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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  October 27, 2019 8:00am-9:01am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast with nina warhurst and ben thompson. here's a summary of this morning's main news. the white house says president trump will make a statement later today, following unconfirmed reports that the leader of the so—called islamic state group has been killed in an operation by us forces. american media says the president authorised the operation targeting abu bakr al—baghdadi yesterday. it comes after mr trump tweeted that "something very good morning welcome big" had just happened, to breakfast with ben thompson but gave no further details. and nina warhurst. earlier on breakfast our headlines today: we spoke to security president trump prepares to make and terrorism expert will geddes. a major announcement amid reports that the leader of isis has been killed by us special forces. vigils are held in vietnam by families who fear their loved ones are among the 39 people found it isa it is a very significant development. he has been an dead in a lorry in essex. incredibly elusive leader for islamic state, he is very representative, mr very much at the wales prepare to face south africa in the rugby world cup start of its conception. considering semi—final, hoping to create an all british final. that there was a $25 million bounty manchester city are still hot on the heels of liverpool on his head, he was a very valuable in the premier league, the gap is down to three points target, certainly considered by us after a 3—0 win over aston villa. asa target, certainly considered by us
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as a critical part of islamic state's framework. church services have been held by families in vietnam who fear their relatives are among the 39 people who were found dead in a lorry container in essex. it's thought that the majority of the victims were vietnamese we are heading for a sparkling citizens, and police say they're sunday. a much better day than working to identify them all. yesterday right across the country. a lorry driver from northern ireland will appear in court tomorrow lots of sunshine to be had but it is charged with manslaughter. also going to feel colder. all the the liberal democrats details coming up shortly. all the details coming up shortly. and the snp have written to the european council president, donald tusk, asking for a further it's sunday the 27th three month brexit extension. october, our top story. the white house says president trump both parties say they want will make a major statement later, a general election but don't support following reports that the leader the prime minister's deal, of the so—called islamic state group, abu bakr al— or his calls for a poll baghdadi has been killed in an operation by us forces. on december the 12th. it comes ahead of another vote on an election in parliament tomorrow. mr trump tweeted that "something very big" had just happened, although he gave no details. our correspondent tom bateman a search is underway is on the turkey syria border in cambodia for a british backpacker and sent us this update who was last seen four days ago. the family of amelia bambridge, a short time ago. who's 21 and from worthing, in sussex, have flown out to the resort of koh rong to help find her. well, one resident who lives near her handbag containing her purse, phone and bank cards has been this assyrian town close to the found on a beach nearby.
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there've been more clashes between police and protesters in barcelona, following the jailing border with turkey told the bbc that of catalan dissident leaders. late on saturday night they saw some of the 350,000 demonstrators threw bottles helicopter gunships and jets and described what amounted to a and fireworks at police, significant operation there. who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. nine separatist politicians meanwhile a uk group has said that and activists were jailed helicopter gunfire targeted a car earlier this month by and a house in that part of the spain's supreme court. province. they said that nine people celebrations will take place we re province. they said that nine people were killed in that but we have no later to commemorate the introduction of a climbing ban independent confirmation of who was on australia's ancient site, uluru. the target of that operation because the site, once known as ayres rock, we know that the white house has is considered sacred to its indigenous custodians, said that president trump will make the anangu people, who have called a major statement later on sunday and he tweeted, of course, that for an end to climbing the stone since they took back ownership more than 30 years ago. something very big had happened. us this weekend has seen huge media have reported that he was the crowds descend on the area for the final time. target and that he was killed. it then uses to be confirmed it would a cardigan described as "one amount toa then uses to be confirmed it would amount to a significant blow for the of the most famous sweaters in music eis group after the last couple of history" has been sold for more yea rs, eis group after the last couple of years, which has seen its last than a quarter of a million remaining significant remaining piece of territory in syria defeated pounds at auction. the olive green garment,
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which belonged to the late nirvana and it is only a few weeks since an frontman, kurt cobain, audio tape emerged of the leader in features burn holes and stains and was worn in the band's famous mtv unplugged concert in 1993. it was bought for which was reportedly him calling for the women, the wives of alleged eis fighters to be released from camps more than $33a,000. making it the most expensive sweater inside syria with a turkish ever to go under the hammer. incursion which has been going on for several weeks now heading into those are the main stories this morning. that northern border. church services have been held by families in vietnam you pay more for the musty smell. i who fear their relatives are among wa nt to the 39 people who were found dead you pay more for the musty smell. i want to know what the second most in a lorry container in essex. expenses better was. that was an it's thought that the majority of the victims were vietnamese citizens, and police say they're working to identify them all. a lorry driver from northern ireland will appear in court tomorrow charged with manslaughter. andy moore is in grays in essex amazing album and plugged in new you for us this morning. andy, what's the latest? work, when he was that one. we are police trying to work out he was under half an hour away. interesting involved, who those victims are but to hear your chat in the last 20 what do we know about the minutes or so, talking about how investigation into the causes of it? much is riding on this. looking
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ahead possibly to an england wales well, the police still trying to world cup final, this time next identify those 39 victims. they have all been removed from the container, week. but let us not get ahead of ourselves and certainly wales will not be. they have been here before postmortem examinations are being and fallen short. the last thing they want to be is in that bronze held at a nearby hospital. police working very closely with the medal match next again to see who is vietnamese community here in the uk third orfourth. to identify them. back in vietnam, a church service, a vigil, has been heard for those of you had dead in under half an hour to go in yokohama, wales one victory away from their first world cup final this will be their third world cup that container. a local priest in that container. a local priest in that catholic community said the semifinal and the second under head incident had had a catastrophic effect on that area. a lot of them, coach warren gatland, the potential victims from a very who'll step down at the end of the tournament. small area. as many as 25 could be south africa are two time winners of the webb ellis trophy. from one town. meanwhile, here, the the springboks were runners up investigation here continues. in at in their pool behind the all blacks the irish republic a man has been and had a comfortable victory against the hosts japan arrested. say he is of interest to in the quarters, wales their enquiry. three other people are in custody, arrested by uk will be on their guard. police. and a 25—year—old man from it isa
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it is a very, very physical game every time we play south africa. you northern ireland, he will be appearing in court tomorrow. he has know, we are aware of their game plan and they are probably aware of been charged with people trafficking our game plan. we expect people to and 39 counts of manslaughter. be kicked huge amount to us and it is good to talk to you. thank making sure we deal with that you. throughout and then obviously memory thank you. have the building smarter that. wales face south africa england are waiting for the winners in the rugby world cup in the final after that incredible semi—final this morning, perfromance against the all blacks yesterday, beating the champions 19 points to 7. hoping to create an all british head coach eddiejones says they are close to what he set out final. if they win they'll face england to achieve when he took in the first ever final between two teams from the northern hemisphere, as patrick gearey reports. thejob four years ago. we are not the best team in the world. we have an opportunity to play any game will be can prove that we are in that is the only thing we are concerned with and we were just ta ke are concerned with and we were just take each day as it comes. prepare well each day, as boring as it seems for you guys it is fun. players are when and they will play in the world loving it. this time next week we cup finalfor the when and they will play in the world cup final for the first time. the trophy is inside. i have got two games to go and i will know who are the world really wa nt i have got two games to go and i really want to enjoy those last two champions, the final is on saturday injapan. anyone with a kiwi connection
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won't be loving it this morning, games. there are players who will the world champions dethroned — and spare a thought for the reporter who suggested to the all blacks not be involved in a world cup coach steve hansen, that his team didn't show the required desire. again. when you want it really bad enough, it can happen. less than a year ago wales comfortably beat their semifinal opponents south africa as that was quite a disrespect the pa rt semifinal opponents south africa as part of a 14 match winning streak question. to suggest that the all but the springboks have grown since blacks womack turned up not being valid japan wells‘s struggled for fluency and suffered for injuries. hungry. i asked them at half—time to get hungrier. sentence might i will two players have been ruled out in the past week as strength is that they will rely on spirit. give your rugby education on that this is what you did the hard graft one. new zealand herald on sunday's front page today summing up the mood in the nation. fall, the altitude camps, the heat all black, apart from a few words. camps, every camp have been up until ‘the all blacks are i'iow camps, every camp have been up until now and these are the ones that you out of the world cup. if you want to read more go to the sport section.‘ would give anything and everything liverpool's lead at the top to be part of. of the prmier league is down to 3 wales now know a familiar foe awaits points ahead of their match at home if they should make the final and a to spurs this afternoon. ferocious one. in beating the all manchester city have stayed in touch after their 3—nil win over aston villa. blacks england sent out some all the goals came in the second half — raheem sterling giving city the lead
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statement but even after such a with his 7th goal of the season, momentous when there were no ecstatic celebrations. after all, tnat came very early after the break the biggest battle is still to come. but city then had to wait a bit before doubling the lead, david silva given the goal, just getting a stud on the end borisjohnson has accused mps of holding the country "hostage" of kevin de bruyne's cross. by refusing to agree to his calls minutes later ilkay gundogan for a general election. confirmed city's return the prime minister's comments come ahead of another vote to second place in the table. on the issue in parliament tomorrow. we can speak now to our political correspondent tom barton, and tom, there have been further developments from opposition afterwards, manager pep guardiola parties this weekend? was full of praise for sterling. he isa he is a guy who shows the energy that we need to play football and he dead. raheem sterling, it does not i think set to pick up pace matter at the end of the day, the tomorrow? absolutely. borisjohnson is set to ask mps to back him in an way he played and showed us what we election but also potentially getting some help from the should do, where we should go. we did it. opposition. we have heard a lot in chelsea are on a roll, they are into the top four and just two recent week about opposition parties points behind manchester city — working together to try to stop after beating burnley a—2. borisjohnson. now christian pulisick scored working together to try to stop boris johnson. now it looks working together to try to stop a hat—trick as they extended borisjohnson. now it looks like the lib dems and the snp could be their winning run to seven matches working together to try to help them
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in all competitions. to getan working together to try to help them to get an election even if labour yesterday we saw the decides not to back one. that is first penalty awarded by the video assistant because at the member did boris in the premier league. johnson wants to call a snap the referee didn't spot election needs a majority of two an infringement, but var did thirds of mps which means it cannot as brighton came from behind happen without the support of at to beat everton 3—2. least some labour mps. this proposal from the lib dems and the snp would neil maupay scored the penalty to make it 2—2, see them change the law to set an then in the 9ath minute, election date. just a few days an own goal from everton's lucas earlier than boris johnson were digne gave brighton a dramatic win — suggesting on monday, december nine. piling the pressure on everton if they did that they would only need half of mps which means it manager marco silva. could happen without labour‘s support. they say they would only do that if the eu grants a long if they sell that penalty, they have to see the penalty betty minutes extension to the basic deadline. all before. it was a clear penalty. they the way to the end of this year. we referee did not state, he made a are expecting to hear from eu leaders either tomorrow or tuesday. mistake, my players make the sticks, we have not yet heard from either as well. it is a tough game always. the conservatives or the labour they sell that penalty, they have to party about what they think about sit 15 minutes before. it's neck and neck at the top this proposal but borisjohnson has of the scottish premiership, this proposal but borisjohnson has celtic are at aberdeen, this morning reiterated his call for rangers at home to an election, saying the current motherwell this afternoon. bottom side stjohnstone won their first game of the season. callum hendry scored the winner
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parliament has run its course and in a 3—2 victory over hamilton. mps cannot hold the country hostage any more. boris johnson elsewhere kilmarnock beat st mirren, mps cannot hold the country hostage any more. borisjohnson has been while the games between hibernian and ross county, and livingston rebuked by the archbishop of and hearts ended in draws. canterbury for his use of language so, a bad day for hamilton there, in recent weeks. in particular but could be a great justin welby said he was shocked to one for lewis hamilton. his sixth formula one world title hear the prime minister used the could be heading his word humbug in response to an mp way in mexico city. it's where he's won the title talking about death threats in the house of commons a few weeks ago. for the past two years, but he needs a few things to go his way this impossible to predict how it will might help him, his teammate play out but it will be fascinating. many thanks. velterri bottas crashed in qualifying and will start a search is under way in cambodia from 6th on the grid. for a british backpacker who was last seen four days ago. hamilton has to finish in the top the family of amelia bambridge, three this evening and get 1a who's 21 and from worthing in sussex, have flown more points than bottas. out to the resort of koh rong to help find her. her handbag containing her purse, phone and bank cards has been found on a beach nearby. it is quite complicated, the bbc website explains it all. it is quite complicated, there've been more clashes the bbc website explains it all. between police and protesters in barcelona, following the jailing max verstappen had been on pole of catalan dissident leaders. but was bumped down to fourth some of the 350 thousand for failing to slow demonstrators threw bottles down for that crash. and fireworks at police, hamilton starts from third, who responded with tear behind the ferrari's of charles gas and rubber bullets. nine separatist politicians leclerc and sebastian vettel. and activists were jailed earlier this month by i enjoyed it, i enjoy the challenge.
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luckily i am happy. ijust have to spain's supreme court. see what i can do to my. i do not celebrations will take place later to commemorate the introduction of a climbing ban on australia's know why but we are never ever ancient site, uluru. particularly good here. the site, once known as ayres rock, josh taylor is the new unified is considered sacred super—lightweight champion after to its indigenous custodians, beating american regis the anangu people, who have called prograis in london. it was a tightly fought contest for the scot, for an end to climbing the stone who remains undefeated in 16 bouts. since they took back ownership taylor won on a majority decison more than 30 years ago. this weekend has seen huge crowds descend on the area for the final time. derek chisora is a step closer to a world heavyweight title shot. it was halloween week on strictly last night, but among the vampires, ghostbusters and zombies you may have noticed a rabbit doing a tango. he came out on top in the all yes, our very own magic mike and his partner katya jones went british bout with david price — for an alice in wonderland theme, with the fight being stopped with mike dressed in bunny ears in the ath round, after price's corner threw the towel in. and waistcoat as the white rabbit. the great britain rugby league lions find out on tonight's results show have lost to a tongan invitational side, in theirfirst tour match for 12 years. if they made the cut. they're in hamilton in new zealand, where the tongans won 1a—6. the lions will now travel to auckland, ahead of their next test against the knew zealand,
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this upcoming saturday. look at that concentration face. good luck, mike. —— against new zealand this weekend. terrible weather around the country yesterday, but that came in handy in the rugby union premiership. this was gloucester‘sjoe simpson scoring against wasps — and despite falling quite let's return to our top story now far from the tryline, simpson managed to use wet and that breaking news this morning conditions to slide that president trump is poised himself over to score! to deliver a major statement it was one of three tries following reports that the leader of the so—called islamic state for the home side — group, abu bakr al— in a 25—9 victory. in the pro 1a, the dragons have eased to their second baghdadi has been killed.(pres)it‘s win of the new season. they beat glasgow 18—5, taine basham reported to have taken place in syria as part of a targetted raid by us forces. with the first of their two tries. let's speak to security and terrorism expert, will geddes who's in our london newsroom. elsewhere, there were wins for benetton, connacht, if these reports are true how edinburgh and leinster. significant is this development? it isa lei nster significant is this development? it is a very significant leinster at the reigning champions, development. tent two has been a they are in italy. 3— nil leinster one. one penalty. that is unusual, elusive leader for islamic state. he was there at the start of its isn't it? aquaplaning, a sad but conception and considering that
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there was a $25 million bounty on aquaplaning, mud sliding. let us his head he was a very valuable target and certainly considered by others as a critical part of islamic help better weather today for the state framework. game in tokyo. no rain, nothing. we know that at times when you put out islamic state in one part of the good passing rugby from wales world another cluster or a cell emerges it is the end of him the end against the springboks. they can do of ias? it, iam i would not say it was the end of against the springboks. they can do it, i am sure. wales you're talking about. of course! ias but it will certainly send them running. there is a hierarchy in we could all do with a confidence terms of the individuals that could ta ke terms of the individuals that could take his place and step in but as a boost from time to time. well, the netflix series queer eye sort of ideological figurehead. has earned a massive following in recent years with its unique approach to helping people feel better about themselves. however it will make them incredibly charlie's been talking to one of the show‘s stars, cautious because as the most the grooming expertjonathan van high—value target within islamic ness. state it will make them question they chatted about everything from tight trousers to brexit. let's take a look. whether he did back they will communicate with each other, how jonathan, lovely to meet you. much is known to the intelligence you too, charlie. agencies when they may get a knock on the door themselves. we know that how are things? things are great, couldn't really be any better. i have never been in manchester before. have you been in the uk?
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president trump has tweeted about twice. this in an obscure fashion. could it 0k. once in eighth grade, change western presence in the area? and then the last time i was here was during the second presidential debate on the 2016 election. will there be a move there? in terms ofa will there be a move there? in terms of a coalition moving back into the area i think that is highly unlikely. president trump is going when hillary wore that red top. to ta ke unlikely. president trump is going to take the glory for this i watched it at, like, particular incident as president two in the morning withjet lag. for those people who don't watch obama did for osama bin laden. i think in terms of the propaganda in queer eye, you go in and you, the wake of the election is coming sort of, you look at people, you sort, of, analyse them a bit. really, we'rejust meeting people next year this is quite a key moment where they are in trying to figure out, like, for donald trump. but it worded to how we can help, you know, get them islamic state i think as we saw with feeling better about themselves. self—care, hair, skin, self—care. more black, less white. more gay. al-qaeda when some other madam was less gay. i feel like i don't belong. absolutely not. taken out they did threaten, obviously, retaliatory attacks but i think inevitable that would happen. you are not ready! and i think a lot of their chatter, you are not ready. especially on social media networks will now be highly scrutinised in let's do this. terms of whether that is effective oi’ terms of whether that is effective or shouting from the bottom of empty hey, we're here, guys. ask for help. you're not invincible. sometimes you just can. need a little support. the problem is one terrorist group
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and another emerges. there are rival jihadi groups in the region. stepping into people's lives is it likely there will be another like that, they have invited you in, to a degree. to ta ke is it likely there will be another it's quite bold to do that. to take his place? well, yes. there it is a very vulnerable position is every possibility that can for people who are getting makeovers to share the story. happen. the area is incredibly you know, with so many people fragile now especially with the and not having met us and not having met the crew, withdrawal of us troops. certainly the actions by the turkish military. i think it would be a very vulnerable position. there are many, many questions about but i think, you know, whether this is simply going to anytime you're trying to learn, you know, or grow in your life, descend into the same problems that i think you have to make that step we saw some years back and coalition of, like, being a bit uncomfortable. will have to re—engage to try and do not compare yourself to them. regain control and beastie that region. again, it is a watch and you're not a failure. you have literally saved people's lives, mine included. beef right now. we will keep you up to date if there all any of us have done is highlight the best parts of you. are any updates about the death of abu bakr al— baghdadi. now, your book is a fascinating, we are expecting an update from maybe a part of you that people will not know about. president trump at 9am local time so i can quote from it, i think i would get this right, would you like me if you really knew about 1pm here. there will be full who i was? coverage on the bbc news channel a yeah, i mean, i could not come little bit later. into so many situations that let us check in with louise with a i wanted to come into fully, look at the weather. it could not be not being able to be open about my hiv status or not being able to explain,
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worse, could it? some places seeing you know, why i think that a cis how they month's weather vane in the gender man's ability to talk about his relationship to food last couple of days. i am always or why i have the opinions that jumping with joy over some of the i have about toxic masculinity if you did not know that weather watcher pictures we're i was extremely bullied, seeing today. beautiful start in if you did not know that i was having experienced any of the things that shropshire. it was miserable here yesterday, wasn't it? that rain was i have experienced. so, i wanted to be able to come wrong on in our old friend is set to into situations and conversations and be able to speak to them fully. return. the northerly flow is now kicking and so it was feeling now, that phrase toxic masculinity, just explain noticeably colder right across the a bit about that for us. country and we have got a scattering what do you understand that mean? so, toxic masculinity is, like, of showers. the showers have been basically culturally, like, quite frequent over the last few hours and will start to ease away men are not really taught to talk about feelings, talk about insecurity. from the far north of scotland. you can see a good slice of dry sunny but toxic masculinity is not weather run off and that is how it something that only men engage in. women sometimes can be really, is going to stay for much of the day really, can flame the fans as well. enjoy the sunshine. if you of toxic masculinity, have got it you will need an extra by, like, making fun of male partners who confide in them layer on if you are spending time outside. we will see the risk of about a body image issue or to try, some showersjust like, a tighterjean and i think, outside. we will see the risk of some showers just driving and across the final. one to enter south—west obviously, in the uk, scotla nd the final. one to enter south—west scotland as well. and it is not you all wear much tighter pants on men here, which we love going to warm out there. 7—iid into and we think that we would support scotla nd going to warm out there. 7—iid into scotland and northern ireland. highs that, we think that is great.
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of 13 further south so far this time don't think that men in united kingdom wear tighter pants than in america? of 13 further south so far this time of year those clear skies continuing you know, i have not for the night temperatures have only even thought about it. but now you mention it... got one place to go and that is to resoundingly so much tighter. tumble away quite sharply. we keep definitely like, so much tighter. those showers going into the far you know, in america there is a very north but with the wind is falling intense assumption that if men take care of themselves there be fewer around. the blue tones start to develop after or if they want to talk about therapy or if they want to talk about, you know, midnight. it denotes where we will their bodies and the way see temperatures below freezing. it their bodies are, it is like you're too sensitive, you're too this, is going to be a widespread frost out there with the exception of the you're too that, you should not be talking about that. southwest. we are a little bit more so, men, kind of, keep things in. in the way of cloud but we could be and among some very big stuff, greeted to skies like this first along those lines, the book has some thing on monday morning. a chilly laugh out loud comedy moments. start for some others but it will be i love you talking about your dry. it will be sunny and hopefully attempts to be a gymnast. that'll be enough to keep you happy my balance beam career was just not as well. it looks likely that story quite there, you know. will continue through monday. not but i think mariah carey and boys ii men would have really liked my routine. much in the way of cloud around. you and you do live tours now. can see down to the south—west. yes. what do you make of channel islands and isles of scilly the audiences around the world? might see some rain. a weather front because i know you have done shows in a lot of different places. starting to threaten but it takes oh, my god. well, i, i don't know if you know its time arriving and highs of 7—12 this, but it turns out ireland
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on monday. as we move out of monday is not part of the united kingdom, so don't ever say that on stage, into tuesday again the high pressure not that i did, but if i would have stays with us. this frontal system is trying desperately hard to move said that it would have been, then but it has been blocked by the i actually did say that in the second show higher the moment. it will start to and it was terrifying. we are all on a learning curve. influence the story a little later it's like, americans have never been known for our geographical prowess. on in the week. tuesday is dry, i think that the people that come to my shows, sunny but cool after a frosty whatever country they are in, morning. the risk potentially adjusting most incredible, wednesday into thursday of seeing a loving, open people ever. little more in the way of rain. you need to keep across the forecast i accidentally called because the timings of that rain ireland united kingdom last night later in the week will change but and i did get a quick boo, onceit but then everybody totally turned later in the week will change but once it arrives we are going to see around and they loved me and it was fine. some unsettled weather towards the there you go. end of the week. well, now i can't stop back to you. louise, thank you. thinking about brexit. are you worried? what's going to happen? listen, that is one of the big questions and i am in no position, time to get the double duvet out. nor is anyone else, to say that has been out for ages. what is going on. so, cos in america, i'm trying there's less than an hour to wrap my head around it, to go before wales take but it is like real on south africa in the semi—final problems for you. of the rugby world cup. whatever bemusement you have as an outsider looking if they win, they'll face england in is shared by everyone here. in the first ever final between two teams from the uk, but bemusement means fun. or indeed the northern hemisphere. well, no, bemusement can mean the bbc‘s fiona lamdin is soaking up the pre—match atmosphere in swansea. i don't know what is going on. fi, what's the mood? i would say that is why most people are right now.
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which is confusing. so amusement and bemusement are, like, second cousins they're not the same? i don't think people are amused by that. the sun is out. people here are i am really interested, sitting with you here now, you seem beyond excited. we are at the home like a very confident person. there are lots of people, of the club of one of their players. social media, for example, how are you feeling this morning? they are really worrying she will be calm and collective. about putting themselves out there, what reaction they will get and all that. using, you know, social media he will be fine. can they do it? to determine your worth is as risky as diagnosing yourself on web md. yes. lets meet some of the children like, it is very curing this morning. how are you feeling? and people, comparison some of them have had to sleep. is like the thief of alljoy. they have been up in the night. so, you know, like, comparing ourselves to other people in social media is, how are you feeling? like, not totes the jam. good. are you excited? totes the jam. yes. what is this girl going to be? 201113. they are going to do it? yes. yeah. it is not totally the jam and living our best lives. that is a new one, i am learning, i learn new phrases all the time. this club had a special message i have learnt a new one this morning. which seem to work because england lovely to see you. w011. which seem to work because england won. what you want to say to the thank you so much. welsh team ? thank you, too. such a nice man. so, really what is going to happen with that brexit?
8:19 am
are you freaking out? he handed the questions about brexit and the questions about taipans thank you very much. it is clear well, didn't he? well done, charlie. there is a lot of optimism there. fingers crossed all round. a lot of iamoff excitement all across wales i am well, didn't he? well done, charlie. i am off now to read the news on the sure. let's get a view now from the former andrew marr programme, i will see in england international bbc one in about ten minutes. mark cueto. meanwhile, i will be hanging around. here's louise with a look at this morning's weather. very good morning to you. first of all today, do you fancy wales's if you want to know what is chances because they are very much the underdogs going into this? happening now, beautiful for they have got a good chance. i think if you want to know what is happening now, beautifulfor many. sparkling sunshine in shops after a by the uk for the northern hemisphere rugby it would be amazing pretty soggy saturday. we have finally got rid of that weather to have both england and wales in the final. i think pre—world cup front, it is moving off into the near continent and be allowing this eve ryo ne the final. i think pre—world cup everyone was saying if one of the northern hemisphere teams can get high pressure to build. at the same there it would be a massive result time, we still have that by the fund to have the opportunity to add to thatis time, we still have that by the fund that is just producing some showers their would be amazing. and the in scotland. this is in the last two welsh do go very well. the results hours, quite frequent, quite intense shower is here are some blustery
8:20 am
against south africans have been bends, as well. as humans ease, outstanding over the previous few hopefully some of those showers will yea rs. outstanding over the previous few years. i think they have got a great ease today. elsewhere, they have chance. they may be have not shown some clear skies, some sunshine and quite the form most recently. i we're going to keep it for the rest think south africa have come into of the day. so, it is a pretty some better form so promising sunday if you want dry, think south africa have come into some betterform so i think think south africa have come into some better form so i think that is why south africa are favourites. settled on sunday. but it is chilly, a northerly flow right across the you know the rivalry between the country. the temperatures are home nations. how much will it push struggling, eight to 30 degrees. as them, the fact that england were we go through the evening, there will be little change through the pretty much flawless yesterday. night time period, as well. we keep the clear skies across much of the i think it will dry them more than country, later went, fewer showers, ever. the history between england's but still monitor into the final and the welsh goes without saying. you know, it would be incredible to with scotland. that will allow the have an england wales final and i'm temperatures to follow a quite sharply through the night. we watch sure the opportunity the welsh, you these blue term starting to develop. know, there are a lot of players who that means we're going to see temperatures below freezing in maybe won't be making it to the next places, particularly sheltered, world cup. it is the last chance. rural clients of scotland. at a this dory around their success that vehicle start, particularly if rossi started the winds continue to ease. the manager has brought to this because we greater to scenes like this first thing on monday morning. welsh squad over the last decade has at least we have some sunshine and been absolutely incredible so for that story is going to continue for them to bow out potentially a world
8:21 am
the next few days. so, yes, it will cup final, potentially beating england would be a huge story for be cold, but it will be quieter. as them. we move into monday, wejust need be cold, but it will be quieter. as ufa south africa in a world cup we move into monday, we just need to point out the potential for some final. we have about a0 minutes to outbreaks of light rain into the go. what will be going through their minds right now? they would just be channel isles and was the as of silly from an area of low pressure. elsewhere, it is a quiet story. the trying to normalise the day as much temperatures will struggle, eight to as possible. for me, you know, being as possible. for me, you know, being a part of a squad that has been in a 12 degrees, you will need a couple of extra layers if you are out and world cup final i think that the about for any length of time the prep, you know, it is very close to kick—off so they will be into their high—pressure desperately trying to hang on in there, but we will match routine now. they will be through the middle part of the week going through their individual preparation. they will go through started series where the front the last thoughts of initial, approaching and start to bring the risk of more rain to come. so, enjoy getting into the game as soon as you the dry, settled weather, it is not can. two or three little tick boxes expected to last as we move towards of things you want to do as an the mid to end of the week does look individual as soon as that whistle likely it will turn milder and watch goes. you will be going through all your mental preparation and thinking it. that is it. take care. thank how much it means to you and just you, louise. pure excitement. absolute excitement. but keeping your head at the same time, it is it's exactly one year important at this level, isn't it? since the devastating helicopter you talk about the fine margins in crash at leicester city the balance between understanding what you do that who you are
8:22 am
representing and the people you are which killed the club's owner. representing. the fans, yourfamily, people back pain. but not allowing four others died when the aircraft suffered it to over all you at all and push a catastrophic fault as it left the king power stadium. simon hare looks back you over that edge. on the events of that night, what is the most important thing in and the tributes that continue that position? is it about that this to be paid. isa that position? is it about that this is a semifinal or the fact that october the 27th 2018 was the south africa is your opponent darkest day in the heady of question of what ex—president? the opposition. part of normalising leicester city football club. they that process, like ijust mentioned, is taking out stage, almost. if you chime in's helicopter crashed outside the king power stadium as it start to think too much about where collected him after a game. also on you are at, what you are doing, you board, two pilots and two of the know, what is around the corner as in the final next week, then the staff. it is very surreal to see pressure can almost weigh too much on your shoulders. it is another game. it is another game of rugby. these flames, you do not usually see it is 80 minutes. it is on a pitch big fires like that. people were against a team you have played and running around in a confused state. beat consistently for three or four yea rs. if it is an england wales final, to 0h running around in a confused state. oh my god! helicopter hasjust crashed next to the stadium. make you commit here. iam ambulances, police and fire make you commit here. i am not. but who do you think recommend travelling pass.|j because england yesterday they were ambulances, police and fire recommend travelling pass. i was travelling on my way home and it was amazing, where are they?
8:23 am
they were superb. that performance interrupted. i never for one minute yesterday was probably the best performance i've ever seen. even considered that it been such a going back to 2003 when they were to tragedy. me and were in the back of be back won the world cup amazingly the appliance on the way, so we had in australia. but it was a complete a bit ofa the appliance on the way, so we had a bit of a discussion between us performance from the start. have about what it could be. probably seen a screen there, the way they face the hacker to the kick—off. the halfway into the journey control key managers of the radio to confirm what it was. we kind of hoped it was first minute. dominating new not a helicopter and that nobody had zealand, you know, in that first been hurt. but then, obviously we opening minute, getting over the trial line. and if i am being honest started getting more information and i was thinking how long can we keep it up? piecing everything together. it was it is it up? itisi it up? it is i was going to come back into it but they didn't. you talk about the implications for the teams of it being an all british final. talking just the most frightening experience for everybody. this surely cannot be about the implications for rugby as about the implications for rugby as a whole because just a centre that happening. there was literally, excitement that we will get you to members of the public, to help, all have those two teams in the final levels of services, the staff, you would be incredible. name it. it was ratio to see that it would be incredible. going back to 2003 i think the impact that it had on rugby globally but when things do go pear—shaped, but sometimes they do, there are people out there willing to step forward particularly in england in the and help out. but despite everyone's northern hemisphere when england won that world cup. you know, the efforts, nobody on board could be
8:24 am
participation levels and grass all the way through, took the spot to another level so i think certainly saved. earlier this month another even more so this time. the fact it band's walk to the ground was marked has been out injapan. not a rugby pa rt has been out injapan. not a rugby part of the word but they have engaged in it massively. i think the anniversary. once again, they there was a little bit of may be how turned up in their thousands. we is it going to be taken? how is it will never forget what that man did going be run? what is the participation and all that sort of for ourclub, stuff pre—world cup. but they blow will never forget what that man did for our club, never. we just want to commemorate him as best as pecan. we it out the water. wa nt commemorate him as best as pecan. we want to show our support not only they done an unbelievable job of for him, but for the club. he will hosting this world cup. we saw the fa ns hosting this world cup. we saw the fans there with fiona and that has been replicated across england and always live on and everybody's out in lesser, anyway. he has given such a lot to the city and he gave us a the world. dream that we never thought we would it is that grassroots moment when the that high. exactly, yet. any have. an emotional day for leicester major sporting event you talk about legacy and that legacy is capturing today. you can see more on inside out in the east midlands tomorrow night at 7.30pm — children's' imagination, getting it it'll also be available on bbc iplayer. in their hearts and this is what it is all about. the next generation one of the biggest matches and there is no better way of doing in the history of welsh rugby that than one reaching a world cup is just minutes away. they're playing south africa in the world cup semi—final, for the chance to face and two, the icing on the cake would england in the final.
8:25 am
be to win it. best of luck to wales this morning. they'll be led by their legendary thank you very much. captain, alun wyn jones. the bbc‘s fi lamdin is at his former you're watching breakfast from bbc news. rugby club in swansea. time now for a look at the newspapers. here are the front pages. good morning to you. they are the archbishop of warming up in support. yes, good canterbury has told the sunday times he was "shocked" by the prime minister's dismissal morning. we are minutes away, we are of pleas to moderate his language last month and warned mps at the home and it is exciting here! against using "inflammatory putdowns" when society is "very polarised". people are gathered, the boys are playing behind me. just coming a registered, used to play with alun the sunday express splashes on mrjohnson‘s claims that wynjones. registered, used to play with alun wyn jones. tammy a registered, used to play with alun mps will be "holding britain wynjones. tammy a little bit about hostage" if they do not how he will be feeling now.|j back his calls for wynjones. tammy a little bit about how he will be feeling now. i think a general election. it will take it in his stride, he is brexit is also a very calm character. he has been here before, done it before. he is the focus for the observer's front captain of the lions. he will be page. fine. being described as wales's best character ever, what was he the paper says the uk faces exclusion from europol‘s like playing here? i would not dedicated anti—smuggling operation after brexit. and it reports the prime minister saying brexit could be delayed epitomise you to be what it was, but until next year but the "country must move on". he has dedicated his whole life to and finally, be where he is anti deserves an ex—member ofjohn bercow‘s staff everything that he gets. what a has told the sunday telegraph he will not use new rules leader. what a talisman for this which could allow his allegations
8:26 am
country. thank you forjoining us. of bullying by the commons speaker to be investigated, saying "the horse has long bolted". just coming over to some of the younger members for the club. guys, how are you feeling this morning? anand menon is with us, he's nervous. can they do it? yeah! i director of uk in a changing europe, a source for independent research on uk—eu relations. morning, anand, what's think it'll be at least 20 — 30 to caught your eye this morning? also it's in the papers this wales. brilliant. thank you very morning. there is a lot of other much, let us have your right. over stuff that is non—brexit related but here, if they get through to the final they will of course be facing what have you picked out for us? england. just coming over to colin, there is lot of politics going along what will that mean if they face behind brexit. the first is by two england? it would mean absolutely academic colleagues of mine. what everything. you only have to look at they are saying is it is a real the six nations, the amount of close gamble to have an election because games we have had with england. the electorate is as unpredictable there have been eight or nine world cups and only one winner from the as it has ever been so between 2010 northern hemisphere. so to have two in the final would be absolutely the and 2017 almost 50% of voters entire stake and the whole country switched parties which is unheard of would shut down of reapplying in our electoral system and makes england. you have been a member of very, very hard to know how an election will go. this club for 50 years, what does it mean to see your boy leading the you wonder whether we are going to
8:27 am
return to that defined tribalism tea m mean to see your boy leading the team out? it means everything. it that you had for the last half of has really put us on the map. we the 20th century. politics keeps chucking us. we were have become something, we are all saying the two party system is dead,it all saying the two party system is famous! we are famous and that means dead, it has become a multiparty system and this is really weird but an awful watch. guys, in 2017 labour and the tories got 80% of the vote between them so you famous! we are famous and that means an awfulwatch. guys, can you did? are never quite certain what is yeah! a peace corps predictions. going to happen but calling election isa going to happen but calling election is a gamble. he believes that he can bring in people who have always voted labour, for example. yes. absolutely. is hoping that a 21-15 to yeah! a peace corps predictions. combination brexit and they kind of 21—15 to wales. yeah! a peace corps predictions. 21-15 to wales. 17-7, wales. 21-19, dissatisfaction with the status quo to wales. they have a special that led many people to vote for brexit will be enough to turn message for alun wyn jones to wales. they have a special message for alun wynjones and the rest of the boys, can we hear it? traditional labour seats blue. fascinating. i did promise people stuff other than brexit so to abba. this is a fascinating story. explain who are, who are, who are we? give this. this is about one of their favourite tracks that very nearly us who are, who are, who are we? give us the ball and we are all right wasn't. the song mama mia which of course became the title of the film and acts like eczema probably only one stage play... are you familiar with that, ben? minute into the match, it should all get in there. they are literally
8:28 am
casting aspersions on my music taste rushing back to say the kick—off, but nonetheless. when they did mama mia they thought it was not very good and they were not going to put which is happening literally right it on the album so they offered it now. get inside, get the cattle on to brotherhood of man who turned it and stick the tv on! they very best down. they rejected it! more fill them. of luck to wales in the coming not only to offer it to someone else minutes. that's it from breakfast but for them to turn it down and for for this morning. dan and louise will be here from six tomorrow. you to get it back by default and it enjoy your sunday, goodbye. becomes one of your biggest hits. you never know what is going to fly, do you? talk to me about apples. yes. a p pa re ntly talk to me about apples. yes. apparently we have developed here in this country a competitor for the pink lady. one of the most popular apples. nice sweet pink ladies. we have struggled to wear them before but there has been a secret project told flanders pink and it is going to be released quite soon. they are traditionally australian. i did not realise that. at the moment there is a shortage... the biggest problem is a lot of
8:29 am
apples are still on trees because of apples are still on trees because of a shortage of workers which has been a shortage of workers which has been a problem for a lot of the industry. not enough people coming. he is desperate to talk about brexit, isn't he? this is in the observer this morning. be from family, friends, constituents but it is the right thing to do. this is about what labour needs to do. people calling on them to make a decision. this is the story of those labour voters, 19 of them who backed this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. a second reading for borisjohnson‘s the headlines at nine: brexit bill and saying that they are being subjected to abuse and having the us military has conducted furious rows and their family. an operation against the fugitive being subjected to abuse and having leader of the so—called furious rows and theirfamily. one of them is in a very strongly remain seat and yet he is saying that this islamic state group. is not about me and my electoral prospects, he says what he is doing is doing the right thing so it is vigils are held in vietnam by families who fear their loved just an interesting insight into ones are among the 39 people found these labour mps. they are quite exposed but argue that for one dead in a lorry in essex. young people left the country to reason or another they need to be earn a decent living but now they backing this bill. a crisis of conscience for them. are dead in a strange country far
8:30 am
lovely to see you as ever. thank away. are dead in a strange you. thank you. 00:30:02,569 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 stay with us, headlines coming up. country far away. the liberal democrats and the scottish national party have joined forces in a bid to trigger a 9 december election. wales prepare to face south africa in the rugby world cup semi—final, hoping to create an all british final.
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