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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 15, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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ina in a tournament where the calculations can be a little cloudy tonight it was simple. a win for al! one would see him in the semi—finals. if deniil medvedev sought victory, that it would be a finalfor sought victory, that it would be a final for rafael nadal. zverev was up final for rafael nadal. zverev was up to the challenge reading the russian pots and advances in racing toa russian pots and advances in racing to a 2—0 weed. he showed flashes of the kind of tennessee is capable of but on the big points there were some wild wet ashes. looking to defend his title. medvedev was criticised for his attitude and defeat to nadal on wednesday. in the second said he looked calmer and was seeing things clearer. he was still unable to break zverev‘s surface of and that means one thing, taipei. this is where zverev took his chance first finding the baseline. and then finding the ace to send him through
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to the final four finding the ace to send him through to the finalfour sending finding the ace to send him through to the final four sending the world number one home. craig templeton, bbc news. so, the defending champion zverev is through but it means that world number one rafa nadal has to go home despite coming back to beat stefanos tsitsipas earlier today. patrick gearey was watching that one. this was tennis‘s generation game. two men from two eras for stiff unassisted posse, the face of tomorrow. the rainy regime of ruffin at tao and co. have proven so difficult to overthrow. they make it ha rd to battle. difficult to overthrow. they make it hard to battle. if you aussie was out, jeopardy fuelled relentless energy. tsitsitpas in contrast could play in comfort. already in the semi is, he played archly when necessary. over 12 games and a tie—break he traded shot for shot and in the key moment produced one without answer. first sent to the future. if you
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needed notice of nadal‘s reaction, this was how he returned to it —— from a toilet break. wait the security guards tsitsitpas was doing all he could to keep up. nadal has i9 all he could to keep up. nadal has 19 grand slams and an olympic gold medal. his body has been broken and repaired, he has done it all and yet doing it again still matters so much to him. he dragged this. tsitsitpas‘s generation somewhat derided as snowflakes. at the young man battled. by nadal pots i brains. nobody but tsitsitpas wanted it be rechecked barely readable on the repair. a break at the crucial time, again that adult later finish the contest. still not enough to be sure of the last four but he will rank on top of the world. the old ones are still the best. patrick gearey, bbc news. england's impressive 7—0 win over montenegro last night helped them qualify for euro 2020. as for the rest of the home nations, well they have plenty of work to do to, if they want to reaching next summer's tournament.
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—— want to reach. wales, scotland and northern ireland are all in action tomorrow. so let's have quick look at what they get. —— need to do. northern ireland have a tough task, they are third in the "group of death" behind germany and leaders the netherlands. they will need to beat the dutch tomorrow and the germans on tuesday as well as hoping other results go their way. wales have a similar challenge. they need to beat both azerbaijan and hungary and will hope for other results to play in their favour. scotland though, can't qualify automatically, but they do have a chance via the play—offs. let's have a look at some of the other stories around today. staying with scotland then as hibernian have confirmed that jack ross is their new head coach. it's on a three—and—a—half—year deal. the former alloa and st mirren boss was sacked by sunderland last month. toulouse came from behind to beat gloucester in the opening game of rugby‘s champions cup. the four—time champions were 20
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points to nine down at half—time, but went on to win by 25 points to 20. and the former captain, sam warburton, has joined the wales coaching staff. he will be the technical adviser for defence and breakdown under the new boss wayne pivac. warburton won 7a caps for wales and five for the british and irish lions, before retiring in july last year following a string of injuries. and ahead of this weekend's brazilian grand prix, williams driver, robert kubisa, suffered a heavy crash in today's second practice session. he did emerge unscathed. as for sebastian vettel, he was quickest with ferrari. the world para athletics championships in dubai came to a close today. once again the british team excelled themselves, winning plenty of medals and breaking world records to finish third in the table. our reporter kate grey is there,
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following notjust gb‘s success, but the competition as a whole which is back in the middle east. on the final day of action, a first for the race runners, the event making its world championship debut. and the british athletes certainly made their mark, with a 1—2 in both women and men's categories. it's absolutely amazing, to be included in the world for the first time here in dubai. it opens up the door chance for people like me to compete at the highest level. i remember watching london two years ago, wishing i could compete at the worlds one day, said to be here is unreal. the british team has faced challenges when it comes to athlete welfare, but here at the stadium, there has been plenty of success, with established names topping the podium. hannah cockroft and sophie hunt,
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double world champions once again, breaking records in the process. and a taste of success for some new names, thomas young just a whisker away from gold. you go out there and did their best. sabrina, on her last throw, throwing a massive pv. thomas young, wasn't expecting to win a medal and he just missed out on gold by 1000th of a second. these are tough world championships. i know we can compete with the best so that is really pleasing. hosting a major championships in dubai meant there were obvious concerns about the heat. but there was also british weather conditions that many had not expected. crowds were another issue and while the atmosphere in the stadium for some sessions was good, on the whole, there was a disappointing turnout of local fans. this is not london and we were very aware of that.
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but actually, the support outside of the stands, if you go into dubai, i've been a few times, everyone knows what is going on and everyone's excited. finishing a respectable third on the overall table, now tokyo beckons as the british athletes refocus their attention from the middle east to the far east. kate grey, bbc news, dubai. several top british athletes are threatening to sue the british olympic association over their sponsorship regulations. sirmo farah, katarina johnson—thompson, and adam gemili are among those names listed in a legal letter that was sent to the boa today. they're arguing that by not being able to promote their own sponsors during the biggest moment in their careers it reduces earning potential. there are many different things that restrict athletes and for us it is giving every athlete the opportunity to go out and create their own marketing opportunities and yet, so they do not have to work a full—time job.
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99% of athletes work a full—time job and don't have the voice or the platform to out against the doa because they are scared of moment what happened against it. now, i think it's fair to say that it hasn't been a great return to international competition for great britain's rugby league side. after more than a decade away, their 2019 lions tour so far reads played two, lost two. but that was against new zealand. so they'll be hoping to finish on a high tomorrow when they take on papau new guinea. our reporter dave woods looks ahead to their final match. papa new guinea and its capital port moresby provides the backdrop for the rugby clients final tour. papa new guinea is a country where rugby is there a national sport, —— their a national sport. there is one for the alliance that borders on hysteria as they arrived at the other day, they have been out meeting
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schoolkids in villages on their trip, too. but it will be less than welcome on the field on saturday for this final game against the png team. but we have been saying this all tour, this is a game they have to win. they certainly do, i think they will perform, i watched them a couple of times in practices this week and i think the win at the end of this trip would be vitally important in relation to confidence and also in relation to the ambition and ends of the tour. it won't be a gimme by any way or shape, png were very vigorous last week, if the lines of the game in any way, shape or form... -- if the —— if the lines are off their game in any way or shape, they could be off again. great britain have played eight times against papa new guinea and 17, but papa new guinea does have a sprinkling of rugby players from australia and new zealand and super league players from england. they are tough, it's how they play, they find themselves into the line, there are very vigorous, their kicking game is good,
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and they are physically engaging. i think that's where the lions have the advantage, i think the size of the britain team should get them over the line, but if they're off in any way, shape or form they're trouble. it will be a sell—out, they said they could have sold it three orfour times over, 8 million people in the country will be watching the match, they say it's a game that will bring the country to a standstill. from great britain's point of view, they simply need a win to end the series was a smile on theirfaces. let's hope so. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more sport throughout the weekend. next up, it's the papers. bye for now.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster john stapleton and the telegraph's women's editor claire cohen. lovely to have you both here. and really, there is only one story that appears to be dominating those front pages. we will start with the daily mirror which starts with prince andrew's interview with the bbc. with the latejeffrey epstein — the duke says he "let the side down". the daily mail has the same top story — reporting that prince andrew says his behaviour was unbecoming of a member of the royal family. on the front of the daily telegraph, too, more on the same story. the paper also features a picture of interviewer emily maitlis
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with the duke at buckingham palace. and the daily express says prince andrew opens up to the bbc and calls the interview a grilling. that's just a little flavour of those front pages but like we were saying claire and john, one story dominating. let's start with the telegraph. you want to kick us off? this is what journalists telegraph. you want to kick us off? this is whatjournalists call a really good get. congratulations to newsnight for getting this scoop and keeping it so quiet for a few days. ironically we all thought the new series of the crown would be the must watch tv event of the weekend, right? the first thing to note and this is made clear on the photograph on the front is that this interview ta kes pla ce on the front is that this interview takes place in buckingham palace with the approval of the queen. so i think from that we can take an attempt to protect rather than expose arroyo. but nonetheless, it's a brave thing to have done. he
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admits that he is nervous. no doubt, he found the channel for documentary very unnerving. he has released a statement emphatically denying the allegations against him and trying to draw a line under this and clearly that has not worked. —— channel 4. because this came on in october. he's trying to do that again. we say in our story that he turns 60 next year and he is trying to draw line under it before that. we understand that he was going to give a televised interview before his birthday but has decided to bring it forward. the telegraph story, he overruled aid saying it might bea story, he overruled aid saying it might be a bad idea. you can help that those aides and advisers who suggest that they might not want to continue his friendship with epstein and he overruled them. it could be a bad idea. he also says he is paralysed by not being able to get
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his point across, and it turns around on his head all day every day. that said, this is being portrayed as a grilling. no suggesting that there were any pull punches. she has asked the direct questions. those will be quoted in the articles tomorrow. very detailed interview and a reader at what has just been said. great scoop for the bbc. it is in the same week as princess diana talking about the mystery of her marriage, cynthia's prince charles confessing to his adultery. —— same as prince charles was a bigger than harry and megan and their difficulties. it could be and their difficulties. it could be a bit ofa and their difficulties. it could be a bit of a thing for the royal family. what puzzles me is why he has done it now. what has happened in the last few days that persuade him this is a good idea? i think negotiation from what we hear between the bbc and the palace have
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gone on for sometime but why now? this could've happened in the last few years. many people argued if he had any sense and had been better advised he should've done it a few years ago and to bear this story once and for all from his point of view but he didn't choose to do that and now we have got it all over the telegraph norma, the times, the male, how does he come to this, i do not know. it will be shown it pete time on bbc two tomorrow night. but millions of people will watch it. —— peak time for sub to people these days admire that kind of gesture? i think many people would say of the day is why has it taken so long? the front of the times as you said, most of the papers carrying the story and the headline there. "i bet the queen down, i let the side down." it's
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very unusual for the royal family


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