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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 24, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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of spots not too far behind, parts of scotla nd spots not too far behind, parts of scotland with more clout some specials of the rain clearing north through the dave. patchy cloud moving in and the odd mist patch elsewhere into prescribing to between 12 and 16 degrees. for most of us tomorrow another beautiful day and really miss chatting to clear and really miss chatting to clear and sunshine a few patches of cloud in western areas and more generally cloudy conditions and glasgow 27 degrees, london up to 32 before monday we could well see some misty and murky conditions. generally speaking of the fine day with spousal sunshine and a little bit cooler with the west with the odd shower of further east and once again into the low 30s celsius.
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hello this is bbc news with samantha simons. the headlines. borisjohnson has been warned against forever being known as "mister no—deal" over brexit by donald tusk — as world leaders gather at the g7 summit in biarritz. meanwhile the prime minister will urge trump not to escalate a trade war with china when they meet at the summit. prince andrew has said he did not "see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort" that subsequently led to the arrest and conviction of disgraced financierjeffrey epstein. brazil's president has bowed to international pressure and ordered the armed forces to tackle the record number of fires in the amazon forest. tens of thousands of british airways passengers could be affected as pilots are to strike next month, in a dispute over pay. ba says it's "extremely sorry" passengers have found difficulties trying to re—arrange their flights. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, with me olly foster and holly hamilton. hello there, these are our headlines tonight. taking root, the england captain is digging in but keeping the ashes series alive is still a tall order. we'll be live at headingley late late drama at old trafford, crystal palace beat manchester united for the first time in the premier league. a double for salah and three out of three for liverpool, they beat arsenal at anfield. also coming up in the programme... warrington beat saints at wembley to lift the challenge cup for the first time in 7 years. and manu tuilangi stars as england score eight tries at twickenham, racking up their biggest ever win over ireland.
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good evening, we'll have all the premier league results in a moment but we'll start with the cricket, the third ashes test at headingley where england made it to the end of the third day on 156—3. it's the hope that kills you. they need 203 runs to win, and two days to get there, it's a tall order and rememeber, if they lose, then australia win the ashes but the captainjoe root is leading by example, our sports correspondent andy swiss is at headingley. andy, root could be the key to england pulling off something quite close to a miracle, isn't it? yes, as long asjoe root is there tomorrow, they have a chance. but even that is something they barely would've thought is possible just a few hours ago, when australia set this massive target of 359. and then
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england got off to the worst possible start they lost the wickets of rory burns first of all, court at slip, by david warner, another couch for warner. so burns went for a seven, and if that was a bad start for england, it soon got even worse. as jason roy followed suit, cleaning a beauty there from pat homans. a sole roy out for another low score, what a torrid series he has had. england were 15 for two at that point, and seemingly staring at humiliation. but then a much needed bits of resistance, sentry partnership betweenjoe bits of resistance, sentry partnership between joe root bits of resistance, sentry partnership betweenjoe root and joe danley. how england needed that. both of them reaching their half centuries. joe root particularly impressive, real captain's inning from joe root. england will be hoping for more of the same from him tomorrow. it wasjust hoping for more of the same from him tomorrow. it was just what headingley hadn't waited to see, but they didn't, just before the close, england did lose a third wicket, as
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joe danley's resistance finally ended. hard to behind come off his glove, off the bowling ofjosh hazelwood. so joe danley glove, off the bowling ofjosh hazelwood. sojoe danley finally going there. but even so, he and joe root have given england a chance. it is still a long way off, by england need another 203 runs to win tomorrow. it is a tall order, but the england fans here will have hope that they can do it. they don't have to do it tomorrow, they have another day as well, haven't they? whatever happens, and it would be an incredible comeback from england if they can level the series from where they can level the series from where they were, let's not forget where they were, let's not forget where they were, let's not forget where they were, bowled out for a 67 in that first inning. the openers of failing again, looking fragile, something will happen to be addressed for the four test, and —— no matter what. you would imagine so, rory burns has a bit of goodwill in the tank if you like, he got that century in the first test, second, i england will
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obviously stick with him. jason roy is probably another issue. it was another low score for him today, a beauty of a ball from pat cummins, but even so, six failures out of six inning so far in this ashes series. of course, it was such an integral pa rt of of course, it was such an integral part of england's world cup winning team, but that of course was one day cricket. test cricket is a very different kettle of fish. he just hasn't shown the restraint in the composure to succeed so far in this ashes see series. so we will be surprised if england don't look for another opening back bins for the test. was started this by saying that england need a miracle. what are we talking about records? what type of records are england looking to break your? while it is a very tall order, holly. to put it into his perspective, it would be england's highest ever run chase against australia if they pull it off. beating the 332 that they chased down in melbourne way back in 1928. it would also be the second—highest
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successful run chase in a test match ever here at headingley. so it would be something very special indeed. of course headingley is no stranger to ashes comebacks. people will think back to 1981 when england followed oi'i. back to 1981 when england followed on. they were 500 to one with the bookies in both of them got a century. they pulled off an incredible comeback. perhaps, it wouldn't quite beyond level with that, but if england can come away with the victory tomorrow, level up the ashes series, it would be something pretty remarkable. still a glimmer of hope. annis was headingley, thank you. let's tell you what happened in the premier league, 6 matches, 5 away wins but liverpool beat arsenal at anfield 3—1, fairly comfortably. jurgen klopp‘s side stay top of the table, the only side with a 100 percent record. nick parrott was watching. when liverpool play arsenal, you can expect plenty of goals. the fans we re expect plenty of goals. the fans were made to wait for them. chances
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glory for both sides went begging, until the deadlock was broken just before half—time and from an unlikely source. liverpool centre back, joe, only scored one fly season. back, joe, only scored one fly season. if you count of the community shield, is not about two and his last four matches. arsenal signed david louise from chelsea to try to bolster their defence. at the brazilian proved their downfall in the second half, giving the referee no option but to reword a penalty. marsala giving no chance of stopping it. when liverpool go on the attack, it. when liverpool go on the attack, it can be blistering. it tookjust nine seconds from four beano picking out sala to picking the ball out of the net. 0nce out sala to picking the ball out of the net. once again, louise allowing the net. once again, louise allowing the egyptian to get the better of him. arsenal substitute lucas struck late on to deny liverpool clean sheet of the season. but there's no denying they look like the main challenges to manchester city once again. nick parrott, bbc news.
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so liverpool top of the table. five other matches, all of them away wins, including joe linsky with all the details. massive upset at old trafford. manchester started the season with two results that had more optimism for them two results that had more optimism forthem in two results that had more optimism for them in the opening weeks of the season. but today, they were beaten to— one by crystal palace. at old trafford. this is one of the results that reminds those home supporters of old trafford more of those darker days they've had since sir alex ferguson left the club. and all those unwanted records for defeat at old trafford. that have come since then. this is the first time palace have beaten united at all in the premier league era. their first win at old trafford in 30 years. it started withjordan at old trafford in 30 years. it started with jordan iu at old trafford in 30 years. it started withjordan iu ghosting and behind the united defence, united really trying to reinvent their central defensive partnership the season, but they let it run completely... to make it 1—0. sony
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talking points in this mess, not least because marcus rochford took a penalty in the second half, united are rewarded a penalty of their last match on thursday, he was racially abused after missing that spot kick. this time rochford had no hesitation in taking it. but he missed it. he hit the post, saw the ball flashed across the to safety. no ashford might have thought that miss might not make the headlines, after all, when dan james equalised not make the headlines, after all, when danjames equalised for united with a curling effort in the 89th minute, but then, just minutes later, patrick in stoppage time securing this win for palace with a shot that squirmed through david. so uncharacteristic of the spanish goalkeeper. it went through his body. so despite spending north of 100 million to pounce on defenders in the summer, united still have the same problems as last season. while this is a brilliant result for palace, those home fans at old trafford, well, for them it, it's the first sign of how much work needs to be on the season. felt the same last
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week, earlier in the week, and today week, earlier in the week, and today we created enough to win the game. but then... you are playing against a team, you've got to defend as well, and we defended poorly, three times today. and it cost us two goals. i think they have to come to terms with the fact that teams in the lower half of the league are going to come here. if they organise and disappear, they are going to put up the fight we put up today, they are going to be hard to break down, and if they are lucky like we are, they will have players on the field that can hurt them on the counter attack, andl can hurt them on the counter attack, and i think that is what they will have to prepare for it here at old trafford for a long part of the season. so that's the big straight from a three o'clock kick—off. the kickers have reiterated their condemnation of the racist abuse, and that players have been receiving after missed penalties. marcus radford, they were teats aimed at him today as well. that's another story that will ramble on too this week. ——
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tweets. the early match today saw frank lampert get his first win, a three to victory was hard earned against newly promoted norwich city. a frantic first half full of goals. before the decisive moment came through this man's winning goal. this is tammy abraham and what a moment for him — he, like paul pogba, was racially abused on social media when he missed a penalty in chelsea's super cup final against liverpool. rhia chohan reports. after an impressive win against newcastle, they were in a party mood once again. but today was a frank lampard's chance to take his first win as chelsea manager. tammy abraham got the nod over 0livier, and his youngster repaid that faith. the 0a support had barely sat down before an unselfish cross from pookie met todd cantwell, the local boy's first premier lobe —— premier league goalfor the boy's first premier lobe —— premier league goal for the canaries. mason mount scored in derby last season, and hooked himself to another. as a
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manager, different shirt. excellent reflexes from tim, as he stopped another. but when pookie got caught sight of the defence, there could only be one outcome. his faith of the season, and another twist in the plot. chelsea's second—half domination came through though, as abraham doubled up. it would be the last goal to make the score sheet though, as the ar overturned kurt zoomer‘s efforts, declaring a file on kroll. norwich showed why they belonged in the league, but this was lampard's day. he took his first chelsea win with their youngest premier league side for 25 years. so still encouraging signs, the first defeat for the season as well for another newly promoted side. sheffield united in the top flight. they went down 2—1 to leicester city, and those blades weren't happy at all with leicester's opening goal scorer. jamie vardy is a sheffield boy but a huge fan of their city rivals wednesday as a boy, came through their youth system.
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he made sure the united fans knew about it with his celebration too. the home side did equalise in the second half with a first premier league goal for their summer signing 0li mcburnie, but then harvey barnes scored with one of the cleanest strikes you'll see all weekend to make it 2—1. an absolute rocket in the top corner. that was how it stayed, lester, their first win of the season. but it was a performance from sheffield united that their manager says they can't tolerate again. i've said to the players afterwards. the point of clapping them off after they've put a shift in, for me, that's, that's a given. you know? you should have had a little bit of a moments, because we kept giving the ball away cheaply, and we didn't play as well as i know we can do. so, you know, a cheer for a bit of
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effort don't really take the box for me. we'll quickly round up the two other three o'clock games but they were both where summer signings showed perhaps exactly what they'll be worth to west ham and southampton. the hammers were 2—1winners at watford thanks to two goals from their record £16 million summer signing sebastian haller — they bought him from eintracht frankfurt of the bundesliga — big powerful front man who scored 17 goals in germany last season. his second goal was acrobatically taken reaction after the ball was saved. making it 3—1 there, to west ham. a good win, waterford struggling at the moment. and for southampton it was a new name in the premier league putting them in front two. a brilliant strike from moussa djenepo, the mali international set them up for a 2—0 win at brighton. let's confirm all of saturday's
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scores nine, the result last night as well from aston villa, who beat liverpool 2—0. and of course, aston villa beating ever 2—0. liverpool at merseyside rivals, the only team with three wins out of three. you notice there, five away wins for the teams today. is it a growing trend? but that is the action for today from the top five. cheers joe. in the scottish premiership, livingston's unbeaten start to the season continues. they thrashed ross county 4—1.. elsehwere kilmarnock picked up their first point under manager angelo alessio after holding aberdeen to a goalless draw. an injury time equaliser earned stjohnstone a point at hibs and motherwell earned their first premiership win of the season.. with victory over hamilton. still to come on sportsday... warrington are kings of wembley once again, after a shock challenge cup final win over st helens.
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and asher smith reigns supreme in birmingham — with a record breaking performance at the uk athletics championship. when i saw 1103 again i was like, oh well. but then to run 1009 into a headwind is really good, yeah, i'm really happy. to wembley next, and the showpiece of the rugby league season — the challenge cup final. and for a second year in a row warrington were involved in an upset. beaten themselves by catalan dragons last year, this time around they came out on top against the runaway super league leaders st helen's. adam wild was there for us. so really hyped conditions here at wembley, and a cup final with the intensity to match. warrington putting behind the disappointment of last season, winning18— putting behind the disappointment of last season, winning 18— for over a very good saint helen's side. with me to talk through some of the
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action, robbie hunt, a man who knows what it's like to get his hands on that famous trophy. was it —— was warrington good today, or st. helens not at their best? ? i warrington good today, or st. helens not at their best?e i think it was not at their best?e i think it was not their best, with ultimately 110 being of their best. warrington played a very disciplined game plan, but they played their semi final game against hall about five weeks ago, and they completed their site, had a very low error count. great kicking game, world—class kicking game, putting the opposition under a lot of pressure, great line speed, really muscled up in the middle of the pack, and st. helens has really got to some advantage over the course of the season. they are ploughing through the super league. what the wolves did today, what warrington did today, they met fire with fire, so they had a big squad in the middle of the pack, they muscled up, they really took a two st. helens, and once they got on top of st. helens, saint helen's works really ha rd to of st. helens, saint helen's works really hard to chase them down. warrington are an experienced team, they've been here before, they won before, they know how to win, and
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basically, once they have sunk their teeth in, they were never going to let go. almost from the start, there we re let go. almost from the start, there were things to talk about, where there? a big call by the referee in there? a big call by the referee in the third or fourth there? a big call by the referee in the third orfourth minute, the scenes could've been a head. that's right. there was a kick put through, the ball in replay, in slow motion, you can see the ball was clearly placed down in what would have been illegal try, if the referee had referred it to the video referee. but he didn't. i think the mandate, and one of the things about robert hicks as a referee, he likes to keep the game going. in his minds eye, whether it was a hit, or a light or something, he got the call wrong. he saw it and live play, i think he thought the ball was bounced in goal, and not placed with downward controlled downward pressure, and he made up his mind on the spot, and got the game going once again. everyone just cracked on. got the game going once again. everyonejust cracked on. now got the game going once again. everyone just cracked on. now we can say that had a detrimental effect on st. helens, it may or may not have. it's got a butterfly effect, we don't know exactly then what direction it's trying to go.
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ultimately though, warrington, they had a game plan. they stuck to it. like i said, once they got the game by the scruff of the net, i think st. helens struggled with coming up with the creativity to break them down. warrington, you know what, they left it all out there on the park. they've not played well in the super league over the last four weeks. this is probably the reason why. they've had one eye on this game, they've invested everything into it. you know what's? they've come away with one of the major trophies of the season. robbie, thank you so much forjoining us on bbc news. so there you have it. warrington putting behind them the disappointment of losing here in the final last year. of course, more to come. st. helens could come and perhaps should, should be crowned super league champions come along way to go before that. for now, from wembley, it's warrington wolves who are the challenge cup winners. a adam wild there for us. we've had a couple more warm
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up games for the rugby world cup that starts next month. england look in pretty good shape, they beat ireland 57—15 — running in 8 tries at twickenham. he is enjoying this far too much. that's a huge blow to ireland's preparations, they could have gone top of the world rankings with a win — instead it was their biggest ever defeat to england. meanwhile over at murrayfield, scotland avenged last weeks defeat to the french with a narrow 17—14 victory. david domb reports twickenham's final send off to england ahead of the world cup, ireland were the visitors, on top of the world rankings with a win. having shipped in early try, the remainder of the half was the show. his run, the perfect decoy, gaps created for slick quick passing. joe was steaming into the corner. driving into ireland again. this time the ball making its way over to elliott daily for the same outcome. his reward came right before half—time. england shifting the ball with ease. ireland does too slow to react.
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the leicester man crossing the line himself. and after the restart, it was more of the same. five second half tries, george cruz graham grabbing one, and shortly after, tom curry added a sixth. racing through the gears, driving right through the heart of the ireland defence. luke collin dickey adding the last. a statement of intent from eddiejones side, and one more to come at stjames' park. 1a different players in the scotland line—up from this site, hammered by fran a week ago. the rematch at murray field had a near identical start. peter horn's loose pass straight into the arms of damien, already a try conceded in the opening minutes. munro added a second after a penalty to open up an 11 point lead, but suddenly, gregor found a new level, and they had to be patient to get their first try of the afternoon. finn russel finding
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sean maitland to get over the line. the unlikely comeback was complete midway through the second half. chris harris burst through to put the hosts ahead. the skip put all three of his kicks through the post, and scotland claimed their first win in five. it's a double—header with them to come before they travel to japan. david domb, bbc news. less tha n less than a month ago to get to japan as well. lets take a look at some of the day's other stories. cal crutchlow‘s hopes of winning his home moto gp race suffered a blow after he crashed during qualifying for the british grand prix. he wasn't injured, but it means he'll start from ninth on the grid. reigning champion marc marquez held off valentino rossi to claim pole for tomorrow's race at silverstone. rory mcilroy is one shot off the lead at golf‘s season ending tour championship in atlanta. mcilroy will begin his third round shortly. the winner takes home 12 million pounds. england's men have kept their place in the top tier of european hockey. they beat scotland 3—0 in theirfinal match
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at the eurohockey championship. sam ward scored twice for england — the defeat relegates scotland. wales finished the tournament in style. they thrashed ireland 4—0 in theirfinal match. benjamin francis with theirfinal goal — which keeps them in the top tier. ireland like the scots are relegated. world champion andy ruinunior says he wants to end anthonyjoshua's career, after confirming their rematch in saudi arabia. he'd previously said that he'd not agreed to the fight but it's now set for december 7th. let's get back to some football news. 2a hours ago, it looked like bury football club would be no more. it had until midnight last night to find a buyer — or be expelled from the football league. but late last night, a deal was agreed by owner steve dale to sell the league one side — with a new deadline of 5pm on tuesday to complete the sale.
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bbc radio manchester's mike minay has been following the story. earlier he told me, bury‘s not out of the woods just yet. with all these things, there's so many convocations around it. yes, the positive sign was that steve admitted he'd sold the club, which isa admitted he'd sold the club, which is a huge step forward, particularly for berry fans, then they confirmed recognition of this move by steve dale. this morning then it puts out their own statement saying that they recognised a credible buyer. and they wanted to exclusively work with them to help the change of control from their club from there, they did fire a warning shot saying that they are going to give a deadline of tuesday at five p:m.. the deadline was going to be at midnight on friday night, they move that back 72 hours, 72 and bits, hours. if the deal is not completed by then, they will still withdraw bury's status in the football league, which it gives a little bit of frustration for bury fans. i think they wanted a little bit longer. those working around it
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certainly wanted longer. from there on, the buyers of bury, or the potential buyers have issued their own statement saying it is disappointed they've only been given until tuesday. particularly with the strange line if you will that their lawyer is only available from wednesday onwards. so they've got to work quick, without their legal team, that i guess they have known and trusted to get them to the stage. you can understand where they're coming from as a business. they are buyers, to give this deadline, this has been implemented and heavily criticised, is there any chance that this could be extended? well the efl have given the statement saying that tuesday at five p:m., because they cannot afford to suspend any more fixtures for bury. they've already lost six games in the season, including a league cup title, which they handed to sheffield on wednesday as a buy. cnn said it would be a huge pity if the club was twofold, because of a lack of time to do the due diligence necessary on such a complicated scenario. may be,
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and again, only guesswork, if we we re and again, only guesswork, if we were close by tuesday night to tuesday afternoon, then it may be they would allow 24 more hours. but there would have to be significant progress, i would feel, by that stage for that to happen. of that's mike they're from bbc radio manchester. the nightmare continues for bury fans. it's been a great day forfor dina asher smith at the british championships in birmingham. she won the 100 metres — setting a championship record — in a time of 10.96 seconds. the event in birmingham also doubles up as trials for next month's world championship, asher smith's victory means she's secured her place in the british team for doha. i'm so happy! obviously i've kind of beena sub i'm so happy! obviously i've kind of been a sub at 11 all season so when i crossed the line in the heat with 11:03, iwas i crossed the line in the heat with 11:03, i was like oh no. and even though it was —2.1, i'm really happy with their own reflection, but i still want to that sub 11 for my own
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little game that i'm playing with myself. when i saw 11:03 again i was like... oh well. then to run 10:09 into a headwind, yeah, i'm really happy! the men's100 metres was much closer — and there was a surprise winner. ojie edoborun edging out adam gemili and zharnel hughes — all three finishing in a time of 10.18 — the result decided on a photo—finish 0h, oh, it's close. i'm afraid that's all from sports day. we will have more of you throughout the evening. for now, goodbye. goodbye. hello, good evening. this is how the day is ending from one of our weather watchers in lincolnshire. if you like the warmth, the sunshine, then you have probably enjoyed today. and there is more to come as
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well. a bit of rain across the far northwest of the uk. much of that pushing northwards to the night. we will see extra cloud though into prince of wales in the southwest, may be the odd shower, but most places dry with the odd mr patch, temperature is between 12—16d. to going into tomorrow, there could be some early mist around, there could be pesky clouds in the west —— west, that could break out through the day, more sunshine there across northern scotland, shetland could turn quite cloudy for a time later in the day. these are the temperatures, 27 degrees for glascow, 32 in london. feeling quite humid as well. looking ahead to monday. rather misty and murky in the west, poor visibility if you are travelling early in the day. then we see some spells of sunshine. a chance of a few showers in some places, uncertainty about that. temperatures again towards the southeast corner, up to 32 degrees.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: borisjohnson has been warned against forever being known as "mister no—deal" over brexit by donald tusk, as world leaders gather at the g7 summit in biarritz. the prime minister will also urge president trump not to escalate a trade war with china at the meeting. prince andrew says "at no stage" did he "see or suspect" any criminal behaviour that subsequently led to the arrest and conviction of disgraced financierjeffrey epstein. brazil's president has bowed to international pressure and ordered the armed forces to tackle the record number of fires in the amazon forest. british airways apologises after admitting that some e—mails


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