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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 27, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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this is bbc news. the former cabinet minister amber rudd has accused number ten if using words that could incite violence. cleveland police has become the first force in england and wales to be rated in adequate across all areas of performance. pressure is growing on the bbc to overturn its ruling on comments made by breakfast‘s naga munchetty about racism and president trump. and a mother has admitted
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murdering her two teenage sons in sheffield and plotting to murder four more of her own children. and 22 years on, prince harry walks and his mother's footsteps as he visits a minefield in angola. ina in a moment there will be time for sportsday, but first let's look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7pm, we will be speaking to the cleveland police federation to discover why the force there appears to be failing, that is according to the police watchdog. and at 7:20 pm, as saudi arabia opens its doors to international tourists for the first time as part ofa tourists for the first time as part of a push to cut its economic dependence on oil, we will take a look at the chances of that are succeeding. at 8:30pm, the conker tree has been put on the official extinction list. we will examine why the horse chestnut could disappear
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altogether. that is coming up on bbc news. first it is sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. we are up and running in doha, and there's been british success at the world athletics championships. it's a rest day at the rugby world cup, but plenty of home nations news, wales are unchanged for the wallabies. i think we have good sides on sunday, and hopefully it is a great game of rugby that we can put on a good spectacle for. sarah taylor says she can leave international cricket with her held high. she's retired from england duty because of anxiety issues.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm olly foster. the world athletics championships are under way in qatar, around 2,000 athletes from over 200 nations are competing over the next ten days. and even though it's being held this late in the year because of the searing summer temperatures in the gulf state, it is still very, very warm. let's cross live to doha and speak to our sports correspondent, natalie pirks. i have seen lots of sweaty athletes, but they are putting in the effort, aren't they? how are they being affected by these conditions, natalie? it is difficult because outside it is very, very hot, in fa ct, outside it is very, very hot, in fact, today is the coldest day we are expected to have and it is 36 celsius with a real temperature of 43, it feels like a3. 70% celsius with a real temperature of a3, it feels like a3. 70% humidity foot inside the stadium, there are massive air conditioning units. they
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are blowing a gale, it is around 20 degrees at track—side. did you see a competitor from aruba have to be helped across the finishing line of the men's eight of the 5000 metres. he collapsed as he got over, possibly more to do with the pace of the race down the heat, to be fair. it hasn't really troubled the guys in the main‘s eights of the 100 metres. christian cullen, the fastest man in the world at the moment, he breezed through. the only man to go sub ten seconds. there is a cloud over him arriving here, he missed three drugs test and got off with a potentially lengthy ban due toa with a potentially lengthy ban due to a filing technicality. he has a lot to prove. for britain, gemili came through his heat. and zharnel hughes, he came fourth fastest, winning his heat. he is through to the semifinals. and he is really hoping to upset the card. he will be doing something to get a medal, but rumour that uk athletics have got a minimum target of seven medals to
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hit. that is one more than they did in london in 2017. let's have a listen to what zharnel hughes had to say after his race. it was a bit different, from the heat to the call. especially in the cooling. it is 22 in there. other than that, i am fine. i got through easily and onto the next one. also success for holly bradshaw in the pole vault and qualifying with just the one vault. good work from her. a huge disappointment from two other british women. what went wrong for lynsey sharp in the 800? that was the big shock because, remember, she is the fourth fastest across that distance in the world at the moment. so she was expected to come through that heat. it seemed as if, in the final straight, she either didn't realise who was around her, or she didn't have anything left. we don't know what happened, because she
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failed to come and talk to anyone. she didn't even talk to british athletics. massively disappointing for her. remember of course that the three athletes who made the podium at the olympics are not here because ofan at the olympics are not here because of an ongoing row with the world athletics, the governing body, over there insisting they take medication to lower their naturally high testosterone levels. caster semenya, for example, the reigning world champion not here. sofa lynsey sharp, that is one final she could potentially have got a medal in. that will be desperately disappointing for british athletics. an opportunity missed. a lot of scrutiny on qatar, it's suitablity to stage a sporting event. of course leading up to 2022 because all eyes will be on this country for the next three years. amnesty international are being very vocal, they have slammed what they call vagrant migrant worker abuses ——
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flag ra nt vagrant migrant worker abuses —— flagrant migrant worker abuses. 0nly 29 russian athletes here competing as neutral athletes. and the appetite for tickets, it has been poon appetite for tickets, it has been poor. you can see appetite for tickets, it has been poor. you can see over appetite for tickets, it has been poor. you can see over my shoulder, you can see that this is the opening—day. the atmosphere for the athletes has been quite good. they will be happy with that. at midnight tonight, 10p in your time, we have the women's marathon. the first time in history that the marathon has had to be run at midnight. they believe it will be below 30 degrees, which means they can run stop but they are laying on extra safety measures, ice bars at the finishing line, extra doctors to try and hope that comes off without a hitch. that will be odd, a midnight marathon. many thanks. we will hear much more from natalie in doha over the next week 01’ so.
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lots of gold medals to be won in doha, there'll be just one world champion crowned in japan. it's a rest day at the rugby world cup where they are one week into the tournement. the big match over the weekend is wales against australia on sunday. our sports correspondent katie gornall is in tokyo. we arejust along we are just along from wales's plush tea m we are just along from wales's plush team hotel here in tokyo ahead of what is a massive gain in this pool. it is the game that potentially could decide pool b. wales and australia come into this match on the back of bonus point wins against georgia and fiji, effectively. and warren gatland say he was impressed with his team and felt he didn't drop anyone for this game. he has named an unchanged side to face australia means that aaron wyn jones will win a record 130th cap making him wales's record cap holder. he is not a man for talking much or talking about personal accolades in particular, but his head coach was full of praise for the wales
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captain. he is a great competitor. since he has been kept, we don't have as many fights at training because he used to start most of them. because that's how competitive he was. that is why people who get to the top, they have a desire and drive to want to be successful. he has definitely done that. he didn't say a lot, hejust leads has definitely done that. he didn't say a lot, he just leads from the front in training and in matches and sets a great example for the senior players in particular. the younger players in particular. the younger players as well. we are really lucky to have him in the team and captaining the side. the build-up to this game has been dominated by discussion around the new tackle laws and what now constitutes a sending off offence. it comes after the australian wing rhys hodge was banned for three weeks for a dangerous tackle in the game against fiji. it means he misses this game against wales. the manager has made four changes to his back line, that came as a surprise.
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four changes to his back line, that came as a surprise. it was seen as them trying to counter the threat of them trying to counter the threat of the wales team. when it was put to the wales team. when it was put to the wales team. when it was put to the wales manager, he said it was a sign of respect from australia. it shows how far wales have come. it must be said that wales don't have a great record against australia, although they did win the most recent test between the two nations. whichever side wins, they will take a huge step towards the semifinals of this world cup. ireland started their world cup with a really impressive win over scotland. they face the hosts, japan, in shizuoka tomorrow, and they've made a couple of changes. gavin andrews is with the irish squad. all week, ireland have been pulling crowds. and today, the players looked sharp. as they focus on japan. another unique experience on this world cup journey. japan. another unique experience on this world cupjourney. great japan. another unique experience on this world cup journey. great for japan. another unique experience on this world cupjourney. great for us in yokohama to play a home match. the amount of green jerseys and support we had. we might be in the
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minority this week, and they will have to give us as much volume as they can. it may be for quite at the moment, but the fans are starting to flood into this region. after such a good start to the tournament, the form is pretty good. hot and sweaty. but people are really nice. everyone is kind of quiet and serene and very well mannered, apart from when the irish fans get together. all very friendly. we are looking forward to tomorrow. last week, we have the japanese fans are supporting us. tomorrow will be a different story. i don't think there will be as many irish here is japanese. we love sport in ireland, and i suppose they are so sport in ireland, and i suppose they are so strong at the moment. for such a small country to be doing so well at any sport, we just get a buzz. the stadium is preparing for a party to remember tomorrow. gavin andrews, bbc news.
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some other world cup news — the england centre piers francis has been cited for a high tackle during the win against the usa yesterday. that was expected. he'll face a three—man judicial committee, with a suspension of three matches the most likely outcome. the american flanker who was sent off in that match for a dangerous tackle has been banned for three matches. we found that out today. scotland don't play until monday against samoa in kobe. how will they respond to that heavy defeat to the irish? forward john barclay says they won't be feeling sorry for themselves. it looks like we don't care, which couldn't be further from the truth. we ta ke couldn't be further from the truth. we take that on board as players. we have tried to had then it might have fun. we won't sit in our hotel rooms and cry. this is a great opportunity, and we have another opportunity, and we have another opportunity this weekend. let's have a look at some
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of the day's other headlines. there was a surprise pace—setter in second practice for the russian grand prix — red bull's max verstappen led the way in sochi, ahead of ferrari's charles leclerc. lewis hamilton was fourth quickest. the women's golf tour is in indianpolis, four of the holes are actually inside the famous indy 500 motor—racing track. england's bronte law isjust starting her second round. she was two shots off the pace overnight. a spectacular round on the st andrews 0ld course has put england's matthewjordan at the top of the leaderboard at the alfred dunhill links championship — his 6a included six birdies and an eagle. england wicketkeeper sarah taylor has retired from international cricket because of her ongoing battle with anxiety. she previously took a break from the game three years ago because of the same issue. she returned to win the world cup with england in 2017 and has been named the best women's t20 player in the world three times. she's also second on the england women's list of run—scorers.
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she says she leaves the sport with her head held high, but her health must come first. here she is in 2016 speaking to the bbc, explaining how she is affected by anxiety. the nurse would hit me, but it would be nerves plus something else. i was a lwa ys be nerves plus something else. i was always confused as to what it was. now i know, it is a genuine kind of panic and the heart races, you feel faint. and those are just little things that i go through. there have been times when i have had to run off into the changing rooms and be sick. sometimesjust off into the changing rooms and be sick. sometimes just through sheer panic. and that is where it has got to in terms of that. that in turn affected my performance. still to come on sportsday... there's a full round of fixtures in the women's super legaue. manchester united are still waiting for theirfirst win. and the biggest fight of her career, olympic champion nicola adams defends her world title
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for the first time at the royal albert hall. pep guardiola has defended his portuguese forward bernardo silva after the football association asked for the club to explain a post on social media, now deleted, in which silva compared a cartoon character on a sweet packet to his team—mate and friend benjamin mendy. both have written to the fa, silva saying that he regrets that he may have unintentionally caused offence, mendy stressing that he took no offence. kick it out have said that "racist stereotypes are never acceptable as ba nter". bernardo is an exceptional person. so he likes to be involved in different situations. what i said, make a focus on other issues, not on bernardo. bernardo is not absolutely guilty, because his intention was incredible, just a joke. it is a
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cartoon, the face is quite similar. if the same happened a thousand million times with white people, you know? it is the same. sometimes you feel, it is a cartoon, it was a joke. we saw manchester city, arsenal, and glasgow make it through to the last 16 in the women's champions league this week. some great fixtures in the women's super league this weekend, most of them are on sunday. but tomorrow we see manchester united against liverpool. 0ur women's sports reporter, joe currie, is here. historically there's a great rivalry beween these two clubs that you hope will give the women's fixture a little bit of bite, but they have both made a poor start to the season — propping up the table. they go not just looking they go notjust looking for the first point of the season, but are looking to score their first goals, both desperate to really get their season both desperate to really get their season up both desperate to really get their season up and running. you remember that united were promoted into the women's super league at the end of last season. this is their first
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season in the top—flight. they have had a tough start, they lost 1—0 to manchester city, then they lost to arsenal the defending champions. now they have liverpool, a great north—west derby. there will be desperate to show what they can do in the top division. where the sports village which holds 12,000, they are expecting a big crowd. it will be a noisy one. it is manchester united and liverpool, they want to start the season well. three team to have started well are everton, manchester city, and arsenal, perfect records. but something has got to give because two of them are facing each other on sunday. the northwest derbyjust keep on coming. two wins from two, they have both scored three goals and conceded nine. a manchester city will go into this as favourites, despite the fact that they are playing away from home. they finished the season as runners—up last season. everton on the other hand were lucky to stay up. they avoided relegation because the overall had points deducted. but everton looked to have turned things
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around. two wins from two. we saw the season start with the manchester derby at the etihad, we will see a lot more women's games played at premier league grounds. and we have a london derby coming up. is playing at premier league grounds seems to be paying off. you were in the manchester derby at the etihad, 31,000 people went to that one. 23,000 went to stamford bridge for chelsea's match on sunday. we have west ham against spurs, and west ham at the london stadium, they say they are expecting around 20,000, about one third of the stadium that could be full on sunday. spurs are a newly promoted side, this is west ham's second season in the women's super league. it will be about the crowd as much as about what happens on the pitch. it is great to see these premier league stadium is notjust being used, but getting the crowds in it to prove that it does work. they filled up stamford bridge as well the other day, didn't they? a lot of wsl fixtures to look forward to.
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chris froome is going to race in japan next month, his first compettion since the horrific crash at the criterium du dauphine injune. the 3a—year—old four—time tour de france winner broke his femur, elbow, and ribs in the crash that ruled him out of the summer's grand tours. he has won seven of them. the team ineos rider wasn't expected to be back in action until next year. the road world championships finish this weekend, a great week of racing in yorkshire. now it's all down to the elite women's race tomorrow followed by the men's on sunday. one of the big british hopes is former world champion lizzie deignan, who is very much on home territory. it is surreal, the whole route is surreal. it starts in bradford, my sister lives in bradford. it goes through my home town, past the church i was marilyn, past my school, past my parents‘ house, finishes here where we live now. it is surreal really. no excuse for getting lost! nicola adams is just a couple
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of hours away from what she's called the biggest fight of her career. and that's coming from someone who has won back—to—back 0lympic titles. she inherited the wbo world flyweight title without having to step into the ring, but she defends it this evening against the mexican maria salinas at the royal albert hall, the famous venue staging its first pro women's bout. this is definitely the biggest fight of my career as a pro so far. and i haven't taken my eye off the ball, i haven't taken my eye off the ball, i have stayed focused, i have stayed dedicated. this is one more step in the right direction for me to be able to unify the whole flyweight division. i love the sport, i love what i do, and it is inspiring to see people like floyd mayweather and
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manny pacquiao, still a2 and in the ring. still winning, beating all of the young up—and—comer. so it definitely gives me confidence. i fa ncy definitely gives me confidence. i fancy a bit of that, maybe i could doa fancy a bit of that, maybe i could do a few more bouts, you know? i feel like every time i step in the ring, iam feel like every time i step in the ring, i am creating history. muhammad ali boxed there, there is lennox lewis and so many other stars, singers and performers. it will be a surreal moment for me. it will be a surreal moment for me. it will involve me putting on a bit more muscle. 0nce will involve me putting on a bit more muscle. once i do that, i want to conquer superfly more muscle. once i do that, i want to conquer super fly as well. i never like to rule anything out, i guess you have to wait and see. who knows? i like to keep people on their toes. she will be on her toes at the royal albert hall tonight. what a fight that should be and what
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a venue. a place in rugby league's grand final is at stake tonight. the top two in the regular season, st helens and wigan warriors, play each other in the next hour or so. tanya arnold is live there for us. this is the rivalry between st helens and wigan, if it wasn't big enough, a place in the grand final at stake. with me isjonathan davies will top this is a big night, isn't it? a huge night, local rivals, semifinal, to play a grand final. and everyone thinks st helens are the form side, the best side this year. but they lost in the final against warrington. and it is wigan, they have really improved and know how to play. wigan under real tough game last week. st helens because they finished top, had a week off. what is the best preparation for a game like this? you never know, sometimes if you keep playing and are inform, sometimes if you keep playing and are in form, it is a tough battle
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against salford. they will be battle hardened. they may have enjoyed the week off though. they have played good football all year, so maybe the week off was good for them. i think it is about the mental side of it. they have to come here, do the right things, keep focus, because they didn't play very well on the big occasion at wembley. so it is a big test for st helens today. they went out at the semifinal stage in both the challenge cup and super league last season despite being the top team. it is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one out there today? i think it is. last as it is a physical one out there today? ithink it is. last year as it is a physical one out there today? i think it is. last year with ben barba, he was the star player, i think they've sat back and thought he would do something. the forwards have gone really well and laid the platform for the backs. maybe home advantage willjust platform for the backs. maybe home advantage will just favour them tonight. you think it will be st helens? there is full commentary on
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the game on five live sports extra and you can see highlights about the play—off matches on bbc two on sunday at a:30pm. some very important matches in rugby league coming up in the next few days. tanya arnold there for us. let's return to qatar and the world athletics championships. memories over the next ten days won't be dependant on medals. you heard our correspondence hint that something on the track. this isjonathan busby of aruba. he was competing in the men's 5,000 metre heats, and he was in serious trouble. it all was all right in the end. helping him across the line braima dabo of guinea—bissau. and busby was ok in the end. medics helped him, they wheeled him away. he even had time to stop his watch! hopefully, that was a personal best
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for you. these are live pictures from doha. we will be bringing you live coverage on the bbc and the bbc sport website. we are just watching the men's a00 metre heats at the moment. the evening session on the track just moment. the evening session on the trackjust coming to a close. but it is the women's marathon at midnight around the qatar doha corniche at the front. you can watch that on the bbc as well. our top stories from the world athletics championships. three british men are into the semifinals tomorrow. it is also the final. disappointment for lynsey sharp and morgan late in their respect of disciplines. you can keep right up to date with all things athletics on the bbc sport website. from me and the rest of the team, thatisit from me and the rest of the team, that is it from sportsday. whatever your sport, have a great weekend. good night.
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there is plenty going on with our weather through this weekend. we have weather systems queueing up in the atlantic. this lump of cloud here a deepening area of low pressure that will bring very wet and very windy weather through saturday night and sunday. at the moment, we have this big swell of cloud, an area of low pressure that has been driving showers from the west towards the east across the uk through today and during tonight. those showers blown through quickly across the southern half of the country on a strong westerly wind. further north, the winds will be lighter and with clear skies on the western side of scotland, it will get quite chilly. some spots may be down to two or three degrees. there isa down to two or three degrees. there is a first area of low pressure pushing north—eastwards. 0ur is a first area of low pressure pushing north—eastwards. our next one waiting in the winds, in between a bump in the white lines, in the isobars. a transient ridge of high pressure which will be toppling its
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way eastward through the day. that will have the effect of suppressing the shower activity. more dry weather through tomorrow afternoon, some spells of sunshine and temperatures ranging from 13 to 19 celsius. behind me, you will have spotted this next low pushing its way in from the south—west. that will drive heavy rain north—eastwards across england and wales and going to southern scotland and northern ireland. they could be localised flooding because this rain could be persistent or stop on the southern flank of that, the winds are strengthening to maybe 50 or 55 mph. this whole swell of low pressure will push its way eastward during sunday. very wet weather, particularly across england and wales. windy in the south. for the northern half of scotland and northern ireland, there will be showers but a decent chance of dry weather and spells of sunshine. lighter winds here as well through the second half of the weekend. but before we wave a final farewell to that area of low pressure, it has a sting in the tail. the white lines
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squeezing together again. a very strong winds blowing down the eastern coastal counties, gusts of maybe 60 mph which could cause coastal flooding. a combination of heavy rain and gales this weekend could cause travel headaches. your bbc local radio station will keep you up—to—date. next week, cold air tries to work its way in towards the north. we will see more wind and rain at times, particularly in the south.
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this is bbc news, the headlines at seven. former cabinet minister amber rudd accuses number ten of using words that could incite violence, but borisjohnson defends his comments yet again. can you use words like surrender to describe a certain act, a certain bill, and quite frankly i think you can. nicola sturgeon says the snp could back a caretaker government led by jeremy corbyn to prevent a no—deal brexit. a broken force that has become a national disgrace. cleveland police becomes the first force in england and wales to be classed as failing in all areas. pressure grows on the bbc to overturn its ruling on comments made by breakfast‘s naga
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