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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 14, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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at the world para—athletics championships in dubai. we'll round up the action. welcome to the programme. thanks forjoining us. we'll start with the late drama at the atp finals in london where the world number one rafa nadal pulled off a sensational comeback against daniil medvedev to keep alive his hopes of reaching the semifinals. his trademark fighting spirit on show again as he saved match point when he was 5—1 down in the deciding set to win. adam wild reports. from spain, rafael nadal! here was the world number one once more under the world number one once more under the spotlight. his meek opening debate led many to question his performance. now it was daniil medvedev‘s turn to askjust what performance. now it was daniil medvedev‘s turn to ask just what the spaniard had left. this was his first answer. the dial seen once more determined, showing modified.
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medvedev is part of the new generation looking to see the old guard. here he was with plenty of his own replies, taking the first set on a tie—break. the dial had come to london recovering from an abdominal injury. did he really have the stomach for this? the second set showed he had all that was required. medvedev misplacing a forehand and the match was level once more. into a third set, the contest now impossible tojudge. a third set, the contest now impossible to judge. medvedev the first to make his move, 5—1 up matchpoint. but here again, rather‘s return winning five games in a row divorce and other tie—break. extraordinary drama by the narrowest of margins. none more so than the very final point. a second look said this was out and the dial, for the moment, stays in. any lingering questions answered by the world number one. honestly, i have been super lucky.
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that is the real thing. sorry for daniil medvedev. he was playing much better than me in the third of course, and this was one of the days that one out of 1000, that happened today. either way, i that one out of 1000, that happened today. eitherway, ican‘t that one out of 1000, that happened today. either way, i can't think enough all of you guys for the big support. it means a lot to me. so, nadal‘s still in the hunt for a semifinal place, but stefanos tsitsipas is through to the last four. the number six seed from greece beat the defending champion alexander zverev in straight sets to make certain of his place in the semifinals. tsitsipas, who's making his debut in the season—ending tournament, won 6—3, 6—2 to qualify with a match to spare. iam i am surprised by my performance today. i did everything right, i have been mixing my game a lot, trying to be unpredictable and it has been helping me a lot. i also
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devoted a big time of my being on the court on improving my service, which i think has problem — left improved tremendously over the past couple of months. staying with football, and one of the best players in the women's game, australia's sam kerr, is moving to england where she's signed for the women's super league leaders chelsea. for the past couple of years, kerr's been dividing her time between australia and the usa, playing for perth glory in the w—league and chicago red stars in the nwsl. she's the all—time leading goalscorer in both leagues, but now she's hoping to conquer europe. the australian international, who's been nominated for the ballon d'0r and fifa's women's player of the year, has signed a 2.5—year deal with chelsea and she's looking forward to joining up with manager emma hayes. i think chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the world and once i kind of had my mindset on europe, it was kind of an easy to choose chelsea as a club stop i think she is going to be a coach that
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challenges me a lot, i have a lot to learn from her and i like that she is old business and can also have a bit of a laugh as well, because that is who i am. looking at the players and the depth they have with a huge draw card for me. i didn't come here to just be draw card for me. i didn't come here tojust be here. i came here to lift trophies and win silverware with the clu b trophies and win silverware with the club and there is no denying that i have come to score goals, so hopefully i can keep my goalscoring record up and help the team lift those trophies and be a part of it. the former arsenal manager arsene wenger is returning to football, but not as a manager. he's been named as fifa's new chief of global football development. the move ends speculation linking him to the vacancy at bayern munich. wenger‘s been out of work since leaving arsenal 18 months ago after 22 years in charge during which he won three premier league titles and the fa cup seven times. prior to that, he was in charge of french league side monaco and grampus eight injapan.
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it isa it is a position that i can share what i know and i can help football to grow, hopefully in quality and as well in knowledge. and i would think as well it is good to believe that people have been working at the top, top level on the competitive side and sharing their knowledge at some stage, which people take after, and i believe that is why for the former players, and it is for the former managers. there were three more world records at the world para—athletics championships on wednesday. they were set by brazilian discus thrower alessandro da silva and shot putters vladimir sviridov of russia and liu li of china who all won gold. rounding up the other highlights from day 7 in dubai, here's our reporter, kate grey. the fastest pa ralympian the fastest paralympian of all time took to the track today. jason smith
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from northern ireland competes for ireland was unsolvable in the t 13 100 metres. just nine 100s of his own world record and comfortably beating the rest of the field. also maintaining his unbeaten record of 15 years. here is what he had to say after the race. as an athlete, one of the things i am always preparing for as i of the things i am always preparing foras i am of the things i am always preparing for as i am planning for the day when someone for as i am planning for the day when someone comes for as i am planning for the day when someone comes and runs ten five and my event because you have to. that is where the spot has got to go to. if you don't prepare that way, the problem is somewhat is just going to arrive and you can't do anything about it. for me, that is one of the things that keeps me motivated is prepare for what might come, what might not come. but when you are prepared for it, you are more likely to do something about it. there was plenty of excitement at the t 64 long jump as germany was in action. michael swain became a paralympic icon back in 2014 when he attempted to compete for the german
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able—bodied national team, which was eventually rejected. but today he was back here hoping to close down on his own world record. it wasn't meant to be that he still managed to jump meant to be that he still managed to jumpa meant to be that he still managed to jump a massive eight metres 17, which was good enough to win gold and put on quite a spectacle for the crowd here in dubai —— rehm. the nfl has arranged a private workout for ex—san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick on saturday. all 32 teams are welcome to attend. kaepernick‘s not played since the 2016 season when he began kneeling during the national anthem in protest against racial injustice in the usa. the workout in atlanta will include on—field work and an interview. he has taken to twitter. kaepernick said in a tweet that he's been in shape and has been ready for this moment for three years. and he can't wait to see head coaches and general managers on saturday. in cricket, west indies batsman
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nicholas pooran has been banned for his team's next four t20 internationals after admitting a charge of ball tampering. pooran was caught on camera using his thumb to scrape the ball and the seam in a one—day international against afghanistan on monday. he'll miss the t20 series which starts on thursday but he will be available for the one—off test match against afghanistan later this month. india's cricket captain has praised australia all—rounder glen maxwell for taking a break from the game to improve his mental health. virat kohli says maxwell is setting an important example and revealed he had his own personal struggles back in 2014. i have gone through a phase in my career where i felt like it was the end of the world. in england, i didn't know what to do, what to say to anyone, how to speak, how to communicate, and to be honest, there wasn't any... like, communicate, and to be honest, there wasn'tany... like, i communicate, and to be honest, there wasn't any... like, i could have saidi wasn't any... like, i could have said i am not feeling great, because
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you never know how that is taken. i think these things should be of great importance because if you think that a player is important enough for the team or for indian cricket to go forward, i think there should be looked after. —— they. and before we go, there's time to bring you zlatan ibrahimovic‘s goodbye message to fans of major league soccer. the swedish striker‘s leaving la galaxy after two years in which he scored 52 goals in 56 games. here is his tweet. modest as ever, he took to twitter to say: we are totally out of time. i have more for you next hour. an give a watching. goodbye. —— thank you for watching.
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hello. wednesday started decently enough across the south—west of england and south wales and then came a mix of rain or snow, just depending on elevation. to keep decent weather, you had to be a good dealfurther away towards the east and it was a drier and finer day than we've seen of late, but there was no escaping the fact the system that has brought that combination of wet and at times wintry fair into that south—western quarter is going to be a player more widely across the southern half of britain during the course of thursday. really quite wet for the commute across the southern counties of england. come the afternoon, we'lljust be pushing the eastern portion of the front with some significant rainfall up towards those flood—affected areas and if you don't happen to see it during daylight hours, given the fact that this system is going to move a little bit further north, you might get it during the evening on what will have been another single—figure temperature day right across the piece. there is more sunshine to be had across scotland and northern ireland
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with a few showers, but it won't make an awful lot of difference. here we are into the wee small hours of friday, that frontal system tending to fracture a little but each individual pulse of rain i'm showing there could be really quite heavy and unwelcome rain at that into the flood—affected areas, on what is going to be another fairly cool night and a fairly cool start to friday. still dominated by the big area of low pressure which is sitting across us and, indeed, much of central and western europe and the onshore flow from the north sea, moisture—laden airs and there's still bits and pieces of rain to be had quite widely across england and wales, but not with the same sort of intensity that we might have seen on thursday. scotland, northern ireland seeing the very best of the sunshine, the north of scotland still picking up on one or two showers, each in their own right could be wintry across the higher ground. what news of the weekend? not a great deal changes. not much intensity about the rain i just about to speak of, but that set—up for saturday is very similar on friday, still the big area of low pressure,
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still the moisture—laden airs on its northern flank, feeding cloud and bits of pieces of rain, particularly in eastern parts of both scotland and england. separate weather front eventually closes on the western isles. in between, bits and pieces of sunshine perhaps to the western side of wales, down into the south—west of england, up towards the solway, could be favoured and we mayjust about find a degree on the temperatures. i've changed the day, the story's the same. 0k, we're going to bring the front of scotland with some snow on the high ground, but further south, sunshine in really short supply. and i'm afraid it is going to be one of those weekends.
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why are you not doing more to support them?
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welcome to bbc news. i'm mike embley. our top stories: public impeachment hearings into donald trump's presidency get under way in washington. mr trump — who's hosting turkey's leader — says he's too busy to watch. i hear it's a joke. i have not watched, i have not watched for one minute because i've been with the president, which is much more important as far as i am concerned. earlier president erdogan received a warm welcome to the white house — despite tensions over the war in syria is there still time to stop brexit? ahead of the uk election — outgoing european council president donald tusk plays political football. don't give up. in this match we have had added time and now we are in extra time and perhaps it will go to


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