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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 5, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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to pay his transfer fee. and history for lebanon in the asian football confederations cup. al—ahed bring home the country's first tournament victory. and we assess where lewis hamilton stands amongst the greatest racing drivers of all time. welcome. let's start with football first. cardiff city, who were relegated from the english premier league last season — could be banned from making transfers until the summer of 2021. that's if they don't pay french ligue un side, nantes, the first installment of the $20 million transfer fee, for striker emiliano sala. the argentina striker was killed in a plane crash injanuary before making his debut. the bbc‘s nicola smith is at cardiff city — and explains fifa's reasoning behind the potential punishment. it was in january that emiliano sala
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decided to start a new chapter of his football in korea here in cardiff city but in a tragedy that was felt throughout the put falling world and beyond, he never arrived because en route here, is plain came down over the english channel but in the months that followed his death, a bitter dispute has emerged between the clubs over who actually owned the clubs over who actually owned the player and that means of course whether or not cardiff city are liable to pay that £15 million tra nsfer liable to pay that £15 million transfer fee. cardiff city argue that they are not liable because he wasn't officially their player when he died but in september, a committee of the world governing body depo disagreed and they ordered the club to pay the first instalment. today, we got the reasons behind the decision and they make clear the pivotal issue is whether the transfer had been as they describe it validly concluded and after looking at the arguments,
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the first says the player was a player of cardiff. it makes clear cardiff must pay that first fee instalment orface a cardiff must pay that first fee instalment or face a potential 18— month ban on signing players which would undoubtedly be a massive blow over this championship club. cardiff haven't commented on the specific details here but they reiterate to us details here but they reiterate to us their intention to challenge the decision at the court of arbitration force boa rd decision at the court of arbitration force board which has to be lodged in the next two weeks. al—ahed beat the north korean side, april 25 sports club, by a goal to nil — to lift the afc cup trophy in kuala lumpur on monday. they're the first lebanese team to take the title. the north korean team were reduced to ten men just before the half hour mark when their goal keeper, an tae—song, was shown a straight red card for a rugby—like tackle on al ahed striker ahmad zreik. the ghanian—midfielder issah yakubu scored with a header in the 75th minute, for the only goal of the match. captain haytham faour received the trophy, from asian football confederation president sheikh salman bin ebrahim al khalifa.
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this year, most of the team say i do not play but they are winning and this is because the players want the results. before we were playing good football and we lose but i think in the next tournament, you will see oui’ the next tournament, you will see our football and results. there's plenty of talk, over who will be the new man to take charge of german champions bayern munich. the bundesliga club parted ways with niko kovac, after their less than impressive start to the season, and their 5—1 hammering, at the hands of eintracht frankfurt this weekend. erik ten hag, who took ajax to the champions league semi's is one name in the mix, but isn't tempted.
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i feel there is a strong connection. my i feel there is a strong connection. my team. i can confirm i stain ajax this season. i feel really co mforta ble this season. i feel really comfortable and this season. i feel really co mforta ble a nd really this season. i feel really comfortable and really enjoy to work there. and still in my heart and now iam there. and still in my heart and now i am ajax. liverpool managerjurgen klopp, says his side are completely focused on the champions league meeting with genk — despite a huge game against manchester city in the premier league this weekend. klopp insisted that his players always take one match at at time and there is no need to remind his squad of the importance of tuesday's european fixture at anfield. it's only possible because the next game completely, we focus on it. the body has to tell me. nobody says it
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is on sunday, tomorrow. it's an open group. we have to do, we have to be 100% spot on tomorrow night. we have to play in an incredible atmosphere. as uncomfortable as possible. we have to make sure we get the three points. to cricket and new zealand are in action against england in their third t20 in nelson. the sides are tied at one game a piece after two matches. tom banton and matt parkinson making their england debuts as jonny bairstow and adil rashid are rested. the home side won the toss and are batting a short time ago it was 92/3 from 10 overs. lewis hamilton said he's still mastering his craft after becoming the second most successful formula one driver of all time, by winning a 6th world title on sunday. the briton finished second in his mercedes at the us grand prix — which was enough to secure the overall driver's championship.
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he's now one behind michael schumacher — who won the world championship seven times. fi commentator jack nicholls explores where hamilton now stands when it comes to the greatest of all time. when discussing the greatest formula 1 when discussing the greatest formula i driver of all time, firstly it's pretty much impossible and that's why i'm specifically chosen senna and schumacher. one funjoe was good,jim clark and schumacher. one funjoe was good, jim clark people tell me is the greatest fi driver of all time but it's so difficult to compare across errors. i pick the late 80s onwards really is modern formula i. first let's deal with senna and prost, to the greatest writers in history formula i and undoubtedly both had a dark sides. elaine prost deliberately crashing into ayrton senna in 1988 and the reverse in
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1989. those two were not above breaking the law, breaking the rules of racing in order to win the championship stop then we move onto michael schumacher, statistically the greatest f1 driver of all time but he too had that ledge. whether it was 1990 four, running into damon hill in adelaide, 2006 deliberately accidentally pretend crashing sort of in monaco to secure pole position. all these little things just slightly undermine the true champion status of these drivers. but lewis hamilton pretty much has no incidents of that kind in his history. there was a bit of ke rfuffle history. there was a bit of kerfuffle in 2007 where he was meant to let fernando alonso pass, and didn't let him back into the pit stops during qualifying. there is a bit of rough—and—tumble racing but in the grand scheme of things, hamilton is incredibly fair and incredibly keen. lewis hamilton really is the complete package and now has six world championship titles, all being within the lesser
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of the law. as an appealing racing driver, hamilton is up there with the schumacher and centre of the world but the maids that unblemished record, that lack of controversy, that puts him just above senna and schumacher. some of you are going to disagree with me. i'll be waiting. the former world number one — kim clijsters — has been forced to delay her planned return to competitive tennis in january because of a knee injury. clijsters — who retired seven years ago — announced plans of a surprise comeback ahead of next yea r‘s australian open. but writing on social media, the four—time grand slam singles champion said that she had to make the decision that she will not be able to compete injanuary and is undergoing rehab and treatment for a knee injury. the belgian player said it's a setback but is determined to get back to the game she loves. carlos beltran has been named as the new coach of the mlb side the new york mets. beltran, who retired two years ago
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and who has no managerial experience was picked by the mets to replace mickey callaway. he was introduced to the media on monday, having signed a three year contract. a nine—time all—star during 20 major league seasons, beltran played for the mets from 2005 to 2011. the winners of the world series — the washington nationals — have been to the white house where they were honoured by president donald trump on monday. of the 25 players in the squad, just 18 attended the ceremony. their white house visit was the latest stop on their victory tour around the nation's capital, after coming back to beat the houston astros in game 7 last week. and they left the president with a souvenir from their visit. i'm sure he's loving thatjersey. you can get all the latest sports news at our website.
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cricketer 101/3 against ——in cricket, new zealander101/3 against england. see you later. hello there. it's been a pretty unsettled start to november. we've seen quite a bit of rainfall in places. however, over the next few days what we'll notice is a change in temperature. it's going to turn much cooler with those winds starting to come down from the north, right from the arctic. and there will also be further rain at times through the week. now, early on tuesday, we start off with quite a bit of cloud across england and wales, most of the showers across the north—east corner. turning dry with clear spells across western scotland and northern ireland, so will be quite chilly here. but further south and east, where we also have lighter winds, we will see temperatures around 7 or 8 degrees and there could be a few mist and fog patches around to start tuesday.
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our area of low pressure will be retreating south—eastwards into the near continent, allowing those winds to come down from the north. we'll see isobars fairly close together so it'll be breezy across northern and western areas. you can see that arctic air, the blue colour, seeping southwards gradually, sitting noticeable across the northern half of the country during the day. so tuesday morning, we start off with drier weather across scotland and northern ireland. it'll stay rather cloudy across central and eastern parts of england, a few showers around. but it'll also be quite windy as well across the north and the west. as i mentioned earlier, with those isobars close together, single—figure values in the north, just about double figures in the south, 10—12 degrees. through tuesday night, we'll start to see those clear skies pushing their way southwards and eastwards with most of the showers dying out. those temperatures will fall away, certainly a chilly night to come across northern and western areas, temperatures in towns and cities hovering around freezing to 2 degrees. a chilly start to wednesday. there will be some frost around. a little bit of mist and fog too.
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looking out west, we've got the next weather system which will be working its way in through wednesday. that will introduce thicker cloud and more outbreaks of rain. but we start off on a chilly note with some frost and sunshine across central and eastern areas. any mist and fog will clear away through the morning, then we'll start to see the thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain pushing into western areas. meanwhile, the sunshine across eastern areas will turn hazier as that frontal system continues to work in from the west. and a chilly day to come for all. 6, 7 degrees in the north, 9 orjust about 10 across the south. as we head into thursday and into friday we hold onto that chilly fell, as you can see those blue colours and there will tend to be more rain at times, although for friday it is looking we will have some rain about on thursday, it will be quite breezy, too. on friday, a brief ridge of high pressure brings us some dry conditions with some sunshine.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm mike embley. our top stories: turkey says it has captured the elder sister of abu bakr al—baghdadi, the leader of the islamic state group killed in a us raid. india's top judges accuse the authorities of passing the buck and failing to tackle delhi's toxic smog. key impeachment testimony is released to the public, as a federal court rules president trump can't withhold his tax returns. with just hours before the melbourne cup race, an animal abuse scandal shocks many in australia. and we the live in the age of data, but how effective are digital tools to reach key voters?


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