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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 24, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: no worries for wales who kick—start their world cup campaign with a win. messi wins the men's title at the best fifa football awards while it's megan rapinoe who wins the women's prize. kerberjust can't catch a break. the triple major winner knocked out in the first round — again! hello, and thanks for joining us on sport today. we're going to kick things off in japan, where wales got their rugby world cup campaign under way with a 15—14 win over georgia earlier. warren gatland's side scored six tries ensuring a bonus point by half—time, but did struggle in a scrappy second half in toyota. katie gornall was there for us. wales have their world cup off to their perfect start here in toyota against joy
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their perfect start here in toyota againstjoy loads are —— georgia. scoring four tries and wrapping up that bonus point before the break, but for a team that prides itself on its defence, i think there be disappointed they gave two tries in the first time. although they managed to control back and put some gloss on the scoreline. i think warren gatland will be very satisfied with the outcome here. it has been a difficult week for wales, they were rocked news that warren gatland was ‘s right—hand man had been forced to return home over alleged betting irregularities on by. alleged betting irregularities on rugby. that rocked the camp, but they have responded the right way here, coming through unscathed ahead ofa here, coming through unscathed ahead of a huge game, and australia in six days‘ time. of a huge game, and australia in six days' time. we have had some tough games against australia, so we have to go into the game with a lot of confidence. i know that him we tend to get better as tournaments go on and we build on confidence. so, there is a lot of
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room for us to improve for next week and if you things to tidy up on with the breakdown and if you things —— and a few things, so that will be oui’ and a few things, so that will be our focus for this week. just the one game at the world cup on tuesday. samoa begin their campaign, hoping to reach the quarterfinals for the first time since 1995 against russia. they're back in action just four days after losing to japan but aren't concerned by the quick turnaround. some of our players are very strong individually, very big, so we understand this and we are preparing for this game. they are feeling good, feeling 0k, and ready to play. it's been great from day one, we wa nt it's been great from day one, we want to go beyond, we are going to treat every game like a rugby world cup final. if we can make so we calm
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the nerves a little bit and stick to what we're doing, hopefully we will get the result we are looking for. staying with rugby now. there seems to be some confusion over the future of the former australian rugby union international israel folau, with rugby league's world governing body denying they've given clearance for his return to the sport. earlier, the tonga national rugby league said folau had been cleared to play for them at next month's oceania cup, but the rlif said that's not the case. folau had his contract with rugby australia cancelled after writing on social media that "hell awaits" gay people, which breached a players' code of conduct. folau, whose parents are tongan, won eight caps for australia's rugby league side before switching codes. he won 62 caps for the wallabies, scoring 37 tries. on to football, and lionel messi and megan rapinoe were the big winners at the best fifa awards. they were named men's and women's player of the year at a glittering ceremony at la scala opera house in milan. it's the sixth time that messi has won a version of the fifa player of the year award.
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he led barcelona to two trophies last season, and won his 10th league title with the club — he beat cristiano ronaldo and virgil van dijk in the voting. megan rapinoe, who scored six goals as the usa retained the world cup this year, beat lucy bronze and alex morgan to the women's award. rapinoe also became a vocal advocate for many of the issues facing football during the world cup and continued that theme in her acceptance speech. if we really want to have meaningful change, what i think is most inspiring, would be if everybody other than raheem sterling and curra valley, if they were as outraged about racism, as they were. if everybody was as outraged about homophobia as the lgbtq players. if everybody was as outraged about equal pay or the lack thereof, or the lack of investment in the women's game, other than just women, that would be the most inspiring thing to me.
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as you saw, both awards were presented by the fifa president gianni infantino, and he took time to address the issue of racism in football. we have witnessed in the italian championship, an episode of racism. this is not acceptable anymore. have to say this. we have to say... no! to racism. no to racism in whatever form, no to racism in football, no to racism in society. notjust say it, we have to fight it. we have to get racism out once and for all out of bowl, italy, and the world. out of bowl, italy, and the world. out of football, and society. staying with football, and in germany wolfsburg have maintained their unbeaten start to the new bundesliga season — but had to settle for a third successive 1—1 draw. they were at home to hoffenheim who took the lead after only six
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minutes with a goal from sebastian rudy — his first of the season. butjust before half—time, swiss international admir mehmedi lashed home an equaliser for the home side, who remain eighth in the table. the world anti—doping agency has given russia three weeks to explain "inconsistencies" in lab data handed over to them injanuary. if they don't, they risk facing a charge of "non—compliance", and that could lead to a ban from next year's tokyo olympics. here's our sports news correspondent, alex ca pstick. we have had from the man who has been leading the investigation, he has been leading the compliance review committee making sure that russia remains compliant and he said his very disappointed, it seems positive findings have disappeared, oi’ positive findings have disappeared, or have been covered up was not so looking into that now. the reason they think they know this is because they think they know this is because they were given a copy of the documentation from the muscular by a whistleblower. they are now comparing this with the information that was handed over by the russians
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backin that was handed over by the russians back in january this that was handed over by the russians back injanuary this year officially. there is no wanted all officially. there is no wanted all of this data from the lab is that they are looking for more cheats, these took place on the 2014 olympics and other events. they are looking at the authenticity of the data and they think things are quite matching up, they want to know why and that is why the russians have been given three weeks to explain what has happened here. meanwhile, athletics world governing body, the iaaf says that a ban on russia stands. which means they won't be taking part in the world championships, would start in zohar on friday. although, some athletes will compete as neutrals. a notable absentee will be caster semenya, the south african won't be defending her 800 metre title because of a new rule governing testosterone levels in female athletes. iaaf president says they stand by the new regulations. we have been confronted by hr lands that some athletes have
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this condition, and it wasn't something that we could sit and ignore. you know? i'm very pleased that our sport has been brave enough to a cce pt that our sport has been brave enough to accept that challenge. many others have sat there. many of the big organisations out there are waiting for us to find out how they can then address the same issues, because it isn't just can then address the same issues, because it isn'tjust limited to our sport. i hope within the regulations that we have said that she is able to continue in track and field —— set, and that is why we have done it. we haven't set those regulations to exclude people, they asked me there to allows to maintain the presence of those applets with that condition at international levels. that's bring you up with its owners —— let us bring you up—to—date with the tanners. angelique kerber reads
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the tanners. angelique kerber reads the semifinals, but suffered a first match defeat. every other tournaments she has played out since wimbledon, that continued at wuhan, in china. gerber was beaten in three sides, by the world number 71. 7—6, 5-7, 6-1. sides, by the world number 71. 7—6, 5—7, 6—1. meanwhile, defending champion irina sabalenka is due to the third round, the number nine seed from very loose —— the belarus one in 61 minutes. patrick of vetiver, the number five one in 61 minutes. patrick of vetiver, the numberfive seed one in 61 minutes. patrick of vetiver, the number five seed from the czech republic bidding to win the czech republic bidding to win the title in wuhan for a third time, came through in straight sets against polona hercog of slovenia. taking the match 7—5, 6—3, will face
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one unifying or sloane stephens in the third round. that's all we have for now. get all the latest sports news on our sport. and the rest of us, we will see you soon. goodbye. hello once again. while some spots, particularly northern and eastern britain, started monday decently enough, eventually weather fronts piled in from the atlantic. here we are on tuesday, you get the sense we may well be in for something of a repeat performance. in fact, tuesday could be one of the wettest and windiest days that many areas will have seen for quite some time. in the first part of the day, it's the southern half of britain that's likely to see the very worst of the conditions on offer. as i take you on through the morning and on into the afternoon,
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you'll notice some of those really dark blues and greens gradually work their way ever further towards the north and it will be a fairly slow process as well. that's why we think some spots widely could see 30—40 millimetres of rain, others could get up to 70 millimetres of rain. some of the gusts, 40, possibly even 50 miles an hour in exposed locations. just to give you a sense of the spread of those gusts, even into the north of scotland, where you don't see the very worst of the rain, it will be a windy day. and then later on we may welljust ramp up some rain and some stronger winds yet again. initially into the south—west, but then widely across the southern counties of both england and wales. and on what is not going to be a particularly cold night given the amount of cloud around on the strength of the wind as well. here we are on wednesday, and once that side of the feature has worked its way off to the near continent, actually wednesday is going to be
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one of the quieter days of the week. once that wind and rain has cleared away from east anglia and the south—east, then there is a fair amount of dry weather, yes, there will be a spotting of showers in north scotland, not so much wind. you may feel like standing around in it, but probably not on tuesday. here we are on thursday. if you've seen the forecast in recent days, these forecasts have sped up, it looks like they would hang around for the first part of friday. bar the far north—eastern quarter of scotland, it looks like they clear the eastern shores of the british isles, leaving behind a drier prospect, albiet fairly late in the day for some. and then we may gang up some of those showers to western areas to give the odd longer spell of rain. and all the while, the wind is quite a significant factor on the day on friday. so essentially, it's a day of sunny spells with some showers. but some of those showers ganging together on many fronts to give some longer spells of rain. and again we are darkening out some of these blues so i would be not
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at all surprised if you heard the odd rumble of thunder in the heaviest of those downpours. the top temperature of the day, 18.
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welcome to bbc news. my name is mike embley. our top stories: as world leaders meet for a special un summit on climate change, the teenage activist greta thunberg greets them with a furious attack. how dare you?! you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. the massive operation to bring thousands of tourists back home after the collapse of thomas cook. defending himself against accusations of abuse of power, donald trump denies pressuring ukraine's president to look into unsubstantiated corruption allegations againstjoe biden. prince harry, meghan and their baby son archie are in south africa


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