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this is bbc news. i'm lewis vaughan jones. our top stories: tunning battles and brutal violence —— running battles and brutal violence in hong kong in some of the worst clashes yet between police and protesters. it is the very centre of hong kong, and look at it. they warned them not to protest today. the government buildings under siege and it is complete mayhem. tens of thousands take to the streets across britain to protest against prime minister borisjohnson‘s decision to suspend parliament. fierce fighting in the northern afghan city of kunduz as a taliban suicide bombing leaves at least ten people dead. and bearing down on the bahamas — hurricane dorian threatens catastrophic damage. it could hit the islands
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within hours. hello and welcome to bbc news. riot police have stormed a metro station in hong kong, using batons to beat passengers in the latest round of clashes with pro—democracy campaigners. and police confirm two officers fired live rounds into the air during operations to clear protesters from the streets. tens of thousands were marching in defiance of a ban with petrol bombs being thrown at officers who responded with tear gas and water cannon. beijing has condemned the protests, asjohn sudworth reports now from hong kong. tear gas from the roof of hong kong's government offices
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met with utter defiance. hong kong's political deadlock is growing increasingly violent. the only way, some believe, to secure this city's freedoms under chinese rule. by nightfall, this giant fire was raging in the central business district. but with scenes like these, china is also in no mood to compromise. this man is editor of one of beijing's ultra—loyal communist party—run papers. translation: america and britain are interfering in hong kong's affairs. you are inflaming the situation. not all these irrational emotions come from this society. most come from foreign support. but most protesters are peaceful.
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despite the risk of arrest, this unauthorised march earlier in the day was joined by tens of thousands. despite what beijing says... as well as one british mp here to observe, he says. big changes happening in the world, and we need to understand them. i know we're all obsessed by brexit, but we've got the growing power of china and a growing authoritarian china as well. are you meddling? no. and if one mp is going to get blamed for this, that's simply nonsense, no. this is clearly an indigenous protest that's coming from the people here. a few hundred activists, though, are intent on violence. and for the first time, police used water cannon with coloured dye to make identifying them easier. this is the very centre of hong kong, and look at it. they warned them not to protest today. the government buildings under siege, and it's complete mayhem. the day ended with running battles
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and a number of arrests. they spilt into the subway stations. a global clash of values. it is being played out in the city in increasingly brutal form. john sudworth, bbc news, hong kong. police say a government has been shot dead. —— a suspected gunman has been shot dead in the city of odessa. there had been reports that 20 people had been shot. police said they were investigating other suspects after saying two gunmen were firing at random in odessa and nearby midland. it's thought one gunman may have used a hijacked postal truck. let's the get end of a police press conference in odessa in texas. let's listen in.
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it looks like the press conference has just wrapped up. it looks like the press conference hasjust wrapped up. we did he other police in odessa walking through the dreadful events there in texas, describing the first instance starting at 3:17pm local time where a trooper tried to stop the car and he was then shot, the car continued on to odessa where another person was shot and then to another site where multiple shots were fired again, and then that person stole a mail truck, a us postal service mail truck. let's try and see if we can listen in again. we are hearing that five people are now confirmed dead, and you can see from these live pictures here that another official is getting ready to speak, so we are hearing the very latest from texas that five people have been confirmed
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dead as officials have been walking us dead as officials have been walking us through the events just in the last couple of hours, and lots of conflicting reports. let's take a listen now. how many victims can we confirm so far? so far we have 21 victims that were transported to the medical centres. we have also had some transported to hospital. that is the account at this point. for families out there that are worried about their loved ones, what is the next step? how can make find out more information? our public information officer said once we get that information on that list, we will put that information out to the public to be able to reach out to their loved ones. yes, for the most part, there were gunshot victims. u nfortu nately. part, there were gunshot victims. unfortunately. the count right now is five deceased according to the
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reports i have received, so that is what we have at this point. did... i guess... did it start in midland and travel west? that is my understanding. iam not law—enforcement but that is the that i have is that it moved from midland to 0 d essa i have is that it moved from midland to odessa and unfortunately we did have some casualties there. if anything this community can do like blood or money? it is too early to say but i can tell you just shelter in place right now. i'm sure the police department has sent out a message to the community to make sure everybody is aware of what is going on at this point. do we now how many... to the hospital's or how many in hospital? that counts, we are trying to figure that out at this point. i can tell you we defy the medical centre and hospital and identified odessa regional medical centre, so we will identify other
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outlying communities for assistance. the fire department is assisting us. they have several units assisting that up provided to us to assist us with any thing that comes up at this point. i want to confirm. this was a traffic stop gone wrong in midland. where is it that old people were shot? i do not know, i do not know that. i am not shot? i do not know, i do not know that. iam not law shot? i do not know, i do not know that. i am not law enforcement but i can tell you we have several casualties and we have transported. how many units responded? we had several units to the point where we had a call for the fire department to assist with some of our runs after. thank you. just getting confirmation there are
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some of the details. five people confirmed dead at this point in that shooting in odessa, texas. 21 victims taken to hospitals there. the advice over the last couple of hours for people has been to stay away from the area and stay indoors. it was advised as the shooting was an ongoing event from police. but we now know the rough and grim sequence of events. 3:17pm, a trooper tried to make a traffic stop and then was shotin to make a traffic stop and then was shot in the driver of that vehicle continued on to odessa, made more shootings, changed vehicles, took a postal van and then carried on shooting, and the results of that event so far, 21 victims being taken to hospital and five casualties, five dead so far. of course, we will
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keep you right across any developments that we get from that shooting in texas as we get them. tens of thousands of people have held demonstrations across the uk in protest at prime minister borisjohnson‘s decision to prorogue or suspend parliament for five weeks in the run—up to brexit. the government insists it's acting properly, but critics say it's an attempt to bypass democracy. marches took place from sheffield to swansea, belfast to london. here's our home editor mark easton. if you shut down our parliament... chanting. we will shut down the streets! calls for direct action from protesters outside downing street. several thousand people had gathered in whitehall, many to voice their opposition to borisjohnson‘s move to shut down parliament ahead of britain's scheduled exit from the european union on october 31. stop brexit! the crowds were diverse — cutting across class, age, ethnicity and traditional party politics. today's protest is a reminder of how arguments over brexit represent a reshaping of political
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discourse in britain. bankers and corporations who get richer while the workers get poorer. as well as london, there were similar demonstrations in towns and cities across the country, from yorkshire to belfast to bangor. in london, the apparent unity of the crowd disguised divisions over what they were opposed to. the government's suspension of parliament orjust the government? opposed to a no—deal brexit or leaving the eu at all? is this about proroguing? is it about brexit or conservatives? yeah, a bit of both, really. i mean, mainly proroguing and brexit, but a bit of both. are you a supporter of the european union? i am not in support of a bosses club, i am in support of the european workers of greece, spain and italy, but i don't support what is, in effect, a bosses club in europe. so, you're anti—eu? i am anti the european union, yes.
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i am opposed to a no—deal brexit. brexit with a deal would be ok? iwould prefer we remain, but i could live with a brexit with a decent deal, yes. you are a french national. why are you here today? why am i here today? because i am one of the eu 27 who has been living for decades here. it is about a no—deal brexit, it's about the hatred and it is about hindering democratic processes. deeply held feelings are on display as thousands take to the streets. but it is worth reflecting on the people who are not here, people with equally passionate views on the other side of the brexit debate. public opinion and the country are riven as to what democracy should mean. this evening, there was disruption around westminster bridge. the organisers of today's demonstration say it should be seen as the beginning of a campaign of civil disobedience against the government's treatment of parliament. mark easton, bbc news, whitehall. the taliban has carried out
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a major attack on one of the biggest cities in afghanistan. the fighting began on friday when the militant group entered the northern city of kunduz from four different directions. at least ten people have been killed in a suicide bombing. the taliban says it's targeting afghan security forces. it comes at a sensitive time when the group is engaged in peace talks with the us. our chief international correspondent lyse doucet has more from kabul. residents in kunduz werejolted residents in kunduz were jolted from their sleep in the early hours of their sleep in the early hours of the morning as the taliban moved in to this strategic northern city from three directions under cover of darkness. today, throughout the day, the afghan social forces have been moving in 202 —— backed up by air strikes to try to push the taliban back, pushing into those neighbourhoods where the taliban had occupied some of the areas in the taliban have, according to
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government forces, been taking cover in the homes of residents where of course it is not clear how long they will wait before they launch new attacks. so even as the afghan government, political and security officials are telling us that they are carrying out cleaning up operations, it is clear the taliban have not completely retreated from their positions. it is clear that their positions. it is clear that the afghan security forces are out on the streets of kunduz, but right in the centre of kunduz, the taliban we re in the centre of kunduz, the taliban were able to carry out a powerful suicide blast, which has killed a number of people, including a police we re number of people, including a police were operating in the area. during the day as well, the afghan defence and interior minister, along with the top us commander in afghanistan flew into kunduz in a show of strength and solidarity and to reassure the residents of kunduz that in the words of the afghan
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defence minister, they will not allow kunduz to fall to the taliban. of course, this comes and a critical time as the taliban negotiate in the gulf state of qatar in the united states has led afghan officials, including the afghan president, ashraf ali, to say this attack on kunduz has proven the taliban are not serious about peace, but for the taliban of course, this is intended to send a powerful message that even as they talk peace and they still remaina as they talk peace and they still remain a powerful military presence in so many parts of afghanistan. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come: nearly two million people fear for their future and could be stripped of their citizenship as india targets illegal migrants. she received a nobel peace prize for her work with the poor and the dying in india's slums. the head of the catholic church said
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mother teresa was "a wonderful example of how to help people in need." we have to identify the bodies, then arrange the coffins and take them back home. parents are waiting and wives are waiting. hostages appeared, some carried, some running, trying to escape the nightmare behind them. britain lost a princess today, described by all to whom she reached out as irreplaceable. an early morning car crash in a paris underpass ended a life with more than its share of pain and courage, warmth and compassion.
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this is bbc news. the latest headlines: there have been more violent clashes in hong kong between police and protesters after tens of thousands of people defied a ban to march through the city. tens of thousands have taken to the streets across britain to protest against prime minister borisjohnson‘s decision to suspend parliament. the us national hurricane center says storm dorian poses an immediate threat to the bahamas, as well as millions of people along the south—east us coast. nasa has released these images of the storm, which were taken from the international space station. meteorologists say dorian is travelling with maximum sustained winds of 240km/h and could reach the maximum category 5 hurricane status. this is how the bbc weather centre expects the hurricane to develop over the next few days, hitting the northern bahamas on sunday. the storm has changed course slightly, putting itself on a possible track to make landfall
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in the carolinas rather than florida as previously forecast. nikole killion from cbs is at cocoa beach in florida. at this point it appears that dorian ‘s track is actually going to stay offshore here in florida. over the last few days we have been preparing for the possibility of a direct hit at the latest models seem to keep this storm off shore where it may be hugging the coast and were certainly the state could be four did i some of the bands of the storm the state could avoid a direct hit. so at this point, if the storm does make la ndfall point, if the storm does make landfall it appears headed more north, possibly georgia or the carolina finesse. earlier today we saw the governor of south carolina declare a state of emergency in his state and don't be mistaken, here in
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florida people are not letting their guard down, knowing that they could feel the impacts of this storm in some way. it has also been so unpredictable. the past changes every day we have been here so certainly the storm could change course again and everyone here remains on standby. you say they remains on standby. you say they remain on standby. what precautions have been ta ken? remain on standby. what precautions have been taken? for the most part, the usual things that we see with these types of storms. over the last few days people have made a run on stores trying to get food and water, suppliers, flashlights and batteries, generators. in this area here of coco beach, the traffic is light. you can probably see behind me there is really no—one here on the beach right now and this is a holiday weekend for us here in the united states, the labour day weekend. so normally you would find more people out here on the beach but that is not the case as many
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people have left and gone inland to avoid the impact of the storm. that being said, earlier today we were out at port canaveral, one of the world ‘s largest poor where they have commercial traffic, cruise ships in the last of those cruise ships in the last of those cruise ships we witnessed left today and now effectively that port has been shut down. they are not allowing any more traffic in and out and will be operating in a limited capacity. nearly two million people in the indian state of assam have effectively been stripped of their citizenship after being left off a newly published register of indian nationals. residents were asked to prove they had lived there since 1971 when neighbouring bangladesh declared its independence. it's home to around ten million muslims, many of whom are suspected by india's hindu nationalist government of being illegal migrants. our india correspondent rajini vaidya nathan
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sent this report. lining up to find out if they still belong in the country they call home. if they are not on this list, they are not considered citizens, their fate decided by a paper printout. none of asiya khatoon‘s family of nine has been included. "i'm an indian citizen. i should be on it", she says. it's the same for salma. "what do i do? i'd rather die than go to a detention camp". best known for its tea, assam is one of india's poorest states. resentment towards illegal immigrants from neighbouring bangladesh runs high, which is why everyone's been asked to prove their citizenship, and that's left many terrified. one evening last november, maliha went to look for her husband, shamshul, after he did not return from a walk. she found him here,
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in this paddy field. she sobs. maliha said shamshul killed himself, fearing his family wouldn't make the citizenship list. "on our land, they are like termites". that's amit shah, now india's home minister, describing illegal immigrants earlier this year. his party, the ruling hindu nationalist bjp, is pledging to expand the assam—style crackdown across india, promising amnesty for illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries, of most religions except muslims. india is the only land for the hindus. that is why our government is very much determined to protect the hindus who came from pakistan, who came from bangladesh, due to the religious persecutions. critics believe this citizenship exercise is nothing more than a drive to remove muslims from india.
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translation: they are trying to make india a hindu state and curtail the rights of muslims. that's why we are scared. what now for the nearly two million people here in assam who have been left disenfranchised ? if they lose their appeals and are declared foreigners, then what? there aren't enough detention centres to house them all, and if they are deported, then where to? bangladesh has already said it won't take anyone. the fate of millions remains in the balance. what started as an exercise over identity could become a crisis of humanity. rajini vaidyanathan, bbc news, assam. the french formula 2 racing driver anthoine hubert has died in a crash at spa—francorchamps in belguim. the 22—year—old was hit at high speed by another car on the second lap of the race after having already gone off into the barriers.
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the fia says the other driver is in a stable condition and receiving treatment in hospital. jordan king is a formula 2 driver for mp motorsport. he was behind hubert when the accident happened. he spoke to my colleague stephen nolan. it is an emotional time for everybody in the sport and messages are flooding in from all over the world. it really shows you how tightknit the community that most sport is. but to be literally metres away from it is... is hard to put into words, as you can see. what memories do you have of him? this the first time i raced head to head with him and we had many great titles on the track. there have been a few races where we finished almost alongside each other. he always had
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alongside each other. he always had a big smile on his face and happy to shake your hand afterwards. he is definitely one of the good guys on the grid and he will be sorely missed by everybody and i will definitely miss racing against him. there is a lot going through my head and the incident itself is playing on repeat. i will not comment on the exact details. i have got my own reservations of what happened. but, yeah, these cars are as safe as they can be and they are as strong as they can be. it was a coincidence of three orfour incidents they can be. it was a coincidence of three or four incidents that ended up three or four incidents that ended up with this final result. jordan king speaking to my colleague stephen nolan. we will have more on the shootings in texas and the latest on the storm dorian as it approaches land. back with the headlines in a couple of
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minutes. you can reach me on twitter — i'm @lvaughanjones. hello there. sundays first day of meteorological autumn. and for the early days of september it will feel a little on the chilly side. we have this band of cloud that swept across the country yesterday. it is behind that that we are drawing in this cooler and fresher air on a north—westerly breeze and that will bring some more showers, particularly across northern ireland and scotland overnight. in between those showers there is still a chance of catching the northern lights. further south across the uk will have some longer and clear skies. with the cool air coming down, temperatures drop away. it
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will be chillier than last night, 7-9d will be chillier than last night, 7—9din will be chillier than last night, 7—9d in towns and cities cooler in rural -- 7—9d in towns and cities cooler in rural —— rural areas. a sunny start for many parts of england and wales with scattered shales that make showers. thunderstorms pushing across scotland and england towards the wash. few showers for the midlands. staying dry in southern england and temperatures may reach 20 degrees. further north with the showers it is a call 15 or 16 but at least it will not be as windy on sunday. the heavy showers should clear away from eastern areas and another band of cloud and showers pushes through heading towards scotland. some breaks in the cloud overnight and again another chilly one, particularly in north—eastern scotla nd one, particularly in north—eastern scotland where temperatures could drop to three degrees or so. entered a new week and we will replace the north—westerly wind with some mild cloudy west south—westerly wind. around that area of high pressure and feeling in those with hiding in the rain again western areas. england and wales, as i start to
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chilly, clouding overfrom the england and wales, as i start to chilly, clouding over from the west and the rain coming into northern ireland scotland into cumbria, some quite wet weather late in the day did 15 degrees in glasgow, 22 in london and the south a touch warmer on monday i think it this weather pattern through monday into tuesday, we still have the brisk wind of the atla ntic we still have the brisk wind of the atlantic and a lot of weather fronts on the scene. essentially it is northern and western areas that will have most of the cloud, but a chance of catching some rain and that rank could be heavy again over western parts of scotland. very little if any rain through the midlands east anglia in the south—east and temperatures similar to those on monday. heading towards the middle pa rt monday. heading towards the middle part of the week however the wind direction will change again with high pressure to the west of the uk, drawing down cool fresh north—westerly wind bringing sunshine and some showers.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: there have been more violent clashes in hong kong between police and protesters after tens of thousands of people defied a ban to march through the city. police confirmed two officers fired live rounds into the air during operations to clear protesters from the streets. tens of thousands of people have held demonstrations across the uk in protest at prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament for five weeks in the run up to brexit. the government insists it's acting properly, but critics say it's an attempt to bypass democracy. hurricane dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm, threatening to cause catastrophic damage to the bahamas. a storm surge and winds in excess of 200km/h could directly hit the islands within hours. forecasters say it's likely to skirt florida's east coast early next week.


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