from scotland slowly but surely, the winds beginning to ease down a bit as well. there will still be a focus of heavy showers across scotland and northern ireland, and a few scattered showers coming into england and wales, always heavier further north. some spells of sunshine around again and those temperatures are still 16 degrees in the central belt, to a high of 21 or so in the south—east of england. further into next week, we will find some spells of sunshine. warm in the sunshine, temperatures not particularly impressive for the time of year, there will be some showery bursts of rain, mainly in the north and west, the winds, though, should be lighter. some spells of sunshine around again and those temperatures are still 16 degrees in the central belt, to a high of 21 or so in the south—east of england. further into next week, we will find some spells of sunshine. warm in the sunshine, temperatures not particularly impressive for the time of year, there will be some showery bursts of rain, mainly in the north and west, the winds, though, should be lighter.
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