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mikel arteta is still winless as arsenal boss. they conceded twice in the last 10 day of a fine day for the first day of 2020, new year's day. temperatures a minutes to lose at home bit cooler than they have been 2—1 to chelsea. sergio aguero and kevin de bruyne through the weekend, about 7—10 for were on target as manchester city 00:00:08,427 --> 1073741525:48:28,677 beat 1073741525:48:28,677 --> 2147483051:36:48,928 sheffield 2147483051:36:48,928 --> 3221224577:25:09,178 united 3221224577:25:09,178 --> 4294966103:13:29,428 2—0. most of us. it's looking largely dry and settled as we head towards the new year. again saracens at sandy, two met in three of the last four premiership finals. saracens have won every single one and they went into today's much bottom of the table. exeter was co mforta bly much bottom of the table. exeter was comfortably in the lead. they had to finish it with 1a men this is bbc news. after harry williams was sent off. i'm lukwesa burak. they managed to see out the headlines the window at 11:00: and a man has appeared in court one after 5 people were stabbed point in new york state, during hanukkah
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celebrations at the home away. of through to an orthodox the semifinals of the darts at alexandra palace. he will rabbi. play nathan aspinall next. the mayor of sydney says the new year fireworks display will go ahead as planned peter wright despite a petition calling will face go for it on price tomorrow. to be cancelled out of respect that for those affected by the bushfires. is all the sport for now. have a good the lawyer of a british woman whose husband and two children drowned in a swimming pool in a spanish resort on christmas eve has said she night. may pursue an independent a british woman investigation. we meet the uk's first paramedics trained to prescribe whose children drowned so she may pursue an in an effort to ease pressure on the nhs. independent investigation. and we'll be taking an in—depth look a spanish police report said that tests had found nothing wrong at the papers at 11.30pm with the pool. with our reviewers — they have suggested that the economic edviser ruth lea gabriel diya, his nine—year—old and the defence daughter and 16—year—old son, had got out of their depth. editor our europe correspondent, gavin lee, reports from for the evening standard the robert fox. costa del sol. they with different accounts as to
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what happened in a bizarre tragedy on christmas eve. three members of the same family from south london who came here for a weeklong trip in good evening. the south of spain died in the governor of new york, a swimming pool. what the spanish andrew cuomo, has called the knife police have said, this is a attack at a jewish celebration in tragic bizarre accident because new york state of a lack "domestic terrorism". five people were injured, of expertise, the family members two of them critically, weren't able to save themselves and during a hanukkah gathering there was no fault with the swimming at the home of an orthodox rabbi. pool a man has been arrested. there was no fault with the swimming pool. what we've in recent weeks, police have stepped heard since from up patrols injewish neighbourhoods, the mother, olubunmi diya, return to following a series of the mother, olubunmi diya, return to the uk anti—semitic hate crimes. our washington correspondent, chris buckler, reports. members of new over the york's largejewish weekend. all community had family gathered members apart from to celebrate their religion, her. went to only to be attacked because of the pool and it. they were at the home of a rabbi here in monsey to mark hanukkah, the problems when a man forced his way she believes. into the house and started stabbing people, in some we spoke to the lawyer for cases, multiple times. the family in the uk and he said he pulled it out from the thing, that as well as the fact that there are many and he started running into the big
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room, which was on questions over why the police simply believe this the left side, and i threw is a tables and chairs straight and and shouted he should there get out of here. are questions about why there wasn't grafton thomas was arrested 30 miles away in manhattan. are questions about why there wasn't a lifeguard on the scene as well. he mr thomas, why did said the first responders to the scene said the first responders to the scene were said the first responders to the you do it? scene were three cleaners who panics, they couldn't sing swim he has already appeared in court where he pleaded not guilty and waited several more minutes to call to five counts of attempted murder. for help. we've spoken to police in new york had the hotel stepped staff and sent they felt it up their patrols in was a response deep tragedy but they couldn't to a series of anti—semitic attacks in recent weeks, certainly put any light and across the us, jewish leaders are concerned about what they say on allegations that it was is an increase in hate crime. a swimming pool just over a year ago in pittsburgh, 11 worshippers allegations that it was a swimming pool. it says this was a tragic were killed in a mass shooting at the tree of life synagogue. accident. we are still waiting until in april, there was a similar attack tomorrow, likely tomorrow morning to have full publication as to what at a synagogue in san diego. happened here on christmas eve and and another shooting earlier this the police month at a kosher supermarket in newjersey is also thought to be fuelled, was report at least in part, by anti—semitism. is published. what are we waiting the cabinet office is contacting all for? those contacted in the new year's first, it wasjust honours list after the names are
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published on verbal, and 0k, now, people line. several are being murdered. well—known identities information i mean, now, people are being murdered, was updated to the official website people are being assaulted, now, and then removed on people are being stabbed. so, the governor should announce an emergency saturday. the in the state of new york. government has apologised and referred the data new york's governor seems to be listening. he said words were not enough breach to the and that it was time for action. regulator. it is domestic terrorism. these are people often, a who intend to create mass pioneering harm, mass violence. scheme. generate fear based on race, colour, as the nhs braces itself for the new year period — often it's busiest time — creed. that is the definition of terrorism. a pioneering scheme in wales is aiming to take the pressure off many claim hate is on the rise hospitals and doctors' surgeries. five members of the welsh ambulance in an increasingly fractured america service have graduated to become the uk's first prescribing where differences too often paramedics — and the team can be end not deployed across the nhs. just in division, our health editor hugh pym has been on the road with some of them. but violence. testing 12 it enhances the role our washington correspondent chris buckler there — greatly and it makes our role earlier he told us of testing 12 y and it makes our role the very strong words from the new a lot more flexible.
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patients don't always phone 999 because they think york they have a life—threatening emergency. governor andrew so we probably see on average 19 or 20 patients a day and deal cuomo. with them and the gp will have time as far as for those more complex patients. he was concerned, we can speak to them and say rather racism, homophobia and bigotry were than put them in the back poisoning america and you can of the ambulance and take them, interpret those as being politically how about we get one appointed even he is a democratic of our cars to attend? governor and democrat governors mike is one of a new breed of prescribing paramedics, have one of the first five. accused president trump on numerous theirjob, where possible, occasions of causing divisions in is to keep people out of hospital. this country. it will be here, he is called to a diabetic patient with an infected wound. strongly denied by the white house and they so you are an insulin—dependent will point out even the last month, diabetic, yeah? president tom has signed an executive order to tackle he checks her medication and is able anti—semitism on college campuses and there has been a strong to adjust her pain relief so she can statement from him on twitter which stay at people had to say home. ——in which he said a less qualified ambulance team people had to say ——in which he said people have to eradicate the scourge might have had to take her to a&e. of anti—semitism but tonight there isa 0k? of anti—semitism but tonight there is a feeling that some practical has it was sore last night. to be done and the new georgina is helping take the strain off gps. york city mau her shift on this occasion has announced plans for extra is in a surgery, seeing a range of different security and policing in some patients. neighbourhoods as well as proposals with her new to teach about hate crime inside schools and perhaps that's an qualifications, indication that this is about she can write them
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tackling attitudes in america as well as just violence. prescriptions. police in london are previously, i would decide investigating a racially motivated hate—crime which also took what they need and i would have place during hanukkah. to go and wait, knock it follows the appearance on the doctor's door, of offensive graffiti at a number wait for them to finish with their patient. of locations in north london, whereas now it's my decision, including a synagogue i'm an autonomous, independent and shop fronts. dan prescriber. very impressed with the paramedics. johnson it's like seeing a doctor. exactly like seeing a reports. doctor. they are qualified these are the marks of anti—semitic graffiti that appeared overnight people, use them. in a part of north london here at this ambulance control with a largejewish community. the star of david sprayed on shops, centre in south—east wales, around 700 calls phone boxes and a synagogue, alongside the numbers 9/11, come in every an apparent reference to the warped conspiracy theory that day. some will be life—threatening cases, dues were responsible for the but the challenge is to identify those patients who can be treated world trade closer to home and who won't need to be taken to hospital. you see that call in pontypridd... center attack. elton, another of the prescribing paramedics is deployed here to make help staff make the most or it could efficient use of resources. refer to the he says with huge demands date on the system, this of the new approach was essential. kristallnacht, years ago, anyone calling 999 to hit the synagogues here feels very, very personal. we would take them to one it feels like a real attack, it feels very threatening. of the emergency departments
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and to wake up, the people in the hospital, but now we have overwhelmed the service, who are members of the synagogue, to wake up in the morning so in response to that we have had and find their synagogue attacked to change the way we approach these patients and signpost like this them more is frightening. appropriately. it is being treated as a racially caring for an ageing population motivated hate crime. with long—term conditions and complex health needs police say there will be extra patrols to reassure the community. so far, there have been no arrests. is an immense challenge for the this has been particularly upsetting nhs. empowering staff like because it comes during hannukah, a majorjewish festival. these is one response. and although the graffiti has been more will be trained in the drive washed away very quickly, to cope with the rising demand it has left real concern amongst people here. on the service. there has been condemnation hugh pym, bbc from politicians amidst warnings that hate crime of all kinds has news, in south increased across the country, including anti—semitism. wales. tonight, the graffiti spray here has and we'll be taking been replaced with positive an in—depth look at the papers messages of hope and support with our reviewers robert fox for this community. and ruth lea that's coming up dan johnson, after the bbc news, headlines at hampstead, 11:30. north london. and we'll find out as we head through the how these stories — final few days of 2019, the weather and many others — are covered dry, in tomorrow's front pages settled and reasonably mild. this at 11:30 this evening in the papers. was the picture as the
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our guestsjoining me tonight are robert fox, sunset on sunday night, beautiful colours. we the defence editor of have had stunning the evening standard sunsets around the and ruth lea, economic adviser country. high—pressure sitting at arbuthnot banking. the mayor of sydney says the city's across continental europe dominating famous new year's eve the weather for most places but we fireworks display will go ahead have a weather front pushing in from despite a call for the event to be the north so cancelled because of the bushfires not try everywhere. raging in parts of australia. this weather front will slowly push more than 250,000 people have further south. light signed a petition urging the authorities to spend the money and achieve. on fighting the blazes instead. showers for northern ireland later more than 80 fires are still burning across large areas in the day towards the scottish of new south border. one or two showers possible wales. for cumbria. for much in some regions of of england and australia, the fire prospect is wales it remains dry. sunshine racking up the cloud. lifting said to be catastrophic. temperatures to a this report from pleasant 11— 12 phil mercer in sydney contains flashing degrees. into new year's eve images. on scorched and scarred, tuesday another fine dry day parts of australia have been almost left in ruins by the across the board. a few showers to bushfires. flames up to 40m high the south—west of tore through bilpin in the blue mountains near sydney. england. blood the intensity and scale pressure to the south—west. cloudy of the fire crisis have for central and unnerved many
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southern england. further north and east, likely to australians. see sunny skies through the day but thousands have signed it will turn cooler for new year's a petition calling on sydney to scrap its eve. temperatures in single dazzling new year's eve fireworks figures for most. if you are celebrating new display. year's eve, were not they insist the event would be an insult expecting any particular disrupted weather, though and could traumatise strong winds or rainfall and some of those affected by the temperature is reasonably mild. bushfires. the city's lord mayor, clover moore, mr and fog said the fireworks were planned forming for months in advance and that most of the budget had new year's already been eve. —— missed. into new year's spent. so, barring catastrophic fire conditions in sydney day, high—pressure still holds on to our on new year's eve, weather. should keep the the event seems weather certain to go front at bay. it is looking like a ahead. in between now and then, fine day. a the authorities are warning little bit murky of severe to extreme fire dangers particularly in the south. a fair across much of south—eastern australia. amount of cloud but it volunteers are a vital part of the emergency effort. should tend to them and break into the afternoon many have been allowing a bit of sunshine to come fighting through. light winds on new the flames for weeks. year's day. not as mild as the government says they will be able to apply it was on the
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for about £3,000 weekend. many of us in compensation, on single figures. that is how for taking time off work it is looking. to battle the blazes. bye for now. this is a very prolonged fire season. this is putting additional demands on ourfirefighters in particular, and it means that the turn—outs, and the call—outs have been far more extensive than in previous years going well and beyond and above what is normally expected of those who are engaged in volunteer service. the money and the gesture from the government broadly welcomed by volunteers on the front line. it is tough, it's tough. the payment is just a recognition of what we're doing. it doesn't compensate us for what we're losing but it's recognition. it is really strenuous, hard work, you really do feel nice man this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow and you really do feel mornings papers in a moment — like you are obliged to do that. first so like, for me, it means i use my annual leave. the their work headlines. is far
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a man has appeared in court from over. in the us, after 5 people were stabbed at the home of a rabbi, dangerous fire conditions and extreme heat are in new york state — forecast for the governor calls it, "domestic terrorism". south—eastern the mayor of sydney, australia from says the new year fireworks display will go ahead as planned — tomorrow. despite a petition calling for it the fires are also having to be cancelled out a devastating effect on wildlife. of respect for those affected professor david lindenmayer leads by the a team of ecologists at the australian national university. he's in canberra, near the area ravaging bushfires. where many of the fires are the lawyer of a british woman whose husband and two children drowned in a swimming pool burning. in a spanish resort on christmas eve has just august through the impact said that these buyers are she having ecosystems may and the wildlife. pursue these are no an doubt unprecedented fires. in a0 years, independent i've never seen anything like this where we have a fire season in south—eastern australia which starts investigation. in september and is still blazing with me are robert fox — and we know that in east gippsland, on the border between new south the defence editor of the evening standard and ruth lea — wales and the courier, we will have catastrophic fire conditions today so the impacts on ecosystems is enormous. “—
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so the impacts on ecosystems is enormous. —— victoria. we are seeing places that shouldn't earn burning at high severity and the impact on wildlife is massive. which ecosystems 7 wildlife is massive. which ecosystems? a whole range of ecosystems. in northern new south wales, sub tropical rain forests that have been burned that really shouldn't be burned. east gippsland, in victoria, we are seeing cool temperate rain forest and warm temperate rain forest and warm temperate rain forest that shouldn't be burned but extensive areas of forest, woodland, native grasslands, burnt and burned at very high severity which is not always appropriate for some of these ecosystems. so why does this matter? why is it devastating that these ecosystems a re why is it devastating that these ecosystems are being ravaged by these fires? why should australia be worried? in some parts of australia, this is not the first high severity fire. some parts of the courier have had three, four or even five
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fires in the last 25 years so it is too much fire in these particular systems. yes, these ecosystems will recover but often the recovery will ta ke recover but often the recovery will take some time is up to 150 years in the absence of another fire but if that system is burned again and then again and again, that is too much disturbance and some of the species and ecosystems are simply not geared to deal with such extensive recurrent wildfire like we are seeing now. so what will be the knock—on effect? so you remove the ecosystems you have described there, what does that due to the balance of the climate and the environment? we know there will be very large emissions, greenhouse gas emissions from these extensive fires people should be aware that we are now looking at well over 3 million had tea rs of looking at well over 3 million had tears of australia having been burned. this is equivalent to perhaps somewhere like wales in terms of the scale of this. that is one of the big issues, the amount of
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emissions that come from these fires but also the extent of the change in these systems so for example, many of these forests should really be old—growth forests, 200, 300, a00 year old trees but the recurrent fire means many of those big old trees get knocked out in those trees are trees get knocked out in those trees a re really trees get knocked out in those trees are really important for a whole range of australia's unique biodiversity and therein lies a really big problem, the loss of not only rainforest as i said before but extensive areas of old—growth forest. you're talking about flora but what about fauna? what species are most at risk? we have seen pictures there of koala bears. just talk us through the risks. well, there are estimates that perhaps close to 10,000 koala bears have been lost and other people have estimated very crudely that perhaps 500 million individual animals have been lost through these fire events. that is an enormous loss
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of wildlife directly from the fire itself. having been directly burned. it also what happens is habitats change quite dramatically so many species that do survive the wildfire may not be able to survive soon after because their habitat is so extensively burned on the other issue in australia in particular is that many species are feral animals, introduced carnivores like foxes and cats, actually hunt specifically around these recently burned areas because they are much more efficient at foraging in those places so wildlife has to deal with not only the fire and the drought conditions but also the loss of habitat as well as the impacts of these feral animals so some species are really going to struggle as a consequence. professor, to close up this conversation, what is the human impact on the environment done to aggravate the impact of the bushfires? well, we know that not
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only is there an effective climate change on increasing fire how we've logged the forest in the past makes some of these forests more prone to high severity fire so therein lies a really significant problem because we know that forests, for a0 years after logging operations, are more likely to burn at higher severity. human disturbance does add to the impacts of natural disturbance so there are major problems in many parts of the forest, particularly in south—eastern australia and victoria especially. thank you very much for your time. the headlines on bbc news: a man appears in court after fivepeople are injured in a knife attack, in new york state during hanukkah celebrations at the home of a rabbi. the mayor of sydney says the new year fireworks display will go ahead as planned, despite a petition calling for it to be cancelled out of respect, for those affected by the ravaging bushfires.
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the lawyer of a british woman, whose husband and two children drowned in a swimming pool, in a spanish resort on christmas eve has said she may pursue an independent investigation. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. here's ben. good evening. david moyes three of the top four were in action in the premier league
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today. liverpool continued their unbeaten run this season to go back to the top of the table. their 1—0 win over wolves wasn't without the customary 00:18:07,208 --> 357913842:12:44,060 var 357913842:12:44,060 --> 715827684:07:20,912 talking 715827684:07:20,912 --> 1073741526:01:57,764 points 1073741526:01:57,764 --> 1431655367:56:34,615 either, 1431655367:56:34,615 --> 1789569209:51:11,467 as 1789569209:51:11,467 --> 2147483051:45:48,318 nick 2147483051:45:48,319 --> 2684353814:37:43,598 parrott 2684353814:37:43,598 --> 3221224577:29:38,875 can 3221224577:29:38,875 --> 3758095340:21:34,152 tell 3758095340:21:34,152 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 us.
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