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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  December 28, 2019 6:00am-6:31am GMT

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good morning, welcome to breakfast, with nina warhurst and charlie stayt. our headlines today: a new year honourfor world war ii veteran, harry billinge, who won the hearts of millions for his fund raising efforts around the summer's d—day commemoratons. lam no i am no hero, lam no hero, i i am no hero, i was lucky. i am here. all the heroes are dead and i will never forget them as long as i live. singer and actor, olivia newton—john, is made a dame for services to cancer research and entertainment. recognition also for members of the england's world—cup winning cricket team. the woman whose husband and two children drowned at a hotel in spain
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on christmas eve, says all three could swim and blames a fault with the pool. io—man manchester city threw away a two goal lead to lose at wolves, in the premier league. that leaves them 14 points behind leaders liverpool, who also have a game in hand. a very avery mild a very mild weekend i had with temperatures up into the mid teens for some of us. how mild will it stay as we approach new year? more details coming up. it's saturday the 28th of december. our top story: d—day veteran, harry billinge, has received an mbe in the annual d—day veteran, harry billinge, has received an mba in the annual new year honours list. the 94 year—old was recognised for his fund—raising efforts around this summer's d—day commemorations. he's one of nearly 1100 people to have received an award, including singer and actor, olivia newton—john. this report from our entertainment correspondent, lizo mzimba, contains flashing images.
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# you're the one i want...!# olivia newton—john says she's honoured and grateful to be made a dame for services to charity, cancer research and entertainment. a damehood, too, for floella benjamin for her life—long work with children's charities. absolutely amazing to be recognised this way, for doing charity work. i realised that a childhood lasts a lifetime, and i had to give back to children. because when i did play school, 43 years ago, i realised children didn't have a voice. the vast majority is that will come here are ordinary people have done something special. i am not a hero. i was lucky, i am here. all the
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heroes are dead and i will never forget them, as long as i live. people like veteran harry billinge who becomes an mbe in recognition of his charity work. a calm comes over me when i do the collection because iam doing me when i do the collection because i am doing something for the boys. there are knighthoods for two british film—makers — steve mcqueen, who directed the oscar—winning 12 years a slave, and sam mendes, who directed bond films skyfall and spectre. in the world of sport, eoin morgan, who captained england to victory in the cricket world cup, becomes a cbe, ben stokes an obe, jos buttler and joe root become mbes. an mbe, too, for england star jill scott, for services to women's football. and singer billy ocean, an mbe.
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lizo mzimba, bbc news. congratulations to harry. and after 9:00 this morning, we'll be speaking to harry about his honour. a mother whose husband and two children drowned in a swimming pool on the costa del sol on christmas eve has insisted all three knew how to swim. olubunmi diya said her children went into the resort‘s pool using the steps but were dragged into the middle and could not get out. mrs diya denied earlier reports that her daughter had told police that none of the three could swim. sean dilley reports. for days on from a christmas tragedy, a mother in morning speaks out. her husband, daughterand tragedy, a mother in morning speaks out. her husband, daughter and son died at this pool at club la costa world. speaking for the first time since that death, the mother, olubunmi diya, sought to correct inadequate information. she says the
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family was present when they found themselves in trouble and the father tried to help them. all three died. ina tried to help them. all three died. in a tribute from the spanish resort she spoke to the love her family brought to the world and she said she believes something was wrong with the pool that must have made swimming difficult at that point in time. the honours of club la costa world refute this, pointing to an official police report, they say but mrs diya says police investigations are ongoing and no such conclusion has been shed with her and her family. —— such conclusion has been shed with herand herfamily. —— shared. sean dilley, bbc news. authorities in hawaii say they have recovered the bodies of six people from a tour helicopter that crashed on thursday.
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wreckage was found at a steep—sided valley, near a state park on the island of kauai. the aircraft was carrying seven people, including the pilot. localjournalist, blaze lovell, has been covering this story and we can speak to him now. bring us up—to—date with what we know about the investigation? the cou nty know about the investigation? the county officials informed us this afternoon that they have found those six remains and they will continue the search tomorrow to possibly find the search tomorrow to possibly find the seventh person aboard that aircraft. county fire officials say it does not appear there would be any survivors. this is a very rugged area of the island of kauai. they have been crashes in that area before, to of them have been deadly in the early 2000. the county strands identify who the bodies are and trying to make contact with those families. they have not
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released the identities are yet to respect their privacy. the us government will also be investigating the incident that took place in the air. this would be a routine journey that helicopters would be taking part in? regularly? yes, companies that operate that told me they were having flights yesterday. the area that the helicopter went down in, it is pretty routine area for helicopters to go through. nothing out of the ordinary. they were strong winds and rain yesterday afternoon but that area of the island typically does have inclement weather. you can go into the morning and it can be nice and sunny and come out in the afternoon and have whipping winds and rain and that isjust afternoon and have whipping winds and rain and that is just how it is. the cause of the crash is yet to be
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determined and a federal investigation team will try and come toa investigation team will try and come to a conclusion in the coming weeks. thank you very much. there'll be a national day of mourning in kazakhstan today after a passengerjet crashed killing at least 12 people and leaving dozens injured. the bek air plane was flying from almaty, kazakhstan's largest city, to the capital, nur—sultan, when it smashed into a building just after take—off, in freezing conditions. the cause of the crash is being investigated. a report is calling for a radical overhaul of britain's railways to end what it calls "nightmare railjourneys". the campaign for better transport, says the current system of franchising should be replaced by more flexible contracts, which would allow greater competition on inter—city routes. it comes just weeks before the department for transport is expected to publish its plans for a review of the railways, including the scrapping of franchises. a tv news crew had a close call after they were nearly struck by a lorry while covering a road accident in the us. the road in lubbock county, west texas, was covered by
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a dense fog when the vehicle lost control, prompting state troopers and other bystanders to leap out of the way. two people were injured but they're expected to make a full recovery. that is incredible! the duchess of cambridge has praised the work of midwives in an open letter to the profession. highlighting the work they do, kate middleton said it was of "fundamental importance" to the early years development of children. kensington palace released these pictures of the duchess, after she spent two days at a maternity unit. she described the experience as a privilege. lovely. let's take a look at this morning's papers: the daily mail warns that half of middle—aged briton's waists are too big, according to nhs statistics. they say it puts them at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. the times has this photograph
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of melanie pa nayiotou, george michael's sister, who died exactly three years after the singer, aged 55. police are not treating the death as suspicious. the guardian is leading on an exclusive interview with former deputy leader of the labour party, tom watson, who says a "brutal and hostile" environment drove him out. the independent website's top story is a fall in the number of hate crime prosecutions. they say that despite a rise in reports, as few as one in ten lead to prosecutions. a quick look inside the papers. charlie, christmas day...|j a quick look inside the papers. charlie, christmas day... ifelt like there was a question coming up. iam like there was a question coming up. i am person myself. christmas day is a long day. when you might have relatives over. it might feel like a
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bit of a bore. some people take the opportunity to file that tax return. end of january is the opportunity to file that tax return. end ofjanuary is the deadline. a record 3000 three sent tax forms on christmas day, 50% rise. on boxing day a 9% increase. christmas day, 50% rise. on boxing day a 996 increase. a good use of time if you not inclined to talk to the family or your friends, do the tax return, why not? maybe it is the perfect opportunity. here's susan with a look at this morning's weather. good morning. a very mild weekend ahead, wheatley mild almost with some of us seeing temperatures up into the mid— team. if you got a jumperfor christmas, into the mid— team. if you got a jumper for christmas, you might into the mid— team. if you got a jumperfor christmas, you might not even need it. it should turn
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brighterfor the even need it. it should turn brighter for the second half of the weekend. great today. you can see all of this cloud piling its way in to the uk. the weather front sitting to the uk. the weather front sitting to the uk. the weather front sitting to the north—west and that will bring some rain into northern ireland and scotland stop england and wales, largely dry aside for some drizzle. the fog slowly lifting, lingering in some places into the afternoon. if it lives, when it lives, it will form low cloud. the western scotland, it looks like the rain will become more widespread through the afternoon. in the north—east we could do fairly well. then we headed through the evening and overnight. it is quite a wait story for western and central scotland, patch rain for northern ireland as well. further south, we continue with all the moisture, mist and back consequently it will be a
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very mild night. temperatures down to four in norwich. we are pulling ina to four in norwich. we are pulling in a stream of an from a good way south, particularly to the north of the uk into scotland. the amber colour through to the south—east. hopefully, on sunday we will pulling some warmth. we could be in a better chance of seeing some breaks of sunshine. northern ireland and scotla nd sunshine. northern ireland and scotland should see some brightness. rain bothering the far north—west of scotla nd rain bothering the far north—west of scotland but around the murray firth, 15 degrees possible on sunday. i remind you, we are at the end of december and that is exceptionally mild. as we approach new year, temperatures tapering off, quite significantly later on monday
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as we switch when the direction by the time we get into tuesday, typically across the uk, more average figures. such in around on monday. cloud thickening on tuesday and finally we get to new year's eve and finally we get to new year's eve and if you have plans, a lot of dry weather around but we could be struggling again with quite misty and working conditions but the weather picture is a pretty quiet one as we and 2019 an approach to,000 and 20. f°99y foggy fireworks. one of the world's rarest birds, the spoon—billed sandpiper, has been successfully reared in captivity for the first time, raising hopes that the species can be saved from extinction. it has taken almost a decade from rescuing eggs in russia's far east wetlands to breeding just two of the critically endangered birds at the wildfowl & wetlands trust in gloucestershire. victoria gill reports. the first sign of a conservation
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breakthrough. these spoon—billed sandpiper chicks hatched from eggs collected in the far east of russia and brought into captivity in the uk. that rescue mission was eight yea rs uk. that rescue mission was eight years ago. now, at last, those critically endangered birds have read their own chicks, the first captive bred spoon—billed sandpipers. we have to clarify about outdoor close so rubber boots that we can was on the way into overalls to this very attractive handout because we do not want to take anything in there, into the avery, weather is very precious birds that will make them sick. this is their breeding avery that they now live in. are they still babies orjust a few months? they are classed as juveniles. they would be on their migration now are now. we still see them as babies. your babies. yes. this long mission, though, has been
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punctuated by highs and heartbreaking lows. chicks first hatched here back in 2016 but they survived only a few days. it is takenjust survived only a few days. it is taken just under ten years and what feels like a lifetime of no sleep to find the recipe or close to the recipe for breeding spoon—billed sandpipers in an arc in a captive situation. there are 15 million other waterbirds that use the same place as them so if we can save it and we're starting to do so then can save a lot of other bird and plants and people who depend on the wetland site where those animals survive. 2019 was the year that scientists put a very big number on the extinction crisis. a global report published this year estimated that around 1 million species of animals and plants are at risk of extinction. the loss of natural habitats in a human engineered
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environment is an increasing threat. so conservationists hope this will go much further than one charismatic little bird. and that protecting the spoon—billed sandpiper and the wetla nd spoon—billed sandpiper and the wetland it depends on will protect many other species from being lost. victoria gill, bbc news. success story! very cute! you look quite moved by that. the shock at the beginning is how tiny they are, miniature, when they are born. this big! to see on the road to a good life. how are you? pep guardiola perhaps not as good this morning, look at the sad face! the fans will be happy this morning for liverpool, the is opening up, it is not even 2020 and it is the title race already wrapped up —— the gap. it was another dramatic night in the premier league, and one that will give liverpool fans more reasons to believe the 30—year wait for a league title could nearly be over —
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that's because wolves fought back from two goals down to beat a 10—man manchester city. pep guardiola's side are now 1a points behind the leaders, who have a game in hand. patrick gearey reports. fights with wolves really and well. was this the exhausted end of a title defence? 1a points behind liverpool and the last thing manchester city needed was this, goalkeeper edison sent off inside 12 minutes and then it got confusing first var saw this as a foul on marius, sitting penalty, raheem sterling to take. but wait, the man behind the monitors spotted golf shirts in the area, retake, stirling again. and again. one out of three would do. you could hear what wolves fa ns would do. you could hear what wolves fans thought of that and they move was not improved when sterling surged once again, this time he only needed one go. but the ten men were tiring and in that state the last opponent you want to face is a tree already, he smashed wolves back into
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it and refused to give city a moment's piece and here benjamin lost the battle, to minister the easy bit, 2—2. city wheezed, they fight finally gone, in the 89th minute dougherty wound up the knockout blow. a second wolves win over city this season, one that may turn the title race into a liverpool lap of honour. patrick gearey, bbc news. 80 minutes so it was tough. we were in advantage but we could not defend the result. or actions. in advantage but we could not defend the result. oractions. but incredible credit and praise for the way they fought. 14 points behind liverpool, damaging week and do you think it is possible to catch them? we'll have see the next game and we have to win the next games for a long time so it is unrealistic to think about that. former manchester united and sweden striker zlatan ibrahimovic has returned to ac milan on a short—term deal until the end of the season. he was a free agent after leaving la
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galaxy at the end of the mls season. ibrahimovic spent two seasons at milan from 2010, but the seven—time champions league winners are having a poor season. they are currently 11th in the table after losing their last match 5—0 at atalanta. england midfielder izzy christiansen has returned to the women's super league after announcing that she'sjoined everton. christiansen moves to merseyside from the european champions lyon on an 18—month deal. she scored five goals in 26 games for the french side since making the move from manchester city. christiansen actually began her career at everton before moving to birmingham, 10 years ago. england test captainjoe root is one of five players from england's world cup—winning one—day team honoured in the queen's new year honours list. currently on tour with the test team in south africa, root has been made an mbe. very privileged and a bit humbled to
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be honest to be receiving an award like that and i think when you play cricket you are a part of a team and you rely on 11 other blokes and a huge support staff and players around the squad to influence a game and without those people around, your individual access along the way doesn't mean anything and it is about collectively doing something special. good news for root on that front but on the pitch, his england side are facing defeat in the first test against south africa. the hosts will resume at 8 o'clock this morning on 72—4 in their second innings — a lead of 175. that's because england's batting collapsed again yesterday. they lost their final seven wickets of theirfirst innings for just 39 runs. vernon philander taking 4—16 as england slumped to 181 all out. england took quick wickets of their own as south africa were reduced to 29—3 in their second innings. but although they lost faf du plessis late on, they ended the day with a healthy
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lead and are well placed to go one up in the series. to darts, and fallon sherrock‘s fairytale run at darts' pdc world championship has come to an end. after becoming the first woman to win a match at the tournament and then winning in the second round, she was finally beaten in the third round by the world number 22 chris dobey. natalie pirks was watching at a rather lively alexandra palace. commentator: darting his hand! the saying goes don't be sad that it is over, smile because it happened. even in defeat, fallon sherrock could not stop beaming after a fortnight to remember. there are people now who did not watch darts that want to watch it now and it is like especially like with the ladies game, i have proved now that we can keep up and compete with all of these men and give us more opportunity. amidst the costumes and the christmas revelry this crowd knew well the significance of her
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story. it is exceptional for women's sport to see someone come in and do as well as she has. it was a really male dominated sport and all of a sudden it seems it has been opened up sudden it seems it has been opened up so it just sudden it seems it has been opened up so itjust makes it more exciting in the atmosphere is going to be electric, isn't it? fallon sherrock was here for a good time and she hoped for a long time but a run to the third round was no fluke. she was more than holding her own, deadly on the doubles to go to sets to one up. no wonder her opponent look flummoxed. but soon the momentum had swung and chris dobey had mastered his nerves and in turn silenced the crowd. and in the sixth set against a player who calls himself hollywood, fallon sherrock‘s fairytale was over. chris dobey! despite that, life will never be the same again. i will go out and get recognised that it has blown up so much and it is incredible. even in defeat, fallon sherrock has picked
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up defeat, fallon sherrock has picked up £35,000, more than any female in the sport, yet more than that she smacked a glass ceiling and cemented her place in sporting history. this palace has a new queen. natalie pirks, bbc news. it certainly does! there was late drama as wasps snatched a win at the death over bristol in rugby union's premiership. nizaam carr's try in the 80th minute earned the visitors a surprise victory. bristol could have gone top with a win, but were denied right at the end at ashton gate. in the pro 14, ulster signed off the year in style. they crossed the line five times as they thrashed connacht by 35 points to 3 in belfast to earn a bonus point victory at a sold—out kingspan. tyson fury and deontay wilder have finally confirmed the date of their much anticipated rematch. the fight will take place in las vegas on the 22nd of february next year with wilder's wbc world heavyweight title on the line.
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the last meeting between the pair in los angeles 12 months ago ended in a controversial draw. anthonyjoshua holds the other three major heavyweight titles. the 8:1 shot potters corner won the welsh grand national at chepstow. the winning horse, which is part owned by wales rugby player jonathan davies, and ridden by 17—year—old jockey jack tudor, took the lead three fences out and stormed to victory. it ends the 54—year wait for a welsh winner. and that is sport. thank you, sarah. thank you very much. it is 25 minutes past six. there will be a national day of mourning in kazakhstan today for 12 people who died in a plane crash. dozens more were injured when the bek air plane collided with a building shortly after take—off. but, amazingly, some survivors walked out of the wreckage unharmed. one of them was aslan nazaraliyev, who joins us now.
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a very good morning to you and thank you forjoining us after what must have been very 24 hours. how are you feeling today? good morning. ijust woke up. it was a very special day yesterday, it is 12:30pm but ijust woke up but i am good, physically and mentally, thank you very much. obviously exhausted. you have needed all of the sleep. can you recall those moments just before all of the sleep. can you recall those momentsjust before impact and talk us through exactly what you remember? yeah, before the impact, it was a very huge panic in the plane and the plane's engines were soaring very loudly and at the same time, swaying from side to side but at the same time vibrating very tremendously, like shaking. so i tightened up my seatbelt very tight andi tightened up my seatbelt very tight and i was ready for the collision
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and i was ready for the collision and since! and i was ready for the collision and since i was sitting in the aisle side and i was observing how, once we hit the ground, how the debris or whatever would come to our side, maybe i was overthinking, i would have a chance on how to, yeah, escape by dipping down a little bit but it was that quick and the force was huge and once, i think when we first hit the ground, then we slide and we hit the two story concrete building. andi and we hit the two story concrete building. and i think the concrete building. and i think the concrete building started, the plane going further —— stopped the plane going further. and starting from the front end of the plane, it started like squeezing, especially the ceiling, the ceiling starts falling firstly and everything is falling apart in the plane and it was like a tin can,
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like someone is squeezing the tin can and everything was squeezing and the last thing i remember is the guy who was sitting diagonally, right in front of me on the 14th row, he got smashed by all of this falling ceiling of the plane. then immediately it stopped. so just in front of my row it stopped but the lights were on when this happened and once we stopped, the lights went off and then on the right side of me there was an emergency exit which i was not aware of before the plane took off. and there was a guy on the right side of me, i think he had opened the emergency exit, it was already open, and we started escaping from that emergency exit to outside on the wing because it was just over the wing. once we got out of the front of the plane it was a very slippery wings, i see a little bit, i think it was icy because eve ryo ne bit, i think it was icy because everyone was jumping on the wing,
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was slipping down and we were falling backwards on the wing. then we helped each other to go over this wing to the front side and all the men, we start helping those who have been damaged, trying to pull them out and find someone, because it was very dark, we started lighting with cellphones and we found some people over there, there was some screaming people, some guys were asking for help but very weakly because they we re help but very weakly because they were very, very damaged and trapped under all of this falling ceiling and there was parts of concrete as well. then i realised — i mean, later, we saw those parts of course we re later, we saw those parts of course were from the concrete building, it was a two story building, i think, when the plane crashed under it, i think the second floor concrete has fallen on top of the plane as well.
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0k. fallen on top of the plane as well. ok. so, yeah, that was the case. critter, it sounds like it was absolutely terrifying and then yourself the survivors made sure you went in to help others. yeah. by the factor have been incredibly dangerous and they could have been explosions. there were some guys who we re explosions. there were some guys who were shouting that yeah, it could explode, so let's try to help those, ta ke explode, so let's try to help those, take them far away from the plane, so we were trying to, but it was really ha rd so we were trying to, but it was really hard because there was all of this debris and concrete from the ceiling that had smashed and it was ha rd to ceiling that had smashed and it was hard to help many people because it was impossible to take them out. we would have damaged them even more. we tried to. i mean, we have taken up we tried to. i mean, we have taken up several people but most of them, we could not help because they were under this, all of the wreckage. amazingly courageous. aslan, thank you so much forjoining us this morning and take care. take care. goodbye. it is six 30. stay with


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