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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 6, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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engage with the climate emergency that we face. there is a framework, it just needs more that we face. there is a framework, itjust needs more support to fill it. joe wilson, bbc news. hello, this is bbc news, with the press of burien. the headlines. the man who carried out a string of sex now it is three years ago attacks on 11 women and children this month, rugby legend doddie weir was told he was suffering from motor neurone gci’oss attacks on 11 women and children disease. since then, he's devoted his life across england over two weeks has been found guilty of 37 offences. to fundraising, while adjusting to life with the terminal illness. a new documentary which airs tonight yona jason mccann is a tremendously on bbc scotland charts doddie's dangerous individual who has shown progress and his quest for a cure. com plete co ntem pt here'sjohn beattie. dangerous individual who has shown complete contempt for his victims, he's clearly one of the most dangerous sex offenders i think that we've ever seen this country. boris dottie played at the very highest johnson and jeremy corbyn will go head to head later, for the final level, 61 international caps and a time it during the election tour the british and irish. campaign. when they take part in a life bbc debate later this evening. study weir smashes it, he scores!m a teenager has admitted attempted murder after throwing a six—year—old 2017, he told the world that he'd boy from the tenth floor of the tate been diagnosed with the terminal modern gallery in london in august. must muscle wasting disease mmd the previous christmas, we met with him up previous christmas, we met with him up in melrose. the report has been unbelievable,
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well, in a moment, it's going to be very humbling. i couldn't believe time for sports day, but first, it. it'sjust the rug to be public, let's ta ke time for sports day, but first, let's take a look at what else is and the bigger public as well. since coming up this evening on bbc news. at quarter to eight, we will bring you news watch, where viewers then, his charity has raised more opinions on the coverage of events than £4 million for mmd research and by bbc news are addressed by the to help sufferers. away from the decision—makers in charge. after eight we will have all the build—up public events, doddie weir is a devoted family man who lives on a from today's prime ministerial farm on the borders with his wife, debate on the bbc between boris johnson and jeremy corbyn, and we kathy, and their three teenage sons. will bring you that programme with they agreed to give us behind the on—screen analysis. and afterwards, scenes they agreed to give us behind the sce nes a ccess they agreed to give us behind the scenes access to tell their story. we are going to be in the spin room from 9:30pm for all the fallout. and i've got to do the button. no need then at 10:1i0pm at 11:30pm, we will to help. have a look at the front pages of tomorrow's papers. tonight's pushit to help. push it together then. where is the button? it's reviewers are political commentator, joanne nagler, and the daily mirror disappeared. doddie weir's illness columnist, susie benefit. so that's has changed all their lives. when coming up. right now though, on bbc make it think it's important for us asafamily make it think it's important for us as a family to keep our normal life news, it's for sports day. as a family to keep our normal life as well. because as much is everything that is happening is fantastic, we need to remember that this is our life. hello and welcome to sportsday —
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i'm hugh ferris. the headlines this evening. doddie weir has been left frustrated three stone the difference with three titles on the line. by the way he and other mmd sufferers are treated. anthonyjoshua is the not quite pretty much every patient with mmd so heavyweight ahead of his rematch have got to go home and self care, the spending spree he thought he might not have. which ijust don't but frank lampard can buy his first player for chelsea have got to go home and self care, which i just don't think have got to go home and self care, which ijust don't think is agreeable. that's been my after their transfer ban was halved. frustration for the last three years another football league game is off orso, frustration for the last three years or so, there's nothing there to help for a cash—strapped club. as macclesfield's players refuse the patient. doddie weir it is a comp located an intelligent man who to play until they're paid. likes to make people laugh and feel and she says she's better. he has a fight on his hand accomplished everything. grand slam winner and former world with mmd, but over the past two number one caroline wozniacki is to retire from tennis. yea rs with mmd, but over the past two years and more, i've watched his spirit shining through. also coming up in the programme. life is for living, life is for life with doddie three celebrating, we just keep going and years after his diagnosis for motor neurone disease. enjoy ourselves. don't complain, keep smiling, keep positive, and enjoy life. i enjoy myself. i don't complain, the unmistakable doddie weir. we keep smiling, stay positive and will in the programme tonight by enjoy life. wetting appetite for tomorrow night. the main events, even when the odds seemed to be so stacked, boxing has a way of surprising you. that's why
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we have a rematch between antony joshua and angie ruiz we have a rematch between antony joshua and angie ruinunior. now taking you back to the first meeting at madison square garden, one that lots to come on sportsday. great to have you with us. but first, these two are fighting shocked the world withjoshua hoping in the same division. that the saudi sequel brings the but it seems there are two types same excitement, but a different of heavy in heavyweight. ending. good night. june one, ahead of their rematch in saudi arabia. anthony joshua has weighed madison square garden, joshua's in at under 17 stone. american coronation, but one man the lightest he's ever been for a world title fight. wa nted american coronation, but one man wanted his crown. the first two andy ruinunior will be more rounds were cagey and hits. both men than three stone heavier. feeding each other out. later on,... let's head there now and speak to our reporter ade adedoyin. ade, what do those weights tell us joshua steps up, uppercuts, left hook. down he goes. but was he really shook? ruiz on his feet, about what to expect in the ring? joshua smells blood. the best well, anthonyjoshua finisher in the game. it should be well, anthony joshua told well, anthonyjoshua told us in the build—up to the site, that he spent more time in the boxing ring working job done. out of the blue, magic on his technique than he did in the weight room. he said he was going to left hook. a shot from the gods, come in under 17 stone, and he was this wasn't in the book. a change in true to his word. this is his lightest weight since his ninth pro the script, down he goes again. he fights from a much lighter than he was 25 vladimir clutch go, so may be
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an indication of the strategy that took the £8, how will this and? the he claims to employee and the fights, a very chiseled. injuries, crowd was stunned, the world stood still. their time down forjoshua, this time, the bell saved him. his however, that was very interesting, because he took the last bite at three months notice and came in and body not responding, head in the i9 three months notice and came in and 19 stone. his trainer says he wanted a byss. body not responding, head in the him to come in later, which he had abyss. goes to the corner, says why ami abyss. goes to the corner, says why am i feeling like three months of time to prepare for, abyss. goes to the corner, says why am ifeeling like this? round four and yet he came in over a stone heavier. now, he might save the to five, six, he started to recover. extra weight means that he can but it was in round seven that the impose himself on anthonyjoshua, critics might argue that whether new champ was discovered. a barrage this is an indication of how well his training camp has gone. joshua of punches owed came... the referee looked very very relaxed afterwards, stopped the fight, joshua's fate was he stayed behind, taking pictures and signing autographs with the sealed. and you ruiz assembled fans there. our sports editor, dan rowen caught up with him for a few words before he made his stopped the fight, joshua's fate was sealed. and you ruinunior. now we wait. repeat or revenge? way back into the hotel. how are you feeling, good? look at the support. it's like the commune order i mean? watford in the house you know what i mean is? it's lively right now. talk is cheap. i just mean is? it's lively right now. talk is cheap. ijust have to perform hello there. well, it's been a i'iow. pretty grey and cloudy day today
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is cheap. ijust have to perform now. they say really, with outbreaks of rain the significance of a sporting around at times. this was how the event can often be judged skies looked earlier on. this is an by the difference between winning and losing, because forjoshua those lea k skies looked earlier on. this is an leak and staffordshire, but most of impostors will not be treated us leak and staffordshire, but most of us will have seen skies like these at some point during the day. overnight tonight, we will continue in the same way at all. to see the feet of pop and a few passing showers across northern and yeah, there's a lot of say for anthonyjoshua, not just western areas of the country. it's the breeze and cloud that stops for getting the heavyweight title, temperatures from falling too far but for the legacy wants to leave in too fast. so, overnight lows of the sport to him if he wins, his career is back on track will stop we are talking about a man with the around 4—7dc. now, saturday, not start of the year we were saying is starting up too badly, there will be the face of boxing, who is going to some dry and great weather, particularly across england and carry the sport on that broad shoulder of his. and then, obviously, he had the wales with occasional spells of sunshine here. a few showers upset against any release injune. if he wins, he willjoin that elite initially pushing northwards across scotland, but later in the day, we level of boxers, mohamed ali, lennox will see a heavier zone of rain arriving across northern and western lewes, who have won the heavyweight title more than once. he keeps open areas of scotland. so turning went the possibilities of big money into increasingly windy for these fights against the likes of tyson areas. it will be quite mild though, fu rey fights against the likes of tyson furey and the likes of tyson furey temperatures up to 10 degrees, and and dante wilder. defeat, however, then for sunday, we've got a zone of stronger winds on the way, would set him back enormously. it wouldn't end his career, but it will particularly late in the day across put him in a very difficult wales and southwest england. that's position. it will certainly damages your latest weather, bye for now. brands, and obviously, a defeat against injuries would have had an impact on his competence. he will
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unwind to exorcise the demons of what happened last time. he has told us what happened last time. he has told us in the build—up it was up to this fight that it was just a bad night, and not a bad style match up for him, and here is his chance to prove it. there have been so many unknowns, the weight issue just makes this really intriguing. has, by coming in so heavy, and he effectively given anthonyjoshua with the advantage, we will find out the answer to those questions in the next 2a hours. the answer to those questions in the next 24 hours. indeed, we will. thank you so much. you can listen to the big fight on bbc radio five live. or via the bbc sounds app. where there's lots of build up too from our team in saudi arabia. the main event is due to start around 9pm. dillion weight has had a doping violation charge dropped. uk anti—doping said the traces of bandit steroids and a sample given before the heavyweight‘s victory over oscar injuly before the heavyweight‘s victory over oscar in july where before the heavyweight‘s victory over oscar injuly where a very low and not caused by any fault, negligence, orwrongdoing. and not caused by any fault, negligence, or wrongdoing. they say the presence of a steroid was not caused by any of those things on
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wide apart. one of the reasons we are able to bring that breaking news, you can see more on the bbc sport website. now, we are in the traditional preimer league sacking season right now is that clubs want the right man in place to spend all their money in the january transfer window. but while watford, spurs, arsenal and everton have had that on their minds. one club can now spend money next month with their current boss, as chelsea have had their transfer ban lifted by the court of arbitration for sport. adam wild is at the touch—screen for us. adam, frank lampard can buy his first player at last. this news was announced earlier today and it will be broadly very welcome for frank lampard and those at chelsea. you may remember back in february this year chelsea were given a transfer ban by fifa. that was after an investigation into the goings on at stamford bridge regarding academy players. in short, there are very strict rules and criteria when it comes
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to the transfer of players under the age of 18. what fifa found back then was 150 rule breaches involving 69 academy players over several seasons. they were banned from bringing in players for two transfer windows, the summer just gone, this is bbc news. and this coming january; i'm lukwesa burak. as well being fined 600 thousand swiss francs, about 460 thousand pounds. now, chelsea disputed some of the facts, appealed to the court of arbitration for sport and today they have had that punishment reduced. cas have said that chelsea "did violate" rules but "for a significantly smaller number of players" amounting to "about a third of the violations found by fifa". the upshot of all that, their punsihment, effectively halved. they will be able to bring in players in january, the summer ban being deemed sufficient and they've had that fine halved as well. chelsea, i have to say, still very unhappy at the way its been dealt with by fifa. but, broadly good news for chelsea,
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but what it does is put them in a very interesting position. because, having been unable to bring in new players, frank lampard has had to rely on bringing through some of his younger talent, the likes of this pair here tammy abraham and mason mount, as well as players like reece james, fikayo tomori, the list goes on and on and they have done very well — chelsea currently fourth in the premier league. would those players have had the same chances if frank lampard had been able to bring in players over the summer? we might never know, but we will see is what he does next when the transfer window reopens — here's what he has been saying today. i think we have to give credit to the group that are working now to get to where we got to. i still want more. i still think we could be having more points and be high up on the table. that's my feeling. as we go forward, of course, if i feel or we feel as a clu b course, if i feel or we feel as a club that our position has been constrained, then we would obviously look at it. as big clubs do. that's why people expect of us of us this
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season, because lots of clubs around us were season, because lots of clubs around us were spending hundreds of millions, or 150 us were spending hundreds of millions, or150 million, and we didn't have that chance. we lost has art, and two number nines, and that was probably on everyone's minds that's coming out of the picture is slightly changed, and it's important that we get it right moving forward. so frank lampard and chelsea tomorrow play against everton, where one of those themes that i mentioned earlier who have had a change in the dugout. yeah, the last couple weeks have been quite extra neri —— this last couple of weeks really has been quite extraordinary even by premier league standards when it comes to managerial comings and goings. its been another busy week, going into the weekend three premier league club without permanent managers, one of those being everton. of course, they sacked marco silva yesterday after 18 months in charge. everton currently in the relegation zone and facing, the club we've just discussed, chelsea at lunchtime tomorrow. in charge of the side — this fella here. a very familiar figure at goodison park and for football fans everywhere, duncan ferguson. a club legend on the pitch, i think its fair to say a pretty
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controversial career both on and off it, he's been part of the backroom staff at everton for a few years now, he's seen his fair share of managers come and go, and tomorrow will take charge of the first team. along side him, another couple of big evertonian names, john ebbrell is one of them. and this man here, francisjeffers they have plenty of experience with the club don't they? between the three of them 620 first team appearances. lets hear duncan ferguson's thoughts then, on his first game in charge. it's incredibly proud moment for me. everybody knows how i feel about the club. and i am incredibly proud, emotional, nervous, excited. you know, obviously looking for a positive result. so, we are trying to make sure we can get all the players on side, get them in, in a
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good frame of mind, and packed them up good frame of mind, and packed them up quickly, because in football, there's always another big game coming, isn't it? and there's nothing bigger and chelsea —— then chelsea at home. very interesting to hear from duncan ferguson today. infamously did very very few interviews during his career. the post marco silva—era at everton begins tomorrow, one of silva's former clubs watford, they too are without a manager after sacking quique sanchez flores. but, perhaps not for very much longer. a great deal of speculation today over nigel pearson. here he is managing in belgium, that was his last managerialjob, he was sacked by leuven in february. before that of course, the likes of leicester city. watford have spoken to several candidates to become their third manager of the season, pearson, as you've been saying, is that man and we're expecting him to sign a short contract until the end of the season. now, speaking of leicester, their manager brendan rodgers appears to be staying put for the time for the being. he's signed a new contract that will keep him with the foxes until at least 2025. remember he had been linked
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with the arsenaljob in recent days so that appears to put that to bed for the time being. so, all of that makes for a very intriguing weekend indeed in the premier league. five games tomorrow, you can see them there. duncan ferguson welcomes chelsea to goodison park, the leaders liverpool are at bournemouth, spurs take on burnley, managerless watford play palace —— may or may not have a new manager in time for that, and finally the big one at the end for manchester derby at 5:30pm. both clubs coming off the back of arguably their best performances of the season in midweek. it is a fascinating weekend ahead. thank you very much indeed, adam wilde. yes, so, from the biggest game in england this weekend to the one that won't even be happening. macclesfield town's match against crewe in league two tomorrow has been called off because the team
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are refusing to play until they're paid. patrick gearey has been following the story. now the english football league is to meet with the players. they actually haven't had been able to play it. limit they have been paid, and in a statement saying... emotional and mental well— being is at rock bottom. this town is about 20 miles from the it had stadium, 22 from old trafford. this is another football world. a place where the players want to turn out to play crew tomorrow, because they have not been paid, and have been trained. they say it's affected their mental health and despite talks with the lea k health and despite talks with the leak today, they believe they would be unable to focus on the match. they with the owner, and it seems there is solidarity from the supporters trust. it's painful to see our little club being thrown to rubbish. we feel for the players, the staff, the volunteers. everyone that's involved with the club. they are all feeling it. just down to one person that wa nt to
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it. just down to one person that want to pay the wages. that man, mr al hardy, has made no comment to the bbc, but the problems have been brewing for some time. this week, it emerged in court that at spilt former manager sold him £180,000 in wages, earlier this season, a number of senior players boycotted their fa cup first round tie, at were beaten 4-0 cup first round tie, at were beaten 4—0 by non—league team. no supporters trust or crowdfunding for emergency payments to pay players and club staff in time for christmas. goalkeeper, rhys taylor, seen christmas. goalkeeper, rhys taylor, seen here playing for rubber on left in the summer. he says he wasn't paid for three months, and had to get the players union to make the clu b get the players union to make the club pay for hip surgery. ican club pay for hip surgery. i can put it into words. what it's doing to people. imagine going to wait and saying we are not getting paid again. the reality is you know, some of their kids might not get presents, they may not have the christmas they want, which is the worst thing, i think. at the efl
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have said they have considerable sympathy with the players, but will have to punish the club if they don't play tomorrow. they say they are protecting the integrity of the lead, the same reason they expelled barry fc in august. barry's vance criticised the efl for not intervening before the crisis escalated. and speaking to the bbc at the time from the league's chief executive admitted the rules may need to change. the question we have to ask ourselves is are those rules and regulations robust enough, or should there be a situation where, potentially, the efl may step in earlier? the efl are conducting a review of those rules, but it may come too late to fort macclesfield, as there is talk of a takeover. with ominous signs of repeating history, now all around moss rose, the macclesfield fans say they are worried that after 145 years of history, the club may be entering its final weeks. patrick geary, bbc news. now, we have already mentioned one derby of the programme this evening, and there's another one this weekend with a trophy at stake as well, an
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old firm cup final no less with rangers wanting to hand manager steven gerrard of first trophy, and celtic, the holders of the league cup, desperate to keep their stranglehold on scotland's‘s domestic competitions. here's jane lewis. a hand in head to head on different sides, but eyeing the same price. it's a prize neither have one as a manager. both will be determined to change that on sunday. celtic have dominated this competition in recent yea rs, dominated this competition in recent years, winning a four times in the last five seasons, while rangers lifted the trophy in 2011. the last time the old firm met in a cup final. those big games come along a lot this season already, whether it be in the league, or europa. this is just the next one. you know, we are excited about it, obviously. it's the first cup final, the boys are defending the trophy, you know, and it's a quiet motivation with them to keep up with it. it's very difficult to predict how
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the derbies going to go, because it's all in the day. so, the advantage is, we have had great experiences winning and playing here a lot, hopefully, hopefully, that will stand us while going into the game. what some feel might also stand celtic in good stead. its interest celtic, it's a wonderful finish! a league when in september, but others believe the rangers are starting to close the gap on their old firm rivals, and a cup when would deliver a huge boost. for a rangers fan you know, pretty much means everything on sunday. and to the club as well, because you know, i think i've said for a while now, if you want to say there's been progress, that's fine, yes, we can tell that this is a better rangers side, but until they beat celtic to wina bit side, but until they beat celtic to win a bit of silverware, then you know, there's no tangible way of seeing progress, and this is a massive opportunity for them to do that. so it will gerard sven take that. so it will gerard sven take that opportunity? or will land in's
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celtic make it ten cup wins in a row? jane lewes, bbc news. former australian open champion caroline wozniacki has announced she's retiring from tennis after the 2020 tournament in melbourne. she was the first scandinavian player to become a women's world number one. annabel croft. she says she's giving up everything —— said she published every thing she wanted to on the courts. i think she has more than fulfil their potential come i think a lot of people would've said the opposite, that she has actually overachieved, because you know, she was a great competitor, and you remember, she got some fineness of the usa i believe when she was 19 yea rs of the usa i believe when she was 19 years of age. she was world number one at the age of 20. and the one thing that was sort of hanging overhead was here was this one who had never been able to win a grand slam title, and finally, she did it in 2018 at the australian open, so it was a huge monkey off your back, as it were. i'm so thrilled for her, because he couldn't wish it on
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somebody who would be more hard—working, i think she had an amazing career. 30 titles, world number one grand slam title, i mean, it's a pretty decent career. one year on from the launch of the united nations initiative for sport to take action on cimate change. the un say there is still room for "a big improvement". even though signatories were asked simply to monitor and reduce their climate impact. there are so far only four in the uk. our sports correspondent joe wilson has more. australia rugby leagues inside... wimbledon tennis, england's rugby league world cup, forest green rovers football club, and britain's sale gp teen, currently the only professional sports organisations in britain, signed up to the united nations climate action framework. well, sports, the un needs you. there is a big room for improvement when it comes to bringing down the carbon footprint of sports events themselves, but much larger, the
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possibility of reaching people on an emotional basis, where they are, about something they care about, and really transport this message. in the united states, for example, there has been a more enthusiastic response, several high—profile sporting organisations there have signed up, including the famous baseball team with the new york yankees. now, while we are putting this piece together, we want to keep our own carbon footprint as small as possible, so i am staying here in our studio possible, so i am staying here in ourstudio in possible, so i am staying here in our studio in london, but we asked of the yankees to make their own film about the green work that they do. so let'sjoin doctor ellen herskovitz. the new york yankees became the first professional sports organisation in north america to sign the united nations sports for climate action pledge. that underscores the yankee's commitment to identify every opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas impacts, and when you walk around the concourse at yankee stadium, you are not going to see a garbage bin, you
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are going to see an opportunity for recycling your bottles and cans, or an opportunity to compost your food 00:22:06,800 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 waste and packaging. well,
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