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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 18, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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and the japanese skateboarder hoping the world will one day get to see his talent at the paralympics. hello and welcome to the programme. we'll start at the club world cup, where the brazilian side flamengo are through to the final after coming from behind to beat asian champions al hilal 3—1. the champions league winners liverpool potentially await in saturday's final. adam wild reports. from rio they arrive, bringing with them the noise. thousands and thousands of acro one fans in full voice. this has been a year to celebrate. brazilian champions winners, still hungry for more. against al hilal they came within inches of seizing control early on. agonisingly close. and this,
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full—time, look like it might cost them as the saudi piled forward, treating chances of their own and they were lucky not to go ahead. their moment, though, would come. this shot somehow finding its way in. the asian champions league thing the way. the former manager now in charge of flamengo. if anyone knew how to turn this around it was him. the equaliser just after how to turn this around it was him. the equaliserjust after halftime. this is what they had come to see. for his generosity in providing that goal, when enrique got his reward, acro one finally heading in the right direction. if that was cool on al hilal, the third summed it up. coming off the defender and then post, and their hopes were fading. with this rather reckless tackle they disappeared altogether, reduced to ten men, the game lost. flamengo are through to the final and, for
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theirfans, their are through to the final and, for their fans, their remarkable journey continues. adam wild, bbc news. i think it was a tough gaim, especially in the first half. the second half we played better, it was all quiet, that is why they reached the final —— tough game. they kept the final —— tough game. they kept the concentration of media through the concentration of media through the game. flamengo will play either the european champions liverpool or mexican side monterrey in saturday's final. they both play each other on wednesday with liverpool overwhelming favourites to make it through. our reporter olly foster is in doha ahead of the semi—final. liverpool have certainly brought some very british weather with them here to the gulf state of qatar for the fifa club world cup. their semi—final against the concacaf, the north american and central american champions from mexico, monterey, thatis champions from mexico, monterey, that is on wednesday. it has been such a fantastic season for liverpool. we had at length from jurgen klopp about what this means
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to liverpool, to him, and to his players, coming straight in the middle of what has been a fantastic season middle of what has been a fantastic season for them so far —— heard. middle of what has been a fantastic season for them so far —— heardm you had asked me beforehand if i think there should be a club world cup in the middle of our season, they would say no, that is my honest opinion. but we speak about this co nsta ntly, opinion. but we speak about this constantly, this kind of fixture, we are here so it is the most important opposition in the world forests at this moment. so here we are. so it is all about playing. and it be an even bigger tournament in the future? i don't know. as long as the end and start in different moments and we try to put in between league competitions, that is just the problem. jurgen klopp there saying it really isn't ideal. he doesn't wa nt it really isn't ideal. he doesn't want this to break their momentum a nyway want this to break their momentum anyway but they are proud to be representing you appear at the club world cup. what about the players‘
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perspective? they are having to play two, sometimes three times in ten days and this is just another game upon another game they have to deal with. we want to continue our good form. we have been in good form. we wa nt to form. we have been in good form. we want to continue that. if it is a distraction with the chance to win a pro —— trophy that is a pretty good distraction. we want to keep being successful and winning trophies. you have to be successful to be at this tournament. so hopefully we can go out and play like we have been and when the two games but some quick tea m when the two games but some quick team news from the qatar university training grounds. virgilvan dijk will be ok for the semi—final. no genie one eldon. they are monitoring his fitness and he may be ok for the final weekend, liverpool hope they will be in the final. earlier, hamdou elhouni scored a hat—trick as tunisia‘s esperance sportive de tunis finished fifth at the club world cup after beating qatar‘s al sadd. al—sadd had to play for well over an hour with ten men and conceded a sixth goal late on as esperance wrapped up a 6—2 win thanks
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to right—back sameh derbali. there was a crucial game at the top of the bundesliga — and a thriller at that. dortmund and rb leipzig shared a 3—3 draw. dortmund raced into a two goal lead, by half time. julian weigl with their opener. the league‘s top scorer, timo werner, pulled leipzig level, with two goals in quick succession at the start of the second half. jadon sancho put dortmund back in front, he later hobbled off with a suspected knee injury, before substitute patrick schick scored leipzig‘s equaliser — who stay three points clear at the top. there were three other matches in the bundesliga this tuesday. mainz scored five away at werder bremen — robin quaison with a hat—trick. hoffenheim were 2—0 winners away at union berlin, while philip max scored twice as augsburg beat fortuna dusseldorf 3—0. while aston villa are the first team to book their place
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in the semi—finals of the english league cup with a 5—0 win over liverpool, who fielded their youngest team in their 127 year history. the first team are, of course, away in doha at the club world cup. conmebal‘s ten national sides now know the path they‘ll have to take to qualify for the 2022 world cup finals in qatar. the preliminary draw for the south american qualifiers took place in paraguay earlier and these are the fixtures. the qualifiers will get under way in march next year and end in november 2021. to italy now, and serie a have apologised after imagery of monkeys was used in artwork for an anti—racism campaign. you may remember we talked about this story on monday. the organisation approved an artist who has used pictures of painted monkeys to highlight the problem of racism in italian football. several clubs have condemned the move, including roma and ac milan who said they hadn‘t been consulted. britain also has serious problems with racism in football. one group who hopes to combat it, is kick it out. george starkey midha is one
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of their representatives. everyone at kick it outjust thought it was completely inappropriate. you know, we think it‘s great when a governing body or a league wants to do more to tackle racism, discrimination, in any country, but it‘s clear that it‘s completely inappropriate, you know, counterproductive, undermines any positive intent they may have had with the campaign and we really hope that they will reconsider, you know, replacing the graphics and using something else, because, you know, apes and monkeys have no place in any kind of anti—racist campaign, whatever your reasons may be. us secretary of state mike pompeo has backed mesut ozil over his criticism of china. the arsenal midfielder‘s comments on social media, about the treatment of muslim minorities prompted china‘s state broadcaster to drop arsenal‘s match with manchester city from its schedule at the weekend. in a tweet, pompeo said: "china‘s communist party propaganda outlets can censor mesut ozil
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and arsenal‘s games all season long, but the truth will prevail. the ccp can‘t hide its gross #humanrights violations perpetrated against uighurs and other religious faiths from the world." to the usa, and major league soccer have awarded an expansion team to charlotte in north carolina, as they become the 30th franchise in the north american league. in a city known for its nascar, the club will play their games at the bank of america stadium, home of the nfl side the carolina panthers. their first games won‘t be until the 2021 season, but they can start to sign players immediately and the name of the team will be announced in the spring. i want to say that this franchise is another opportunity for our city to come together as one. men, women, children, families of all races and
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backgrounds will sit beside each other, cheering for our charlotte soccer team. that‘s what being inclusive and diverse looks like sub and that‘s the promise of our city. and that promise got a little bit bigger today stop —— australia‘s ellyse perry has been named women‘s cricketer of the year by the international cricket council. the all—rounder became the first player to score 1,000 runs and take 100 wickets in international t20 cricket. perry also claimed the one day international player of the year award. now, skateboarding will feature as a new sport at next year‘s tokyo 0lympics, but not at the paralympics. japanese skateboarder ryusei 0uchi, is almost completely blind and hopes that one day it might. 0uchi was born with perfect vision, but since being diagnosed with an eye condition at the age of seven his sight has deteriorated to the point where he needs a cane to navigate in his local skate park near tokyo. dropping in off large ramps and riding rails are all performed by feel rather than sight, with 0uchi impressing the local skateboarding community and earning himself a sizeable
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following on social media. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — hello. well, wednesday morning is going to be quite foggy across some parts of england so the advice is to take it steady on the roads almost anywhere in england and the fog could linger right through the morning and possibly into the early afternoon, particularly across northern parts of england but as i say, but the south, the midlands, the north are at risk of getting the fog. at the moment, we are in between weather systems. there is a band of wind and rain heading our way but that‘s not going to reach our shores until a little bit later on wednesday so in the short—term, it‘s quiet out there, the winds are light, that fog is forming, you can see it here across the south, the midlands as well, patches in the north too and on top of that, the temperatures are around freezing or below, particularly across northern parts of the uk so the risk of some icy patches early on wednesday as well. so here is that fog again, you can see it across the midlands but it could in the south too but basically that fog will drift
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a bit further north into northern england and it will do that because the winds will be blowing out of the south, it should disperse some of that fog so there will be sunshine around eastern areas but you can‘t miss this in the west, this is our wet and windy weather sweeping into many western parts of the uk during the course of wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. low pressure, that here spells gusty winds as well around western coasts, we could see winds gusting to 16mph and these are warm southerlies as well, the orange colour blowing out of the southern climes and that can mean only one thing, temperatures will be rising so we are in for a very mild, wet day on thursday, almost anywhere, rain likely across the uk and the temperatures could get up to 13 or 1a degrees across the south—east of the country, really mild for the second half of december, and then double figures with the rain in scotland as well, and we keep those southerly winds through the course of thursday night into friday. there is an indication, as we head into friday, the temperatures will ease just a little bit or rather they will drop away back down to maybe ten degrees or so. you can see around about nine there, for example, in liverpool and there will be some rain around. so i think really unsettled run—up to christmas at least this week
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for many of us and those temperatures up into the teens across the south of the country. let‘s have a sneak peek of what the weekend might bring. so temperatures back down to around nine, ten degrees and it is going to remain unsettled but details as far as the weather goes this weekend are still a little uncertain. that‘s it from me, bye—bye.
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welcome to bbc news — my name is mike embley. our top stories: as the us house of representatives prepares to vote on impeaching donald trump, he lashes out, calling it an open war on democracy. taiwan‘s foreign minister calls on the free world to stand with the island democracy in the face of growing pressure from china. this woman wins damages in a tokyo courtroom after accusing a prominent journalist of rape. as mps return to parliament after the uk‘s prime minister says there‘ll be a new law to finish brexit trade talks by the end of next year.


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