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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 21, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines. jeremy corbyn has quashed an attempt to oust tom watson as the deputy leader of the labour party — a row which has overshadowed the start of the party's conference in brighton. i was disappointed. i'm glad it was swiftly close because in a massive room of delegates the yearning here is to get on with the job at hand. which is a green of the policy to go into the election. iran reacts defiantly — in response to the us sending troops and missile defence systems to saudi arabia and the uae — after last week's attack on saudi oilfacilities. the travel firm thomas cook has approached the government for emergency funding, as it tries to avoid going into administration, leaving
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customers facing uncertainty. teenage climate activist greta thunberg arrives to cheering crowds at a youth summit on climate change in new york — ahead of the un general assembly next week. and in football — kevin de bruyne is the latest to help man city score a massive eight goals against watford. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has quashed an attempt to oust tom watson as his deputy — following an angry backlash from mps. the grassroots group, momentum, had tabled a motion at the party's ruling national executive committee, to abolish mr watson's role — but this morning the nec backed
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mr corbyn‘s proposal to reveiw the position instead. tom watson described the ploy to remove him — as a "sectarian attack". our political correspondent, nick eardley, reports. what does he want to be talking about? the nec agreed this morning that we are going to consult on the future, of diversifying the deputy leadership positions to reflect the diversity of our society... policies? his plan for government? definitely. the green industrial revolution, green new deal that we are putting forward... factional infighting, getting rid of his deputy, probably not. tom watson is the deputy leader of the party and i enjoy working with him. but, as labour gets ready for its annual conference, it's an internal row that is dominating, after mr corbyn‘s left—wing backers in momentum tried to oust tom watson by scrapping his deputy leader position. it's a straight sectarian attack
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on a broad—church party and it is moving us into a different kind of institution, where pluralism isn't tolerated, where factional observance has to be adhered to completely, and it is kind of completely going against the traditions the labour party has had for 100 years. some of mr corbyn‘s allies have been angry at mr watson for publicly contradicting the leader in recent months. but the timing of this plot, potentially just weeks before a general election, left others furious. i think lots of people will be frustrated that this move from a small section, from a small clique, is actually undermining jeremy corbyn‘s ability to get the message across about the transformative policies that a labour government will introduce. but, just as quickly as the plot
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emerged, it was off. at this meeting of labour's executive, jeremy corbyn ordered a review into the deputy leader position. the can has been kicked down the road. we want to review our democratic structures. we think that is the right thing to do. labour conference is only just getting under way, and already the deep splits in the party are on show for everyone to see. our political correspondent nick eardley is at brighton — i asked him how the nature of this conference's opening was being assessed by the labour party. it is indeed, and is not after the start the deliberate leadership would have been hoping for. they wa nt to would have been hoping for. they want to talk about policies and want to talk about their big ideas for government if he can win that general election, which we think will take place before the end of the year. but instead they are talking again about factionalism.
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it's that reminder that the labour party is deeply split over the future would look like. jeremy corbyn public critics are still there and they have been putting their tongues and some in the party frankly want rid of them. just as that one row is going away another is emerging over this policy and brea ks is emerging over this policy and breaks it. the going to discuss the plan in the next day or so but we have for voters in a snap general election on a big issue of the day. the plan that has been discussed by the executive with the labour try and negotiate a new brexit deal if they want power within three months of taking office. within six months we would then put that new deal to a referendum against the idea of remaining in the european union. the problem is the party wants to keep its own view on whether you should back remain or a new deal until after the general election.
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potentiallyjeremy corbyn is going to go into that election without having said what his preference is on brexit. some don't think that's good enough and will try to force his hand over the course of this conference. earlier we caught up with the shadow brexit secretary, here is what he had to say. with the shadow brexit secretary, here is what he had to saylj with the shadow brexit secretary, here is what he had to say. i think it has been dealt with and withdrawn swiftly, and that's right and i'm glad about that. what we need to do i'iow glad about that. what we need to do now is discuss the policies of the programme that we need going into a general election. the focus has to be on what doing going forward. do you think the whole episode was a mistake? i'm glad it was swiftly closed. in a massive room of delegatesjust now the closed. in a massive room of delegates just now the yearning closed. in a massive room of delegatesjust now the yearning here is to get on with the job at hand which is a green analysis. in going to that election. do you hope this ends up with labour being a full
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throated remain party?” ends up with labour being a full throated remain party? i think the move to have a referendum with remain and as the best believe deal to be negotiated as a way for the party to be supported. even if there isa party to be supported. even if there is a party that ingrid voted and wanted to leave. that's a massive step. there are no other issues that we got to deal with. the point of the next few days is to listen to the next few days is to listen to the members here and have that discussion and come up with an agreed position and that's what i am in the middle of this weekend. do you want them to come out fully remain in the next election? many party members want us to be campaigning for remain. need to listen to what they're saying. we need to listen across the membership and my focus of the moment is can i get to this position and around? thank you. there will be attempts of the next few days to putjeremy corbyn into a position where he's taking a
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stronger line in favour of remain. some in the party are adamant that labour party is to do well, general election has to be unequivocally in favour of staying in the european union. it's complicated, not everybody in the party agrees there are some who think it would be a betrayal to break the voters in this compromise of funny referendum and not exactly how they would campaign in that referendum is a good policy, compromise policy to take into the general election. only a couple of hours since the labour conference started and already massive fights over personality and policy. it's going to continue. let's go live to brighton now where we can talk to michael chessum a national organiser forthe campaign group, ‘another europe is possible'. which is in favour of remaining in the eu from what it describes as a progressive perspective. thank you
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for speaking to us here in bbc news. all this activity around this plot around tom watson and the bid to oust him is a bit of a distraction, isn't it? i think it is. i am someone isn't it? i think it is. i am someone that has no particular trouble with his record and i'm very much on the left of the party. i hope to see what was happening and said are we really going to delete the deputy leaderfrom said are we really going to delete the deputy leader from the constitution? it was an extraordinary move. broadly speaking there's a point here which is that there's a point here which is that the leader and the deputy leader are not accountable enough to members, they are only accountable in the end to mps who are allowed to trigger a leadership work deputy leadership contest. i understand and agree with the need for members themselves to have the right to get rid of the leader or deputy leader. it's true to say to watson who has made himself pretty unpopular in recent months. before we move on do you think, jeremy corbyn, he's the leader of the party and did you
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think he would have known whatjohn was up to you and if not why not?” have no particular inside knowledge, but what i would say is the momentum and the leadership of the later party are not always in tune. they had quite a dramatic bus stop on last yea r‘s conference had quite a dramatic bus stop on last year's conference floor so it is not necessarily the case that the party leadership is aligned on this case. i think they rightly have an independent path through the leadership. it's not necessarily the case that he was in on this. you are not happy about this and ec statement. you put out a tweet to saying we are not being fudged, we will fight fudged. what fudge? describe what you're talking about here. the labour party has already crossed the rubicon. already made the shift towards backing a public vote with the remain option. it
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would be absurd in that referendum with 90% of our members wanting to stay in the eu and our voters demanding clarity, it would have leaf seats and remain seats. and the overwhelming majority of the front bench backing remain, united behind the idea that there is no better deal than remaining in the eu. everybody knowing that we are remain party but somehow trying to keep a bridge of neutrality over what is absolutely an essential issue for the working class communities we represent. they have a moral duty to say what they think never the best thing for working—class people are migrants in the environment is for us migrants in the environment is for us to stay in the eu, which we have to campaignfor us to stay in the eu, which we have to campaign for that. even asking for delegates to vote on their brexit priorities. do you know how thatis brexit priorities. do you know how that is going? we will get the
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results very shortly and will come through on my phone while i'm on air probably. brexit has deftly been prioritised. a couple of years ago there was a move to make sure it wasn't discussed at all but we are certain it is on the agenda now. we will wait and see what those results are. thank you very much indeed. the tour operator, thomas cook, has asked the government for financial help — as it tries to avoid collapse. britain's oldest package holiday firm, could fall into administration this weekend — unless it finds 200 million pounds to secure a rescue deal. a collapse could leave around 150,000 british holidaymakers stranded. katie prescott has more. it's a low season for thomas cook — in more ways than one. the weak pound makes it more expensive for it to buy the flights and hotels it pays for in euros and dollars. it is in a competitive market where profits are small and it has a lot of costs — hundreds of shops and 22,000 staff.
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now heading into the winter period, the debt—laden company has a cash flow crisis. if we book a holiday with thomas cook, we will pay for it before we go, obviously, but they actually do not pay the hotel until after we are back, so they pay 60 to 90 days later, which means that everybody that went on holiday through the summer, it is now that thomas cook is beginning to have to pay the hotels. they simply can't and if they can't pay the suppliers, then the company faces a pretty tough time. the company lenders say it needs an extra £200 million on top of the money it's already secured for a bailout. with a vote on that lifeline next friday, the company is hoping it can get over the next few days to reach that finish. it's a nervous time for customers. we just don't know what the situation is. we will either have a flight back and get back to manchester and be
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fortunate or things could collapse in the next couple of days or hours and we have nothing to go back on, so it's just a case of waiting, really. if the company goes into administration, their 150,000 uk package holiday customers will be brought home and those who've booked holidays will be refunded. katie prescott, bbc news. i've been speaking to helen coffey, deputy travel editor at the independent, and i started by asking her when customers would finally hear from thomas cook. i think they are still desperately scrambling around to find this 200 million that we keep hearing about and it is not over until it's over basically. they will want to show their hand until they know for sure they tried every avenue and it's not going to happen. i think the real date is next friday and there do to have this meeting with their creditors and it's crucial. in may
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will be over before then. we are not sure yet. why is it the private sector to what we understand beetles are coming out, private sector companies have stepped away from any rescue package? they walked away from talks and they are involved in some sort of rescue package. one of he hesitant about and what do they know? this chinese company that said it would provide about a50 million, they are saying that's not off the table but the fact is they have changed their offers to before they're going to let investors have shares in that company instead of thomas cook they have rescinded that offer and i think that's actually scared off a lot of investors in private equity because they're like well, i don't want shares in thomas cook at the moment. there is this argument is that the repatriation of the holiday—makers that are currently abroad could actually cost more than the rescue package, the funds that they are asking for. is
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that likely to win the argument you think? i'm not sure it will am estimated in my cost 600 million to fight everyone back and maybe the government should bail them out. now that's not completely off the table but the noises we are hearing is is not particularly likely because in fa ct not particularly likely because in fact it sets a bit of a precedent for us and traditionally our government does not step in and help companies out, not like germany did with them and they don't get involved. they're going to have to do it every time a company is on the rocks possibly. what's the role of the caa in this? we are hearing about project matterhorn. what are they going to do? if it does go wrong we are already getting prepared. they've done it when others went bust. they set up a shadow airline that mimics thomas cook to get everyone home. doing as
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possible to see what they have done to get back to the uk. you mentioned it to be getting there we are likely to hearan it to be getting there we are likely to hear an announcement on friday. is that right? if not before then. what would be the chain of events. what would be the chain of events. what happens next after going into administration? it's difficult to say to be honest. holiday—makers will be thinking i need to know right now and they can be reassured that people can get them home but it will have to wait for them to do a huge logisticaljob of deciding how eve ryo ne huge logisticaljob of deciding how everyone is going to get back, but they will hear and it will be around to the date that they were due to depart from their holiday, but i'm afraid there's going to be so many things going on there will have to be more patient in that scenario. the teenage climate activist, greta thunberg is attending
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a youth summit on climate change in new york ahead of the un general assembly. the united nations is hosting young people discussing what actions should be taken to tackle climate change — a cause which brought millions of people around the world onto the streets in demonstrations on friday. the un secretary general antonio guterres said he would listen to their concerns. let's go to our correspondent nada tawfik who is in new york. a great event for the youth. yeah, absolutely. this is really the largest gathering of youth on climate that the un has absurd or hosted. the secretary—general said he knows his generation has failed the youth that he wants to give them a platform to put their own solutions forward. we are seeing more than a thousand youth here from all across the world coming and giving their concerns and hoping
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that will be translated into action, and one of the young participants is with me now. jacob was invited here and jacob, how important is it for you and other youth to have a chance to put a voice to your concerns to world leaders here? it's absolutely vital. we need to be at the table addressing the solution and addressing the solution and addressing the solution and addressing the problem. where the first generation that it will feel the effects of this even though some are already feeling the effects of oui’ are already feeling the effects of ourideas are already feeling the effects of our ideas need to be at the table and it's very inspiring to be here with people from so many walks of life. you've been working on this issue for some time. what you think needs to happen? the biggest policy isa needs to happen? the biggest policy is a carbon tax. as a few bills in congress and chancellor merkel put that in her planet plan. there's discussions around the globe on this issue and a very inspired by it. the secretary—general hopes that more than 60 countries will increase their pledges that they made to the
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paris climate accord, but here on monday present donald trump will not be there, as a young conservative american, how do you feel about that? i'm a bit disappointed in i would like him to be there to share out would like him to be there to share our voice, but would like him to be there to share ourvoice, but i'm inspired by the young conservatives who are addressing this issue in a hands on front line of it and present good solutions to the problem, and i think the party is shifting very quickly on this issue. we heard a lot of youth in the protest saying today they're out on the streets and tomorrow they will be voting. how concern is that to you as a republican that lawmakers could be putting the future of the party in jeopardy if they don't take these concerns seriously? have big concerns seriously? have big concerns because they don't want to lose our youth vote because they're so lose our youth vote because they're so vital but it would also inspired by the comes to that is the youth are notjust sitting back and saying things, they are getting heavily involved in changing the and running for local office and i think i'm very inspired and they're going to
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move the party forward. what you make of some of the ideas you have heard from today? the secretary of duke gutierrez talked about putting a price on carbon and that's good to hear. some of the ideas coming in, google and microsoft are here and key players addressing those issues. those are some key ideas. a lot of passion here. greta addressed the crowd saying they have shown, they are united and are unstoppable. we will see if that action comes out of the meetings here on climate. thank you very much indeed in new york there. ten people have been arrested — after extinction rebellion protesters occupied one side of a dual carriageway in kent in an attempt to "blockade" the port of dover. the climate activists have also reportedly glued themselves to the surface of the a20 — where they're holding up cars. the "no food on a dying planet" action at dover is expected to be mirrored across the channel by other
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extinction rebellion groups. iran has warned that any military strike on its country, will lead to the destruction of the attacker. it comes after last week's attack on saudi oil production facilities — which the us has blamed on iran. major general hossein salami, reiterated tehran's defiance after the us announced it was sending more troops to shore up defences in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. translation: anyone who wants their nation to become a battlefield, they are welcome, but we will never allow war to be declared on iran. meanwhile saudi arabia says it will take appropriate steps to respond to an attack on its oil facilities if, as expected, its investigation confirms that iran is responsible. the saudi foreign minister adel al—jubair has been speaking this afternoon —
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he says the attack is still under investigation and the results will be presented soon. translation: more than 80 countries condemned that attack, describing it as a terrorist and aggressive attack, an unjustified attack. the kingdom of saudi arabia is working on an investigation and we are sure that these weapons are iranian weapons and we ask the united nations to send experts to contribute to the investigation. other countries also are participating in this investigation and the results will be shown soon. our security correspondent frank gardner has sent us this update from the saudi capital, riyadh. not surprisingly, the topic of iran has dominated the press conference just given here by saudi arabia's minister of state for foreign affairs. he blamed it for notjust last weekend's missile attacks but also
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more than 260 ballistic missiles fired from tehran's houthi allies in yemen, and more than 50 drone attacks. now is the time, he said, for saudi arabia to work in close liaison with britain. but iran sees saudi arabia's role in the yemen war as instrumental in stirring up problems with religion. both sides are accusing each other. there have been clashes between pro—democracy campaigners and the police in hong kong for the 16th weekend in a row. a march by thousands of people had official approval — but demonstrators say police forced it to end early — prompting some to throw petrol bombs at officers who used teargas to disperse the crowds. our china correspondent, stephen mcdonell sent us this report from hong kong.
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today's rally was cleared. that is, they had official permission for it, and yet again it's turned into one of these street battles. this week, a senior police officer told us that they are stretched to the absolute limit. they say they are handling this crisis but, if there was to be a greater escalation, the only way they could deal with it would be to eat into other areas of their police work. as the police detain protesters, there is a lot attention from the local media. this is especially the case given the amnesty international report that was released a few days ago, accusing the police of excessive force, which is something the officers here deny. but, given that, when they apprehend people, the media are on them. after being cleared out of other
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areas, protesters have come here to yuen long to mark two months since triad—connected gangs ambushed activists and, using home—made weapons, bashed them in the train station, and they've accused some police officers of colluding with those gangs. they've also accused some pro—beijing politicians of being linked to the underworld. this is why they want an independent enquiry, which is one of their key demands. you can hear them calling out now — five demands, not one less. organisers of a controversial loyalist parade in glasgow have attacked the city council's handling of the marching season. orange marches due last weekend were banned following rioting in the city last month. but the police warned there could be
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violence unless today's parades were allowed to go ahead. our correspondent, niall o'gallagher, is in glasgow? a day in the sun for loyalists or an act of intimidation against scotland's irish catholic minority? parades by the orange order and other protestant marching groups in the long—running contested tradition. margins forthis the long—running contested tradition. margins for this have long been tolerated here and accepted long been tolerated here and a cce pted by long been tolerated here and accepted by many as a fact of life in scotland's largest city after writing on the streets, the council put a stop to parades last weekend but after the police warned there could be violence, they said they we re could be violence, they said they were putting in an impossible position. right police included mounted officers after several hundred protesters disrupted an irish republican march here last month. the scenes, but the council to act. a protest followed but they
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decided they had no choice to let the march continued. it has to be considered on its merits in the first people we consult with other police and we have a really difficult conversation with them around about which of the two options they present themselves here are more likely to keep people safe. government was out in force to celebrate this every year. as you can see with the support... the police were everywhere today. they separates involving over a thousand marchers passed off without incident. i travel all over to take my kids because they are great. as far as my kids because they are great. as farasi my kids because they are great. as faras i can my kids because they are great. as far as i can see i'm not a bigot, and not anti—catholic. far as i can see i'm not a bigot, and not anti-catholic. they insist on playing songs with have clearly anti—catholic words or telling the irish community go home because the famine is over, this is an organisation which is inherently, structurally, culturally
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anti—catholic and there is no question about that. the roots of this tension run deep. the 21st century scotland still struggles with its history. fears that thousands people could storm the top secret us military base known as ‘area 51' last night turned out to be unfounded. more than 3 million responded to a facebook post injune, calling for people to raid the facility in nevada — in an attempt to uncover evidence of extra—terrestrial life. in the end, though, only around 75 people turned up, many of them in costume. no—one actually attempted to enter the site, which has long been the focus of conspiracy theories. now it's time for a look at the weather with lucy martin. while many of us saw some warm sunshine today, changes on the way, and already pushing to parts of south—west england, south—west wales, northern ireland, with some
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sharp showers. those showers are gradually working their way north and east, with more persistent rain pushing into south—west england and wales, and later northern ireland. ahead of that, it remains dry with some clear spells. temperatures dipping away a touch further here, but a mild night south and west. temperatures not getting much below 17 in cardiff. tomorrow looks more unsettled, with showers, some of them heavy and thundery, and more persistent rain gradually working north and east. stay largely dry for north—east scotland, brightening in the south—west, with sunny spells and some showers, and temperatures a touch cooler than today, a maximum of 23. next week looks fairly autumnal, with temperatures in the mid to high teens. bye—bye. hello, this is bbc news.
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the headlines. jeremy corbyn has quashed an attempt to oust tom watson as the deputy leader of the labour party —— a row which has overshadowed the start of the party's conference in brighton. i was disappointed and i am glad to disclosed and swiftly closed because there'd been a massive room of delegates and we have to get on at thejob at delegates and we have to get on at the job at hand which is a green their policies about programmes going into the election. iran reacts defiantly — in response to the us sending troops and missile defence systems to saudi arabia and the uae —— after last week's attack on saudi oilfacilities. the travel firm thomas cook has approached the government for emergency funding, as it tries to avoid going into administration, leaving customers facing uncertainty. teenage climate activist greta thunberg arrives to cheering crowds at a youth summit on climate change in new york, ahead of the un general
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assembly next week. and in football — kevin de bruyne is the latest to help man city score a massive eight goals against watford. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's olly. details of that record victory for manchester city and just a moment. there were three matches at the rugby world cup today, the new zealand head coach steve hansen said that ‘they have plenty of stuff to work on‘ but they have started the defence of their title with a win against south africa. 23—13 the final score in yokohama. our sports correspondent katie gornall was at the match. many believe there could have been an upset here, given south africa‘s form, but new sealant was ruthless. showing what they are the favourite to win this of their time in a row. they work under real pressure in the
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first 20 minutes, south africa on a penalty, but new zealand hit back almost immediately with two quick tribes, the first from george, the second from scott. a good night for the family pulling the strings from fall back in south africa, they‘re down by ia points at half—time, they did improve in the second half, he responded with the quick tribes their own, for peter and new zealand, just managed to keep them at arms length and they won by ten points in the end. to round off a morale boosting victory from them, they have never lost a world cup, that record continues but if south africa can improve, there is a chance that these two teams can meet again before too long. it was great, look the ball around a bit and sometimes a bit too much, those big greasy the end, but it‘s an expensive —— expense at rugby, but
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if we can keep going to this tournament, that is what we‘re here for. i don't think we started well today, we started doing well at the end of the kicking game and a little bit of physicality at the first half, the crew took too long to get into the game. france had a narrow win against argentina. it finished 23—21 in tokyo. the french had a 17 point lead at halftime, but the pumas fought back to take the lead replacement camille lopez won it for the french, hsi drop goal inside the last 10 minute saw them retake the lead. argentina missed a late penalty to win it and may now struggle to get out of pool c, that also includes england australia survived a scare against fiji in sapporo, they trailed for an hour of the match before the beaten finalists from a years ago ran in four second—half tries to eventually win 39—21. pep guardiola got the response from the players that he wanted after their defeat to norwich last weekend.
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the champions beat watford 8—nil at the etihad. they beat the same side 6—nil in the fa cup final, and this was their biggest win in the premier league. they were 5—nil up within 20 minutes. bernando silva scored hsi first prmier league hatrick. kevin de bruyne hit the eighth but couldn‘t make it nine that would have eqaulled manchester uniteds record in the premier league, when they beat ipswich in 1995. and what i like the most is after the second term, it could be so boring, people start to do what they wa nt boring, people start to do what they want but they have to, it was the com plete want but they have to, it was the complete opposite, we played more aggressive in the first half and more aggressive and we continued to try and score goals and i think that
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was a good day for our fans and supporters. leicester came from behind to beat spurs 2—1 at home in the lunchtime kick—off. that briefly lifted them to second in the table. eleanor roper reports totte n ha m tottenham took to the stadium for a disappointing start for the champions league campaign, and happy the men had not followed the game plan but today, a different game and a different plan. it match that once again showed us why they were introduced. disallowed in the home cloud dissolution. while the spurs might‘ve looked down, they definitely were not out, at least harry cain did not think so, scoring his fifth of the season, even lying down. into the second half the second goalfor
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down. into the second half the second goal for the down. into the second half the second goalfor the spurs down. into the second half the second goal for the spurs are so it seemed in at the big moment of the game, and forva seemed in at the big moment of the game, and for va are, another goal ruled out by the finest of martians. unbelievably the score was 1—0 into the equalise this for real and then in the late goal forjames madison gave them the victory, disappointment for the second time in the week for the spurs. he was just a case of preparing the players mentally for the game and we had to adapt to the system and we spoke at half—time and we worked on over the course of the preseason and the players deserve future credit because the quality that they showed was the most top class. it'sjust how it happens, we just play the game and we had to consider the second goal and we feel
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disappointed but we are to be working with the same motivation and of course, we have to keep in the game that is coming quick and we have to be ready. there are two other results, two early goals from chris wood saw burnley beat norwich. sheffield united won 2—nil at everton. newcastle and brighton havejust kicked off at st james‘ park. in the championship, leeds are still top of the table but they slipped up at home to derby, conceding a late equaliser leeds took the lead with a max lowe own goal. and they should have been home and dry in the second half, they missed a penlaty and wasted numerous other chances they paid for that as chris martin scored for derby in stoppage time — his first goal for the club in nearly two years. 1—all the final score swansea stay second in the table after they drew with bristol city. preston north end moved up to third with a 1—nil win at birmingham,
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while qpr go fourth after a 2—1 at milwall. there were also wins for cardiff, hull, nottingham forrest, blackburn and wigan. aberdeen have moved up to third in the scottish premiership after they beat livingston 2—nil away from home. ross county are fifth after a 2—1win at motherwell. st mirren and hamilton ended goalless. celtic and rangers both play tomorrow. ferrari‘s sharl leclair is looking for a hat—trick this weekend after claiming pole for the singapore grand prix. the 21 year old from monaco has won the last two races for ferrari from the front of the grid. he stormed round the marina bay street circuit to take pole by less than two tenths of a second from championship leader lewis hamilton. sebastian vettel will start from third in the other ferrari. it was a crazy lap, but ijust decided i‘m going to give it
5:40 pm
absolutely everything and what happens is if i‘m going into the wall i have to finish the lap and yet, few times i lost it by a match to keep it on track. there were a few mistakes, one point of seven second quicker than my previous lap and then i lost a little bit but at the end, i managed to finish up and unhappy. they are just so quick at the moment. in a bit of a class of their own in the last few races. i was not expecting that here but that is the case and i am really happy with the job that i case and i am really happy with the job that i did. case and i am really happy with the job that i did. and like you said, we we re job that i did. and like you said, we were nearly in the wall trying to get the lap. in the rugby union‘s premiership rugby cup, exeter chiefs beat bath 28—1a, a tries from them, all converted . three in the first half and barry karea went over for their final score in the last ten minutes. there were also wins for saracens, worcester warriors, london irish and sale
5:41 pm
the top women‘s league, the premier 15‘s starts today — the two time champions saracens won 35—22 at bristol. harlequins put 101 points past richmond without reply. also a big win for gloucester—hartbury at waterloo it‘s finals day at edgbaston in cricket‘s t20 blast. the defending champions, the worcestershire rapids beat the nottingham outlaws by one run in the first of the semi—finals it came down to the last ball, with notts chasing 1a8 they only needed one run to tie the match and they would have gone through because they had lost fewer wickets, but ben duckett couldn‘t manage that, and they will face essex in tonight‘s final. a much more comfortable win for them over derbyshire. after setting them 161 for victory they bowled them out for 126.
5:42 pm
that final starts at 6.a5 the spaniard jon rahm has the third round lead at the bmw championship at wentworth. he‘s on 16 under england‘s danny willet is second at the moment nearing the end of hsi round. he‘s 1a under, justin rose is a shot further behind . that‘s all the sport for now. i will be back with sports day at half past six. let‘s return briefly now to our main story. labour‘s deputy leader tom watson hasjust arrived in brighton for his party‘s conference. earlier today, the labour leader jeremy corbyn quashed a motion to oust his deputy by abolishing the position. instead, the role of deputy will now be reviewed. here‘s what tom watson had to say to reporters. iam i am particularly disappointed with
5:43 pm
the loss of momentum because i think he has not just the loss of momentum because i think he has notjust undermined me, think is undermined jeremy, the party and frankly has undermined the momentum of the delegates because they wanted to stop why do you thinkjeremy corbyn knew about this plot? i do not know what he did or did not know. for a0 years edward burtynsky has travelled the world capturing images of humanity‘s impact on the planet. his latest project, anthropocene, is a collaboration with film—makers and explores the idea proposed by some scientists that a new geological epoch shaped by human activity has begun. it was premiered last year in canada and will go on theatrical release in the us next week. as an artist, i am bearing witness to these places, these very surreal and unfamiliar worlds that exist to be able to create the conditions that we call contemporary life.
5:44 pm
i have travelled the world and have been travelling the world for over a0 years, looking at how we as humans are reshaping our planet. extractive industries like mining, quarries, deforestation and trying to capture them within single friends and also now within motion picture to try and tell the story of how we as humans, the dominant species of the planet are reshaping the planet. concrete is not found in nature but it is the number one techno— fossil. it is the number one thing that we are leaving behind that future civilization can find and say, we are in the anthropocene period of humans, plastics is another. another thing that we create that nature does not create.
5:45 pm
but we have also done positive stories. i did a whole shoot on some of the purest and most biodiverse coral in the whole world off of komodo island in indonesia, i also looked at the diversity in the forests and can‘t and the tasks of 10,000 forests and ca nada and the tusks of 10,000 elephants that were burned one day to send the signal to poachers. when i think art could do is say look, here it is, this is what it looks like. we are all part of this landscape, we all partake in the things from this landscape and a lot of the times people say, why do you show these disasters in such an aesthetic way? and i said, these are not disasters, this is business as usual. this is the world that we have created that so far we need to provide for the number of people that are here on the planet today. in the 80s, when it started, people were wondering why and what it is that i‘m doing and why am i treating this as a subject for art.
5:46 pm
but now, in the last decade, the conversation has stepped up as they start seeing more and more evidence of climate change, more and more people are recognising that this is something that is being brought on by human activity. i do believe that people are getting it, my hope is that as people become far more aware and start changing their own behaviour, so will governments and civil corporations. i don‘t see myself as an environmentalist per se, i have never taken a course on it or studied it at school, i‘d rather see the images that i make as points of departure for more complex conversations about now that we are here, what do we do. is a different way of engaging the problem without saying, you are good and you are bad, but we are all in this together.
5:47 pm
hello there. today could be the last day we see these kinds of temperatures until spring or summer next year. change is on the way and we have low pressure out towards the west and weather fronts waiting to push in, high—pressure tending to hold on and with the south south easterly breeze, that will help pick the temperatures up. so plenty of sunshine around through today, we are starting to see signs of change there with some sharp showers or southwest england, southern parts of wells, parts of northern ireland as well, some showers heavy infantry with a big deal of dry in fine weather through this afternoon with that south south easterly breeze. the temperature is warmest across the midlands, east anglia on the southeast, getting into the mid—20s but across the board, we‘re looking at temperatures in the high teens and low 20s. a touch cooler for the north sea coast. through the evening and overnight, you showers, some and overnight, you see showers, some still quite heavy and pushing their way north and east for more persistent rain falling behind that and then
5:48 pm
drier ahead of that for northern and eastern areas with some clear spells and temperatures dipping here, there will be a mild night it will see more unsettled weather pushing and with temperatures run 17 celsius in cardiff, as we go into tomorrow and tomorrow is looking more unsettled than today, though showers continue to work north and east with that more persistent rain pushing north and heavier and persistent for a time. far northeast of scotland, staying largely drive some sunny spells and behind that there was some sunny spells and behind that there was some sunny spouses wanted to showers, temperatures at a maximum of 23 celsius. as you move monday, that initial court from cliffs toward the northeast and drier interlude for the next weather front is not far away, so here is how it looks through monday with some showers clear to the northeast, been more cloudy here and drier interlude with some sunny spells and then more unsettled weather feeding to the south and southwest as the day wears on, temperatures generally in the high teens, just reaching 22
5:49 pm
in the high teens, just reaching 20 celsius in the south east, and next week it is fairly unsettled picture. some showers are spells of rain which would be quite breezy at times and temperatures generally sitting to the mid to high teens and that is how it is looking. goodbye.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
good evening. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has intervened in an attempt to oust tom watson as his deputy, in a row that‘s overshadowed the start of labour‘s conference in brighton. the grassroots group, momentum, had tabled a motion at the party‘s ruling national executive committee to abolish tom watson‘s role. but this morning the nec backed jeremy corbyn‘s proposal to review the position instead. tom watson likened the ploy to remove him as a "sectarian attack". our political correspondent iain watson reports. despite the smiles, friends of the labour leader said he was livid when he found out of plans last night by fellow left—wingers to oust his deputy, tom watson. there is no love lost between them but it is also on the eve of an expected election and that was politically dangerous and
5:52 pm
today he said he would rather review tom watson‘s than abolish it. today he said he would rather review tom watson's than abolish it. we are going to consult on the future of diversifying the leadership positions to reflect the diversity of our society. he is the deputy leader of the party and i enjoy working with him. tom watson set up a group of moderate mps in the party and he has accused some of his left—wing opponents of trying to politically assassinate him. left—wing opponents of trying to politically assassinate himlj left—wing opponents of trying to politically assassinate him. i think it is very sad, we are supposed to be here this week to fight boris johnson and outline our positive vision for the country in a general election and it has been undermined on day one. i want this week to be the most positive one we can have, i wa nt the most positive one we can have, i want us to unify and talk about plans for the country during and after the general election. we have had a bad start and i cannot do anything about that, but i hope... this left—wing union leader said he understood some of the frustrations about tom watson. our deputy leader
5:53 pm
is supposed to support the leader in any organisation and there is a perception that tom does not do that. that on occasion manifests itself in frustration but jeremy corbyn came in and calmed everyone down. it is fair to say that the atmosphere has been heating up inside the labour party. make no mistake, if tom watson have been forced out of his position as deputy leader, could have seen a pre—election crisis in the main party of opposition and potentially even a split. this row has almost overshadowed the argument about brexit, almost. labourruling national executive drew up its preferred policy for brexit this morning. passed by the party conference would mean that a labour government would negotiate a new brexit deal in its first three months. they would then hold a referendum on the deal within six months, but with the option to remain on the ballot paper. but crucially, this would mean the party would not decide whether to back
5:54 pm
leave or remain until after general election. we say no! the trouble for jeremy corbyn is that many of his top team have already made up their minds and they‘re making it very clear what they will be sane during the general election campaign. what do you think of the idea of labour campaigning for labour leave version of brexit? we must make sure that we laid at the campaign to remain! divisions between major figures laid at the campaign to remain! divisions between majorfigures in the same party and arguments of a brexit, approaching the general election it would appear that labour and the conservatives have some things in common after all. ian watson reporting there. saudi arabia says it will respond with "necessary measures" to attacks on two of its oil facilities last weekend and has again accused of iran being behind them. iran denies involvement and earlier said it was ready to destroy any aggressor after the us announced
5:55 pm
it was sending troops to saudi arabia. frank gardner reports from riyadh. punctured bond punctu red bond and punctured bond and blasted, the graphic aftermath of last weekend ‘s attack on saudi refineries. the pinpointed attack quickly blamed by the us on iran temporarily knocked out half of saudi arabia‘s oil processing capacity. iran denies responsibility but today this revolutionary guards commander issued a fiery warning against any possible retaliation. translation: a limited aggression will not remain limited. we will punish you and follow you. we have shown we will not rest until the aggressor is destroyed. in the us has held off limit —— military action instead imposing sanctions on the iranian bank and its central wealth fund and it is sending additional troops to defend saudi arabia. at a press conference today in the saudi capital, the minister
5:56 pm
of state welcome this move. in addition to this we have also had strong cooperations with a number of other allies, particularly the uk andi other allies, particularly the uk and i think that the challenges that we are facing now call for enhancing security cooperation between the kingdom of saudi arabia and its allies and partners. the saudi government has welcomed the deployment of additional us troops to bolster their defences. now is the time, said the minister, for his company —— country to work closely with the us and britain. he said that iran was to blame for all the recent missile attacks in his country. many had expected president trump to respond more forcefully to this crisis. instead, he has listened to saudi calls for restraint, but with tension still high, a single incident could change all that overnight. frank gardner, bbc news, riyadh. uncertainty remains
5:57 pm
about the future of the uk‘s oldest travel company, thomas cook . union leaders have urged the government to step in to prevent the firm from collapsing, which could leave tens of thousands of british holidaymakers stranded abroad. but government sources suggest ministers are reluctant for a taxpayer funded bailout. every schoolchild should get to spend a night under the stars in a national park or area of outstanding beauty that‘s according to a government report which also says more money needs to be spent on national parks and in creating new ones. angus crawford has more. extraordinary beauty in a fragile landscape. england‘s iconic national parks, facing serious problems, like lack of affordable housing, poor transport links, environmental decay. people who visit them may love them, but not enough get the chance. people in our country come and love places like this wonderful spot in the peak district we are in today. millions of people enjoy it, but millions don‘t. today‘s report calls for a new national parks body and a ranger service.
5:58 pm
a visit scheme for every child in the country and easier access for people from all backgrounds. i think i hear all the time that i am scared to go up there, i don't know what to do or maybe it is not for me, but ijust want to encourage people. it is for everybody. the authors make a simple equation, preserving natural beauty fosters national health and well—being. three hours south and just 30 miles from london, the chilterns. proposed as england‘s next national park. for some, that could be a mixed blessing. i think try and conserve the best of what the chilterns have to offer. but at the same time, you have got to move forward, so therefore there has to be some enlightened attitudes towards new developments, towards progress. this report has a simple message. these landscapes should be for everyone and more needs to be done to both promote
5:59 pm
and protect them. action now to preserve our most beautiful places for generations to come. angus crawford, bbc news. defending champions new zealand have beaten south africa in their opening match at the rugby world cup in japan. in the day‘s other games, australia beat fiji and france beat argentina. katie gornall reports from yokohama. rarely is this trophy out of their grasp. new zealand and south africa have won it five times between them and itjust wouldn‘t be the world cup without this. playing new zealand can be a test of nerve. but south africa had no trouble there with andre pollard not airing under the posts. but this was a heavyweight battle and after 20 minutes, the all blacks landed the first proper blow, running through the south african defence as only this side can.
6:00 pm
minutes later they struck again, this time through scott barrett, leaving new zealand 1a points clear by half—time. they were in control but as soon as their concentration wavered, the springboks were in. a poacher‘s try from pieter—steph du toit. but try as they might, south africa just couldn‘t reel new zealand in, although with the final also in yokohama, these two could be reunited before too long. many thought they could have been an upset here, given south africa‘s form coming into this tournament, but new zealand were ruthless and showed why they are favourites to lift the world cup for a third time in a row. katie gornall, bbc news, in yokohama. that‘s it for now. there‘s more throughout the evening on the bbc news channel. and we‘re back with the late news at ten past ten. now on bbc one it‘s time for the news where you are. goodbye.


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