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our top stories on bbc news: growing pessimism about the fate of one of the world's oldest travel firms, thomas cook — as last minute crisis talks take place. this is bbc news. the headlines: the british travel company, as world leaders gather for another thomas cook, has ceased trading, climate summit we ask — stranding more than 150,000 can china kick its coal habit? customers overseas. the uk's civil aviation authority has launched its biggest—ever repatriation operation. passengers in the uk expecting to travel with thomas cook have been told not to go to the airport. getting electricity from these a new un report says the last things is now cheaper per unit than five years are set to be generating it from coal. the hottest on record, and the impacts of global warming, the emmys — america's television awards — such as extreme weather, gets underway with expectations high are increasing. for the final series a report says levels of carbon of game of thrones. dioxide are nearly 20% higher than in the previous five years. israeli arab lawmakers have recommended that the opposition leader, benny gantz, be given the chance to form a government after last week's elections. their support of the arab parties will not give mr gantz
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and his blue and white alliance a majority. but it will strengthen his hand in negotiations. one of the world's oldest travel firm, the uk's thomas cook, has been holding emergency talks with creditors and shareholders, hoping to raise the $250 million it needs to avoid collapse. ministers say plans to fly holidaymakers back to the uk if necessary are in place, but have dampened hopes of a government rescue bid. our transport correspondent tom burridge reports. people have been starting holidays today in places like majorca, while their travel agent, britain's oldest, battles to stay afloat. time is running out for thomas cook. unless a rescue deal is done by tonight, the firm will fold. we've just flown in from bristol. we're rather concerned, obviously, with regards to what's going to happen, whether we'll be able to fly home or not. i really couldn't care less. if i get stuck here, i get stuck here, don't i? they can't get in either.
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last night, tourists on holiday with thomas cook were temporarily not allowed to leave their hotel in tunisia. the coach is there, you can see it's trying to get in to collect people to go to the airport, to leave to go home. and management aren't allowing it. hotel management apparently worried that they might not get the money owed to them by the company. and then there's people like andrew and sharon, uncertain if their dream vegas wedding, booked with thomas cook, will happen. your heart sinks. you think you've planned everything to the minute detail and then all of a sudden everything could come apart at the last moment. there's just a feeling of limbo at the moment and we're not really sure. thomas cook said a meeting of investors to try and find an additional £200 million was a last throw of the dice. the firm needs the money so it can pay its debts and keep operating over the coming months. in the uk, 9000 jobs are at risk. 150,000 brits are currently on thomas cook holidays abroad. the government says if the company
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collapses people will be brought home. so, three people, two weeks in greece, late july, let's see. 0nce king of the package holiday, thomas cook has been struggling for some time. don'tjust book it, thomas cook it. running a huge travel firm with several airlines has been made all the harder by fluctuating oil prices and a weaker pound, pushing costs up. the package holiday‘s prominence in the travel market has fallen. just think of the fierce competition from budget airlines and the vast array of options when you book a holiday today. people on or booked on a thomas cook package holiday are protected under the atol scheme. if you booked just a flight it would be travel insurance or a claim to your credit or debit card company. scenes of near normality in places like palma today but real
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uncertainty about tomorrow. we just want to bring you some breaking news now on thomas cook. we have just heard in the last few minutes that thomas cook has ceased trading. that is one of the world's old est trading. that is one of the world's oldest holiday firms. we have heard that from the caa committee civil aviation authority in britain, but thomas cook has ceased trading, and the caa will launch a programme to bring home thomas cook customers. let's get the latest now from simon calder, travel editor for the independent newspaper. what does this mean? i am here at manchester airport and it means nobody will be flying out from here in the morning. flights were due to start in just under three hours time, heading off to greece. that is not going to happen. thomas cook has stopped trading. this is really the mightiest brand and travel. it has been going for 178 years. the
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numbers are awful. i'm afraid 21,000 people are going to be looking for newjobs. there is around 1 million people with advanced bookings for holidays. and actually the 600,000 01’ so holidays. and actually the 600,000 or so people who are stranded abroad, and that includes holidaymakers from germany, from scandinavia, and from here in the uk, they are going to find that they will be flown back. indeed, the rescue operation is already under way. flights leaving from here in manchester and airports across the uk, going to mainly mediterranean destinations, to bring people back. meanwhile, be seen here is pretty awful, as you would imagine, given the collapse of a much loved holiday company. —— the scene here. u nfortu nately, company. —— the scene here. unfortunately, plans have already started being impounded. we saw
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shortly after midnight local time, just two hours ago, the airport putting a notice of detention this on some thomas cook aircraft. that is because of unpaid airport bills. 0bviously is because of unpaid airport bills. obviously this is terrible. and holidaymakers. people who have flights and holidays with thomas cook. but can you briefly explain how we got here? what has failed but meant this company went into administration? thomas cook was a lwa ys administration? thomas cook was always a great pioneering company. it began the whole must travel business. unfortunately, around about the last decade of the 1990s,, the last decade of the 20th century, they kind of lost their way. they didn't pick up on the great rise of low—cost airlines in europe. they have been trying to catch up ever since with a very strong presence of travel agents, traditional offices, you go in and buy your holidays from them. that has mentored our costs have been very high, and
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u nfortu nately have been very high, and unfortunately they are like and spare money have both run out at about 2am local time, tuesday september 22. simon calder, i am sure we will be talking to you again $0011 sure we will be talking to you again soon about this breaking news. let's get a little bit more on our breaking news that thomas cook has ceased trading, but very large holiday company, we can get more from our reporter simon jones, holiday company, we can get more from our reporter simonjones, who joins me now. simon, we've got a statement from the civil aviation authority. what are they saying?m is the news many people were expecting. they are basically saying thomas cook has ceased trading with immediate effect, so there will be no more flights. it also gives details of what is likely to happen to british passengers. they are now launching an operation which will probably take around two weeks to complete, to bring back all british holidaymakers who are currently abroad with thomas cook. it is thought there are about 150,000 of them. now the civil aviation
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authority, in this statement, is wanting that this is going to be a complex operation. there will inevitably be some problems for people. everyone will get home, but it is possible they may have to travel on alternative dates than they were expecting to. but it is trying to give a message of reassurance, trying also to give a sense of the scale of it, because this will be the biggest repatriation of citizens that we have seen since world war ii. and what about the workers, the thousands of employees of the company? the statement also makes a comment about the workers. it understands that this is a sad and distressing time, notjust for the passengers, he will have the holidays affected, but also for the workers. it is thought there are around 9000 who work in the uk as pa rt around 9000 who work in the uk as part of thomas cook's operation. 0n top of that, a workforce of around 22,000 across the globe. so, many, many people affected. for those who have bookings in advance, in the uk, they are being told that they will get refunds. but this is going to
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ta ke get refunds. but this is going to take some time to sort out. and possibly they are talking about trying to sort it out by the end of september. so it is not going to be immediate refunds. but for people who are currently abroad, the advice is, check on the website about alternative flights that are going to be organised. we are primarily talking here about british citizens, but of course there will be many other people affected. it is thought around 600,000 passengers are currently abroad with thomas cook holidays, so about 150,000 british, but many german holidaymakers, many scandinavian holidaymakers, and it is likely that our governments will be introducing a similar system to this, to ensure that people are not stranded and that they will be able to get home. no doubt there are people around the world on their holidays or expecting to book flights, where are they supposed to access information from? is it going to be from thomas cook or will it be from the british government? to be from thomas cook or will it be from the british government7m terms of the civil aviation authority, they will be offering
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advice on sorting out our website and dedicated hotline for british nationalities. for people of other nationalities, they will have to see what our governments are doing, look for websites for advice on that. in terms of thomas cook, as far as we know, that is going to be it for them. they have ceased trading, so they will not be the people organising this or sorting out any advice. we know that the civil aviation authority have charted around a0 planes and some of those have already travelled out to popular holiday destinations, so the process of bringing people back will start almost immediately. people who we re start almost immediately. people who were due to be flying back to the uk today, they can probably expect to get some sort of flights. but there may be flights going at different times, or perhaps if they were flying back into manchester they might end up flying into a different airport. but probably for them, might end up flying into a different airport. but probably forthem, it will be a relief to have some certainty of actually being able to get home. presumably for international customers, people who aren't british, they are expected that they were expecting to catch a thomas cook flight or go on holiday,
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what are being told to do, to rebook, simply? the reality is the holidays cancelled. so if you haven't travelled out, if you have a booking with thomas cook, whatever you made that booking, but will not happen, because the firm has ceased trading. it has no money left, basically. so the flights cannot operate. it is likely in most countries they will be a scheme where people have protection, because it was a package holiday, so it is likely they will get that money refunded, but the problem is that essentially all the details of the holiday will be cancelled. so they may, once they have a refund, look to rebook, but that will have to be with a different outline, and they will have to try to secure hotel accommodation once again. so for the people who have not travelled but have bookings in the coming weeks and months, they are possibly in a worse situation, because the holiday is gone. but for the people who are still abroad, they are likely to continue their holidays. there may be some disruption about getting home, but ultimately they will be able to get
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back. obviously there are customers who are very concerned but they will also be lots of people asking, how did this happen? how did you get to this point? this is of course the uk's oldest shutting —— travelling firm. it has been trading for 178 yea rs firm. it has been trading for 178 years and has faced difficult times in recent weeks and months. the company said it needed $250 million to continue trading over what is likely to be a difficult winter period. part of this is being blamed on issues they have had over the past year or so. the uncertainty over brexit, british holidaymakers have been reluctant to book holidays because they are unclear what is going to happen and how the system is going to work after the end of 0ctober is going to work after the end of october when the uk is due to leave the eu. it is also being put down to factors like the which much of europe and you had last summer. many people had staycations and didn't go abroad at all. and also unrest in
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popular destinations like turkey are being blamed as a factor. also, you have to look into this, other travel terms are surviving, and some commentators have suggested that perhaps thomas cook was not quick enough to adapt to changing market. because these days they were very much offering package holidays, but lots of people these days like to shop around, they are happy to book their own flights and book their hotel, they don't need an overarching travel operator to do that. and also, thomas cook were also trying to offer very good value, some might say cheap holidays, but they didn't seem to honein holidays, but they didn't seem to hone in on more expensive holidays, at that end of the market. that might have been a problem for them. they were selling holidays en masse levels, bulk levels, we're talking about customers a year. but perhaps they were not making enough —— 90 million customers a year. but perhaps they were not making enough profit from those customers to stay afloat. thank you for that, keeping us across afloat. thank you for that, keeping us across that breaking news that thomas cook, travelling company, has ceased trading. you will be keeping us ceased trading. you will be keeping us abreast of that breaking news.
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much more is coming up on bbc news. stay with us. ben johnson, the fastest man on earth is flying home to canada in disgrace. all the athletes should be clean going into the games. i'm just happy that justice is served. it is a simple fact that this morning these people were in their homes. tonight, those homes have been burned down by serbian soldiers and police. all the taliban positions along here have been strengthened, presumably in case the americans invade. it's no use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world and so the british government has no option but to continue this action even after any adverse judgement in australia. concorde have crossed the atlantic faster than any plane ever before, breaking the record by six minutes.
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this is bbc news, the latest headlines — britain's oldest travel company, the partly chinese owned thomas cook, has ceased trading. it is written's largest ever peacetime repatriation for tens of thousands of tourists. let's get more in the making use. 0ngoing talks for the past 12, 2a hours on how to save thomas cook and it is now fallen issues. the company has ceased trading. we heard the news from the civil aviation authority. it's been confirmed in the last 15 minutes or so. the civil
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aviation authority saying that thomas cook has ceased trading. no more thomas cook flights. people due to flyer, they shouldn't turn up at the airport because their flights will not be going on for people abroad on thomas cook holidays, a huge operation is being put in place across europe to make sure people can get back to their home countries. the civil aviation authority is primarily concerned with the situation here in the uk. it says around 150,000 british citizens are currently on thomas cook holidays at the moment. a huge operation is being launched to ring them back for the next couple of weeks. and we really not seen anything on the scale of the airline industry before. monarch went bust a short while ago and in that case, the british government organised the return of around 100,000 passengers. here we are talking about 150,000 uk citizens being returned us in other
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parts of europe, and thought another a50,000 people, a lot of journalists, scandinavian holidaymakers and the governments there will be looking at putting similar plans in place the people aren't left stranded and distressed. the people waiting to be repatriated, british people and those from other countries, if it's going to take a couple of weeks presumably, they need to book extra hotel rooms? i think the plan is that holidays will continue as normal, so it's not a case of trying to get a from home today or tomorrow. if you're expecting to return today or tomorrow. they are looking to put on flights, the civil aviation authority, to get people back home. it's such a huge and complex operation. there are going to be inevitably some hiccups over the next two weeks. it's possible your flight may be pushed back a day or brought forward. they are asking
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people to check with the website they are setting up, a less alternative —— alternative light has been confirmed. there are going to been confirmed. there are going to be some difficulties, given the scale of this operation but the idea is if you blown out for a week, you should be able to continue with your holiday for that week. the accommodation should be sorted but that will all be organised. then your flight should be that will all be organised. then yourflight should be returned that will all be organised. then your flight should be returned at the time scheduled. it's not a case of getting everyone back in the next day or two. this will stretch out over the next couple of weeks. essentially launching a new airline. just dealing with this situation over the next 1a days or so. just dealing with this situation over the next 14 days or so. simon jones, thank you for keeping us up—to—date that thomas cook, the holiday company in the uk has ceased trading in the civil aviation authority in the uk has launched a
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programme to bring many of those british customers home. we will keep you across all that breaking news here on bbc news. china is expected to face further pressure to reduce its carbon emissions when global leaders meet at the un on monday for a special summit on climate change. renewable energy sources have increased in china — but coal is still the largest source of electricity generation. with the un pushing for a commitment to end the use of coal by 2030, our correspondentjohn sudworth asks whether china can deliver. on average, china has built a solar farm as big as this one every day for the past three years. a rush to renewables personified by cai xiaohu. he used to work in a coal mine. i shall translation: our solar farm can save 50,000 or 60,000 tons of coal each year.
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i am proud doing thisjob and working in this industry. but there is a long way to go. with its massive coal reserves still used for 60% of its energy, china produces more than a quarter of the world's carbon emissions. and it may bear more than its fair share of the consequences, too. asia's high mountain glaciers, a vital source of water for millions, are under serious threat. they are retreating very fast, about one metre per year by thickness. as much as 50 metres a year by mass. 50 metres a year? the largest, yes. that is why some glaciers in the south—east of the tibetan plateau will be disappearing very soon.
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the country's communist rulers do have what might be called an authoritarian advantage — huge powers to support and promote new technologies. china is now producing and installing these panels in such a volume that the economies of scale means something extraordinary and very important is happening. the industry is reaching what it calls grid parity, the point at which getting electricity from these things is now cheaper per unit than generating it from coal. but china's authoritarian system also protects vested interests. there are troubling signs that it has recently resumed building work on new coal power stations. to tell whether china is a real climate leader or not, this is really the moment. china on one hand is indeed now the largest investor of some of the most advanced renewable energy technologies in the world. but on the other hand, china also has this darker side.
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china's stance at the new york conference will be watched closely, despite big positive steps, its coal habit will be a hard one to break. awards season in the us has just kicked off with the emmy television awards. the show celebrating all things silver screen has just begun. leading the nominations this year, fantasy drama games of thrones, with killing eve and veep going head to head with nominations for best actress. but it's notjust television anymore, shows from streaming services netflix and amazon also feature heavily this year. we're joined now live from los angeles by entertainment reporter kj matthews. good to see you again. there have been some wins. the brits aren't doing too bad lee. the ceremony is three hours long and we are 1.5 hours into it and they presented about 11 or 12 awards and so far, it's really been a race between
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flea bag and the it's really been a race between fleabag and the marvellous mrs maisel and phoebe waller—bridge has won twice. she's made history, when her first won twice. she's made history, when herfirst emmy won twice. she's made history, when her first emmy award for lead actress and also for writing. she is quite busy and she actuallyjoked when she won her award on stage, this is the reason why she got into entertainment, is to win these awards. people laughed at that. she isa awards. people laughed at that. she is a big winner of the night so far. also, as you say, only 1.5 hours into it. what are we expecting to come up, what are people looking out for? tonight is unconventional. can you believe there is no host, just like the oscars earlier this year when kevin hart pulled out of it, this is the first time for the emmy awards to have no host in decades and it was quite funny, you had a talk show host, stephen colbert and jimmy kimmel talk about the fact that next year, they will probably have alexa from amazon presenting and sure enough when he said that,
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alexa from amazon presented the next award so that was quite funny. he had another skit talking about all the great comedy actors with ben stiller, mentioning of course the great iconic, i'm losing my mind right now, the great iconic lucille ball and when he got to bob newhart, he thought bob newhart was a wax figurejust he thought bob newhart was a wax figure just like he thought bob newhart was a wax figurejust like lucille paul he thought bob newhart was a wax figure just like lucille paul that he passed on stage and he said, no, i'm actually still alive and i'm here right now so that was a runny moment but a lot of funny moments like that, of course because it's being presented on another network, unlike the majors, abc, nbc, cbs, tonight it's being presented on fox so they are a little bit irreverent. we are hearing a lot about netflix and amazon and other streaming services overtaking the more traditional free to services overtaking the more traditionalfree to air services overtaking the more traditional free to air television. i know the awards are still going on but you are already seeing that kind of competitiveness. of course, of course. it's a race between hbo and
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netflix. amazon and hulu are catching up but it's the night of the streaming services in the amount of money that is going into these emmy campaigns are huge. it used to be hundreds of thousands of dollars but it is now into below millions for studios and streaming services to try to campaign to get their nominee out at centre stage for people to vote on them and for them to win and any so things are slowly but surely changing and of course, hbo is losing two of its best shows, game of thrones and veep have ended and it was such a wonderful moment on stage when the entire cast of game of thrones took the stage. thank you so much for keeping us across the emmy awards there. kj matthews will be back but don't forget, a top story, one of the world's oldest and largest travel companies has ceased trading. thomas cook, has ceased after talks with creditors and shareholders
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to raise the $250 million to avoid collapse failed. ministers say plans to fly holidaymakers back to the uk are in place. we'll keep you across all that breaking news here on bbc. hello. it was a weekend of two halves. we had plenty of sunshine for most places on saturday. followed by more showers on sunday. but on both days, it was warm, with temperatures above 27 celsius. this was the scene as the sun went down sunday night in cornwall, some clear skies but some shower cloud still around too and really, through the week ahead, we are looking at a pretty unsettled autumnal feel to the weather, wet and windy at times and it will feel quite a bit cooler than it has done. monday is, of course, the autumn equinox and right on cue, we are welcoming this area of low pressure from the atlantic. now, some of this rain is much—needed rainfall, articularly across parts of the south—east of england where we have had less than 20% of the expected rainfall so far for september. now, during monday morning, most places starting dry.
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bit cloudy and damp for the north of scotland. this area of rain will work in to the south—west of wales and england and northern ireland, winds picking up through the day, central and eastern parts of england, up to southern scotland, you should stay dry all day. and in the sunshine, temperatures reaching 21 degrees, certaqinly fresher than it has been. typically, in the high teens when you are under the cloud and the rain in the west. moving through into monday night, and overnight into tuesday, we see that rain becoming quite heavy for a time, especially across parts of south wales, southern england as well, the winds also picking up with that heavy rainfall. it will be a mild night, certainly frost—free, as it will be really for much of the week ahead, we're not expecting to see any frost this week but what we are going to see is some strong winds and heavy rain on tuesday morning, courtesy of a bit of a wave developing on this weather front here moving in from the atlantic. so with all that rain and also the strong winds to contend with too, we may well have a bit of disruption to travel tuesday morning especially for parts of southern england, into south wales as well. there'll be a lot of standing water, i think, on the roads.
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this area of heavy rain works its way gradually eastwards across england and wales. that'll be followed by more heavy showers and thunderstorms packing in from the south—west. i think northern ireland and the north—west of scotland should stay predominantly dry through the day. temperatures only around about 15—19 degrees. much cooler than it has been and plenty of really quite heavy showers around. not only the showers but let's look at the wind gusts. 30mph gusts inland, a0 or even a5mph gusts along the south coast and through the english channel too. all that wet and windy weather moves eastwards, but we'll still see some rain in the south—east wednesday morning. it will be a less windy day by the time we get to wednesday, with a mix of sunny spells, a few scattered showers but not a particularly wet day on wednesday. temperatures around 16—20 degrees and it stays unsettled for the rest of the week. 00:28:50,060 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 bye— bye.
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