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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 18, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news. britain's dementia crisis, millions may be forced to become carers for loved ones. unless
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more money is invested in the system. it is not the dementia that is killing me. it is exhaustion. more than 15,000 nurses in northern ireland walk out in an unprecedented strike over pay and patient safety. relatives aboard british soldiers killed in the hyde park bombing when a civil case against a convicted ira member, after his criminal trial collapsed in 2014. tony blair launches a scaling attack on his pa rty‘s launches a scaling attack on his party's attack performance in the election. they moment making history in the world darts. fallon sherrock becomes the first woman to when a match at the ina in a moment we will have sports day. first, let us take a quick look at what is coming up on bbc news. it is
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crunch time for president trump. the house of representatives to decide tonight whether to impeach him. we will bring you every twist and turn, as you can imagine, throughout the evening. also tonight, the warning that britain faces a dementia crisis but rising number suffering from the disease and loved ones forced to become their carers. we'll be speaking to the alzheimer's society. they have issued that morning today and that interview at around quarter past eight. as ever, at the end of the evening we will take a look at tomorrow's newspapers. slightly later time today, our review is a political correspondence for the ft. we will not be doing at 10:30pm because of the impeachment proceedings, the usual time of 11 we hope, given events permitting. that is all head on bbc news. meanwhile, on this channel it is now time for other sports news.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. there's been an air of enthusism about goodison lately. but many feel carlo anchelotti could take them to new heights. we'll be live at everton ahead of their league cup match amid reports of an iminent appointment. more managerial musings. can arteta do a job at the emirates? the man hugging him should know. we hear from arsene wenger on his former player potentially becoming the boss. and top flight for fallon as she becomes the first woman to win a match in the darts world championships. also coming up in the programme... liverpool score first in doha, but will their trip to the middle east pay off? we're live in qatar to bring you the latest.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm jane. we start at goodison park where everton are in action later, but the burning question from fans is — who will be in the dugout for the rest of the season? carlo anchelotti is the club's number one target to take over from sacked marco silva. they've done well under caretaker manager duncan ferguson, who's been creditied with bringing passion back to the side. well tonight could be his last game in charge as they play leicester in the league cup, katie gornall is outside the ground for us. how close are they to securing anchelotti? well, things are in a delicate stage at the moment. i think if it does come, he will not be coming for the weather. talks are ongoing, he is the number—one a hollywood manager.
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if they did secure his signature, it was be a big coup for everton. just look at a cd and some of the clubs that he has managed. bayern munich, real madrid, clubs like that. he has w011 real madrid, clubs like that. he has won three european cups, 15 major honours, he is a very accomplished manager. but if he were to come here, it would be a very different job that he would be facing. he is just a working start names, allowing them to express themselves and finesse. everton have spent a lot of money recently, but they have not spent a particularly wisely. a rebuilding job. having spent a particularly wisely. a rebuildingjob. having had spent a particularly wisely. a rebuilding job. having had three permanent managers since 2016, this isa permanent managers since 2016, this is a point they have to get right. the fans have been smiling of late, because of duncan ferguson. but they
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because of duncan ferguson. but they be sorry he will not be getting the job permanently? he has done a fantasticjob. he job permanently? he has done a fantastic job. he is job permanently? he has done a fantasticjob. he is an everton legend, idolised by many here. i think he is even more popular than he was before, though, because of the way he has brought the passion back here. he has breathed new life into the side but that when over chelsea at his first game. i think fa ns chelsea at his first game. i think fans here would want him to stay in some capacity. i think whoever comes in to the dugout next will have duncan ferguson is part of the backroom staff. he said ahead of the skin that he wants goodison to be a bearpit for the visit of leicester. i think it will certainly need all the help he can get tonight, leicester are absolutely flying. they are second in the premier and come on back of a ten game unbeaten run. this game is now a lot trickier thanit run. this game is now a lot trickier than it would have been for leicester at the weeks ago. —— for
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everton. the other matches in the league cup could throw up some interesting results. manchester united host colchester united while their rivals manchester city travel to oxford united, so perhaps the potential for two giant killings! connor mcnamara is at old trafford for us. yes, the league cup has become an important competition. both of the predecessors in this manchester united job won some trophies and he does point out in the programme notes the likes of wayne rooney and cristiano rinaldo, it was this competition but i'm will never showcase. that is the case are all young players, any player really. they want to wind that first your eight sounding black, a base. the site of a journey, you look atjoe st mirren new reputation. the pressure of each usually delay cap. —— you look at who mourinho. pressure of each usually delay cap. -- you look at who mourinho. huge night for colchester united. they have never come here to take on
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manchester united before. they have already knocked out crystal palace and tottenham. i guess they can just get this a good night, they have nothing to lose. what an evening. a breakfrom nothing to lose. what an evening. a break from the league 2 season to come to old trafford, the theatre of dreams. and give it a go. there is no pressure on them, but they have version sells a bit of a reputation. united are the favourites, but on the back of their minds they will be warily, they know what colchester have achieved a ready the season. they will have to be on the ball and colchester could have a good go. manchester city travel to oxford tonight, 0xford had been under great run of form but lost at the weekend. before that they had been on a run of 18 unbeaten games. manchester city will be favourites, but the fa ct city will be favourites, but the fact that they are away make that very interesting. absolutely. manchester city are a fantastic team, they are talking... a cup competition which they took thursday
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themselves in the years. it is an 0xford side fell of confidence. carl robinson has them well dreamt. even pep guardiola has said they have slight differences from last season. it is really interesting. 0ur, jake started 0xford tonight, we have teams that all the other stadiums as we find out who goes through to the semifinals tojoin aston we find out who goes through to the semifinals to join aston villa got there last night. another club waiting on a possible managerial appointment is arsenal. they've held talks with former player mikel arteta, who's the current assistant manager at manchester city. a good grounding, but he's never held the top job at a club. well, for 22 years arsene wenger was in charge at arsenal, so who better to give their opinion on arteta potentially being appointed manager and how patient the fans should be. i believe that arteta has a great future. he has learned a lot as a assistant coach and after that, he will have to...
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he will have to deal with the fact that he has no experience at that level and he will have to get in to a good environment. i think the most important, every club, at arsenal especially, it is based on special values. inside the club, people have to take care of that. that is the most important. what makes the culture of a club great especially values of the club and you have to be fatal to that and continue to develop that. we have to be surrounded, if he comes into festival, freedom of speech like everybody else. he uses his notorious g to express its opinions. not necessarily shared by everybody. he has the right to do that. human being, you have an opinion and when
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you play football, you play football. you do yourjob first and you have to respect that. apart from that, it is a situation, honestly i do not know well. but he has the right to express his opinion. the human rights are important. i think fifa is very conscientious about. conscious of that. i believe in this kind of situation, attitude as possible. 0ne, keep completely out of it or use the power you have to improve things on the human right front. and that is what fifa tried to do and i think the situation is because of the world cup has improved tremendously here. as well, iam nota improved tremendously here. as well, i am not a specialist. i come here and go again and i am not working with people everyday. but from what
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i know, the situation has been improved a lot here. let's take you to doha now where liverpool are playing their semifinal in the club world cup against mexican side monterray. virgil van dijk not playing — the club has confirmed that he is ill. liverpool scored after 12 minutes. a perfect pass through from mo salah and waiting on the edge of the box was naby keita who put it past the keeper. but their lead only lasted a few minutes. monterrey equallised with a rebound from funes mori. calls for offside waved away. some live pictures now. one all at minutes. some great chances. the keeper smothered the potential of the second goal for liverpool. great three great saves to stop monterey
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from taking the lead. still one all after 55 minutes in qatar. let's have a quick look at some of the days other sports stories... staying with liverpool, the red bull salzburg winger takumi mina—mino has had a medical with them today. this is him scoring forjapan at the olympics in 2016. over £7 million. 0ne match in the scottish premiership, hearts host celtic later with the glasgow side hoping to go five points clear at the top of the table over their old firm rivals rangers. new manager daniel stendel will take charge of his second game at hearts. the club are only above bottom of the table hamilton accies on goal difference. world boxing championjosh taylor has been fined £350 pounds after admitting racially abusing a doorman when he was thrown out of an edinburgh nightclub. he pleaded guilty to charges of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner and said ‘i whole heartedly apologise for my stupid actions.‘ mercedes has announced that it
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will partner with team ineos — formerly team sky — from 2020. mercedes has partnered with the tour de france—winning ineos cycling outfit that is working with a new ‘applied science' division created by the formula 1 squad. it's historically been a male dominated sport, but now the glass ceiling, or oche, has been well and truly smashed. englands‘ fallon sherrock has made history as the first woman to win a darts match at the pdc world championship. she battled back from two sets to one down to seal a victory over ted evetts to become the first female winner in the competition, but sherrock says women need to be given "more opportunities". natalie pirks has spoken to her. i am so over the moon by it. we have always wanted to prove to the men are to be can compete with
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them. so, ijust the men are to be can compete with them. so, i just felt like the men are to be can compete with them. so, ijust felt like i had to, like, put something out there for us women, too, like, because obviously i have just been women, too, like, because obviously i havejust been no man. people do not expect that. idyllic i have done us not expect that. idyllic i have done us proud. at what point did you become aware afterwards that he had just written your name in the history books? , play the double. when i saw the reaction of everyone and the tv cameras and all that. i just realised what i had done and i was emotional. 0h, just realised what i had done and i was emotional. oh, my god, i am still speechless. i cannot describe how happy i wasn't how i was feeling. i was overwhelmed. this is your money board, what we do with it? i'm going to auction it off and use the money to give to charity. i am going to give it to the national autistic society, because my little boy is autistic, so it means a lot to me. i cannot think of a better opportunity to raise money to


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