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police were called after a disturbance outside a house ‘to but i also felt a responsibility to in crawley down this morning. pass it on to peter humphreys, is a man was found seriously injured at the same address. the author asked me to do. the fallon sherrock, who earlier this week became the first female player to beat a man at darts in a pdc family did that and got in touch world championship, has won her next with the human rightsjournalist, match at the tournament. peter humphrey, who the message in she beat the world number 11, the card had suggested they contact. mensur suljovic, 3—1 at alexandra palace to make it through to the third round. he himself had spent time in qingpu afterwards, she said she was proud prison for his part in an alleged to be raising the profile corruption scandal. i spent two of the women's game. it's all just trying yea rs corruption scandal. i spent two years in captivity in shanghai to sink in at the moment. it's still not sunk in. between 2013 and 2015, and my final so, i'm still in disbelief nine months of captivity was in this about what's going on. i've definitely, like, very present, in this very cell block where the message has come helped put women's darts on the map. from, and these prisoners are living i've definitely heard a lot a very bleak daily life. there are of stories about how i've inspired more younger people to play, like younger girls, more women 12 prisoners per cell and they sleep to take up the sport. in very rusty iron bunk beds they —— there was an upset in the premier league this afternoon when bottom of the table watford beat manchester united 2—0. with a mattress not more than one a mistake by united's goalkeeper, centimetre thick. a tesco david de gea, helped watford to only their second league win of the season, with their second spokesperson said the company was goal coming from a penalty a few shocked and it would never allow prison labour in its supply chain. 00:00:59,849 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 production at this factory has minutes after de gea's error.
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tributes have been paid to the actor tony britton, who's died at the age of 95. iam i am perfectly happy to move into a hotel if i am inconveniencing you... he starred alongside nigel havers in the bbc sitcom don't wait up, and was also know for his role in itv‘s robin's nest. his daughter, tv presenter fern britton, said her father was a great actor, director and charmer. tom hanks' next film, a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, sees him play the legendary american children's tv presenter mr rogers, as a reporter tries to uncover the man behind the on—screen persona. tom hanks himself is known for his wholesome image. he's been talking to our arts editor, will gompertz, about being the "nice guy" of film and what he's really like. # it's a beautiful day in this neighbourhood. # a beautiful day for a neighbour... tom hanks is the legendary american children's television personality, the kindly mr rogers, who finds himself the subject
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of a magazine profile by a hard—boiled journalist, played by matthew rhys. the film's director, marielle heller, told them the movie was really about men and their feelings. very nice. cut. any time a woman says to a guy, i'd like to make a movie about men and their feelings, strikes terror in the hearts of any man. you mean you want me... you want me to probe my inner f—f—feelings and try to bring them out? # it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. # a beautiful day for a neighbour. # please won't you be my neighbour. that was wonderful. do you identify with him — you, tom hanks? ithink... i have a reputation, and the word they always say is a nice guy, because i guess i am a nice guy. i don't instilfear. i am not in this necessarily for power or influence, but at the same time don't piss me off, because i'll crush you. and... action.
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do you know what this is? did you learn anything about yourself, doing this role? oh, yeah, i learned an awful lot of my individual failings. iam kind of loud, iam needy in some ways, i probably have attention deficit disorder. yeah, can we have some of you sit over there on that bench, especially you two, who i am going to have there first to start it off? here we are again with a list of golden globe nominees, and no female directors. yeah. er... sooner or later, it comes down to, well, is it a meritocracy or what? i think you could look at any group of nominees and say, just these white guys, really? i wasn't surprised. i hate to say that but, you know... it's an old industry. there is a version of a director that people have in their head. it's a white, older man in a baseball cap, sitting in a chair with headphones on. you know, i have it happen to me on every movie set, someone asks me if i am a pa or if i work in the art department.
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you know, i don't look like what somebody thinks a director looks like. you know, we have an unconscious bias. it's just there and, until more of us are around and people are seeing us and we are visible, that can't change. the awards season has barely begun. a bafta or an oscar directing nomination is certainly possible and, if neither happens... there are many things you can do. you can play all the lowest keys on a piano at the same time. will gompertz, bbc news. that's it. we're back with the late news at ten. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. goodbye.
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hello. this is bbc news. let's get more now on the news that tesco says it's stopped buying products from a factory in china that is said to be using the forced labour of foreign prisoners to pack christmas cards into boxes. the claims emerged after a six year old girl in london found a message written in one of the tesco cards she'd been planning to write to her friends. the journalist peter humphrey, who spent two years in the same prison, says conditions there are become more harsh. florence widdicombe and her father ben have been speaking to the bbc about what happened. we didn't open them on the day we got them. we opened them about a week ago. we were writing in them and about on my sixth or eighth card, somebody had
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already written in it. 0k, and so, ben, tell me exactly what had happened. so, about ten days ago, my wife was coming home from work and popped into a tesco to buy some christmas cards, because florence and my other children wanted to write christmas cards to their friends at school. so on sunday, a week ago, my wife was here cooking and florence was actually at this table here, just going through the cards and writing to her friends and she opened one up and started laughing and said, "oh, mum, look, somebody has already written in this card. isn't that funny?" when my wife looked at the card it said what it did, which is that the card had come from somebody imprisoned in shanghai and was raising human rights concerns and asked whoever found the note to pass it on to peter humphrey. what did the card say? the card said that the author was part of a group of foreign prisoners in qing pu
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prison in shanghai. they were asked or forced to work against their will and please could human rights organisations be made aware and specifically could it be passed on to peter humphrey. when you read the details of what had been written in the card, what did it make you feel? well, first, incredulity of course it's not what you expect. the first thought was that it must be some sort of prank. but on reflection we realised it was actually potentially quite a serious thing and so i felt very shocked, but i also felt a responsibility to pass it on to peter humphries, as the author asked me to do. peter humphries is the journalist who took this story to the sunday times. here he is on why his name was mentioned in the card and who may have written it. well, i spent two years
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in captivity in shanghai between 2013 and 2015. my final nine months of that captivity was in this very prison in this very cell block where this message has come from. this was written by some of my cell—mates from that period who are still there serving sentences. do you think it was written as a collective or one of them wrote it to you? would it have been decided as a collective thing to do? i'm pretty sure this was written as a collective message. 0bviously one single hand produced this capital letters handwriting and i think i know who it was. but i will never disclose that name. no. and tell us about life in the prison. what were the conditions like? what were the other inmates like? the foreigners' cell block in qing pu prison had about 150 foreign prisoners in it when i was there. today it has about 250. these prisoners are living
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a very bleak daily life. there are 12 prisoners per cell. each cell is painted in grey. paint is flaking off the ceilings. they sleep in very rusty iron bunk beds with a mattress which is not more than about one centimetre thick underneath them. in the winter it's extremely cold. there's no heating in the building. in the summer it's extremely hot because there is no air conditioning in the building. they get up around 5:30am, 6am every day and they have to go to bed again at about 9:30pm in the evening. the day is punctuated by a highly regimented programme of work or study. it now seems that there's more work done than study. when i was there, manufacturing, labour work, was voluntary. prisoners could do that as a way to earn the pennies that they need to buy daily necessities like soap
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and toothpaste and biscuits. but what has happened in the last year or so is that work has become compulsory. so, when i was there, it was a relatively easier situation than it is now. and everyone i know in there at the time was in there for very questionable reasons. i met so many people who i considered to be the victims of wrongful imprisonment or at least reckless sentencing for minor offences. peter humphrey on those conditions on “— peter humphrey on those conditions on —— in those prisons in china. as bushfires continue to sweep across large parts of australia the prime minister, scott morrison, has acknowledged that global warming contributes to changes in the weather — but said it could not be linked directly to the fires. he rejected criticism of australia's policy on climate change, saying the country was beating its targets on reducing carbon emissions. more than 100 wildfires
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are still burning in new south wales. james morris from the new south wales rural fire service has been speaking to us and told us about the huge challenge they face. these fires are massive, the biggest we have ever seen in new south wales, burning out sincejuly more than 3.1 million hectares of bush and grassland. we currently have 100 fires burning across new south wales, and one of those which has been elevated in the last five minutes or so to emergency warning, threatening homes around the blue mountains so even though in sydney at the moment, it is just after midnight, where we would typically see very cool, calm and collected nights, we are seeing very erratic fire behaviour, flames 10, 20 metres above the tree tops, threatening homes close by so still very challenging and erratic conditions being seen by firefighters doing a wonderfuljob battling to save as many houses as possible. unfortunately, saturday we saw catastrophic bushfire conditions
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right across parts of new south wales. we believe we have lost around a hundred homes just in that fire alone. we have seen close to a thousand lost in this fire season alone. devastating times for new south wales. we have seen eight lives lost, two of those being our own firefighters in recent days, so very hard and challenging times for the crews but they are doing what they do to protect communities across the state. given the scale of what you are facing, how do you prioritise what you must tackle first? it can be challenging at times, at one point about six weeks ago, we saw 17 fires burning at the emergency warning alert level. that alert level for us means homes and lives are under threat. typically in previous years we have seen a maximum of four fires at the emergency warning, so to have 17 at that level is massive and it takes a lot of logistical and operational
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management, from right across new south wales and a number of emergency services but we prioritise as much as possible the areas that those fires are burning in, how many lives and properties. we have thousands of firefighters on the ground each and every day and support from other emergency services, from our firefighting counterparts from right across australia and even assistance at the moment from america and canada. what is the weather forecast for the next few days? we are very lucky here, we saw our bad weather day on saturday, we now have about four or five days' worth of favourable conditions before we start to see conditions elevate once again with hot, dry temperatures, and reports of some wind coming through. christmas day here, hopefully, will allow some of our firefighters to be able to spend some time at home with their family but considering how dry it is at the moment, we are going to see more than 2,000 firefighters out in the field and not at home with theirfamilies,
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trying to protect communities in new south wales. that was james morris in sydney. the family of harry dunn who was killed outside an raf base in august have met with the home secretary, priti patel to discuss the case this morning. ms patel is considering seeking the extradition of the wife of an american diplomat, who has been charged with causing death of the teenager by dangerous driving. the home secretary was joined by her cabinet colleague and the family's mp andrea leadsom who spoke to reporters after the meeting alongside the dunn family's spokesman, radd seiger. it has been fantastic to bring the home secretary, priti patel, to come and see harry's family. our hearts go out to them. it is just the deepest, deepest tragedy for the dunn family and nothing will bring harry back, but they seem to be quite reassured that priti has set out what the next steps are, and i think we will be able to give
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them perhaps a little relief, temporarily, while the process continues, but i have assured harry's family i will do everything i can to ensure we getjustice for harry. we know we cannot talk about the legals of this, but what is the next step in terms of extradition? the next step is that the cps sends all of the papers to a judge, and that judge then reviews all of the papers, and all of the different aspects of the case, and then passes papers on to the home office, who then assess them and make their recommendation to the home secretary. are the family reassured by meeting the home secretary today? before i answer that, can i thank andrea personally from the bottom of my heart for everything she has done for us over the last few weeks? it has been a tough journey but having our constituency mp visiting us and talking to us regularly has been very
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welcome and thank you. it has been amazing having the home secretary over today to meet with the family. we feel incredibly reassured that this whole saga will end up being dealt with under the rule of law, which is absolutely critical to all of us, notjust to harry's parents. dialogue is always good and sometimes there is misunderstandings but when you come together, and you look each other in the eye and resolve any issues, but you hear from some of the most senior politicians in this country that this will be dealt with under the rule of law, absolutely they will go to bed tonight feeling reassured. when you saw the statement from the lawyer of anne sacoolas, saying she will not come back to the uk voluntarily, how did the family react? they are angry, they do not understand why this lady is back in america. they feel she should never have been allowed to go and she should jolly well come back. they are concerned they have one of the finest lawyers in america
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seeking to undermine our very fair and well developed legal system which has fairness at its heart. this lady is entitled to a fair trial, she is guilty of nothing at the moment, and if and when she comes back, she will get a fair hearing, which is what we are all entitled to. a man is being held on suspicion of murder following the deaths of two women in sussex. police are investigating after the alleged stabbing outside a property at crawley down shortly after 10 o'clock this morning. sussex police say that they also found a man seriously injured inside the property. he was taken to royal sussex county hospital in brighton. the lead detective has said it was isolated incident with no ongoing risk to members of the public. he went on to explain "this is a fast—moving investigation which will see significant police resources deployed to the scene for the forseeable future. we are grateful for the support and patience of the local community while we conduct our enquiries."
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she added: "my thoughts are very much with the friends and family of the two women who have sadly lost their lives." let's take a look at some more of today's top stories. a 26 year old woman has died ? following a crash involving a car and a national express coach in south—west london. both vehicles caught fire after colliding in battersea in the early hours of this morning. the driver of the car remains in a critical condition. the coach had been travelling from gatwick airport to victoria station. there's been dramatic scenes off the coast of sardinia, where a merchant ship became stranded on a rocky stretch of coast. the ship had unloaded a cargo of coffee and was heading for spain when bad weather forced the captain to try to return to port. rescue crews manage to reach all 12 crew members, but not before they'd endured some very large waves crashing onto the deck. nobody was injured. dozens of pesto products are being recalled overfears they may contain traces of peanut without it being listed on the label. the products, all made by sauce maker sacla,
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also include own—brand jars of pesto from supermarkets waitrose and aldi. the food standards agency has issued an allergy alert, warning that 25 products may be affected. india's prime minister, narendra modi, has accused his political opponents of spreading lies about a new citizenship law which has led to deadly protest. speaking at a rally of his bjp party in the capital, delhi, mr modi said indian muslims had nothing to fear from the legislation. the law offers fast—track citizenship to migrants from neighbouring countries who claim religious persecution — but doesn't include muslims. more than 20 people have died in ten days of clashes sparked by the bill, which critics see as anti—muslim. here's our south asia editorjill mcgivering. these are the friendly faces, the prime minister's passionate supporters. he is still a popular and inspirational figure for many here, with a natural gift
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for working a crowd. but security was tight in delhi as he addressed this crowd, a reminder of the strength of public anger with his government's new citizenship bill. mr modi had a message of reassurance, delivered with his trademark passion. his political opponents were spreading lies about the law, he said, and fears for india's muslims were groundless. translation: the muslims who were born on indian soil, or whose ancestors are children of mother india, brothers and sisters, they have nothing to do with the citizenship law, or the national register of citizens. muslims are not being sent to any detention centres, there aren't any detention centres. brothers and sisters, this is a white lie. mr modi and his party are fighting back, launching what they call an awareness campaign, with hundreds of pro—government rallies. they say the law is misunderstood.
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opposition in the last ten days has been vocal and sometimes violent. it has also been nationwide. more than 20 people have been killed in clashes with the security forces. critics say the government is suppressing dissent, with heavy—handed tactics, from tear gas to internet bands. the authorities say they won't accept arson, vandalism and attacks on police. the protesters have various grievances, from those who don't want migrants from neighbouring countries becoming citizens, as the law allows and those who think the exclusion of muslims from the law is blatant discrimination. they want to kick out people who live here and they want to kick them out to other countries. so this is the reason people are getting gathered around and they are against this bill and this will continue until the government will postpone this or take it back.
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all weekend the protest went on. several thousand people have now been detained, some briefly, in the worst crisis this government has faced so far. jill mcgivering, bbc news. dozens of flood warnings remain in place across england (pres) dozens of flood warnings remain in place across england ——(00v)with large parts of the south and east, the midlands and yorkshire on alert to expect further flooding. (00v)several homes have already flooded, and villages across the south east have been left underwater following persistent rain — this is alfriston in east sussex after the nearby cuckmere river burst its banks(00v)these were the scenes today in sindlesham, a village near wokingham in berkshire, which has also been hit by heavy flooding.nthe banks of the medway in kent have also become overwhelmed, this is a caravan park in the village of yalding near maidstone — with water as far
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as the eye can see. earlier, we heard from the environment agency who were talking about how parts of surrey have also been impacted. well, there has been a lot of heavy rainfall in surrey. we have had a lot of flood warnings out in the surrey area. in the centre of leatherhead, we have temporary defences. those will remain until the weather outlook calms. in the coming days, it is very important that people remain vigilant, check flood warnings, but we do expect the outlook to calm as we head towards christmas. flooding might be affecting roads in the south east, but rail services are being disrupted everywhere from london to south wales and the west of england. gwr, which runs services in and out of london paddington, has cancelled more than 20 inter—city expresses because of staff shortages. simon calder, travel editor of the independent, is at the station ? and explains what's causing delays this weekend. well, let's just put this in context. paddington station is going to be closed from christmas eve onwards until the end of next weekend because of the traditional festive rail engineering works.
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they are doing an awful lot of work between here and reading. and so gwr, which runs trains from here to the west of england and south wales, told everybody, "get your journeys done by monday." now lots of people have taken that advice. it's extremely busy here. but unfortunately, as you say, more than 20 trains have been cancelled. that's because of basically a lot of rail employment agreements mean that staff don't have to work on sundays if they don't want to. it's entirely voluntary. and coming up to christmas, evidently, a lot of train crews have decided, "no, we are going to spend the time with the family," which is of course fair enough. we've got mostly trains to and from cardiff and bristol temple meads cancelled but also some to and from swansea and also the early arrival from exeter didn't run. anybody who's got a ticket for a cancelled train will be accommodated on other trains and of course you can claim compensation if you are delayed as a result.
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just going up to the north west, very similar problems on northern rail. so no trains on the line from manchester piccadilly to crewe via alderley edge, at least the stopping trains. nothing from liverpool to blackpool north and a reduced service from manchester to buxton as well. now you may think that a real christmas tree is one of the most important items to have at this time of year — but while they may look great for the big day, come twelfth night they tend to look a bit sorry for themselves. for the eco conscious, having to throw them away seems rather wasteful. now a business in the united kingdom has come up with an environmentally friendly way to have a real tree. joe campbell has more. for those who love a real christmas tree, it is the burning question — what to do with it once the festive season is over? remember to give your tree a mug of water. well as long as customers take care
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of the trees from here, they can send them back in the new year. have a fabulous christmas and we will see you... and if you want, you can have it to stay again for christmas 2020. and 21, 22, 23... for me, the fact that you own a tree that goes back into the ground is amazing. they look after it for you for the entire year so, the fact that there is zero from an eco point of view it seems like the best decision to make, really. the trees are contained in pots to protect their roots. there will come a time when they are going to get pot bound, and need to be repotted but we will do that as part of the maintenance throughout the year. so the window that we want it to go into is like a bay window. for mum claire ramage, the idea of sharing christmas with the same tree year after year has a particular appeal. she picks one out to take home and decorate with her daughter. it's one of those things that every year when we get the tree we're
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going to see that growth and it's almost like the tree is growing with her. so that's quite a magical thing, that we can see that happening. and if you want a christmas tree you can use again and again, well it's pretty much the only option unless of course you opt for one like this — which goes back in the box, and back in the loft pretty much as soon as the last mince pie has been eaten. joe campbell with that report. time for a look at the weather with darren bett. hello there. over the next few days, we should see a number of flood warnings dropping. it does look a little bit drier, still some rain around, mind you, but earlier on today there were still over 70 flood warnings on rivers in england. we have had some rain today, it is showers that will be following in as the breeze picks up through this evening and overnight. some of the showers across western areas, a little heavy. further east, across eastern parts of england, not too many showers, but enough breeze to keep temperatures around three or 4 degrees. where we have clear skies and light awareness in the north—east
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of scotland, here we are likely to find a frost and a chilly day to come on monday. the focus of the showers, at least for a while, will be across central and southern scotland, northern ireland, northern england tomorrow. there will be a few showers further south, but not very many and a lot of places will be dry. quite a bit of sunshine, hence the number of flood warnings likely to drop and quite mild as well, across southern parts of england and wales, temperatures 11 degrees here. in the south west, we will start to see some rain arriving in the evening on that weather front there and there is another one coming in behind that, as we head into tuesday as well. so some cloud and outbreaks of rain, but on the whole, they should be light rain and we may well find across northern england, it tends to dry off during the afternoon, but for a few showers in the north—west, much of scotland, northern ireland should be drier with some sunshine. here it is still slightly cooler, temperatures of six or 7 degrees. thosetemperatures will drop away the evening as that wetter weather pulls away, in time for santa arriving, we have this ridge of high pressure
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moving in and that will settle things down for christmas day itself. chilly start, maybe a touch of frost here and there and one or two mist and fog patches but on the whole it looks like it will be a dry day, a fair bit of sunshine around, especially in the morning. across wales in the south west, it will cloud over during the afternoon, but staying dry until evening. ahead of that, those temperatures probably a little bit lower on christmas day, 6—9d. now, we have got more wet and windy weather arriving overnight and into boxing day. this next weather system has got a bit more about it for a while, the weather fronts moving northwards and eastwards. for many of us, there will be a spell of rain, could be a bit heavy for a while, just for a while we will find some snow over the pennines, perhaps in the southern uplands as well, and with the wind is blowing and, more showers into wales and the south west. the winds tending to ease down, tending to ease off in the afternoon, still quite mild in the south.
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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines:
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tesco has suspended christmas card production at a chinese factory after a six—year—old girl in london finds a message claiming that prisoners are being forced to pack them. we were writing in them and about on my sixth or eighth card, there was somebody who had already written in it. a man has been arrested in sussex on suspicion of murder after the deaths of two women outside a house in crawley down. the home secretary has met the family of harry dunn — the teenager killed in a road accident in northamptonshire in august. it is very difficult in terms of what they are going through right 110w. what they are going through right now. all our sympathies and thoughts are with them. australia's firefighters in the state of new south wales are still battling to bring more than a hundred blazes under control. the queen attends a church service in sandringham, while the duke of edinburgh remains in hospital receiving treatment for a pre—exisiting condition.
5:33 pm
sport and for a full round up, we go over to the bbc sport centre. let's start this evening at the tottenham hotspur stadium, where spurs are behind against chelsea in the premier league. frank lampard againstjose mourinho. and chelsea have had much the better of the first half. chelsea got a penalty when spurs keeper clattered with marcos alonso. the penalty awarded by vir and converted. 2—0 to chelsea, and the second half is about to start. david de gea dropped an absolute howler as manchester united were beaten by the premier league's bottom side david de gea dropped an absolute howler as manchester united were beaten by the premier league's bottom side watford in the early kick off. united's keeper gifted watford their opener at vicarage road, on a day that saw paul pogba make his long—awaited return.
5:34 pm
andy swiss was watching. fairto fair to say smiles have been in short supply at watford. nigel pearson's team short supply at watford. nigel pea rson's team hadn't short supply at watford. nigel pearson's team hadn't won at home since april, and against manchester united, first seemed little chance of that changing. jesse lingard with about the only opportunity of a desperately drab first 45 minutes. just after the break, how is this for a howler? calamity for united keeper david de gea, as the shot somehow squirmed through his fingers. it simply got worse with every replay, and it would soon get even worse for united. a terrible challenge, and from the penalty spot, troy deeney calmly doubled watford's lead, that long—awaited victory within their sights. united brought on paul pogba, his first appearance in three months, but there was nothing he or his team—mates could do as the hosts kept them at bay. a deeply disappointing day for united, but for watford, at last, something to celebrate, a potentially pivotal win
5:35 pm
for their survival hopes. plenty then for 0le gunnar solskjaer to think about — they've won just six games in the league this season, and only two of those away from home. we didn't deserve to win the game by the way we performed. we were too slow in possession, too slow, no intensity without the ball, and when they scored two in quick succession, we didn't have enough to get back. one other line from the premier league today, and it's bad news for aston villa — they've confirmed that midfielderjohn mcginn has broken his ankle. it happened just seven minutes into their defeat at home to southampton yesterday, when mcginn got his studs caught in the turf. villa haven't said how long he'll be out for, but it does make him a doubt for scotland's euro 2020 play—off semi—final against israel on 26th march. liverpool now turn their attention back to winning the premier league after their exploits at the club world cup.
5:36 pm
here are the players enjoying their win over flamengo in doha. they've got a quick turn—around though with a tricky—looking trip to second—placed leicester on boxing day. fifa meanwhile have ambitious plans of their own for the club world cup. 0lly foster's been following the tournament in doha for us. that is the club world cup done for another year. it will be back here in qatar in12 another year. it will be back here in qatar in 12 months. european clu bs' in qatar in 12 months. european clubs' domination of this tournament in recent years continues, liverpool we re in recent years continues, liverpool were the winners, upgrading their european champions league title to a world title now. juergen klopp, speaking about how he didn't know how to feel about this tournament, but he now knows it is sensational, he said. it is outstanding. and they head back to the premier league winter noun to see if they can stay in front of the chasing pack, ten points clear at the moment ahead of leicester city, and wouldn't they
5:37 pm
just love to add a premier league title, their first in the top division in england for almost three decades, to all those other titles that they have won this year? is for this tournament, it will stay with the six continents, the best from them, next year, before it expands hugely in china in 2021.24 them, next year, before it expands hugely in china in 2021. 24 teams will be involved, many clubs and associations from around the world have their reservations about that as fifa try to expand their own interests into the club game around the world. that will become a tournament every four years. we will see exactly how that beds down. as for liverpool, they are world champions, and very worthy winners. let's turn our attention to european football for a moment, because in italy, ac milan suffered their biggest defeat in more than 20 years. they were thumped 5—0 by atalanta in serie a. papu gomez scored the first
5:38 pm
inside the opening ten minutes with a brilliant solo run and finish. atalanta then scored three goals in 9 minutes including two from josip illicic. it is milan's joint—heaviest serie a defeat and leaves them 11th in the league going into the christmas break. meanwhile the german chamions bayern munich have confirmed that caretaker boss hansi flick will remain in charge until the end of the season. he replaced niko kovac last month after the german champions lost heavily to eintracht frankfurt. bayern are currently four points off bundesliga leaders leipzig. bath did the hard work in the first half against london irish. they scored five tries in today's win — to climb back up rugby's premiership table. michael redford reports. two tea ms two teams with two wins each this season, but two teams had dean —— deemed to be having different
5:39 pm
campaigns. london irish are enjoying their return to the top flight after promotion. full bath, it has been a struggle mainly because they have struggled to score tries. bath scored two in the first seven minutes, anthony watson with the second of them, back from injury and back on the scoresheet. the away side would score five in total in the first 40 minutes. 31—3 at half—time, a lead that was extended shortly after the restart. a poor kick giving tom homer an early present. nobody came close to catching him. london irish did have the final word. it was much too late. bath won 38—10 to move above their opponents. they can head into christmas with a bit of festive cheer. gareth anscombe will miss wales' tour of new zealand next year. the fly half suffered a setback in his recovery from a knee injury. anscombe missed the recent rugby world cup,
5:40 pm
after the injury sustained in a warm up game against england in august. his club side, 0spreys, say he'll need to have a second operation. new wales coach wayne pivac says he won't be fit in time to face the all blacks injuly. england's first test series of the winter kicks off against south africa on boxing day, and captainjoe root‘s still waiting on the fitness on three of his key bowlers. root says he'll allow jofra archer, stuart broad and jack leach decide if they're fit to play in centurion. they all missed the warm—up games with flu—like symptoms, but did take part in a net session ahead of the final warm—up match. and it was a game in whichjimmy anderson got himself a couple of wickets, as england drew with a south africa a side. anderson hasn't played a test match since getting injured in the first ashes test in august. he got through 19 overs in a match that was downgraded from first—class status because of that illness in the england squad. the third round of the pdc world darts championship is underway at alexandra palace.
5:41 pm
the former bdo world champion stephen bunting is the first man through to round four after whitewashing jonny clayton, but 24th seed max hopp is out after he lost to darius labanauskas by four sets to two. 12th seed nathan aspinall had a bit of scare, but came through to beat krzysztof ratajski in a final set decider. defending champion michael van gerwen plays ricky evans later. fallon sherrock is the name everyone is talking about at this year's competition. after becoming the first woman to win at the pdc — she's now progressed to the last 32, after beating world number 11 mesur suljovic. she says she couldn't sleep after the win and hopes to inspire a new generation of players. it was amazing last night. i haven't had that much sleep. my adrenaline was just had that much sleep. my adrenaline wasjust running had that much sleep. my adrenaline was just running wild last night. i've only had a few hours because i
5:42 pm
couldn't switch off last night. when i went couldn't switch off last night. when iwent up couldn't switch off last night. when i went up there last night, i forgot all about what i had done on tuesday i'm just focused on the game, like, i totally forgot about everything else, so i didn't put pressure on myself. again, it is alljust trying to sink in at the moment. it's still not sunk in. so, i'm still in disbelief about what's going on. i never thought i would be in this situation and it's incredible and i'm enjoying everything. i've definitely like helped put women's darts on the map. i've definitely heard a lot of stories about how i've inspired more younger people to play, like younger girls, more women to take up the sport. it's a great sport to get into and i feel really proud of myself that i'm helping everyone else discover it and enjoy it for themselves. i'm dealing with it well. with all the interviews, the life changing, the money, everything like that, like i
5:43 pm
said, it's still sinking money, everything like that, like i said, it's stillsinking in, but i'm dealing with it ok. i'm not overthinking anything. i'm taking each step as it comes at keeping my feet on the ground. i'm not running away with it, i'm just saying come at the moment. —— staying calm at the moment. and we finish with big air skiing in atlanta — and a medal for british freestyler izzy atkin. here she is taking bronze at the world cup event in atlanta. you might remeber that she became the first briton to win an olympic skiing medal at the last games in pyongchang. the big air event is going to make it's debut at the winter olympics in beijing in 2022. that's all the sport for now. time for click.
5:44 pm
# 0h, christmas tree... # your leaves are so unchanging.# you have finally arrived, welcome. the gang is all here, you are too, so welcome to clickmas 2019! forced merriment and pretend food, just like last year. do we have a festive feast of tech treats for you? yes, we do, and first up, it will be lara, merry christmas. whenever people say you should never work with animals or kids, i think clearly they have not worked with tech because it goes wrong occasionally, doesn't it? this week, i haven'tjust worked with tech, i worked with a dog at the same time. take a look at this.
5:45 pm
meet rusty, the tech—savvy puppy familiar with being caught on camera and provided with smartphone—triggered treats, via this gadget, already in his home. one of the first things we bought, perhaps before he actually came home with us was the furbo, which films him all the time, tells you when he is barking, tells you when he's whining, and if you want to give him a bit of a treat, you can click the treat release button and then he gets lots of treats sent to him. want to test some gadgets? i take it that's a yes. today, he's my furry glamorous assistant, getting his teeth into testing tech. the rechargeable wicked ball moves, vibrates and changes colour according to activity level while playing. it's developed to encourage
5:46 pm
attraction and response. i do worry a bit when he picks it up in his teeth and it is vibrating in his teeth. gps trackers for dogs have been around for a while, but they are getting smaller and lighter. thejoibit is water resistant and does better on battery life than some of its competitors, and also has a geosense function where you can get an alert if your pet pooch goes further than it should, but how useful did camilla find it? it's great that it's a gps tracker, very small, but it is just a gps tracker, and i would have loved to have some activity tracker with it, but it is very accurate and seems to have been correct every time i have checked. i would not find it overly useful because i know where he is most of the time. in the case of your dog getting stolen and they are wearing it, i'm sure that would be extremely useful. being able to track our animals has stepped up a level. now you can also
5:47 pm
track their behaviour as well as their activity, so you can see how the two things correlate. beautifully behaved of course, aren't you? the animo pet activity and behaviour tracker logs a doggy‘s step count and sleep, as well as alerting its owner as to how much barking, shaking or scratching is going on. 0k, a calm moment, but there doesn't seem to be any lack of activity today, although you do need to collect at least a week's worth of data to start to see anything meaningful. the negatives, though, are you have to keep it on at night time, and i personally don't like keeping a collar on rusty at night time, i don't think it is particularly safe. so, depending on a dog and its owner's lifestyles, it seems that different gadgets would be useful.
5:48 pm
but one thing that is for certain is that before i film anything like this again, i think i need a spot of human training. i will play with this with you, if you let me hold onto it. that was lara with the dogs, i guess the only thing you need to be thankful for is it wasn't cat. maybe next year? christmas is all about getting together with friends and family. i don't know about you lot, but i kind of feel like we're family by now. pretty much. we have known each other an awful long time. we are dysfunctional, we bicker, but we have seen each other through some ups and downs, some good times and bad times, and a few months ago, one member of the click family got some bad news. lj, tell us about it. it was me. i got diagnosed with breast cancer a few months back. not the most fun i've had. however, chemotherapy has some surprising bits of technology involved, and i thought why not demystify it and give people a chance to see what actually happens?
5:49 pm
i've got tea, an ipad, colouring pencils, charging cable, keyboard, two kinds of drink, headphones. i think that is most things. this is my eighth chemo treatment out of ten, i am ready to rock now. everything starts with tablets, flurazopan is to help to deal with the pain of the cap because its very very very, very cold. bottoms up. lunch menu. today i will have what i always have. this is where my port has been implanted. it's a fast—track tube under my skin that connects directly to my heart, allowing nurses to administer drugs really easily. like plugging in a phone charger. as a piano player, i really didn't want to have any catheters in my hands or in my arms, the chemo treatment is quite toxic, so when i found out you could get a port fitted and anything goes in here, i don't
5:50 pm
have to hunt around for a vein, it's a massive relief. i didn't feel a thing! now this is in, that's it, everything goes in and out of the port. before i started chemo, i was really scared, and i was also uninformed about the actual practicalities of it, the ins and outs of it, what to expect. like wearing a cold cap. chemo kills any rapidly dividing cells, including hair, so lowering blood circulation to my scalp can help keep my hair on. imagine eating the coldest ice cream in the world for about an hour and a half, and that gives you a good idea. 0ff comes the wig. there we go. au naturel, albeit with quite a lot of make—up. some patients keep more than others, i've have been quite lucky. tepid water is applied, and this is to help the conductivity of the cold cap, and if you are have even one treatment without the cap
5:51 pm
on, you cannot do it, and your hair will come out. it has to fit very snugly. i always had a theory that wearing a cold cap would make my brain really fast, like superconducting, but it is completely the opposite. i am unable to do much concentrating. bring on the winter! this is the painful bit. if i can get through this, then we are all good. so i have various things to keep me busy, things that i find really enjoyable are watching mindless tv, and doing flight simulator practice. i have always wanted to learn to fly a plane, so why not do it now? slowly bring the nose up. there we go. this is really taxing with the hat on. i can do it with no problem without the cap on. i cannot actually land the plane while i have the treatment done.
5:52 pm
i have crashed every time. i am slightly impaired at this point, but colouring in clouds, that i can do. i have been using apps like this one, procreate, masterclass, and the xplane sim during the treatment but i have also been recording my data to show oncologists what my body has been up to. i record what the data shows like blood pressure, and collect data myself like my resting heart rate and body temperature. three days after treatment, i go up a few degrees. it's really useful. i can then go to the doctor and show them physical evidence of what my body has been doing. it's completely frozen solid now. sometimes there's ice in there. i can't remember anything any more. after a few hours of iv and a cold head, i am nearly done for another week. thank you so much. so that's it, that's chemo
5:53 pm
treatment in a nutshell. lots of different iv drugs, cool cap, port and now hospital lunch. that was absolutely fascinating. really brave, thank you. i had no idea about what goes on. this is exactly why i did it, because it feels like an opportunity to just lift the lid on a single word and just maybe give people who are about to go through this the chance to understand a bit more before going into it and then it is not a whole lot of surreal surprises, one after another, which is what it was like for me. trust you to find all the technology you could during the procedure. yes, give me everything. you really know your way around social media, and i wonder whether social media has been a help, hindrance, whether it has contributed at all to your experience. i considered for such a long time, "do i share this online, or do i not?" and i decided to share it
5:54 pm
because i'm not the only person going through this, so many people are. the response i had was overwhelmingly good, so many people shared their stories with me, and it feels like together, we are stronger. i am really glad i shared. lj rich, everyone. oh, my gosh, thanks! thanks for watching and merry clickmas!
5:55 pm
0ver over the next few days, we should see the number of flood warnings dropping. it does look a little bit drier, still some rain around, mine. earlier today, there were still over flood warnings —— over 70 flood warnings on rivers in england. showers will follow as the breeze picks up overnight. showers in western areas, heavy, not too many showers in the east but enough breeze to keep temperatures at around three or four celsius. in north—eastern scotland, we are likely to find a frost and a chilly day on monday. the showers will be focused on central and southern
5:56 pm
scotland, northern ireland and northern england tomorrow. some showers further south, but not many, and a lot of places will be dry with sunshine, hence the number of flood warnings likely to drop. in the south—west, we will see rain arriving in the evening on that weather front. another one arriving in the evening on that weatherfront. another one is coming behind us we head into tuesday. some cloud and outbreaks of rain, but on the whole, this should be light rain. across northern england, we will find it dries off through the afternoon will stop apart from a few showers in the north—west, much of scotla nd showers in the north—west, much of scotland and northern ireland should be dry with sunshine. cooler here, six or seven celsius. temperatures will drop away during the evening is wet weather pulls away, in time for centre arriving. we have this high pressure ridge moving in that will settle things down for christmas day itself. a chilly start and a touch of frost here in there, and one or two missed patches. it will stay dry
5:57 pm
until the evening. temperatures a little lower on christmas day, 6-9dc. little lower on christmas day, 6—9dc. more wet and windy weather arrives overnight into boxing day. this next weather system has a bit more about it for a while. the weather fronts moving more about it for a while. the weatherfronts moving north and east. for many of us, a spell of rain, a bit heavy for a while. and we will find some snow over the pennines and perhaps in the southern uplands, and the winds will blow more showers into wales in the south—west. the rain eases off in the afternoon, still quite mild in the afternoon, still quite mild in the south.
5:58 pm
this is bbc news. the headlines. australia's prime minister apologises for holidaying in hawaii as wildfires continue to sweep across three states. tesco suspends christmas card production at a chinese factory — after a six year old girl in london finds a message claiming that prisoners are being forced to pack them we were writing in them and about on my sixth or eighth card, there was...
5:59 pm
somebody had already written in it, had already written in it. the home secretary meets the family of harry dunn — the teenager killed in a road accident in northamptonshire in august. a man's been arrested in sussex on suspicion of murder after the deaths of two women outside a house in crawley down. the queen attends a church service in sandringham — while the duke of edinburgh spent a second night in hospital
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