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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 30, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. ‘ north, the the headlines at 8. ‘north, the mist north, the mist and islands. further north, the mist and fog that never really cleared in some parts of the midlands is tributes are paid to the first victim to be named in the london bridge attack. thickening up, heading towards cambridge graduate jack merritt, was running a prisoner wales. one of two showers in east rehabilitiation conference — to which his attacker anglia, and further north, mainly had been invited. the north of scotland. apache frost police have commended the actions of members of the public, including convicted further south, because of the breeze criminals who overpowered the knifeman. and cloud overnight, and also the rain. that should clear away, the cloud and fog breaking up more quickly tomorrow. we will get sunshine far and wide. a few showers in the far north of scotland and down some of those irish sea coasts as well. sunshine far and wide, it's emerged that usman khan had been released on licence for his involvement in planning terror attacks. another chilly day like today, and in other news, millions typically 4—7 celsius. of commuters will have to pay an average of 2.7 percent more, for rail tickets in the new year.
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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: tributes are paid to the first victim to be named in the london bridge attack. cambridge graduate jack merritt, was running a prisoner
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rehabilitiation conference — to which his attacker had been invited. police have commended the bravery shown by members of the public, including convicted criminals who overpowered the knifeman. it's emerged that usman khan had been released on licence for his involvement in planning terror attacks. and in other news, millions of commuters will have to pay an average of 2.7 percent more, for rail tickets in the new year. and england will face croatia in their opening game for euro 2020, on ilijune. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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and england's cricketers are up against it in new zealand — the kiwis are on top in the second test . also coming up in the programme... a winning start under wayne his wales side beat a familiarface, in charge of the barbarians in cardiff. and we hear the remarkable story of the olympic rowing champion.... fighting back after being left paralysed following a stroke hello and welcome to sportsday. hello and welcome
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to the programme... all the day's premier league to come but first we now know the draw for next summer's european championship. england and wales, might be feeling pleased with how it's gone for them, in their euro 2020 groups. the draw was made in romania earlier — and we have a classic group of death to look forward to. let's head to bucharest now, and speak tojohn watson, who's there for us. they face familiar opponents but they will feel fairly confident of progressing. they have avoided the nations of germany, france and portugal who have been drawn together. the toughest match arguably their opening match against croatia who they will face on the 14th ofjune. escott then managed to qualify, which they can still do so if you come through play of part c we could see a match out between the two home nations at wembley five days later than england's final group match will be against the czech republic. another team they know well the 23rd ofjune, having
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faced them in the european qualifying. was the one match that they lost to the czech republic, of course seven wins out of eight. familiar opponents for england. let's hear from the england familiar opponents for england. let's hearfrom the england manager reflecting on the tough opening match against croatia who knocked them out. we know the quality of their midfield players. that is a really top level fixture. funnily enough add a picture before the draw. he wanted to be in london so that's interesting from their point of view. how will wales be feeling going into the habit? we knew that they were either going to be picked in group a oi’ either going to be picked in group a or group either going to be picked in group a orgroup b either going to be picked in group a or group b because of the nature and set up and structure of the tournament. a lot of the teams are predetermined in the group said they we re predetermined in the group said they were to go into. they have been
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drawn in group a. again to reasonable position. the only drawback of ely, for wales as the logistical issues they going to face having to play to their opening matches away in a bergeron in baku. the been drawn against switzerland, on the 13th ofjune and then they face turkey on the 17th and their final group game will be against italy on them on the 21st ofjune. italy on them on the 21st ofjune. italy are favourites to top that group, group a. if wales can finish runners—up in group a they would play the runners—up of group b in the last 16 which should be anyone from russia, denmark, belgium off and then. belgium would be top of the group so any one of those three other teams. wales will feel pretty confident about the draw they have been given. they will have to just whether they are going to base themselves having to travel all that way to azerbaijan but let's hear from the wales manager. at this
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stage they are all tough games. switzerland have a good team but i watched their progress. there were in with the republic of ireland and denmark and a talented team. turkey we re denmark and a talented team. turkey were ina denmark and a talented team. turkey were in a group with france and iceland so to come out of that they have done well and of course, italy, fantastic qualifying, winning every game so, yeah, that'll be a tough game, obviously. last but not least the final group. astonishingly of the three winners of the last three major tournaments. we know portugal are in there, the reigning european champions. they have been drawn alongside france, the current world champions in germany as well. so you have to feel for the fourth team that will be put into that group, group f. toughest of all of the groups by far. that will be the winner of play of part a. anyone of hungary, iceland, bulgaria. you feel for any of those
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teams playing in that group. astonishingly of germany, portugal and france in there. we knew that england could have been drawn against france. they were loitering in product to put up portugal came out of .3 so england could have faced any one of those teams and i think england and wales will be pleased, arguably, with the draw they have been when you get out of that group is, group f. thank you very much indeed for us. john watson in bucharest put up let's get you up to speed on what has been a big day in the premier city dropped points again today after leading twice at saintjames park. they finished you all with some crackers. but with liverpool willing to stretch their lead to ii points at the top can they be caught? joe carrie reports. when you are the defending champions but nine points the premier league leaders every game becomes a must win.
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after the restart, the chilly conditions the game needed warming up. a huge goal and a huge moment for city. newcastle were not finished. a clever free kick and an unmarked shelby culminated in a special finish to once again bring his side level as they kept their sites on finishing the game. a great response toa finishing the game. a great response to a stuttering first season. but for city another missed opportunity. we cannot see the goal. it was not easy because the defence was so deep but we moved well, we create enough chances to score more goals and in
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general the game was good. you can't ask for anything more in the way they have gone about their work and their attitude. we were disappointed on monday night which is something away from home we had to address. but here we will give the crowd something to shout about and could see them go home with a smile on theirface. that city result at lunchtime must have given liverpool a boost, adam wild is here with the rest of the premier league results , adam, liverpool did take advantage, but it wasn't straightforward. it certainly wasn't. having seen manchester city get a point at lunchtime against newcastle they will be licking their lips at the prospect of extending their lead at the top of the premier league to 11 points. they are up against brighton who have not won at anfield since 1983. and that fun continues but only just.
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liverpool with a 2—1 victory. liverpool starting very confidently. batman bare, terrific towering header to put them in front for cups a minute or two later he went and did it again. another had us 02— zero. pretty comfortable until the second half. first, a straight red card for handling outside his box. a free kick. side footing the ball and whilst liverpool were still rearranging themselves. very quick thinking led to a nervy last few minutes for lots of celebrations, as you would expect. lots of leap around anfield on what has been an emotional week the fans and everyone associated with the club. they have 11 points clear at the table. let's hear from juergen klopp who was full of praise for the substitute keeper despite that free kick. he is the man of the match for me because coming in in a game like
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this and, yeah, making two saves in the one was tricky and even the goalie kicks of course a difficult and everyone who ever did that with completely cold feet, it is just not possible. he should have done that probably definitely but we were not prepared for that situation. so i am completely happy. the same can be said forjose mourinho and tottenham. they were 3—0 up against bournemouth only to be back 3—2. it finished, the perfect start forjose mourinho continued. some terrific goals in that game. worth watching match of the day this evening. the first couple from delhi, a player
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rejuvenated, coming from long balls over the top and some excellent finishing. another very well taken goal. harry wilson, the liverpool striker came on and pulled it to fort bournemouth. a lovely free kick but it was not enough. spurs with back—to—back league wins this season. a hugely entertaining game. moreno, it seems, has got them playing especially. to play in a position where it feels happier and he feels very co mforta ble. to give him some principle, collective principles of game, very adapted to his qualities at the same time to give him also some space for his creativity, that he always has. and that's it. i think it is the manager since i have arrived in three phenomenal matches. one ofjose mourinho's former clubs chelsea were in action as well this afternoon but it was not such a good afternoon for one of his former protege is frank lampard. west ham had not won at chelsea for 17 years but as you can see that run is over.
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they beat chelsea by a single goal at the bridge. aaron cresswell with the only goal of the game, a very well one. some really emotional scenes at the final whistle. the west ham players going over to the keeper. here it is that he made his premier league debut at the age of 33. the son of west ham legend and a very proud moment for him. struggling to fight back the tears. i real day to remember. he was what he has been saying in the press conference. he said, my dad not so much. i think they were both in tears. my dad play for the club for 21 years and to see me make my debut keep a clear sheet to get a win for the boys, it is so pleasing. it was remarkable day for him.
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there's hearfrom the manager. he never played before in the premier league but i think that he did very well. the personality to play and i think a complete team and our defenders helped him not to keep that. eight earth model where crystal palace beat burnley 2— nil. it was pallas's first trip outside of london since august. having seen manchester city getjust a point at newcastle at lucnhtime, just one more 3 o'clock kick off to tell you about. it was at turf moor where crystal palace beat burnley 2—0. it was in fact, by some quirk of the schedules, palaces first trip outside of london since august. but, the northern chill didn't seem to put them off. goals from wilfried zaha, an excellent solo effort
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and subsitiute jeffrey schlupp doing the. palace move up to 10th in the table, level on points with burnley, who are eighth and had been in fine form. watford had ta ken watford had taken the lead in this one. the opening goal in the first half, good confident finish there. that was a lead they kept right up until the 77th minute. then somehow they managed to squeeze in an equaliser. a few minutes later the comeback. a wonderful free equaliser. a few minutes later the comeback. a wonderfulfree kick equaliser. a few minutes later the comeback. a wonderful free kick to give southampton all three points. watford really in a lot of trouble now. to live in one it has finished at st mary's. things looking very grim for watford. a little better for southampton and very, very good indeed for liverpool this evening. 11 points at the top of the table with leicester of course an action tomorrow. they take on everton. for
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games in all. plenty of premier league action still to come this weekend. thank you. looking forward to tomorrow, indeed. altrincham were just moments away from causing a shock in the second round of the fa cup today. a penalty with just seven minutes to go. 2008 winners looked like securing a replay for the north side but a last—minute winner from brett pitman broke their hearts and it means portsmouth will go through to monday's third round draw. that matches one of eight second round games today and you can see the goals from all of today's matches on the bbc sport website. for games and scottish premiership today. celtic in second place rangers don't plan to tomorrow but aberdeen remained third after a 2—1win at home against saint mirren who are level bottle of the table now. goalless at livingston well motherwell thrashed
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the bottom side saintjohnstone 4—0. still to come in sports day: hamilton looks to sign off on a high. the world champion is on pole for the final grand prix of the year. and a winning start as wales beat the barbarians in cardiff. england cricketers will struggle to level the series against new zealand with the kiwis on top in the second test. they made 375 in their first innings, before england closed on 39 for 2 on day 2. they still trail by 336. rhia chohan was watching. it's a little early for a rendition of o come all ye faithful but after england's thrashing in the first test they would have been heartened by the unwavering support in new zealand. england's day started brightly. tom latham resumed on 101 but added just four more before misjudging one from stuart broad.
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england decision to bowl first looked to be belatedly paying off. but they were frustrated by daryl mitchell and bj watling. mitchell showing scant respect to the part—time bowling ofjoe denly. watling, who scored a double century in the last match showing scant respect to everyone broad's perseverance was eventually rewarded. he got most of them and got four wickets but not before new zealand had gone past 300. we ended up with 375, total that seemed more impressive when england batted. dominic sibley at 2a and in his second is quickly finding out the extra demands of test cricket. joe denly who is eight years sibley senior might conclude that things don't get any easier. both went for just four.
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the captainjoe root has matured to master the art of test batting but his touch has deserted him. having would welcome a big score from him on day three. it is an opportunity for them to put it is an opportunity for them to put their hand up. robbie burns has got a start. there are people there who are capable of batting long periods of time. does not look at is the type of wicked way you can walk in straightaway and blast away. you have to earn the right to score the i’u ns have to earn the right to score the runs as well the series. leiws hamilton has wrapped up the f1 drivers championship. but he's looking to end the formula one season on a high. he's on pole for the final race of the season, the abu dhabi grand prix tomorrow. incredibly, it's his first pole for 4 months. his mercedes teamamte valterri bottas was second quickest — but an engine penalty means that he'll start from the back
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of the grid tomorrow. max verstappen is bumped up to the front row i don't know if i found that extra as such but i mean by the car was in as such but i mean by the car was in a much better position i would this qualifying session if you get you the particularly but all the other sessions, good rhythm, good delivery of each lap so quite close to the bills i can think of the first 03 was awesome in the next one is a little bit better is that as can the benchmark, that is what you want to make sure you do every single qualifying session. there was great entertainment at the principality stadium in cardiff. as wayne pivac‘s first game in charge of wales, saw them beat the barbarians 43 —33. the baba's were being coached by the former wales boss warren gatland. a chance to look to the future and say goodbye to old friends. the new wales coach with the first chance to see his ideas and practice but some aspects don't need changing.
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josh adams scored seven tries and straightaway picked up where he left off. from the wells passed further ahead and when your hooker scores back—to—back tries you know you are in control. going forward wales are determined to play with pace and the break from thomas williams and the finish from who else but adams? roars from all corners of the principality and only matched when the former ireland captain bid farewell to international rugby. but his side were not quite done yet. a late flourish but a tight finish and a rare smile from warren gatland. it ended closer than they would have liked but opening start nonetheless for the new wales. wales women's were also in action against the barbarians to finish their autumn series. they lost 29—15, that was also played at the principality stadium. there was an east midlands derby in the rugby union premiership — and northampton saints completely outclassed leicester tigers to go top of the table. they scored 5 tries at franklin's gardens. matt proctor with a first
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half brace on his debut. saints move ahead of bristol who play london irish tomorrow. the only thing keeping tigers off the bottom of the table is saracens, who are on minus 18 points after their points deduction. england's netball team have wrapped a series win over south africa after beating them 59—53 in the second test in cape town. jess thirlby‘s side followed up victory in the first test yesterday with another win — they went into half—time 29—27 up thanks to kadeen corbin. south africa scored three back—to—back goals as they went on to take the lead early in the third quarter. but england came back again, eleanor cardwell on the scoresheet to secure the win and series ahead of tomorrow's third and final test. defending champion ronnie o'sullivan is through to the third round of the uk championship after a routine victory this time it was china's tian pengfei on the end of another ruthless display from the seven—time winner of the event. o'sullivan has lifted the trophy
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in at the barbican centre more times than anyone else and is aiming for his third title in a row. three—time olympic rowing champion pete reed had just announced his retirement from the sport — and returned to a job with the royal navy. but in september, he suffered a one in a million spinalstroke, which left him paralysed from the chest down. in his first interview since the injury, he tells sir matthew pinsent how his life has changed over the last few months hello, matt. nice to see you. you are right? i'm good. i will show you around. we are at the duke of cornwall spinal treatment centre in salisbury. hi, sophie are you all right? i walked into hospital in uniform.
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i had weak legs and a strange gait on the third day had us stroking the same area and such big pain at that point i felt nauseous. i went back into bed and the pain was extraordinary. like nothing i felt. by this point my partner was with me and it was scary because i was lying down and i could feel the life drain out of my legs and within about 45 minutes the pain had gone and i could not move my legs. the first thing i did was try to sit up and i couldn't so i grab the side of the bed to pull myself up ,and i fell for was like a rag doll and then fell backwards, because i've got no core strength and that was the first time — and that is really scary. you mentioned jeannie. it must be so difficult for you together. i think it is hardest for her, because she has stuck by me, she needs somebody just like her so i am very lucky. she is handling it brilliantly and we have brilliantly and we are a great team.
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your athlete mentality, does that help at that point? there is nothing more beneficial to me now than may at that mindset, nothing. in the big goal is how quickly can i get back on that big scary world out there that is more scary now that i am a chair but it should not be. i am up for that challenge. if the aim is walking again rather than a gold medal, the target is even bigger than before for me. after london 2012, who would have thought i would have a bigger challenge and more motivation to achieve it. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. hello there. after a really sharp frost this morning in scotland the temperature was no better than minus three celsius at balmoral in aberdeenshire. it was pretty chilly through parts. in the mid—than some of the mist and fog linger all day
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along nottingham it was only1 degrees at best this afternoon. cold air established or passed most of the uk but towards the far south—west we have got this weather front here and it has brought some rain chiefly the isles of scilly. it has been particularly mild today. as you had further north it is a complicated mixture of cloud, some patchy fog for the mid—than someone to showers coming into east anglia. the odd shower along east coast and areas of ireland and scotland but it is the northern half of the uk that will have clearer skies for longer and lighter winds away from their showers are widespread frost. touch and go the south but as we head into sunday morning mist and fog very patchy with the breeze picking up. it will soon lift and sunshine develops far and wide. one or two showers running down those north sea coasts moving in from northern ireland but continuing. a noticeable piece of the southern half of the
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uk. temperatures similar to today. but here in the midlands without that mist and fog not quite as mild in the far south—west but at least will be some sunshine. that high pressure keeping it dry. keeping it cold as well as we head into monday. signs of change as the weather front springs into milder air into the north—west over scotland and northern ireland it won't be as cold, i think my monday morning. there still could be some frost here and there but frost while the for england and wales this time. there will be a lot of sunshine around. a lovely day to come on monday. a crisp day here. this atlantic air brings a bit more cloud in northern ireland but particularly into scotla nd ireland but particularly into scotland in the finals of the country that could be a bit of rain and drizzle too. it is in the highlands. we will probably find the highest temperatures. highlands and islands. further south and 6—8d. there is relevance topping across the northern half of the uk around that area of high pressure. that is going to relinquish its grip but it hangs on for longer across england and wales where the southern parts
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of england tuesday and a wednesday there will be mist, fog and low cloud. so to clear so these areas will be on the cold side. you'll get milder towards the end of the week as the atlantic winds pick up and blow some reigning to northern and 00:29:15,087 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 western parts of the uk.
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