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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 4, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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to save ourselves and our planet. mikhail gorbachev says that preventing war became his priority when the soviet public began sharing their fears of conflict. translation: everyone used to say to me, mr gorbachev, don't worry about the food shortages or our other problems, we will manage. just make sure there is no war. it showed in the last war how much my countrymen had suffered. in the past we used to talk about the cold war. how would you describe the current stand—off between russia and the west?
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translation: chilly, but still a war! when the berlin wall fell, gorbachev didn't intervene, reluctant to prop up the iron curtain. translation: there mustn't be bloodshed. we couldn't allow that. for an issue of such magnitude, germany, the whole world. he famously hit it off with margaret thatcher. so, any advice on brexit? translation: you can figure that one out for yourselves. you british are clever clogs. i wouldn't give you advice. so, not only a president, but a true diplomat! steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. that's it. now on bbc one, time
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for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm sarah mulkerrins. on top of the formula one world. but lewis hamilton says there's more to come. back on home soil. england's rugby players return from the world cup injapan after defeat in the final to south africa. and back on top of the championship table — as west brom win at stoke
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good evening — welcome along to sportsday. the last 2a hours — and indeed the whole formula one season has all been about lewis hamilton. the briton is basking in the glory of a sixth world title, flying to new york this monday with family and friends to celebrate. in the aftermath of the championship win at the us grand prix on sunday — hamilton said he was struggling to know how to feel. tributes have been pouring in, let's hear from former fi driver now — jolyon palmer. since switching to mercedes, he has become that full package and grown up become that full package and grown up and done a lot of maturing i think from these early days in each of the talent with a bit impetuous and too aggressive. a lot of people talk about the lifestyle he leads and big into fashion and music. quite mainstream. but he's got the steely determination as well, his
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talent mixed with a desire to succeed and a mercedes team. we cannot ignore the best team out there at the moment. different than other drivers and sort of like him oi’ other drivers and sort of like him or lump him you cannot argue with the pure fact exist six time world champion aware of the greatest that's ever been. he should be appreciated for that. well there have been loads of statistics thrown about — but this is the one that really matters — you can see where hamilton sits among the all time greats. just one behind the great michael schumacher. so fi commentatorjack nicholls can give us the breakdown on hamilton's champion status. when discussing the greatest formula 1 when discussing the greatest formula i driver of all time, firstly it's pretty much impossible. as why specifically chosen schumacher. people say this memo five titles was amazing. he wore he was incredible, jim clark people tell me is the greatest at one driver of all time but to me it so difficult to compare
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across errors i picked the late 80s onwards, really as modern formula i. but still first with these men. to the greatest drivers of formula i but both of the dark sides. deliberately crashing in 1988 and 1989, those two were not above breaking the law and rules of racing in order to win the championship. specifically michael schumacher the greatest driver of all time but he also has a little edge. 1984 ramming into damon hill and 2006 deliberately accidentally crashing sort of monaco with the pole position. all of these little things just slightly undermine the true champion status of these drivers. it was hamilton has no incidents of that kind in his history. it was a bit of a kerfuffle into thousand seven where he was meant to let
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fernando alonso pass and he didn't and they got them back in the pit stops during qualifying. as a bit of rough—and—tumble racing but in the grand scheme of things hamilton is incredibly fair and incredibly clea n. incredibly fair and incredibly clean. lewis hamilton really is the com plete clean. lewis hamilton really is the complete package, and now has a six world championship titles all being well within the letter of the law. asa well within the letter of the law. as a pure racing driver hamilton is undoubtedly up there with the schumacher of this world. if that lack of controversy. the pure sportsmanship that puts him just above. some of you will disagree with me. i'll be waiting. england head coach eddiejones said the players would be hurting for the next four years after their world cup final defeat to south africa on saturday. the players looked pretty dejected then and their moods hadn't improved much on returning to the country earlier this afternoon. our correspondent katie gornall was waiting for them at heathrow.
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well, this was not the homecoming that england the public players and staff had envisioned. they hope to arrive here at heathrow with the trophy in their hand luggage, but as it was a look fairly dejected and despondent, they worked through here without speaking to the media but did speak to the young fans to approach them that's great photo. really putting a brave face on things. you can tell that they are still licking their wounds are still smarting from what was a demoralising and comprehensive defeat at the hands of south africa. they were widely tipped to beat the springboks after demolishing the all blacks in the semi finals, but they we re blacks in the semi finals, but they were unable to bring that same level of performance when it mattered on saturday evening and in the end defeated by 20 points. eddiejones was really at a loss to fully explain where it all went wrong for his side but he will have time to think about that and there will be an official review into the tournament as there always is after major tournaments, and i think
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england will reflect on a tournament that was really brimming with positivity until that final game. this is a young side with a bright future ahead of them and players now though in the meantime are going home to theirfriends though in the meantime are going home to their friends and family. they have been in training camps sincejune, they have been in training camps since june, remember and i they have been in training camps sincejune, rememberand i think deserving of well—earned after what's been a physically and emotionally few weeks. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories making the headlines. hibernian have sacked manager paul heckinbotham afterjust one win in the scottish premiership this season. the club are tenth in the table and were beaten 5—2 in the league cup semi final by celtic on saturday. ellen white has been recalled to the england lionnesses squad. she's not played since the summer's world cup because of a knee injury. england play germany at wembley on saturday and czech republic away next tuesday. reanne evans has made snooker history by becoming the first woman to play men
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in a televised ranking event. facing shaun murphy at the champion of champions tournament, evans fought back from 3—0 down to force a deciding frame, before an eventual loss to the former world champion. west brom have gone top of the championship table after a 2—0 win at stoke. the hosts are struggling — bottom of the division and without a manager — and matt phillips‘ took advantage early on. hal robson—kanu doubled their advantage from the spot in the second half — after grady diangana was brought down. west brom are now five games unbeaten and two points clear at the top. everton say surgery to repair andre gomes‘s ankle injury went extremely well today. the midfielder suffered a fracture dislocation in a challenge with tottenhams son heung min during their 1—1 draw at goodison park. players from both sides were visibly distraught after the final whistle. a club statement went on to say gomes will spend some time in hospital and expect him to make
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a full recovery. cardiff city could be banned from making transfers until the summer of 2021 if they do not pay nantes the first instalment of the 15 million pound transfer fee for striker emiliano sala. the argentina striker was killed in a plane crash injanuary before he played for the club. the bbc‘s nicola smith was at the cardiff city stadium today. it was in january that emiliano decided to start a new chapter of his football career here at cardiff city. but in a tragedy that was felt throughout the footballing world and beyond of course he never arrived, because on route here his plane came down over the english channel. but in the months that followed his death, a bitter dispute has emerged between the clubs of who actually
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owned the player. and that means of course whether or not cardiff city are liable to pay that £15 million tra nsfer are liable to pay that £15 million transfer fee. now cardiff city argue they are not liable because he was not officially their player when he died. but in september a committee of the world governing body fifa disagreed and ordered the club to pay the first instalment. today we've got the reasons behind that decision. and they make clear the pivotal issue is whether the tra nsfer pivotal issue is whether the transfer had been committed as they described it, validly concluded and after looking at the arguments fifa says the player was a player of cardiff. it makes clear that they must pay that first fee instalment orface a must pay that first fee instalment or face a potential 18 must pay that first fee instalment orface a potential 18 month ban on signing players which would undoubtedly be a massive blow for this championship club. they have not come to for their part on the specific details here, but they
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reiterate to us their intention to challenge the decision at the court of arbitration for sport which has to be lodged in the next two weeks. it was a pretty decent weekend for the home nations hockey teams. great britain's men and women both qualified for the olympics — as did ireland's women — for the very first time. before london 2012 and rio 2016 they fell at the final hurdle. but they won their playoff against canada on sunday on penalties. the irish captain katie mullan spoke to ben croucher earlier. it is indescribable, really. it's a dream come true for all of the players on our team, and i'm just incredibly proud of this group of girls and what we've achieved. you stunned the world by regional world cup final last year, what has changed with irish hockey over the last few years? a lot has changed since the world cup final, and we've seen the number of people playing
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hockey and supporting us is just skyrocketed and it's amazing to see for such a small sport and to have that sell—out crowd and both yesterday and on saturday it set it all really and we just want more and more kids to pick up a stick and play hockey and dream of things like going to olympic games which do come true, funnily enough. celebrations last night looks like you were all enjoying each other‘s company. what can you achieve? i think we went to our first can you achieve? i think we went to ourfirst major term as can you achieve? i think we went to our first major term as a team last summer we our first major term as a team last summer we wore a one hour world cup silver metal and used it defying the odds and ruffling a few feathers, so i think the goal now was to always go to the olympic games for this group of players, that was always ourdream and now group of players, that was always our dream and now we've got that ticket for tokyo and it would be silly not to and from metal and it will be our new goal that we set.
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that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are sebastian payne, the whitehall correspondent of the financial times, and polly mackenzie the director of the cross party thinktank demos. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. leading with the guardian, the prime minister accused of a cover—up over alleged russian medalling in uk politics after claims
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the government blocked the release of a damning report. in the mail, is this the end of smear tests? the new urine test that can be done at home could end the need for women to go to the doctors for the cervical cancer check. in the telegraph, postal unions accused of threatening to ruin the election, with a ‘politically calculated' strike — which may mean ballots aren't delivered in time. leading the times, £17 billion — the cost ofjeremy corbyn‘s pledge to introduce a four—day week, due to it's huge impact on the public sector wage bill. and in the express, "come clean on brexit" is the message from the prime minister tojeremy corbyn. he says voters deserve a clearer picture of labour's policy on leaving the european union. a variety of front pages to discuss
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