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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 10, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: wales survive an early scare against fiji, to seal their place in the rugby world cup quarter finals in japan. sri lanka complete a whitewash in their t20 series against pakistan. and novak djokovic continues his impressive form, and remains on course for a 5th shanghai title. we start at the rugby world cup, where wales and australia have become the latest teams to qualify for the quarter—finals. josh adams scored a hat—trick of tries, as the welsh came from behind to beat fiji in oita. it's a result which knocked out the fijians, while sending the wallabies into the last eight. jess softley reports. the team not to be underestimated,
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if there was a qualifier for the quarter—final fiji would need to be beaten. tuisova claimed a try and fiji the early advantage. after both sides saw tries disallowed, while we re sides saw tries disallowed, while were brought into the game with two tries from josh adams giving them the lead at halftime. but fiji were not backing down, pushing forward to reta ke not backing down, pushing forward to retake the lead with this penalty try and look like they might take the match. two players clashing one taken off the field as a precaution. but then a gap in the fiji defence and adams scores. williams ready to put the games to bed. while qualify for the quarter—finals. they may
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have survived this game but with potential injury worries, at what cost? scotland kept alive their hopes of reaching the quarter—finals with a bonus—point win against russia in shizuoka. george horne scored three of scotland's nine tries as they won 61—0. our sports correspondent andy swiss was watching. scotla nd scotland knew they had to beat russia to keep their hopes alive. fairto russia to keep their hopes alive. fair to say they did so in some style with a thumping morale boosting victory. they got off to the perfect start when adam hastings scored too early tries to give them the initiative. russia did not help themselves, a series of calamitous areas, including an interception on that line, which gifted george horne the first of his hat tricks of tries. scotland were really out of site after the first 20 minutes. they got a bonus point when horne
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completed the hat—trick with another scintillating try. from then, russia ran out of steam scotland ran bracket. nine tries in total, disappointing and to russia's world cup. it now comes down to the final group game for scotland, against the hosts, japan and scotland know they simply have to win it would come down to bonus points but scotland no their hopes of reaching the knockout stage are still alive. in the day's other game, argentina thrashed the usa 47—17 in pool c. both sides had already been knocked out but the pumas‘ bonus—point victory means they finish 3rd in the group, and qualify for the next world cup in france in 2023. some of the weekend's key fixtures at the world cup are under threat because of the weather. they include saturday's pool c decider between england and france —
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and sunday's crucial pool a match betweenjapan and scotland. it's all because of typhoon hagibis which is currently heading for tokyo and yokohama, and due to make landfall on saturday. if any match is postponed, the result will be declared a 0—0 draw. france would be denied the chance to beat england and finish top of pool c, although both teams have already qualified for the quarter—finals. while scotland would be knocked out of the world cup if their match againstjapan is called off. there will be an update from tournament organisers in just over two hours from now. sri lanka's cricketers beat pakistan in lahore on wednesday, to complete a 3—0 whitewash in their twenty 20 series. sri lanka batted first after winning the toss and 0shada fernando marked his t20 international debut by smashing an unbeaten 78 off 48 balls, as the tourists made 147 for 7 from their 20 overs. the home side were then restricted
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to 134 for 6 in reply, as the tourists won by 13 runs — to claim a 3—nil series win. at the world gymnastics championships in stuttgart, there was gold medal for russia in the men's team event. nikita nagorny sealed the win with his routine on the horizontal bar. russia won it by less than a point from china, with japan taking bronze. it's the first time the russians have won the men's team title since the break—up of the soviet union. iran have allowed women to attend their world cup qualifier against cambodia later on thursday — the first time they'll be permitted entry to a game in tehran. it comes after demands from fifa, after a female fan — sahar khodayari — set herself on fire and died after being turned away at a game last month. over 3000 thousand tickets have now been sold to women, and world football's governing body hope this will be extended to the rest of football in the country. here's our sports editor dan roan.
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0ut out of tragedy can sometimes come change. sahar out of tragedy can sometimes come change. sa har khodayari out of tragedy can sometimes come change. sahar khodayari died after setting herself alight in protest for having been arrested for trying to attend a football match. a story led to a global outcry. uranium women can go to matches like this one, at the book up in russia but back into their home that they have been banned from men's sports events for the last a0 years and that is now set to change with several thousand women allowed to buy tickets for an international into a run and fever will be there watching closely. —— tehran. run and fever will be there watching closely. -- tehran. we are focused to allowing women to attend this match and also working to ensure women can attend local matches in legs in iran going forward. we expect of women anyone to attend football matches. in recent years, the protest movement on the bad and
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forced by religious leader has been growing in pace. women risking arrest by disguising themselves as man but sahar khodayari's that has brought it under focus. fifa has tried much more to try to make sure women can watch football in iran. this has thrown a spotlight to the extent which sports body can tackle discrimination. the game's best female player recently highlighting theissue female player recently highlighting the issue at the most prestigious ceremony. the young iranians woman who eventually sat herself on fire because she was not able to go to the game... one activist, the sister of the captain of iran black men's tea m of the captain of iran black men's team said they should have got tougher sooner. we have been sending letters to fifa for years. if fifa took this issue more seriously, the
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death of this girl would have been prevented. have fifa done the wrong thing? all of a sudden by what happened to sahar khodayari we need to find practical solutions so that women have free access to matches. it isa women have free access to matches. it is a focus. during last year ‘s mockup progress are some women were allowed at the stadium to watch on giant screen. the hope that this week authorities honour their pledge to go week authorities honour their pledge togoa week authorities honour their pledge to go a step further in what could prove a game—changer. tennis and they're down to the last 16 at the shanghai masters where novak djokovic is among those through to the 3rd round. the world number one and defending champion remains on course to retain the title that he won last year after a straight sets victory over the canadian denis shapovalov. djokovic, who's bidding to win the shanghai masters for a 5th time,
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came through 6—3, 6—3, and now he'll face the big—serving american john isner. in the bottom half of the draw, the number a seed dominic thiem is through to the last 16. the austrian is bidding to win his second masters series title of the year, following his victory at indian wells back in march. he beat the spanish qualifier pablo carreno busta in straight sets and will now face nikoloz basilashvili from georgia. thiem's on course for a quarter—final showdown with germany's alexander zverev. the number five seed beat the french qualifierjeremy chardy in straight sets — but he was made to work hard for his victory, with both sets going all the way to tie—breaks. zverev will face the unseeded russian andrey rublev in the last 16. david often is also through to the third round. —— goffin. his opponent was forced to retire through injury. he will now face the number two seed, roger federer. you can get all the latest
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sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. wednesday has been a very showery day across parts of scotland and northern ireland, particularly western scotland, rainfall totals really starting to mount up, we've seen some flush flooding in places, a lot of surface spray on the roads. as we head on into thursday, it looks like it's going to stay pretty unsettled, turn windier through the day, with another band of rain moving in. could see the new area of low pressure. this is the low pressure we have had for the last few days, eventually clearing off to the north—east. this new area of low pressure will send its weather fronts out across for the north—west of the country, and it will bring another round of fairly strong winds. thursday though starts off fine and dry for many.
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lovely spell of sunshine up and down the country. a few showers across western scotland continuing. and then the band of rain starts to push in, to northern ireland initially, and then into much of scotland and perhaps the far north of england. and it is going to turn very wet and we could see further issues with surface water flooding across western scotland. whereas further south, although there will be a lot of cloud across england and wales, there could be quite a bit of dry weather too. the top temperature of 17 degrees. but through thursday night, it stays quite blustery. further heavy showers, longer spells of rain across the north—west of the country. and then we will start to see some more persistent rain pushing to parts of england and wales by the end of the night. you notice temperatures i2—ia in the south. turning much milder. temperatures nine or 10 the overnight low for scotland and northern ireland. the reason for the wet weather as we head on into friday and, indeed, into the weekend, is this weather front which will be pretty much part across england and wales, we think, and it is going to bring a lot of rainfall throughout friday. tending to pile up into the hills of wales, perhaps the north midlands, and northern england, particularly across the peak district. 50—70 millimetres of rain
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by the time the day is out, so that could cause some issues, atrocious conditions on the road and some surface water flooding. across the far south—east, we could se a little bit of a brightness and dry weather, then it will be mild to the south of that weather front, friday afternoon. 18 degrees will be the high. around 15 or 16 on the weather front. but to the north of it, for scotland and northern ireland, where we will see sunshine and showers, cooler air mass, 13 or 1a degrees. and for the rest of friday, looks like the showers across northern areas begin to ease down. perhaps the rain for england and wales might ease down for a bit, before a new renewed bit of rain starts to push into the south—west so that means, into the weekend, i think england and wales look like seeing most of the cloud and outbreaks of rain which again could cause some issues, with some surface water flooding. but a different story furrther north, for scotland and northern ireland, you'll be in the slightly cooler air mass and there'll be a mixture of sunshine and showers, some of which may be heavy and thundery.
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welcome to bbc news — i'm mike embley. our top stories: international condemnation as turkey invades kurdish—controlled areas of north—east syria. for civilians across the border on the civilian side, this is going to feel like one more round of battle in an agonisingly long war. a gunman kills two people near a synagogue in eastern germany, live—streaming it online. president trump says he'll speak to the american woman who fled britain after a fatal traffic accident. and an on line fight between the wives of two top footballers over stories linked to the tabloids.


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