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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 8, 2019 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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now it's time for a look at the weather with darren bett. hello there. it has been warm in the sunshine today, a little chilly when the cloud comes over. we will find more cloud arriving overnight from the north—west. that will bring rain as well. initially across scotland and northern ireland, then moving into western england and wales, quite heavy rain at times. with much more cloud around tonight, it is not as chilly as last night, except perhaps in east anglia where we will have clearer skies for a bit longer. but tomorrow is quite a messy day, cloudy day, some outbreaks of rain, some rain pushing into eastern england, for northern areas the rain eases off through the afternoon, it may brighten up a touch. but the wettest weather continues to be in wales and the south—west. some heavy rain, possibly thundery, and it will a chilly day under that cloud. temperatures only 1a, 15 degrees in many areas, for tuesday, things look a little brighter. there is a bit of cloud here that might produce one or two showers, but on the whole it's a drier day, with some sunshine.
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it will feel quite a lot warmer as well, but there is some wet and windy weather there in the north—west later on. hello, this is bbc news. iam martine i am martine croxall. the headlines: amber rudd quits borisjohnson‘s cabinet, attacking his handling of brexit —
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the government insists it is doing all it can to get a new deal. you might expect in the balance between getting a deal and no deal, 50—50 in terms of work, but it's not that. it's, like, 80, 90% of government time going into preparing for no—deal. we are working wholeheartedly, straining every sinew to get a deal, and the prime minister is personally putting in all the significant effort you would expect. peace talks between the taliban and the us are called off — president trump blames a deadly attack in the afghan capital, kabul. hours to go before british airways pilots go on strike, affecting up to 300,000 passengers. joy for australia — they've retained the ashes, after bowling out england on the final day of the fourth test at old trafford. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. the headlines: australia retain the ashes, as england fail to bat out the final day of the fourth test. leclerc reigns supreme as ferrari come out on top at monza. a winning start as chelsea topple spurs in style. also coming up: we look ahead to the men's singles final at the us open final — can rafa nadal edge to within one of roger federer‘s record? and there's a familiar feeling for mo who makes it six in a row at the great north run.
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good evening. australia have retained the ashes. england needed to bat out the final day of the fourth test to keep the series alive, but lost their last wicket with a little over 13 overs of the match remaining. it hands australia a 2—1 lead with one match in the series remaining. andy swiss is at old trafford. andy, it was a thrilling finish, wasn't it? england's lower order doing the best, but it was always going to be a tall order, and so it proved. it was ultimatelyjust a miracle too far as far as england we re miracle too far as far as england were concerned this summer, john. you are right, it was always going to bea you are right, it was always going to be a pretty tall order to survive the whole of the final day, particularly losing to rick at yesterday, and that's exactly how it turned out to be —— particularly losing those neck wickets yesterday.
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ben stokes out, the hero of headingley, he quickly wins. at that point, this seems to be no way back for england. the impressive half—ce ntu ry for england. the impressive half—century give them some hope. at that point, england fans perhaps starting to believe, but once again the wickets started to fall. jonny ba i rstow, for the wickets started to fall. jonny bairstow, for 25. then josh the wickets started to fall. jonny bairstow, for 25. thenjosh butler had —— then jos —— thenjos buttler had a go. ultimately, the last to go was craig overton. england 197 all out. they had battled really hard. it wasn't until quarter past 6pm that australia got that winning wicket, but ultimately it wasn't to be. it is australia that retain the ashes, andi is australia that retain the ashes, and i think the mutuals will
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certainly agree they have the been the better team of the course of this ashes series. just looking at those pictures of the australia team celebrating. in the back, we see steve smith. at times, it has felt like steve smith versus england. it really has been his series so far. it has. steve smith has been the difference, because they are quite similar. both batting sides on the vulnerable side, but steve smith has been the exception to that. he got 82 yesterday. that was the lowest score the entire series from steve smith the entire series. ready remarkable. he averaged well over 100 this series. particularly since he served a one—year suspension for his role in the ball tampering
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scandal, he proves... for the moment, andy swiss @ old trafford for us, thank you. looking to go on a high and finish that last test. ferrari's charles leclerc won a dramatic italian grand prix at monza — the team's first on home soilfor nine years. after a race—long battle, he just held of the mercedes of valtteri bottas and lewis hamilton, for his second victory in a row. adam wild has more. there is nowhere in formula 1 quite like monza. nowhere is the passion, the expectation more keenly felt than with those in the scarlet red of ferrari. it's been almost a decade since their last home victory, all the high hopes now resting with charles leclerc. at 21, he has the road ahead of him — but at monza, everyone else behind, including ferrari team—mate sebastian vettel, his hopes left in a spin. in trouble first on the track, and then for the way he got back on it.
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a penalty ending his chances. now leclerc just had to stay ahead of mercedes. where one is driven by lewis hamilton, that is quite some feat. hamilton would try again, only to find it ended any hopes he had. valtteri bottas couldn't catch leclerc‘s ferrari either, sparking wild celebrations off and on the track. monza, a town once more painted red. adam wild, bbc news. can rafa nadal move to within one of roger federer‘s haul of 20 grand slam titles? he faces danil medvedev in the final of the us open in the next few hours, a player who's featuring in a major finalfor the first time. russell fuller is in new york. we have of course spoken a lot about records this week, serena williams hoping to draw level with margaret court's record. she fell short. is there enough in the evidence to think rafa nadal get over the line
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to get himself within one of roger federer‘s record? to get himself within one of roger federer's record? the doll is a clear favourite going into the spinal. danil medvedev is the fifth seed and it is the fourth final in a i’ow seed and it is the fourth final in a row he is reached in north america, but in the doll is looking to play really well. he has only dropped one set. —— but in the doll is looking really well. last year, he had to pull out because of a knee problem with his semifinal with del potro. medvedev, what a few weeks he has had. he seems indefatigable. he keeps on winning! i think he will certainly not disappoint in this final. and of course we saw bionca andreescu upset serena williams. do
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we think medvedev has the game to do the same to nadal? his game style is described as game sloppy by another top ten, and medvedev says, yes, thatis top ten, and medvedev says, yes, that is what i try to do, to make my opponent miss. he takes giant strides around the court, run down a lot of balls. he can be a bit of a defensive wall at times. nadal is himself good at that as well. i think medvedev is proved throughout this us open he has great power, endurance to last of those long matches. russell fuller live in new york for us. that's our correspondence, rough and the dow due to be out on court at 9pm at flushing meadows —— rafael nadal do
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to be out on court. chelsea's women played a super league match at stamford bridge for the first time this afternoon — and they enjoyed a winning start to their season. they beat league newcomers tottenham 1—0, thanks to a brilliant strike from bethany england. our sports correspondent natalie pirks reports. a familiar rivalry inafamiliarsetting. with chelsea handing out free tickets, 211,000 fans turned up at stamford bridge eager to see this opening day derby. they didn't have long to wait before they saw some action. here's england. a stunner! last season's top scorer starting where she left off with a worldy, just one week after making her england debut. it's spurs's first season in the top flight, but they were determined to leave their mark. chelsea needed to exert their dominance but the woodwork, well, it was having none of it. despite a great atmosphere, 2018's champions felt a little flat. but in front of a crowd five times bigger than the previous record, chelsea's win was all the more special. in front of this crowd and on this pitch, it's unbelievable. i'm so proud of the girls.
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we came here, we wanted the three points, we got them. the world cup made new fans of women's football this summer. now the trick is to keep coming. natalie pirks, bbc news. defending champions arsenal began their title defence with a win. an equally impressive strike helping them to it, england's beth mead with arsenal's first in a 2—1 over west ham. mead's england teammate fara williams scored for reading just before half time, to give them a 1—0 victory over liverpool. and everton started with a win. they beat birmingham 1—0 — thanks to an own goal from kerys harrop. and you can see highlights from the weekend's action on the women's football show tonight at 10.30pm on bbc one. let's have a look at some of the other stories making the headlines today. england's paul casey has won his first european tour
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title for five years. it came at the european open in hamburg. he finished one shot clear of a group including scotland's bob macintyre. edinburgh flankerjamie ritchie will remain in scotland when the rest of the squad flies out to japan tomorrow but could still make the rugby world cup. he suffered a facial injury during their warm—up victory over georgia on friday. and great britain'sjonathan rea's opened up a 91—point lead in the world superbike championship. he won two of the weekend's three races in portugal but he was pipped by his closest challenger alvaro bautista in the final race. rea is chasing a record fifth consecutive title. mo farah has become the first athlete to win the great north run six years in a row. the a—time olympic champion beat off competition from tamarit tola of ethiopia to win the race in 59 minutes and seven seconds.
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that's both his fastest time at the great north run and his fastest ever half marathon time. i have really enjoyed obviously, finishing off the great north run, but last couple of years, it has been, you know, kind of middle of the marathon preparation. so i've got five weeks to chicago. it was good to test myself. i am sure i'll have a chat with gary and go through a few more things, what i need to do for chicago, but i think things are looking good. so i'm happy with a win today. kenyan runner brigid kosgei won the women's race, smashing the world record in a time of one hour, 4 minutes and 28 seconds. she also won the london marathon earlier this year, she took 23 seconds off the old mark. it was a double win for britain in the wheelchair race as multiple paralympic champion david weir won the men's title for the eighth time. jadejones—hall won the women's wheelchair race. pippa funnell has won the burghley horse trials — her first major win for 1h years. the multiple olympic medallist led from start to finish on grafton street. she could afford one fence down
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in the final show—jumping phase, but she stayed clear the rest of the course, beating her british team—mate piggy french by a tenth of a penalty point. that's all from sportsday. now it's time for click. 50 years after the first humans landed on the moon, a new space race is under way. but today, it is notjust nations that are competing to put ships and people into space. private companies are getting in on it as well. in fact, they are leading the charge.


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