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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 29, 2019 9:00pm-9:45pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today, i'm lewis vaughan jones, our top stories. two people were stabbed to death in central london, people say this was a terrorist attacks on the suspect was shot dead. the empty ideology of terror offers nothing but hatred. today i urge everyone to reject that. police say the suspect was wearing a hoax suicide vest. there was a tussle or a fight, people and darkjackets fighting with each other, and one very tall man with a jacket and a beard, dark?, the next thing i saw, he was
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on the grounds and the police officers had guns and i heard pop's. police are still trying to establish motive. the debate ahead of the general election was overshadowed by the attack. in the netherlands, at least three people have been stabbed in an attack on a busy shopping street in the hague. hello and welcome to world news today. a man has been shot dead by police on london bridge after a number of people were stabbed this afternoon. two people have died. police say it was a terror attack. in the last hour, it's also been confirmed that three people were seriously hurt. the attacker‘s identity is not yet known. the incident unfolded just
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before 2pm local time on friday afternoon. police say they were called to an incident at a premises near london bridge amid reports of a stabbing. shortly afterwards, eyewitnesses filmed members of the public as they cornered a man carrying a knife on the north side of the bridge and pinned him to the ground. armed police arrived within minutes and shot him. he appeared to be wearing an explosive device, which turned out to be fake. the man died at the scene. tonight, the passersby who stepped in have been praised for their bravery. we begin our coverage with this report from caroline davis. suddenly, there was a panic. passengers on a bus saw armed officers pointing their weapons. then an officer goes forward. there
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was a struggle, from which one man broke free, carrying a knife, telling people to leave. another man is pulled away from the malay. and the police opened fire. gunshots. oh, my god. necks andi knew, there were two loud pops. after the pulse, he pulled his jacket back, educate see underneath there was some sort of vest, whether a stamperor there was some sort of vest, whether a stamper or some there was some sort of vest, whether a stamper or some kind of vest, and other points police officers back to where. and at that point, i backed away, because we were as close as the police were in our bus, so that was scary. it was really difficult, because once you see was scary. it was really difficult, because once you see everybody rushing in scattering, you fear for your own safety. the major thing was
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to get out of the way and get down, and we were scared and anxious about what was happening. get out of the way, please! officials say two members of the public as well as the suspect, have died. this is mad. due to reports of the suspect may fight an explosive device, specialist office rs an explosive device, specialist officers also attended the scene and wide cordons are in place to make sure there remains no further danger to the public. i can confirm at this time that we believe a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device. the london ambulance service declared it a major incident. at the mayor of london praised the courage of the public, who tackled the suspect. they really are the best of us, another example of the bravery and heroism of ordinary londoners, running towards danger, risking their own personal safety, to try
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and save others. i want to say thank you to them in the heart of all londoners and also because it shows the best of us. within minutes, armed officers were writing from every corner of london, as well as special teams with dogs. the city, sealed off. it's 2.5 years since the horrors of the london bridge attack. 3.5 weeks ago, the threat level was lowered from severe to substantial. this afternoon, the city was reliving the horrors of that summer night. within the last hour, the most senior police officer in the uk, metropolitan police commissioner commissioner cressida dick, gave this update. it is with the heaviest of hearts that i have to inform you that, as well as the suspect was shot dead by the police, two of those injured in this attack
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on the london bridge area have tragically lost their lives. my heart goes out to their loved ones and to the three further injured victims, who i understand are being treated in hospital. and, of course, to everybody who has been affected by today's terrible and mindless events. the attacks started at fishmongers' hall in the city of london. my understanding is that police were called at 13:58pm, and city of london police officers had bravely and professionally confronted the suspect by iii:03pm, just five minutes later. if you are concerned about anyone who was there
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today, please try to contact them. and if you cannot, then get in touch with us. i want to thank all the emergency service personnel who are currently working tirelessly to deal with this incident, particularly the police officers from the met and the city, who have worked so closely together to protect the public. i also want to thank the members of the public who have helped either by showing extraordinary courage and stepping in to tackle this attacker or indeed by following the instructions they've subsequently been given by officers at the scene and in the area. this support from our public assists us much more than you could know.
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that was cressida dick giving the latest on the police side of the investigation, it will have plenty more on the london bridge attack later in the programme. you can a lwa ys later in the programme. you can always check out the websites, we are currently running a live page, giving all the latest details on there. we now have cross to our correspondence on the scene. what is happening there now? a major police investigation. cressida dick, the commission of the metropolitan police said this would go on for some time, that these road closures would be in place for some time. this behind me as the police command vehicle, and we've also seen scene of crime officers in full overalls and masks looking at various bits of the streets around the northern end
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of london bridge. it's looking more and more like a building next to the north end of london bridge, fishmongers' hall, is of great interest. we'll spoken to a witness who was inside that building is the attack happened. she wanted to remain anonymous, but said she was ata criminal remain anonymous, but said she was at a criminaljustice event, attended by dozens of people, including students from cambridge university and former prisoners, and she said at least one young woman was stabbed at that event, which suggest this attacker somehow got into that building. after that, within about ten minutes, that incidents you have seen pictures of today, a crowd of onlookersjumping on this man, holding him down, then the police shooting him. this happened five or ten minutes after, we're told by a single source at this stage, so unconfirmed, after that incident at fishmongers' hall.
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it's one of the city's livery companies, at the north end of the bridge. we heard from cressida dick is there, saying that police will be working to see if anyone else was involved. that is a crucial next step in this investigation? such she was very step in this investigation? such she was very strong, she called it a terrible and mindless event, and said within about five minutes of the attack starting, police confronted the attacker. to pay tribute to them and the way in which armed police dealt with it. she said the police are working full tilt, the police are working full tilt, the cordons will be here for some time and she made a strong point that, in her words, the empty ideology of terror offers nothing but hatred and that london as a city and we should all reject that. but again, the metropolitan police counterterrorism policing is involved in a big investigation into yet another terrorist incident. there will be looking firstly i
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don't want to send a man's pockets, what can they tell about him from what can they tell about him from what they find on the scene. they will get cctv pictures together and then they were spread details out to see who knows this man, relatives, anyone who might have dealt with, talked this potential attack, and ta ke talked this potential attack, and take the investigation where it needs to go. so an awful lot of work to come in the days that follow. thank you very much. away from the attack at london bridge, and there's been another stabbing attack this evening with at least three people injured in an attack inside a department store in the hague. dutch police say they are searching for a man who they believe may be behind the attack. the incident happened at the hudson's bay store in the city's grote market which is the main market square area of the hague. images on social media showed emergency services at the scene amid crowds
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of black friday shoppers. we can cross to the hague and speak to silvia girardi, who is a student studying in the hague and was close to the area where the attack took place. thank you for talking to us. wanted to see, what happens?” thank you for talking to us. wanted to see, what happens? i was at the main square, the end of the street, the main street with all the shops in the city centre of the hague. i just saw people running. i wasn't in front of the shop, i was a bit further from it. i just front of the shop, i was a bit furtherfrom it. ijust saw front of the shop, i was a bit further from it. ijust saw a front of the shop, i was a bit furtherfrom it. ijust saw a lot front of the shop, i was a bit further from it. ijust saw a lot of people running and screaming and they didn't know anything, of course. that is a pretty frightening situation, and you obviously took yourself away to safety? definitely. i went a bit further from the scene, and terry mo noticed anything there, soi and terry mo noticed anything there, so i was a pretty safe place there.
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then there were dozens of police and firefighters and ambulances and they blocked the street with some red and white tape. did you get any information at all from the police when you are down there? no, the police were just saying, go away. if you are trying to ask them, they would sir say, move, you are trying to ask them, they would sirsay, move, go you are trying to ask them, they would sir say, move, go away. and for you alone at the time or were you with people? i was alone, i had just said bye to some friends. i was there for shopping, of course, it was black friday. like so many other people there tommy point. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. the bbc has hosted a debate between representatives of seven british political parties ahead of the general election on 12 december.
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in the shadow of the attack at london bridge, the tone was initially a muted one. the national health service, climate change and spending were among the issues raised in questions from the public, as well as brexit. here's a little of what was said. that we can remain at the european union and have more money to spend on improving your life right now two a borisjohnson's deal will not get it done, it is the start of years of more wrangling. i want to be on your side, not with wrangling about making ends meet. we all want to move on, with your support, we can do that. we want wales to remain within european union and not poverty. at stake is notjust brexit but what kind of society we want to be. was brexit done properly, we
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have an amazing future, and that is why i am here. what guarantees can you give that the spending outlines will be delivered to? we have a great book alongside our manifesto detailing the costs, receipts and proposals going forward. under our fully costed plans, the national debt at the end of the parliament will be lower. all of that will be put at risk by what we have heard are labour's reckless spending plans. how did those of you here feel about talk of revoking article 30? is anybody who is of associate thinks this is going well for our country? it is a mess and a mess because, back in 2016, there were not straightforward about what it would mean? 0r talk the deal that has been negotiated as a bad deal, and is only a withdrawal deal.
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has been negotiated as a bad deal, and is only a withdrawal dealm the trade talks do not conclude quickly, we will very soon face another no deal cliff edge, and that would be catastrophic. three times the tories promised and failed. it is the brexit party that ensures the wishes of 17.4 million people will be respected. a second referendum would be disaster for trust in democracy in this country. many of my students rate climate change is the top priority, what issues which you propose that would help achieve that immediate change? the first thing i would say to your students that they have already change things, never believe they are not making a difference. the fact that parliament has declared a climate emergency is because of the pressure from young people. we could pass a clean airact, we from young people. we could pass a clean air act, we could do it now, because people die unnecessarily because people die unnecessarily because of pollution in they are, we could do that now.
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for the latest, i can speak to bbc political correspondent jonathan blake, who's been at the debate in cardiff. so lots of views and questions from the audience, lots of parties represented. pick through it for us, but stood out for you? represented. pick through it for us, but stood out for you ?|j represented. pick through it for us, but stood out for you? i think after they came out on stage, none of the seven parties will be hanging their heads in their hands in despair, but neither are they likely to be punching the air in victory. because eve ryo ne punching the air in victory. because everyone taking part in tonight's debate got a fair crack of the whip. and i think if we take each party's performance, the conservative pa rty‘s performance, the conservative party's candidate performance, the conservative pa rty‘s candidate really performance, the conservative party's candidate really had to get through the event unscathed and stick to the script. and he managed to do that, although he did come in for plenty of criticism over the conservative's record and their sta nce conservative's record and their stance on brexiteers and other promises in his campaign for the other parties. labour's shadow
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secretary managed to shift the large parts of debate onto their key message over the nhs and what they see as the conservative's attempt to put a see as the conservative's attempt to puta —— see as the conservative's attempt to put a —— risk of future trade deal between the uk in the us. she was able to get a fair hearing for labour‘s polity policies as well. nicola sturgeon at times happy to sit back and let the other parties argue, but taking on richard tice, the brexit party chairman over what she described as light as the party has told, one line stood out putting their party's spending on the side of the bus got a good reaction out of the bus got a good reaction out of the bus got a good reaction out of the audience. richard was able to get a good sounding for his party posits policy, with the brexit pa rty‘s key message posits policy, with the brexit party's key message that the uk must come out of the eu as soon as possible come what may. jo swinson for the lib dems didn't feature particularly heavily and seemed to
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stay out of some of the more fiery exchanges where you might have expected her to wade in and put forward the party's staunch anti—brexit argument, perhaps a bit more forcefully. plaid cymru was attacking labour and every opportunity, particularly their government here in wales, looking to ta ke government here in wales, looking to take away their record. caroline lucas, the green party's only mp before general election, sticking at every opportunity to her party's agenda on the environment. for the smaller parties it was about getting themselves heard and getting their policies across, and perhaps tempting wavering voters out of their core support to vote for them over and above the main parties. for labour and the conservatives, it was about ramming home their key m essa g es about ramming home their key messages in this election campaign at every opportunity. no major upsets, no major knockout blows from anyone, but some lively debate and some fiery exchanges as the evening
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went on, although it did start with a much more sombre tone reflecting the events in london earlier on in the events in london earlier on in the day. and all of the participants at some point paid tribute to the emergency services and members of the public responding to that attack in london. jonathan, thank you very much for talking to us. a quick spin through the debate this evening. thank you. two weeks until the election and we will have full coverage right here across the bbc. let's return now to the terror attack at london bridge, and take another look at what happened early on friday afternoon. this video was sent in to us, which appears to show a member of the public wrestling with a man on the floor. armed police then move in, pull the passer by away and then shots were fired at the man. and this what we believe is the same incident from a different angle. the video appears to show a large knife being taken away as a man
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was being wrestled with. and this shows the same incident from the ground — you can see the knife a lot more clearly. let's leave those pictures now. will geddes is a security and counter—terrorism specialist. we are still in the first few hours of what's happened here, so obviously details are scarce. and we start with a broader picture here? we've gone through a lot of details as we know them so far, but the broader picture, and this idea of terror threat levels? just talk us through what they are, what they mean, and the fact that they've recently been changed to. most countries will have a terrorism threat level that they assign nationally. and earlier this year, the british government decided to actually consolidate the threat
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levels where previously they were reliant towards both international terrorism and domestic terrorism, like the provisional ira and distant groups. they were further complicated in terms of an assigned threat level for northern ireland, then in the united kingdom mainland with regard to the northern irish distant threats. that ultimately you have the international level. they consolidated it into one, and until recently about a month ago or so, we we re recently about a month ago or so, we were at the highest level. we are now at substantial, that threat level was decreased. so we are in a situation where a threat wasn't necessarily highly likely, but still likely. now this is concerning because the last time we had a terrorism attack which follows eight de—escalation and the threat level was 77. will there be criticism for
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this decrease in the threat level, or simply this decrease in the threat level, orsimplya this decrease in the threat level, or simply a case of responding to the intelligence and what they had at the time? there are just back arguments to be had about threat levels. firstly, they are not actually useful for the general public orfor actually useful for the general public or for business for that matter. and to utilise unless they do fluctuate. if they are sustained at the highest level, then it is inevitable that people can't maintain or correlate to the same levels of situational awareness. so for the general public, they do need to change. but there's always a risk for the government when they de—escalate them. there will perhaps be some criticism, but i think we need to give it some perspective. the security services and counterterrorism authorities are working at any given time on at least 800 life cases. and bearing in mind that since 2017, they've interrupted and foiled 24 significant terrorist attacks, they are doing a pretty good job —
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bearing in mind they have a finite amount of resources. that is important to remember, all the number of attacks we don't hear about and see precisely because of the work that is done. let's return to the skies earlier on. checking to see if anyone let's say this was a lone individual working for the sake of this argument. how much more difficult does that make it for police to try and track and prevent? incredibly difficult. we hit the proverbial nail on the head as much as where as conventionally in the past there was a much more considered and structured framework behind many terrorist groups with the line of command or command and control that would designate tasks and appointments to those that were in their ranks. these days regular with a very different dynamic. we have
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individuals that can often be self radicalised and purports to be inspired by the agenda by the extremist to carry on their tax, and in many regards they can be in isolation. rooting back to the numbers we mentioned there's three and a half thousand to 5000 priority individuals or subjects of interest that the authorities are looking at at any given time. as spinning the number that they would like to look at and the priority target come the rest of them potentially could exceed 10,000. so you are going to get those individuals like the one today. my sources are telling me that they were not known to the authorities as far as they know at this stage. and that will slip through the net. thank you very much for talking to us. we will have to leave it there because we are running out of time, but thank you. remind her of course we'll have plenty more on the london bridge terror attack right here on bbc
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world news. thank stay with. could evening, it's been much drier today, there's been a good deal of sunshine but under the starry skies now temperatures are already falling at away. drier weather for the weekend but some very cold nights and with a risk of fog. warnings on the website. we had the showers through the day can be in the northern and eastern areas nephew in the south and west. with these services are damp with temperatures getting to below freezing in places, it does mean that the ice risk is quite high but for many of us further south and particularly for england and wales the lucy moore missed developing an thickening to fog. by morning. it does look as if the frost will be more widespread tonight because temperatures will be a couple of degrees lower again in the frost will be harder as well.
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much further south as you can see. tomorrow morning as well as being cold and freezing we have some freezing fog and quite treacherous for road users. looks as if it will be across england and wales, don't ta ke be across england and wales, don't take this as the defined areas of fog. as the ideas of how widespread we are expecting that fog to be. the wind strengthening in the south will tend to lift into low cloud but in some areas perhaps the east midlands and lincolnshire it could stay with freezing fog, but it will feel really cold and of course of the strengthening wind and all the cloud for the south will feel quite a role here as well. for others though it's dry it we will see sunshine. not particularly warm but will continue across the north of scotland. we've got increasing cloud come to the south and west and some drizzle here. even possibly stretching up into the south of wales, that east wind feel quite raw and through the night will slip east and possibly bring ina night will slip east and possibly bring in a few showers across other
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eastern parts of england. then through sunday it moves away and the high—pressure reestablish itself again. by then the showers mostly northern and eastern areas and perhaps east anglia so the keen wind making it feel cold. elsewhere a real risk of fog again and widespread frost of the south and called again by day. we keep the settled in cold weather going into the start of next week, temperatures well below average but at this stage no sign of any appreciable reign at this stage. the warnings are on the website.
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jann—fiete this is bbc world news, the headlines: two people have been stabbed to death in central london. police say the attack at london bridge was a terrorist incident and that the suspect was shot dead. they're still trying to establish the motive. politicians and police have praised a crowd of onlookers who restrained the attacker. officials say the suspect was wearing what turned out to be a hoax suicide vest. a major tv debate ahead of the uk general election has been overshadowed by the london bridge attack. the debate began with tributes to the victims and emergency services. leading parties have suspended election campaigning in london. in the netherlands, at least three people have been stabbed in an attack in a busy shopping street in the hague.
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police have declared a major terrorist incident in central london, after two people were stabbed to death, and several others injured by a man wielding a knife. he was shot dead by armed officers who were responding to an incident near london bridge. police say a hoax explosive device was found on his body. tom edwards reports on how events unfolded. this footage showed what appeared to be ordinary londoners again tackling a terrorist on london bridge. 0fficers intervene. it happened on the north side of the thames. two years ago, london bridge was the scene of a terrorist attack. there appeared to be a fight going on on the other side of the bridge, with several men attacking one man. police arrived, including armed police, and then a number of shots were fired at this man. from the top of a bus, here, a man with a blue tie
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is seen running from the incident with what looks like a knife in his hand. we won't show it, but moments later an armed officer opens fire. i heard a lot more gunshots, and then people started to run off the bridge... just before two o'clock, it started. phone footage taken from nearby offices shows crowds fleeing from london bridge. here, schoolchildren are seen running down the street. as emergency services were quickly on the scene. within the space of about 20 seconds, we heard gunshots. there were people in the cafe opposite, the police open the doors, everybody sprinted out. all at once, it was very panicky. but they got everybody out of the area pretty quick. as a major incident was declared, here footage shows police confronting a white lorry on the bridge.
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as they put in a large exclusion zone quickly. clearly, they dealt with this pretty quickly. an eyewitness told me that shots were fired. and that individual seemed to be already down on the bridge when that happened, the eyewitness told me. two and a half hours after the incident, police confirmed a man was shot dead at the scene, and a number of people were injured. this family was one of many caught up in the chaos. the restaurant owners were just, like, come in, come in. they switched all of the lights off, the lights in the kitchen went off, and we were told to get on the floor. from sitting, just enjoying a meal, to that so quickly, obviously, it was quite scary for all of us. this was the day terror again came to london bridge. again, it seems, londoners stopped
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this attack becoming much worse. the uk's politicians have been united in condemning the attack, and praising the response of the public and the police. the british prime minister boris johnson says he has temporarily suspended his political campaign for the uk general election, which will take place in less than two weeks, for the rest of the day. i've just been briefed by the commissioner and assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police about the events at london bridge this afternoon. while this is an ongoing investigation, the police can confirm that this was a terrorist incident. clearly, my thoughts are first with the emergency services, the police, the bravery that they've shown in going towards danger, as they do. i also want to pay tribute to the extraordinary bravery of those members of the public who physically intervened to protect
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the lives of others. for me, they represent the very best of our country and i thank them on behalf of all our country. i think we're all very saddened, also, to learn that some people have been injured in this event, and our sympathies are very much with them and with their loved ones. clearly, the metropolitan police are continuing their investigations, and i can assure you and assure everyone that anybody involved in this crime and these attacks, will be hunted down and brought to justice. i think the message that we send to them and anyone associated with this type of attack is one that will be familiar, and that is that this country will never be cowed or divided or intimidated by this sort of attack. and our values, our british
9:36 pm
values, will prevail. prime minister, have you learned more from your briefings with senior officers about the suspects and the background to this incident, whether or not you're able to share that with us now? there is a certain amount that the police are able to share with us at the moment, but it is not yet entirely clear and they're not at a stage where it's possible to go public. but what i will say is that here at number 10 we will continue to have meetings and consultations are the evening goes on. is it your understanding that the immediate danger from this incident has passed with the killing of this suspect? to the best of our knowledge, the incident has been contained. i pay tribute, again, to the work of the police and emergency services in what they've done. i would urge everybody, of course, to be vigilant,
9:37 pm
and one cannot help but think back to what happened in 2017, in the same part of the city. i hope that people will be able, as fast as possible, to go about their normal business. and finally, this happened in the middle of a general election campaign, will campaigning continue as normal? i obviously have stopped my campaigning for this evening, but we will be reviewing the matter the matter in the course of the next few hours. let's hear more now from someone who witnessed the incident close up. karin bosch was travelling on a bus on london bridge, with her baby, when it happened. bbc news has been speaking exclusively to her. 0vercoming southbound on to london
9:38 pm
bridge. we pull away from the bus stop and we saw people running and filming over their shoulder and the bus stop suddenly. we all look to see what was going on. at the right side, the other side of the pavements, there was a tussle or a fight. people in darkjackets, fighting with each other. the next thing i noticed was that there were three policemen and one very tall man ina three policemen and one very tall man in a blackjacket with a beard, who next thing i saw, was on the ground and! who next thing i saw, was on the ground and i saw release officers with guns and i heard two pubs. i also saw a spent taser, so i presume there were gunshots, but i don't know. after they pops, he pulled his jackets back and come underneath there was some sort of vest, whether a stab vest or an explosive vest, and at that point, the police
9:39 pm
officers will be backed away. i was really scared, because we were about as close as the police officers in our bus. even after they pops, he was lying there alive and and he obviously had that side effects, because apollo stepped away from him and did not shoot him. for us it was terrifying, because even now, he can still damage us, the buses stopped in only few metres away. potential, it could kill the baby, so i wanted her to be as far away as possible, the other side of the bus. because of that exploded, that would be awful. the minute i heard the two pops, ijust awful. the minute i heard the two pops, i just wanted awful. the minute i heard the two pops, ijust wanted to get between the baby and what was going on out there. so i moved her as quickly as i could in the palm behind the stairwell on the bus, so if anything happens, she was protected away by the side of the bus. ijust wanted to get the baby away as quickly as possible. but the quickest thing
9:40 pm
would be to get off the post, but don't know what is going on out there, they may be more than one attacker, so for that moment, staying put seemed the safest thing. although i may have been able to run quickly by myself, but i thought stay put and perhaps the bus can try was a little bit further away. i just wanted to get her as far away as quickly as possible. i've being around london bridge for ten years, all the three attacks now, i've be nearby. is a medical doctor, iwant to get closer and help, but with the baby, your instincts change, you wa nt to baby, your instincts change, you want to get as far away as quickly as possible. that was one eyewitness, but to put this ina that was one eyewitness, but to put this in a broader perspective, spot two paul rogers is emeritus professor of peace studies at the university of bradford. we know that one suspects with a knife, with a hook suicide vest,
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what are these kinds of details suggest to you about the kind of attack here? so to get up the keyword is suggest, because we have relatively little information. the police will have the m15 and eve ryo ne police will have the m15 and everyone else involved, we have strong counterterrorism in britain, probably one of the most professional in the world, in fact. the police are immediately trying to find out the identity of this person, find out whether it was a single person, what the motives may have been, and whether there was any support from anybody else. you can't getjump to support from anybody else. you can't get jump to the support from anybody else. you can't getjump to the conclusions of the views of this person, where he or she is coming from, but the presumption eglise is that it may be connected with the sorts of problems we in britain over the recent years, since the 2005 attacks. beyond that, it is just speculation, it is true that things happen in the wider world that may be connected come out in my create know what is the nature
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or by of the attacks that have taken place in the netherlands earlier this evening. but the indications that the group in the middle east, isis, is reconstituting itself, and there was a specific warning from there was a specific warning from the us defence intelligence agency a week ago that one of its aims would be to try and start conducting attacks again on what it terms is the far enemy, western countries. it is far too early, however, to try to connect the two summaries that may be possible in coming days, but meanwhile the terrible news is that innocent people have died in this attack. that is right to point that out and quite right to say it is too early to make specific links at the moment. but interesting you said there was a warning, is that something people are not necessarily relating to this incident, of course, but people in the western world more generally need to be aware of, that there is this reconstituting and specific threats? i think reconstituting and specific threats? ithink so,
9:43 pm
reconstituting and specific threats? i think so, it president trump recently declared very strongly, as he is wanted to do, that isis was defeated. much as one would like to say that, that is nonsense. isis itself has lost its territory, is caliphate in syria and iraq. it is worth saying that it lost this in an intensive three—year air war, conducted without much attention, but did kill a huge number of isis personnel. but more generally, even though it lost its territory, it is still present in attacking about syria and iraq and reconstituting itself elsewhere. it even controls territory in western africa and parts of that region, and certain provinces in afghanistan and. are essential, to stall there. it has lost its geographical identity, but is much more than a virtual organisation, it still has a lot of support. us sources think that is well over 12,000 people, act of parliament was, in iraq and syria,
9:44 pm
what makes it more complicated as the decision of some americans to withdraw their largely symbolic but important troops from northern syria and lets the turks to cover part of the area. that means the cards themselves, american allies, are less allies now because they have other things to contend with. is also a case that in the whole area, many of the isis people got out of the jails they were detained in. so it isa the jails they were detained in. so it is a messy picture. indeed, thank you very much for trying to walk us through that. at this point, viewers in the uk are leaving us, with our news channel bringing them newswatch, before coverage resumes at 10pm local time. hello and welcome to newswatch. as a general election campaign gets mired in hotly disputed claims from
9:45 pm
politicians, how well is the bbc present reality check doing in establishing the truth? and...|j think it's absolutely vital. the bbc apologise for cutting question time audience laughter at boris johnson ina audience laughter at boris johnson in a news report, but why did they edit it out? first, the big media confrontation of the week making newspaper headlines the next day was tuesday puzzling interview by andrew neil with jeremy corbyn. puzzling interview by andrew neil withjeremy corbyn. here's the labour leader public response when invited to make a report apology to the british jewish invited to make a report apology to the britishjewish community. invited to make a report apology to the british jewish community.” don't want anyone to be feeling insecure in our society. in our government will protect every community. so no apology? against the abuse they receive on the trains come on the streets. 0r the abuse they receive on the trains come on the streets. or in any other form of life. let's try one more time.


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