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this is bbc news i'm ben brown. the headlines at ten. calls for an independent inquiry
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after the new years' honours data leak — in which the addresses of celebrities, politicians and police officers were published online it isa it is a serious and indeed extraordinary breach so this is a well—established process that has gone on and been the same way for so i think gone on and been the same way for so ithink an gone on and been the same way for so i think an urgent investigation are certainly needed. five people stabbed in new york during hanukkah celebrations at the home of an orthodox rabbi. calls for sydney's new year's eve fireworks to be cancelled: quarter of a million people sign a petition for the money to be spent fighting australia's bushfires instead in tennis: former world number one andy murray says he's gutted to be missing next month's australian open — after pulling out because of injury in half an hour's time, we take a look back on events earlier in the year marking the 75th anniversary of the
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d—day landings. there are calls for an independent inquiry after a data breach — which saw the addresses of more than a thousand people on the new year honours list made publicly available online. the files included the details of celebrities , senior police officers and politicians — one of those affected, iain duncan smith, called the leak a "complete disaster". katharine da costa reports. more than 1000 people will be honoured, among them celebrities, sport sports, and politicians, including musician sir eltonjohn, cricketer ben stokes, former tory party leader iain duncan smith, and former director of public prosecutions alison saunders. there are also security, counter—terror, and justice personnel, as well
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as chief constables. but a list containing their home addresses was accidentally published by the government on friday evening. iain duncan smith, who is due to be knighted, described the data breach as a "complete disaster". he told the sunday times... new data protection laws were brought in last year, giving regulators more power to penalise those who fail to protect personal data. the cabinet office confirmed the list was only visible for an hour. in a statement, it said... the former head of the civil
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service, lord kersla ke, is leading calls for an independent enquiry. the cabinet office says it has report the matter to the information commissioner's office and is looking into how this happened. but privacy campaigners have expressed concern at what they say is an inexcusable mistake. data experts warn the government could face legal action, notjust from the data watchdog, but from those who've seen their personal details leaked. information many may have wanted to keep private. katharine da costa, bbc news. earlier i spoke to the former head of the civil service, lord bob kerslake, and i asked him what his reaction was, when he first heard about this data breach. i was very shocked. it is a serious breach and that deserves to be taken very seriously. i found breach and that deserves to be taken very seriously. ifound it breach and that deserves to be taken very seriously. i found it quite extraordinary because this is such a well established process, it
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happens regularly of course and there are well—recognised processes for handling it so for this to have happened is quite extraordinary and it does need careful examination not just as to who was responsible and how it happened but how much worse that properly trained, and whether proper understandings of the expectation on this. it is crucial to the whole honours process that personal data is handled sensitively including when something has gone seriously wrong like here. inducted smith described it as a disaster. how dangerous could this be in terms of all the celebrities and politicians whose addresses have been made public. it's not good for anybody? personal details to be released in this way but there were, included in that list,
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police and security personnel where there are potentially serious ramifications and i'm sure they are being looked at now in considerable detail but thatis at now in considerable detail but that is a significant issue in its own right so it's notjust the famous people, it is people that won't be known and shouldn't be known truthfully. what do you think should have gone wrong. including not very well trained staff, this is something that does happen every year, you would say it's a pretty well oiled machine when it comes to the new year's honours. it certainly was in my experience a very effective team, a small team that handled the work with great professionalism so it's important we must not condemn everybody in this process. it looks like a human error. someone has posted more information than they should have done ahead of the announcements and that's something we can see but what
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he cannot see as to what extent was it the checked over staff trained and how much were they aware of the consequences of data breaches which are now very serious following the european regulations that have been implemented in this country. the fourth of been significant here. several people have been stabbed at a rabbi's home in the state of new york. at least five people, all of them jewish, have been taken to hospital. the new york mayor, bill de blasio, says he'll step up security around jewish houses of worship. the suspect fled but police said he was later taken into custody. david hoffman, a local journalist, described the attack. people were being stabbed,
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were being hit. somebody that i know personally, very, very well, an older man, was stabbed. he is now in surgery in a critical condition. everyone is praying for him. and then supposedly some of the people in the house started to throw things at this attacker and they forced him out of the house and then they chased him and he tried to go into the synagogue next door but they locked the doors. more than a quarter of a million people have signed a petition demanding that sydney cancels its traditional new year's eve firework display — and spends the money on tackling australia's bush fires instead. dozens of fires are raging across the country — with the largest one on the outskirts of sydney. will batchelor reports. it's one of the biggest and most spectacular parties on earth. sydney's new year firework display. but now the city's authorities are facing growing calls to cancel the event and divert the money it costs, around £3 million, towards tackling both severe drought conditions and the dozens of bushfires which are raging across australia. close to 300,000 people have signed an online petition, which says the fireworks may traumatise some people who are dealing with enough smoke in the air. sydney's lord mayor has said
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the show, which is planned and paid for months in advance, must go on. however, there are reports the display could still be cancelled at the last minute because of the risk that it may spark new bushfires. if they do change their mind it won't be the first fire—related u—turn by the australian authorities. the prime minister, scott morrison, has now approved plans to pay compensation of around £3,000 to some volunteer firefighters in new south wales — an idea he initially rejected. will bachelor, bbc news. well our correspondent phil mercer is in sydney — and sent the latest on the petition. we are not showing you sydney harbour at its best, once again the smoke from the bushfires has blown into australia's biggest city as it
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prepares for its annual new year's eve fireworks display. now a petition signed by tens of thousands of people calling on the city council to cancel this yea r‘s events. they said if it went i heard, it would be insulting to people affected by the bushfires. the big problem with that is most of the money has been spent already and the sort of event takes about 15 months to plan, so barring catastrophic fire conditions new year's eve, they seem certain to go ahead. in between now and then, the authorities are warning of severe to extreme fires across much of south—east australia. much of the heavy parts, including south australia, tasmania and new south wales were more than 80 fires continue to
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burn. in a place called east gives land, an area in victoria to the east of melbourne, the authorities are urging all residents and all visitors to leave now ahead of predicting the extreme fire conditions on monday so it seems safe to presume that the last few days of 2019 for many parts of australia promised to be very dangerous. well, let's talk to linda mccormick who set up the petition to stop the new years eve fireworks display. she joins me now fromt the magnetic island in north queensland. why do you want to stop the fireworks display? many would say it is perhaps the most iconic new year's eve fireworks display in the world. it is the
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most iconic fireworks in the world and we are the first to see it in part ijust feel it's a sign of respect, they have to have some respect for the people of australia who are really suffering. it's not ideal send more smoke into the air. i am really getting angry. money has been spent 15 months prior to planning this, so just have some respect for the people who are suffering. you don't have a heart, as far as i'm concerned. you don't have a heart, you have only got to cancel —— make you're only going to cancel these if
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it is not safe to do so because we will have high temperatures throughout wales. i live in north friesland, but have a heart. that's a the sign of respect to show that you care about our fellow australians. in your view, this is not about the costs because presumably the money has already spent on the fireworks. that is correct. lets be world leaders and show a sign of respect for fellow australians. there is so much more technology these days and you could have laser lighting or do all sorts of different things to celebrate new year's eve at the coming year ahead. we don't need to send more smoke up in the air. are you worried
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some of the fireworks because possibly ignite further bushfires? yes, i am, i'm very concerned that it could further ignite but more so, i am more concerned about people who are traumatised by this and that is where it is a sign of respect. animals are frightened by bushfires, children can be frightened by bushfires. there are so many children i have been through this in new south wales and all over australia. this is catastrophic. it's not just about an old australia. this is catastrophic. it's notjust about an old bushfire here or there. do you think the authorities will cancel it? it would be pretty late in the day now to cancel these fireworks. it's never too late, they've just got to have the guts to do it. sydney is a world leader in fireworks but
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they think it's going to bring more tourism, they think... they are only thinking of their own city, not their fellow australians. as far as i'm concerned. i am angry and upset about it. almost 300,000 people in australia agree with me. good to talk to you. iran has said a british—australian woman — who's reported to have gone on hunger strike in prison — must serve her sentence. kylie moore—gilbert — who was jailed for spying — is being held in the same prison as the british—iranian woman, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe and two french academics. somalia's president has condemned a deadly bomb attack in the country's capital, which has left at least 76 people dead. the blast took place at a busy intersection the city of mogadishu yesterday morning. more than 90 people were also injured.
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so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. homes were evacuated and the bomb squad were called in after a man was arrested over suspected weapons offences in bristol. a 50 metre cordon was put in place after weapons were found at a property in southmead. police said the operation was not terror related, and apologised for the disruption to residents in the area. the headlines on bbc news... calls for an independent inquiry after the new years' honours data leak — in which the addresses of celebrities, politicians and police officers were published online. five people are injured in a knife attack in new york during hanukkah celebrations at the home of a rabbi. a quarter of a million people sign a petition calling for sydney's new year's eve fireworks to be cancelled and the money spent fighting nearby bushfires
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instead five people are injured in a knife attack in new york during hanukkah celebrations at the home of a rabbi. sport and a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. england need 205 runs if they are to make their target of 376 to wind their first test against south africa. at lunch, they are 171—3. if they do so, they will make history. who has had the better? south africa picked up three wickets, one late last night after the two openers put out 92. they would sayjust because they have the top three, with the
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wicket playing the way it is, some have been staying quite low. if england were to do it, it would be a brilliant wind but the odds are probably stacked against them. the chance of england winning is that brilliant test match. they chased down it but you feel things are in south africa's favour. if anyone can do it, there has been sickness going through the camp. it certainly would do. joe root was off
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the pitch, as wasjost butler for half the day. they are now back and ben stokes was really struggling. we don't know quite what it was but the good news is he is now off of intensive care but that will bring a bit of relief to now concentrate on thejob in bit of relief to now concentrate on the job in hand bit of relief to now concentrate on thejob in hand for england. bit of relief to now concentrate on the job in hand for england. may be in grabbing onto the test matches for confidence and make it will put a dent in south africa was my confidence. yes, and records are made to be broken, and when you do look at it on paper, 205 to wind with seven wickets in hand. you look and you think it is quite doable but we know if one or two wickets fall, thatis we know if one or two wickets fall, that is where the collapses can happen. there is every reason to have a bit of hope. thank
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you. andy murray is out of next month was like australian open after returning from two years of hip problems but a pelvic injury has troubled him towards the end of the season and flared up again. although murray is back on court, he decided not to travel to australia and will instead continue we have an pre—season training with an indoor event in france in february. david moyes has been linked with the vacant west ham jobjust months after been linked with the vacant west ham job just months after —— hours after they sacked manuel pellegrini. his dismissal ends a turbulent 18 months. long before the statement was published, you could see this decision coming. you could hear it in the boos, as west ham lost their 9th match in 12. by evening, manuel pellegrini's departure was announced. west ham's chairman said: this
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black—and—white fate came courtesy of a man named gray. commentator: it's demarai gray! 2—1 leicester! the win for leicester left west ham just one point above the bottom three. the prospect of playing second—tier football in the former 0lympic stadium unthinkable for the owners. they planned so much more when they hired manuel pellegrini, who won the premier league with manchester city in 2014. he spent big on the likes of felipe anderson and led the hammers to tenth on the table last season. but after a promising start, the bubble burst by late autumn. speaking yesterday, he acknowledged the fans had reasons not to be cheerful. they deserve a better performance. we are trying to find which is the way to do it. i think that the players want to do it, but i admit the pressure and the lack of confidence and the lack of results is difficult. it's the time of year for taking stock of where you are and where you're going.
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as well as soul—searching, west ham will be looking for a new guide. all the reaction on the bb sport website. —— all the reaction on the bbc sport website. the lawyer representing the family of a british father and his two children who drowned in a resort swimming pool in spain on christmas eve wants a more detailed investigation into their deaths. the hotel on the costa del sol insists the pool was working normally — but the mother of the children says all three could swim. helena wilkinson has more. this is gabriel diya with his nine—year—old daughter, comfort. they both died, as did her brother, praise emmanuel. mr diya's wife and the children's mother, 0lubunmi diya, says all three could swim and suggested there was something wrong with the pool. police say there was nothing wrong with it, but the family lawyer has questioned that. translation: if the spanish police
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can give us a possible cause for this tragic incident, we might do a parallel investigation with experts to find out what happened. it's very rare for three people to die in the centre of a swimming pool — especially in the case of a tall, hefty man. earlier, the resort where the family was staying issued a new statement, disputing mrs diya's claims. it said they were directly at odds with the findings of the police report and it makes clear, it said, that their exhaustive investigations have confirmed the pool was working normally and there was no malfunction of any kind. it was on christmas eve when the family all went to this pool. mrs diya says her children went in by the steps but found themselves dragged into the middle, where it was deeper. her husband jumped in to help. not long after, all three were underwater. the police have described it as a tragic accident. but the family's suggestion of carrying out their own investigation shows just how dissatisfied they are. helena wilkinson, bbc
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news. the authorities in the philippines say 41 people are now known to have died as typhoon phanfone devastated several islands. tens of thousands of residents are still sheltering in evacuation centres where many celebrated christmas. a dozen people are missing. hospital services in the pacific state of samoa are beginning to return to normal after the government lifted a state of emergency called last month to tackle a deadly outbreak of measles. there have been no more fatalities in recent days, and a compulsory mass vaccination campaign has brought down the rate of infection. the proportion of people in samoa who've been immunised has climbed to nearly ninety—
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five per cent. this month's general election saw 12 new women being elected as mps. while it might appear that there are more females in parliament, it's still nowhere near an equal 50:50. if the figure rises at the same rate at each election, it will take decades to get as many women in parliament as there are men. but there's a movement that's already trying to change that. i've been speaking to dolly theis who is a co—founder of the 50:50 campaign called hashtag ask her to stand, and wendy chamberlain from fife. she's one of 7 women who joined the campaign and was elected as an mp earlier this month. she's also the first women to be elected to represent the constituency of north east fife. they both explained the importance of the campaign. we were set up as a petition really to spark a debate in parliament and we realise it would take far too long for us to achieve the 100,000 that we need to get that petition
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to spark a debate so we started the campaign to really go out ourselves to inspire, encourage and actively support women to stand for parliament and for us it's about drawing upon the widest possible pool of women and to really make parliament representative which has been an institution —— which is an institution that is supposed to be. we have seen institution that is supposed to be. we have seen women institution that is supposed to be. we have seen women leaving parliament because they don't like the way they've been treated. that is exactly the kind of problem you're trying to tackle and only by encouraging more women and creating a political atmosphere in which women are encouraged to stand can be addressed that problem as well. as you said, the rate at which we are increasing will take us 45 years to achieve equal representation at the current rate and also sadly since 2013 when we started, it's the lowest increase we've had in an election, so we had 50 more women in 2015, 17 more —— 15 more,
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17 more and then down to 12 so we are going in the opposite direction in terms of numbers of new and getting elected. windy, let me talk to you asa elected. windy, let me talk to you as a newly elected mp, how important is it for them to be more women in parliament and at least 50—50? is it for them to be more women in parliament and at least 50-50? we have to think about diversity across the piece and gender isjust one pa rt of the piece and gender isjust one part of that. if we cannot get too 50-50 part of that. if we cannot get too 50—50 on gender which is one of the most obvious diversity 00:27:26,1000 --> 00:27:27,935 statistics, we are failing as a society and from a political perspective, we absolutely need to look like and sound like the communities we wish to represent. we have seen women leaving parliament because of the way they've been treated on social media amongst other things. are you nervous about that or apprehensive? not nervous but i was a police officer 12 years so i've been in circumstances where i've dealt with poor behaviours, but it's something
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that i am conscious of, i'm a parent as well but i believe we have to stand up, we have to make sure our voices are heard and i'm sorry to have seen many well qualified and committed women leaving parliament but it is encouraging that we have increased our numbers overall, albeit not by the increase that we would have liked to see but we would have liked to keep doing that and encouraging women to stand accordingly. talking about social media, do you think... it's not only about getting more women to stand but also about treating our representatives whether mps or councillors or whatever better. and ina councillors or whatever better. and in a different way? yes, and we work with other organisations like the joe cox foundation to address those problems as well —— like thejo cox foundation. we have plenty of stories of it being a really positive message for anyone out
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there who is listening, who's a woman who could stand and we really mean that from whatever because that is the point that it is supposed to be representative, your experience are so be representative, your experience are so valuable, so we want women to feel like they can stand and they can go to someone you know feel like they can stand and they can go to someone you know and you can go to someone you know and you can nominate them on the website, so we wa nt can nominate them on the website, so we want everyone to be thinking about who they know around them that they can inspire. you're watching bbc news. the time is 10:28am. hundreds of people have taken aprt in ice dragon boat races on a frozen river in china. 18 teams — consisting of ten paddlers, a drummer and a helmsman — propel their boats equipped with skate—like blades. they‘ve competed in 100— and 200—metre races injinzhou city in northeast china's liaoning province. it's part of an initiative to boost ice and snow related industries in jinzhou. now it's time
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for a look at the weather. is that any ice around here? after a very mild night, some exceptional temperatures today in parts of northern scotland and to the north of northern ireland. elsewhere, more in the way of sunshine as we pull in some drier airfrom the continent to england and wales. you can see from the amber stripe here on the graphic behind me at northern ireland and scotland in the warmest depths all the way from the tropics and a south—westerly wind direction more warming too. perhaps 16 degrees around the moray firth. in the north—west of scotland, drier and brighter further south and east. whether front to the north, a slowing future will push further into the north—west of scotland. the central part of scotland and the north of northern ireland through the second part of the day, england and wales, nullify story some sunny spells.
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hello. this is bbc news with ben brown. the headlines: a former head of the civil service has called for an urgent inquiry into the new year honours data breach in which the addresses of celebrities, politicians and police officers were published online. the mayor of sydney says the new year fireworks display will go ahead as planned despite a petition calling for it to be cancelled because of nearby bushfires. a man has stabbed five people at the home of a rabbi in new york state. eyewitnesses said the attacker entered with his face covered, wielding a large knife. and former tennis world number one andy murray has pulled out


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