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dftur 'u the city are seeking clarification on, is whether it makes them liable to the rest of the transfer fee, because at the moment fifa say this judgment relates only to the initial payment. is that what we have heard from cardiff? has anybody heard from nantes? ten days for them to appeal to the court of arbitration for sports, should they want to. we have heard from nantes in the last hour. they say cowardice and i quote, must respect the commitments and the rules of sports alarm. they say the judgment is no surprise and they feel fully justified, judgment is no surprise and they feel fullyjustified, but judgment is no surprise and they feel fully justified, but what will happen is that the clubs have ten days to decide whether they want to appeal. clearly not a welcome judgment. cardiff city will be considering that any chances are this will go on to the court of arbitration for sport, the final arbiter in these matters. many
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thanks. cardiff have been told by fifa to pay for the first instalment for emiliano sala. manchester city women have been drawn against atletico madrid in the last 16 of the champions league — they were knocked out of europe by atletico in the last 32 last season . wsl champions arsenal were drawn against slavia prague and glasgow city will take on brondby. west ham's goalkeeper lukas fabianski could be out for the next 2 months because of a torn hip muscle. he picked up the injury taking a goalkick during their 2—2 draw with bournemouth on saturday. british number one kyle edmund has been beaten again. he's suffered his fifth straight loss, losing to the home wild card entry zhizhen zhang in three sets at the china open. dan evans and cameron norrie are both through — norrie could play andy murray in round two. northern ireland's jonny rea now stands alone in the superbike hall of fame. the first man to five world titles.
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he secured the championship, his fifth in a row, at magny cours in france. he did it with two rounds to spare, which means he can really enjoy his brothers stag do in ibiza this week patrick gearey reports. a superstar on a superbike, this is jonny rea wheeling into history, the first man to win five world titles. he took the scenic route, at one stage he was 61 points behind his main rival of vara batista who out yesterday. iman so used to try and see surprise yesterday. iman so used to try and see surprise even yesterday. iman so used to try and see surprise even himself. yesterday. iman so used to try and see surprise even himselflj yesterday. iman so used to try and see surprise even himself. i was not prepared mentally or emotionally will stop i enjoyed the race. as $0011 will stop i enjoyed the race. as 50011 as will stop i enjoyed the race. as soon as i saw the outside, i was trying to do the maths in my head. but i forgot the gap was so yeah, super happy. jonny rea was born in the land of races, northern ireland
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is motorcycling country and he was a hero there. he came second in sports personality of the year. he has now pulled level with the front wheel of j°ey pulled level with the front wheel of joey dunlop, who won five titles before superbike. the boy is among the greats. he is certainly the best superbike raider i have ever seen, actually. there is a consistency. to do it five times, especially consecutively, is phenomenal. jonny could be ten times world champions. it is more than petrol to power a man like him, he has a wife and a family yet spent so long travelling between races where he risks his body. this is a man fuelled by an addiction to victory. it has become normal and that is our benchmark.
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sometimes it is hard because this yeari sometimes it is hard because this year i had to learn to lose at times and we did that but it is not something i enjoy. i want to keep winning this year is going to be another tough challenge but i really believe in the project and myself. am sure we can try to aim for it. flashbulbs will be on him for some time, there is two races left this season time, there is two races left this season but for now, no chance to rest or even to take off the comedy bowtie. his next test is this week his brothers stag do. the cricket season is over this year. with the growth of short formats, there are worries for the growth of traditional weekend club matches which have been played all over the country for centuries. picture this, as british as the cliffs of dover. isn't itjust, a scene synonymous with the british
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countryside in summer. there is a time and place for speed and danger under the trees, on the green turf, they are out of place and out of touch. that may be the case for sunday cricket, a friendly non—league version played purely for social reasons. marking the 50th year and possibly their last with an anniversary match, interest is dwindling. nowadays, 2020 and big bash cricket has taken over. there is cricket throughout the year, oliver the world so in some ways perhaps we have reached saturation point. cricket is changing its image from lights to nuance, shorter, fast—moving formats are constantly evolving and a new 100 four competition featuring world—class players comes in next summer. and the interest in short form has filtered down to amateur club level. getting the players to tell us what
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they want to do because the days for playing 6—7 hours all day saturday and sunday, which some of us used to doa and sunday, which some of us used to do a while ago, those days have gone but they have gone for all sports so i think that's ability is the key and that is the beauty of the cricket squad. it has many taxable formats. what better time to try them off the back of a world cup when, prompting a surge in interest in both men's and women's game. we have had 730 women take part in soft ball have had 730 women take part in softball competitions. we have had a numberof softball competitions. we have had a number of clubs for softball competitions. we have had a numberof clubs fora softball competitions. we have had a number of clubs for a woman and girl sections increase. we've gone to having 39. a game in cricket seems to make the weekend last longer.l pace of life perhaps assigned to the past as this sports focuses on its future. let's quickly get back to the world
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athletics championship in doha. adam gemili is in the first, he dominated the field. he was a former european champions and was fourth at the last olympics in rio. we have zharnel hughes also in the semis. novak djokovic returns to tennis this week at the japan open, but before that, the world number one has been taking some of the local culture in tokyo. is actually going to get involved? he sort of got involved. they went easy on him. that's all from sportsday. goodbye.
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next 2a and was look very wet. we already have dozens of flood warnings across england and wales and the numbers are likely to go up after tuesday with some heavy thunderstorms across southern portions of britain. all tied into this next area of low pressure, the weather front bringing heavy rain across parts of northern ireland, central and southern scotland and northern england, where the south will be windy. heavy showers arriving here, but quite a temperature contrast from north to south, very mild in the south, chilly in the north. lots of sunshine across scotland and the cooler northerly winds will start to extend southwards. with a seedy rental away from northern ireland central southern scotland, gradually fizzing from southern england. there will be a rash of heavy and thundery
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downpours. temperatures, mid teen, quite chilly across the north.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. the president's anger spills over, in a day of rage—filled tweets aimed at the democrats. mr trump warned of a "civil war—like fracture" in the country if he is forced from office, over the ukraine investigation. in one tweet, the president demanded to meet his accuser face to face, lawyers for the whistle—blower say they are increasingly worried for their clients safety. the killing saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman,denies ordering the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. translation: absolutely not. this was a heinous crime. but i take full responsibility, as a leader in saudi arabia.


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