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past the waiting press pack, two of the best—known figures in hong kong's pro—democracy movement were swept into court. hundreds have already been detained in this summer of fury, as fears over chinese rule have led to increasingly violent clashes. but, with prominent members this is bbc news. of the city's parliament also picked i'm martine croxall. up, these latest high—profile the headlines at 11:00pm: arrests are being seen as much more the prime minister pledges billions of pounds over the next three years political, a point made on the steps of the court to england's school following warnings from school after a successful bail hearing. leaders of a funding crisis. the level of media interest here speaks for itself. far from de—escalating the crisis, the arrest of this young man and others is only likely to fuel i think it will make an enormous concern about the erosion of hong kong's freedoms difference. they think the devil and legal protections. we are strongly aware of how will be in the detail, it will be president xijinping and the beijing government are the ones who back interesting to see a much money we get next year rather than how much and endorse hong kong police to conduct such mass money we will get in three years arrests and prosecution. because costs rise. we hong kong people won't give borisjohnson warns mps trying up and won't be scared to block a no—deal brexit by these injustices. that their efforts will only make it more likely. as close to 2,000 fires continue to burn in the amazon. we report from deep in the rainforest. today, the police insisted new research suggests the increased that they are just following risk of breast cancer from hrt lasts the law, threatening further arrests for anyone joining unauthorised more than a decade protests this weekend. after treatment stops. and at 11:30pm we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers and here's another warning —
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with our reviewers michael booker and polly mackenzie. more video of chinese paramilitary stay with us for that. forces conducting anti—riot drills, although some pro—beijing voices say intervention is farfrom imminent. when law and order has absolutely lost control and the hong kong government cannot deal with it, that will be the triggering point. as i've said, we've got a few more steps to go. good evening and i hope we don't have to reach that. welcome to bbc news. the government has promised few protesters appear troubled by threats. significant extra funding the tougher the authorities, for schools in england, after a long—running campaign by head teachers warning of worsening budget shortages. the more enraged they become. next year, schools will get an extra £2.6 billion, rising to nearly £5 billion the following year — and reaching just over £7 billion by 2022—23. it's unclear where the money is coming from, but with a spending review due next week, it's another indication that police have been dealing an early election with what they said
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was a "large—scale disturbance" may be on the cards. 0ur political correspondent, in glasgow after trouble flared alex forsyth, reports. at an an irish unity march the prime minister hosted a press and counter protest. conference today with a younger police said that a planned parade crowd than usual. by the james connolly republican flute band was met by "a disruptive convenient, then, that number 10 had some news for this group counterdemonstration by several hundred people in the elder park of budding journalists — area and riot police and mounted more money for schools. it is £14 billion over three years, officers blocked off and that's both for primary schools and secondary schools. govan road in the city. that's if you add up the spending over the three years, but the key question... the duke of york attended a where is this money week—long sailing event. going to come from? are you going to have to cut women who have hrt for the menopause money from other things? have an increased risk of developing no, we are not cutting money from other things. breast cancer for more than a decade but, for years, ministers have been after treatment ends, according to a major study. holding tight to the country's purse researchers from oxford university strings despite schools looked at more than 100,000 women crying out for more cash, so is all this part of spending from around the world, ahead of a possible election? and say the results mean the risk of breast cancer is double he says not. what women are currently being told. it simply isn't fair if you have here's james gallagher. kids in schools where funding has fallen so far behind. you think why am i suddenly we are lifting up, we are levelling up across the country. feeling like this? that's the right thing to do now. three women, nikki, andrea and diane, talking freely and openly the money is there and we will make about the menopause. sure that we pursue economic it's a conversation that's policies supporting business,
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supporting enterprise, often been seen as taboo. so that we grow the economy further to pay for further such investments. everyone... so what unites all of you is snap, snap! experiences of the menopause in leicestershire, it's the first week back at school after summer. and hrt, and i'mjust wondering, danemill primary, like many, how bad were some of those symptoms? has been struggling brain fog and memory problems to balance the books. and lack of patience. it even considered closing for half a day a week but decided not to, i was losing my temper over ridiculous things, after talking to parents. really rage—filled anger. but across the country schools have one of the most scary things is the fear of dementia, thinking, why can't i remember had to cut staff and, what that's called? why can't i remember where i have been? in some cases, asked parents and the result for me was that i got to contribute towards costs. very close to taking my own life, here, the head of this academy trust so it made me feel suicidal. gave a cautious welcome to the new funding. i think it will make 0n the decision about whether to start hrt, an enormous difference. there are known risks, i think the devil there are obvious benefits. how did you come to that decision? will be in the detail. it will be interesting to see how was it easy, difficult? much money we get next year or now, before i started the menopause, i was determined i was going to do when we really need it, not knowing that more money's coming. it naturally because i had only we need that money as soon heard the horror stories about it. as possible back in schools. then when the symptoms started in fact, it all starts i thought, actually this from next year. is really difficult. in secondary schools, i can honestly say i would not be funding for each pupil will go up here today without it. from the minimum it has saved my life — of £4,800 to £5,000. there is no doubt about it. with hindsight, do any the year after, in primary schools, of you regret the decision?
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it will increase from at least absolutely not. £3,500 to £4,000 per pupil. no, not at all. a major new study says the risk of breast cancer from the research in total, schools in england shows hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer for more than a decade will have an extra £7.1 billion to spend in 2022, compared to this after treatment stops. year, all adding up to some £14 billion more over three years. it means the dangers are twice as high as previously thought, but what does that really mean? this is a significant increase over for every 50 women taking daily oestrogen and progestogen therapy three years for schools. for five years, three would have developed breast cancer anyway, it will relieve some of the pressures on their budgets. and one would get breast cancer as a direct result it will mean that their funding of their hormone therapy. per pupil returns to its level i think this is new data, back in 2010. new information we did not know after years of austerity, before about hrt, and it is extremely important that this this isn't the only spending information is taken into account in new guidelines. commitment this government's made, fuelling speculation that it's i could not stop taking hrt now preparing for a possible early general election. so, while this money for schools and go back to how i was. the royal college of gps says like this one has broadly been patients should not panic welcomed, some teaching unions want and hormone therapy is an effective more detail about when it will be delivered in full. treatment for menopausal symptoms. schools and colleges are having to make staffing cuts, the president of brazil, and i'm not sure that jair bolsonaro, has banned setting the announcement is going to help fires to clear land for 60 days — with the immediate, and of course what we know in response to the massive increase is that there is a general in the number of fires
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election in the offing, in the amazon rainforest. and therefore some of the promises mr bolsonaro has faced intense being made today, we'll have to wait criticism at home and abroad for failing to protect and see how they materialise the rainforest. and whether the people making the amazon, which helps to slow down the promises are the people who are going to be able the pace of global warming, to deliver on them. but, for now, a significant boost has seen more than 80,000 fires is on the way for schools, break out so far this year. many of which have been struggling right now, there are close to 2,000 with their sums for a while. alex forsyth, bbc burning in the region. news, leicestershire. sophie long reports now the prime minister has hit back from novo progresso, at politicians attempting to block in para state, deep in the amazon. a no—deal brexit. he accused them of undermining the landscape along the road that brexit negotiations, takes us deep into the amazon bears claiming the eu would only grant the scars of the blazes that sparked concessions if it took the threat international outrage and are now threatening of britain leaving without a whole way of life. an agreement seriously. this is the bau indigenous village. criticism of mrjohnson‘s decision children here are happily oblivious to suspend parliament next month has to the fact that the forest they live off is getting smaller. intensified with the former conservative prime minister, sirjohn major, joining a legal in the central meeting hut, case at the high court the men are preparing for a naming to halt the suspension. ceremony to welcome a newborn, 0ur chief political the latest addition correspondent vicki young reports from westminster. to this tight—knit, all: save our democracy... when it comes to brexit, traditional community. feelings run high. while many in the country welcomed but, as they prepare the announcement that parliament to celebrate new life, won't sit for five weeks, thousands the village chief tells me the threat to his people
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took to the streets in protest. is increasing with every day the government insists mps of jair bolsonaro's presidency. still have plenty of time to express their views. translation: if the president critics say borisjohnson continues with his policies, is behaving like a tinpot dictator. he will diminish indigenous lands so that he can confine when you became prime minister us and exterminate us. that is what will happen. you talked about uniting the country, but now you're talking next year, the burning will be even bigger, but we will be here about forcing through a no—deal fighting and resisting. brexit, something that you know democratically elected parliament we are prepared to die does not agree with. fighting for our land you're being deliberately because we are warriors that are not divisive, aren't you? we want to do a deal, afraid of the brazilian government. i've talked over the last few days as the fires continue to burn, the smoke continues to lots of leaders around the eu. to rise from the forest. in novo progresso there and everybody can see the rough shape of what needs to be done. is a heavy haze all around. it's going to take work, it's going to take a lot of energy it is smothering the city and it's for us to get there and the best way choking its children. carla tais silva's two—year—old to do that is if our friends daughter has pneumonia. and partners over the channel don't she is convinced she contracted it because of the smoke. think that brexit can be somehow blocked by parliament. she says, if she doesn't get the right treatment, she could die. the weird thing is... translation: the lives of our but they're trying to block no deal, children are being jeopardised they're not trying to block brexit, by people that don't have any sense. they're trying to block
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a no—deal brexit. the weird thing is that the more they are doing harm to other the parliamentarians try to block people, they are just thinking about themselves. the no—deal brexit, the more likely it is that we'll end up it is something i don't have words for. in that situation. they do the damage and we are the ones who suffer, the children and their mothers. but now this former conservative prime minister says he will challenge mrjohnson in court. sirjohn major knows all about tory fights over europe, they plagued his time in office. i asked the nurse on duty, today he offered to help campaigners dhelly pratis, if children's lives make their case that the government are being put at risk. is breaking the law. yes, she tells me, not just the children — it's dangerous for everyone. that's one battle, the other will be fought in parliament. they'll have less time, translation: this is a huge problem. but opposition parties and some if things keep going like this, tories will try to change the law unfortunately the consequences to force the government to delay will be even worse than the ones brexit again. we are already witnessing. president bolsonaro has issued i hope that parliament will take a 60—day ban on burning land, a series of actions in a proper, but few here believe that orderly way that by the end will make any difference. of the week mean, that borisjohnson knows that as prime minister, even when the fires have been put out, this is what remains — he has the backing of many, many of us to get a deal, scorched earth, charred skeletons of trees. but if he doesn't get a deal, the dense rainforest that once he's going to have to seek an extension. stood here is no more, to succeed, mps from several parties the species that lived in it are gone. will need to work together, all that remains is the flat, so are they confident? i'm always hopeful and i don't black land of deforestation, want to make predictions.
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and this has happened all i know is that what we are in more than 80,000 places trying to do is the right thing across the amazon this year alone. to do and i believe a majority of mps recognise that a no—deal exit is very damaging to our economy. meanwhile, ministers have promised the co—founder and chief executive to step up the tempo on talks of twitter has had his own account on the service taken with the eu, but ireland's over by hackers. deputy prime minister a series of erratic and offensive isn't sounding optimistic. at the moment, nothing credible has remarks, including racial slurs, come from the british government appeared onjack dorsey's twitter in the context of an account and could be read alternative to the backstop. by his more than 4 you know, if that changes, great. million followers. borisjohnson is being asked a group referring to itself searching questions from many sides. as the "chuckling squad" said it was responsible. did you always have the ambition twitter says it's urgently investigating what happened and that there's no indication the company's of being prime minister? well no, i wanted, i had various ambitions. i briefly thought that i could be a rock star but then i had a plan, systems have been compromised. i wanted to make kitchen tiles and that was a total flop. he'll hope his brexit strategy doesn't end up at the same way. vicki young, bbc news, westminster. aus a us opera singer has lashed out at critics on critics on twitter who
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a judge at scotland's highest civil court has refused to order an immediate halt to borisjohnson‘s criticised her parents at the plan to shut down parliament. the court will instead hear full arguments next week. 0ur scotland editor sarah smith has salzburg festival in austria. i have been speaking to her from salzburg festival in austria. i have been speaking to herfrom her show in salzburg. —— performance. been following the case. been speaking to herfrom her show in salzburg. -- performance. this is the first time i have been the target of that shaming body shaming well, the cross— party well, the cross—party group of mps and peers on this case are very from reviewers. it was hurtful and i pleased to note, even though they didn't persuade the judge to grant was not aware how rampant it was in that immediate plan on boris oui’ was not aware how rampant it was in our business, until i took to twitter and i complained to my johnson's plans that they were friends and colleagues, and had so many horror stories and after that i felt like i had to speak up and had asking for. they are happy because to make something of this. how much does it affect your performance if the case has now been fast tracked your mind is on some of this vitriol next week the good of session will give a full ruling on whether or not that you are having to deal with? the prime minister is acting within the prime minister is acting within the law. thejudge yeah, it is a distraction. the show the prime minister is acting within the law. the judge that it was in the law. the judge that it was in the public interest for this to be heard as soon as possible, so we iam in expect that ruling — the hearing on tuesday with a ruling on wednesday and the important thing to remember yeah, it is a distraction. the show i am in right now is a very wild and about the timing is that parliament cannot be suspended until next friday. there was one surprising thing that happened in the court today, a lawyer acting for these anti—brexit politicians suggested crazy production, it is a lot of
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that boris johnson anti—brexit politicians suggested that borisjohnson should be asked to give a sworn statement under oath fun, and the characters are very explaining to the court why she sexualised, it is all about women's wa nts to explaining to the court why she wants to probe parliament. even liberation, and definitely for the suggested he might call the prime character that i play, she is a minister to give evidence. while the uk government, who oppose this case, say they welcomed the ruling from liberated sexual woman, and it is thejudge today say they welcomed the ruling from the judge today and insist they are not trying to stop mps from scrutinising the withdrawal plans of interesting to share in general, in the eu. the first place on stage, but then one of the chancellor sajid javid's for someone to cut me down and say advisers has been sacked by downing street. "you are not sexy", was just really sonia khan was questioned a low blow. at what point does your about government lea ks by borisjohnson‘s senior adviser dominic cummings. there was no evidence that ms khan had put sensitive information singing get the focus by these in the public domain. critics? i wish that it had been. i after her meeting with mr cummings, think with opera in general, the sonia khan was escorted from number 10 by a police officer. singing is the most important thing. it's believed that the chancellor was not told in advance that his key i guess it is an audio and visual aide was being dismissed. experience when you go to the opera, but it is like the olympics of singing. this is the highest level of singing, the most training in all helena wilkinsonjoins of singing, the most training in all helena wilkinson joins us from of the singing arts, and so if the westminster. tonight it emerged the singing is not first, then it is not
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chancellor has been very angry about opera. so, you know, ithink the what has happened. 0ne chancellor has been very angry about what has happened. one of his advisers was sacked yesterday, as most important thing is that singers be able to focus more on aircraft, and not on their bodies. how often you mentioned there. she was do the men's waistlines get escorted by a police officer out of downing street, she had her security clea ra nce ta ken off downing street, she had her security clearance taken off her, but it's attention? i certainly think that reported that sajid javid, her boss the problem is definitely widespread in effect, hadn't known about it in throughout the business, but... i till after it all happened. now she had been questioned by boris think a lot of times it is focused johnson's senior advisor dominic towards women, but i have had stories from our colleagues as well cummings, no reason was given as to who have got backlash, i haven't heard from a colleague who said why she had been dismissed. but we "actually when i lost weight people know that sajid javid had a meeting gave me a hard time", because before earlier on today at some point with borisjohnson earlier on today at some point with boris johnson and he people said he looked like earlier on today at some point with borisjohnson and he confronted him pavarotti, but now you are thinner, about what had happened. and it's the second advisor that the so... chancellor has lost in the last month or so. now, we know from one pavarotti, but now you are thinner, so...iam pavarotti, but now you are thinner, so... i amjust baffled, we are in an era where we see more body types source that this was an unhelpful political row between borisjohnson in advertising, on catwalks, selling clothes, how do you... that is what
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and sajid javid which was a distraction from what the two men wa nted distraction from what the two men wanted to talk about more, which is is so perplexing. we are in an era more funding for public services. where we are more accepting generally across the world that there are more body types, how do the source went on to say the two you combat it in opera if it seems men have an extremely close relationship, they managed to agree a spending review quickly and this that that form of art is lagging behind other areas of creativity? we i’ow battle it by shedding light on it. a spending review quickly and this row would not derail their policy and i really appreciate the agenda. but there is a feeling from attention from many news outlets and some people within — sources suggesting within downing street newspapers, and also on social that they are really trying to reset media, lots of people are sharing my the button if you like in terms of story and sharing stories of my discipline within the party. look colleagues, i think that is the best ahead of us to next week, helena, if way to change the narrative, is to share our stories, and to say enough is enough, this is not acceptable, and that is not what opera is about. you could. it will be busy?” ahead of us to next week, helena, if you could. it will be busy? i think thatis you could. it will be busy? i think that is an understatement. mps for what it's worth, i think you return at 2:30 p.m., that is after look stunning. we have seen what you the summer return at 2:30 p.m., that is after the summer recess return at 2:30 p.m., that is after the summer recess break, we know of look stunning. we have seen what you look like and i am dropping you in course behind the scenes there has been a lot of work by opposition it here and i don't know whether my parties and also rebel tory mps who are trying to stop borisjohnson microphones can cope, but can you
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sing usa microphones can cope, but can you sing us a line? singing.. i had to from exiting the european union without any kind of formal legal agreement. and we know of course that he has suspended parliament or ask. he will be, in a week or so, for now it's time for the weather with darren bett. five weeks. now there are a lot of 0ver over the next week or so we will fluctuate between north—westerly winds and south—westerly winds. angry people that borisjohnson has everything coming in from the done this. so they are going to try atla ntic everything coming in from the atlantic means that it will remain and find a way next week in very unsettled. we have seen a lot parliament to find a way to stop him of rain recently in northern ireland from suspending parliament. aside and in scotland, a couple of inches from suspending parliament. aside at least over the hills, and it is from that of course we've got a couple of court cases going on, one from that area of low pressure and in london. again, these court cases are to do with borisjohnson's that weather front associated with it. it starts to move actually on saturday, the rain band pushing into suspending parliament, those bringing about the case arguing what england and wales, quickly clearing away from northern ireland, sunshine he has done is unlawful. and we and showers here, the rain lingers longer across northern scotland and heard earlier on from a former prime that rain band sweeps down towards minister, sirjohn major, who is the south—east of england and east joining one of those legal actions anglia. here we have the last of the remaining warmth for a while in london next week, and quite averages 23—24, elsewhere while we extraordinary, really. a former get the sunshine coming in, the area conservative prime minister taking a
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current conservative prime minister is getting —— errors getting cooler to court. so a lot going on. court and fresher because wind direction is changing. we will draw on rather cases, it will be interesting to see of course what happens in parliament than the south—westerly, north—westerly. this is polar with those opposed to what boris maritime hour, it is cold air, fresh johnson is doing, and we know there airand it is are going to be protests over this maritime hour, it is cold air, fresh air and it is sunshine and showers. weekend. helena, thank you very for the first day of meteorological much. helena wilkinson in autumn, the first of september, it will feel more like autumn, lots of westminster. showers for the northern half of the and we'll find out how this story uk, some heavy and hungry, a few and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 11:30pm showers getting into south wales in this evening in the papers. southern england, where temperatures 0ur guestsjoining me may sneak up to 20 degrees but for tonight are michael booker, deputy editor of the daily express most of us we are seeing at 15—16, and polly mackenzie, it gets colder overnight because those showers put out into the north sea as this ridge of high pressure chief executive of the think tank demos. the headlines on bbc news: builds in temporarily, it eases the winds down, drop the temperatures sunday night into monday morning. it the government's announced billions could be 5— seven in towns and of pounds of extra money for schools in england. borisjohnson warns mps trying cities, a bit chillier in the to block a no—deal brexit that their efforts will only countryside. we start on a colder make it more likely. new research suggests the increased note on mundy, many places dry with risk of breast cancer from hrt lasts more than a decade some sunshine, instead of the north—westerly ‘s will pick up a south—westerly of the day goes on, that means more cloud coming in from after treatment stops.
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the atlantic and some rain for northern ireland there has been a series of arrests of prominent pro—democracy activists and politicians in hong kong. in a sign the authorities are taking 00:15:17,442 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 an increasingly tough line,
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