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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 13, 2019 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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walking into notre dame was always humbling. philip villeneuve is one of very few to see how the cathedral looks today. it's silent, floodlit by sunlight, the charred remains of the collapsing spire still piled on the floor. translation: the wood continued to burn on the ground and burned to the bases of these two columns. if they weren't reinforced like this to stop them shattering, they could have collapsed and taken the walls and vault with them. it would have been a catastrophe. firefighters say they came close to losing notre dame that night but the reconstruction could risk its survival again. architects here say there's still a major risk of the vaults collapsing because of the effect of intense heat and water on the stones. teams are working to stabilise the structure over the next few
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months so reconstruction can begin. it took an evening to burn through this building. it will take much more than a single night to really save it. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. that's it. newsnight‘s starting right now over on bbc2 with katie razzall. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm katie shanahan. on the programme tonight. rafa nadal survives a scare in a thrilling comeback to beat daniil medvedev and edge closer to the last four of atp finals. a ban for bernardo. the manchester city
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midfielder is punished over a tweet to a team—mate. she's conquered australia and the usa, now sam kerr is hoping to impress in europe after signing for chelsea. welcome along to the programme. we'll bring you the very latest from the england camp after a tricky start to their international week shortly. but we start with the tennis and yet another incredible comeback from rafa nadal. he was just one point away from being knocked out of the atp finals in london, as well as losing his world number one ranking. but as adam wild reports, he's still in the mix at the 02 arena. from spain, rafael nadal!
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he was the world number one once more under the spotlight. his defeat led many to question his performance. now it was daniil medvedev‘s chance to ask what the spaniard had left. he was his first answer. the dow showed more fight, but medvedev is part of a new than a generation. here were he was with plenty of his own replies, taking the first set on a tie—break. recovering from injury, did he really had the stomach for this? the second set showed he had all that was required. the match was level once more. into a third set, the contest is now impossible tojudge. medvedev the first to make his move, 5—1 up, match point. here, natal returned, forcing another tie—break.
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the tightest of margins, none more so than the final point. a second look set this without, and rafael nadal for now stay in. any lingering questions answered by the world number one. in the evening game, stefanos tsitsipas qualified for the semi—finals after beating the defending champion alexander zverev. he's the youngest player in the tournament, but he played like a veteran, in the opening set, taking it 6—3. and he went even better in the second, finishing with an ace and making the semis in his debut year at the atp finals. 6—3, 6—2 was the final score manchester city's bernardo silva has been banned for one match, given a £50,000 fine and ordered to complete an education course. it's after the fa charged him over a tweet that the anti—discrimination group, kick it out said enforced a racist sterotype. silva compared team—mate benjamin mendy to the character on a packet of chocolate available
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in spain and portugal. the fa did accept though, that silva didn't intend for the tweet to be racist. the fa have said today that bernardo silva's twitter following, 650,000 people, was so big that they could not ignore the fact that other people may see racism within the tweet, so they have not punished him as heavily as some racial sanctions they hand down, but that one match ban has annoyed manchester city a little bit because they feel as though it is obvious that he was having a joke with a team—mate, and they do not feel the punishment fits the crime. arsene wenger is back in football. as he's taken a seniorjob at fifa. the 70—year—old is their new chief of global football development.
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there had been rumours in germany, that he would take over at bayern munich until the end of the season, but that now looks very unlikely. wenger hasn't worked in football since leaving arsenal 18 months ago, after 22 years in charge. i want to share the knowledge i have of the game i love, and maybe one of the best positions to do that is at fifa because of football has a huge responsibility today but still a lot to achieve, and let of development and responsibility all over the world. staying with football as the women's super league leaders, chelsea have signed one of the best strikers in the women's game — sam kerr. she's the all time goal scorer in both the american and australian leagues. lots of european clubs were chasing her, but she's decided to sign a two year contract with chelsea. nick parrott reports.
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fleet of foot and shop of mind, sam kerr is one of the worlds best strikers. can she finish? yes you can. it is 3-1. this is the first hat—trick. she is on her way to england. if she can reproduce that form on these shores, chelsea fans will be in for a treat. i have come here to lift trophies with the club, and there is no denying that i have come to score goals, so hopefully i can keep my goal—scoring record up, and help the team if those trophies. chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the world, and once i had my mind set on europe, it was an easy decision to choose chelsea. everyone has been watching the growth in england. i think it will be up there as one of the best leagues in the world. kerr is a household name in australia, and with a new tv deal
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she could become a ratings winner as well as a matchwinner. it's been a tricky couple of days for the england manager gareth southgate after he dropped raheem sterling for tomorrow's euro 2020 qualifier against montenegro. it was after a bust up with his team—matejoe gomez, and today southgate has admitted that he "wouldn't imagine" that sterling is "hugely enthusiastic" about him at the moment. natalie pirks reports. this is a big game for england tomorrow. the 1000th match where every player who is represented england in the last 147 years will be assigned a legacy number that we have seen in the likes of cricket. members of the 66 world cup winning squad there and captains who represented england throughout the yea rs represented england throughout the years will also be at wembley. huge
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fa nfa re years will also be at wembley. huge fanfare and gareth southgate would have loved us to be talking about that today, but instead he then dropped raheem sterling ditches altercation with joe dropped raheem sterling ditches altercation withjoe gomez dropped raheem sterling ditches altercation with joe gomez that left him with each cheek scratch. it's dominated the press conference at the hotel. southgate reiterated that they moved on but for raheem sterling he might not be his favourite person right now.|j sterling he might not be his favourite person right now. i would not imagine he is in enthusiastic andl not imagine he is in enthusiastic and i can understand that. it's a massive part of what we do. has been, will be and is with us with the game tomorrow, back with the team in the training pitch enjoying the football trained superbly well as well has he always does. so for
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me the thing is finished. when would see them qualify for euros next year and of course the finals will be played at wembley. harry maguire sat next to him today and said it would be very special indeed to walk at wembley for the euros. he conference of things about the team tomorrow, he said that against spain it was the youngest side ever fielded. he thinks it could be even younger tomorrow. that comes with the wea knesses tomorrow. that comes with the weaknesses but he said it also comes with things like motivation and hunger and it's a team that will excite people. remember, a win or even a draw of the results going their way would be enough to see england through with the game to spare. let's have a look at some of today's other sports news stories, and the former technical director of british cycling, shane sutton, won't return to give evidence at doctor richard freeman's medical tribunal. the australian — who was also the head coach of team sky — stormed out of the hearing yesterday. it was after repeatedly denying claims, by dr freeman's
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lawyer that he's, "a liar, a doper and a bully". sophie harn has secured another gold medal at the world para—athletics championships after winning the t38 200 metres. she broke her own world record by a hundredth of a second in dubai, after doing the same in the t38 100 metres yesterday. she's now successfully defended both titles she won at london two years ago. and rory best will captain the barbarians in his final match as a professional this weekend. he will lead the side out who face fiji at twickenham on saturday the baba's are being coached by eddiejones. before we go, you may not be surprised to hear that zlatan ibrahimovic is being characteristically humble about his la galaxy exit. he's tweeted this message saying "i came, i saw, i conquered. thank you la galaxy for making me feel alive again." adding that "the story continues, but now go back to watching baseball."
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read that as you will. right that's it from me on sportsday. coming up in a moment, it's the papers. bye for now. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are broadcaster david davies and anna isaac from the wall streetjournal. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the metro's front page story shows borisjohnson being heckled by members of the public as he visited flood—hit areas of yorkshire today. the telegraph focuses on tensions
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between the brexit party and the conservatives, after nigel farage demands a more favourable pact between his party, and boris johnson's. the guardian features an interview with unite's leader and corbyn supporter len mccluskey, who has said he will urge the party to take a tougher line overfreedom of movement for workers. meanwhile, the mail says on its front page that the labour leader has made a huge mistake in saying that the deceased leader of isis, abu bakr al—baghdadi, ‘should only have been arrested'. and labour is also on the front page of the times — which says the party is split over plans for a four—day week. and the ft leads with a story about how health websites are sharing sensitive medical information with advertising firms, by using tracking ‘cookies' while you surf the web.
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a variety of front pages of the election is most of them. let's start with the telegraph and the conservatives have insisted they are having or have been no formal talks with the brexit party. according to the headline tories offer nigel farage 11th the headline tories offer nigel farage11th hour deal. fill us in. according to several sources, there we re according to several sources, there were a set of talks this week where between nigel farage and some bleeding tories where they discussed whether or not there would be the possibility of standing down from around 40 seats for the conservatives. they said according to the people familiar with the matter 40 seats will only when paper candidates that meet the minimal campaigning. will not be there won't be any conservatives in the paper but not actively contravening the resources elsewhere. he said... he
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said he does not trust the conservatives? to owners of the deal yes. but it did not appeal as efficiently because he said the need to re m ove efficiently because he said the need to remove the candidates entirely otherwise they could split the vote and effectively a way to let labour in and his argument was he would be able to deliver a majority for the conservative party if they take a different approach. and it's interesting because the deadline for nominations is four o'clock tomorrow. four o'clock tomorrow, and that's the key point. you do wonder, has the selection come at such a great surprise to all these people? been preparing for a commute would have thought, and the labour party apparently has not been, it would be forgiven for thinking they have not prepared very much for this campaign giving what we have been seeing in other papers. don't forget to him in the referendum


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