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tv   Coronavirus  BBC News  March 29, 2020 10:30am-11:01am BST

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as europe tightens its lockdown, this is bbc news with the latest spain suffers another sharp rise headlines for viewers in the uk in the number of covid—19 deaths — and around the world. but officials say the spread of infections is starting to stabilise. the prime minister sends a letter to every household in the uk warning and the world's oldest man, that the coronavirus crisis will get bob weighton from hampshire, worse before it gets better. is celebrating his 112th birthday, ministers say the public should prepare for a "significant period" but there'll be no party due to the restrictions. of social distancing. i wish i could predict when this will end but it is vitally important that, at the moment and four weeks ahead, that people maintain a strict social distancing guidelines that people have laid out. hello and welcome to bbc news. ten thousand people in italy have died from the virus — thousands of vulnerable people who have been told to self—isolate the highest death toll in the world will receive care packages today — but its health minister hopes to help them through infections have now peaked. the next 12 weeks. spain is to introduce even tighter they'll contain basic supplies limits on who can leave their homes including pasta, tinned food, cereal and tea bags. karl mercer has been to camden, in north london, where volunteers
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have already been delivering them to those in need. the maintenance guy, the volunteers and the council leader. toilet roll — that's in high demand. this is normally age uk day centre. it is now the base for emergency food parcels. we have just had a list ready to go out for local tenants. they are vulnerable people that are living in the area that have phoned through for a supply package. once it's bagged up, the supplies are off around the burrough. darren is off for his second run of the day. hello, love, i have a delivery for you. she was already waiting for me with the door open, she grabbed it at arm's—length. off to the next one now. hello, love, i've got your parcel. bless you. thank you very much. one satisfied customer, there are plenty more customers to come on darren‘s list.
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spring is here — and for many people that means wedding season is well and truly underway. this year, however, it isn't. with tens of thousands of marriages being postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak, some couples are not only losing their dream day, but also their money. our consumer affairs correspondent sarah corker has more. everything's changing so rapidly we just want to hold off and see what happens, ideally, so that we can still have our big day. we made the decision to postpone the wedding about two weeks ago, due to the fact that we have people flying in from other parts of the uk and america. it's like we're mourning a day that we're not going to have. wedding season has been put on hold indefinitely. leanne and ciaran from surrey had everything ready for their big day next month. here's our cake topper and our favours, our doughnut and our sweet bags, and a pair
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of cuff links i had made for ciaran. it has been heartbreaking, it actually has been heartbreaking. you plan for that day. all of a sudden you're not going to have the day. worried about friends and family, some with underlying health issues, they decided to postpone until later this year. but by that time their insurance policy will have run out. it's such a financial burden on you. each month having to put money for this, money that, you can't get insurance, wo we just have to hope our supplies stick to their word. government restrictions on gatherings of more than two people mean that all weddings are off for at least the next 2—3 weeks, but probably much longer. in leicestershire, hannah and perry are hoping for the best. they're getting hitched at the end of the summer. how long has this all been in the planning and what... since she was born! so probably, we got
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engaged september 17. they've got a whole and dedicated to wedding prep. you still have moments, or i do, of getting a little bit upset it may not happen. we were sorting out the invites yesterday, so to putting them and invite thinking i don't know if they are needed any more. when the venue confirmed that all events were cancelled forfurther notice, obviously there's no end date on that because there is no end date on the situation, i've got a bit teary. every year across the uk there are over 275,000 marriages and, on average, couples spend over £20,000, if you include the cost of the engagement ring and the honeymoon. and the industry is worth over £10 billion. some venues have been flexible with dates, but others are refusing to budge. sadly there have been some venues that were not doing that, are still only cancelling weddings for the next three weeks, and not
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allowing couples to postpone. there have been problems with insurance. now, if your venue closes and cancels your wedding or a member of the wedding party has to self isolate or gets coronavirus, then your policy should cover you. but if you cancel out of personal choice it's very unlikely you'll get any money back. as always, check the details of your policy. tim and becca had no problems pushing back their wedding to november. they were supposed to get married yesterday with their pets in belfast. if we do offer couples going through this any advice all, it's to take back any control you can, talk to your suppliers, their people too, they're going through this too, ask if you can chat about a plan b. these couples will have their big day, just a little later than planned. i'm just turning up in the day and saying yes, so... sarah corker, bbc news.
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sweden has seen more than a hundred deaths from coronavirus — but unlike many other countries around the world, it hasn't enforced stringent social distancing measures. it means many restaurants, cafes and bars are still open — and children have still been attending school. but is that the right thing to do? from stockholm, maddy savage reports. it's just become warm enough to sit outside in the swedish capital and people are making the most of it. it's beautiful weather outside and i think it's important to support the bars and think it's important to support the bars a nd restau ra nts think it's important to support the bars and restaurants and be outside for now. i think it's nice to be out. i try to isolate myself but it is kind of hard when you see here in sweden people are still running around outside. gatherings of more
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than 50 people are banned here. but there are a few strict rules. the focus is still on guidelines to limiting travel and working from home. voluntary responsibility is the key to the swedish strategy, trusting the public to make enough changes to slow down the spread of the virus. the approach is controversial. i think we have high trust in the authorities in sweden so trust in the authorities in sweden soi trust in the authorities in sweden so i think people are prone to listen to their recommendations. but for this kind of very critical situation, i'm not sure that it is enough. i am situation, i'm not sure that it is enough. iam hoping situation, i'm not sure that it is enough. i am hoping that it is. swedes love the outdoors, and keeping people physically and emotionally healthy as one reason there is reluctance to lockdown. emotionally healthy as one reason there is reluctance to lockdownm is still that the swedish government
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has implemented more rational and sensible policies than in other countries. how much riskier do you think it is for other countries then that have closed a lot more businesses and other parts of society. this will cause great harm. there will be mass unemployment and i'm dead scared to see the effect of that. even without a lockdown, businesses are taking a cut. this barbershop is usually packed. and soon they will have trouble paying the bills. if sweden follows other countries and changes style, they will be forced to stay at home. we have just got the latest figures in from spain, one of the worst affected countries. its ted toll from coronavirus has risen from 838
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overnight to 6538. that is according to the health ministry. also, they are telling us a number of cases of those infected has risen as well. that has written risen from 72,000 approximately 278 thousand approximately. that is about six and approximately. that is about six and a half thousand mile confirmed cases. that has roughly stabilised. roughly 838 more have died in spain because of coronavirus. brazil only diagnosed its first case of covid—i9 at the end of february — a number which is now approaching four thousand, with over one hundred deaths. president bolsonaro has accused the media of scare—tactics — and has criticised moves by state governments to shutdown certain areas. 0ur south america correspondent katy watson sent this report
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from sao paulo. as the world tries desperately to tackle this pandemic, that brazil's president is doing his best to downplay it. it is just sniffles, he says, panic whipped up by the media. going against his own health ministry's advice he has been shaking hands with people and posing for selfies. he promised the people a better economy and the coronavirus would put a stop to that. he has promised to make this political. blaming adversaries for trying to destroy the country. shops, businesses, public spaces and schools have been closed all across the state of sao paulo. this is a state responsible for a third of the country's wealth. the streets that are normally gridlocked are now virtually empty. you would think
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that a global pandemic would unite a nation. trying to find a solution. farfrom nation. trying to find a solution. far from it. this nation. trying to find a solution. farfrom it. this video nation. trying to find a solution. far from it. this video was shared by the president has my son. a politician himself, the messages revealed that brazil cannot stop. it is exactly the message that the president has been putting out. and it is supported by so many. translation: on the streets, people become measured —— people become panicked. if you are going to be in quarantine and there is no solution in two weeks, it could cause the economy to collapse. but sao paulo's governor is unrepentant. brazil can and should stop. this week, he paid tribute to health professionals and scientists and good civilians helping to save lives as opposed to others who don't value them. this
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has been the soundtrack to many evenings. people banging pots in protest, angry with the president who has been irresponsible and out of touch. the president is not well equipped to deal with this crisis and asa equipped to deal with this crisis and as a consequence the message from the... the economic impact will be more severe in seville because of a lack of leadership. the president has always railed against the establishment. it is part of his dna. and in these times of crisis people don't blame him. they need the problem to be solved and fast. now, victoria derbyshire with more information and health advice on the coronavirus outbreak.
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hello and welcome to this special programme. i'm victoria derbyshire. over the next half an hour, we are going to try and tell you as much as we can about coronavirus to help you and so that you can share the information with others. for the latest on the spread of the disease, you can always head to our website for information on how it's affecting people in your community and your country. first, we all know the main advice to stop the virus from spreading — wash your hands often, for around 20 seconds, avoid touching yourface and maintain social distancing, which is making sure areas of around two metres between you and anyone else, as laura foster explains. politicians and scientists and even celebrities want to explain that we have to operate social distancing, which means no coming
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into contact with people more than they should need to, so no more visitors at your house, visiting other people's houses, going to restaurants, parties, pubs, clubs, sporting events, you get the idea. if you can work from home the government says you should and your employer should help you do this. if you absolutely can't work from home, avoid busy travel times. you can go out for a walk and buy essentials but you need to stay at least two metres from everyone else. imagine you are holding a big broom, you will be the correct distance away if you can't touch anyone with it. the people who need to practice social distancing the most are those over 70, anyone with an underlying health condition and pregnant women. but really, everyone should do it to stop the virus spreading and reduce the pressure on health services. because if you have less direct contact with others you are reducing the threat of catching the virus and passing it onto someone else. so there is social distancing. we are someone else hearing a lot about quarantine,
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but social distancing and quarantine are not the same thing. here is laura again. a big problem with coronavirus is that you can have it but not know about it, meaning you can go about your day as you have always done, feel fine but actually infect around 2—3 people within a week. what happens then is those people go on to infect another 2—3 people each, then those people then infect others and that's how the virus spreads. but look at what happens when people stay at home and practice social distancing. for instance, if this person did not go down to their friends house and if this person worked from home, if this person did not go to the corner shop, if this person didn't visit their mum, this reduces the number of cases from 406 to just 15. as the number of cases goes down, so does the pressure on doctors and nurses and on our health service. this will make the difference between people living and people dying. you can go out to exercise once
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a day and fetch food and medicine but only with people you live with. stay at home and stay at least two metres away from people if you do have to go out. first, we create a ladder. to the ends of my fingers, thumbs, wrists, the top of my hands again give it a rinse. iam the top of my hands again give it a rinse. i am going to use a tissue to turn off the tap to stop cross
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contamination. that is how to wash your hands properly. now here is your hands properly. now here is your surprise. washing your hands is vital and if you're worried about germs on your phone, you can clean it effectively with simple soap and water. i'm a microbiologist and i will show you how to clean your phone. unplug your phone, turn your phone off and remove the case. all the major phone makers warn against using chemicals, hand gels and abrasive wipes because that can damage the protective coating on the screen. dampen a microfibre cloth in water and soap and gently rub the surface of the phone with the damp cloth.
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take care not to get moisture in any of the openings because even water resistant phones will lose their protection over time. finally, dry your phone with a clean microfibre cloth. just using soap and water can remove bacteria from your phone and we can test that by using this device. the device gives a reading of relative light units and that is a measure of the activity on your phone so the higher the number the more germs are present. we tested these phones and their cases before and after, cleaning with soapy water, and they were all significantly clea ner afterwards. on a surgical surface, we would want to get a figure of 50 or less, and all of our phones and cases have readings lower than that. if you have an iphone, apple says you can clean it with 70% alcohol wipes. these are the ones you can get online or from computer shops. there are also devices you can use to sterilise your phone using a type of radiation —
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it shouldn't ease but some phones could be discoloured over time. with all of these methods as soon as you touch your phone you will get germs back on it, so make sure you keep washing your hands regularly and thoroughly. so that is how to get rid of the coronavirus from your phone. what about other surfaces where the virus may lurk? this is jim reid. there are two main ways of catching coronavirus. the first is through particles in the air, or coughs and the virus is spread in droplets and a single cough can produce 3,000 droplets. you breathe it in and become infected. this is why governments across the world are telling us to stay two metres away from each other to stop the spread. the second way is through something scientists call fomite transmission, those virus particles land on a hard surface and are spread when an infectious person touches it.
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because a person is shedding the virus from their nose and throat and they're coughing it out into the air, that means that anything they touch will be covered in this virus. if you come along later and touch the same surface, you could pick up from that surface a collection of these virus particles, if there are enough of them there, and you can transfer them to your nose and eyes, you could infect yourself. it is still early days but a team in the united states has run tests on corona already. they found the virus that causes covid—i9 can remain active on some surfaces. on copper, the result showed traces for up to four hours. on cardboard, up to 2a—hours. on plastic and stainless steel, for up to three days. to mitigate the risk, wash your hands frequently, use alcohol gel, which deactivates the virus very efficiently, if it has more than 70% alcohol in it, and do what i've seen many of my friends doing,
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which is also wrap your sleeves around your hand to open the door or use your elbow. the amount of virus on a surface of sharply with time, according to studies, so doctors say it is important to be extra careful with services that are touched frequently by others. as forfood packaging deliveries and other things that come to the letterbox, we think the virus can live on cardboard for 2h hours and on plastic for up to three days. but scientists say treat those results with caution. we don't yet know how much of the virus is needed yet to infect someone or how easily it is transferred back to your hand. if you are worried that the shelf stacker in the supermarket might have the virus, you could, if you really wanted to, wipe that down with a hand rub, as well, but that is probably not necessary. the risk is probably really low. in all these cases, though, the most effective thing you can do
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is wash your hands with soap. cheap soap, fancy soap, any soap, for 20 seconds. if the particles are on your hands, it should be enough to kill the virus and break the chain of transmission. so, again, the reminder to wash your hands. that is the advice from top scientists at the world health organization to gps working to save lives in hospitals. but alongside the good advice have come some dangerous myths about the virus. chris morris now. we know what the experts say. above all, wash your hands frequently to limit the spread of coronavirus but there have also been myths circulating on social media and elsewhere which amount to fake health advice. so here are a few things to ignore. myth number one — eat garlic to avoid infection. there is no question that garlic is a healthy food. the same goes for other fruit and vegetables, but the world health organization says there is no evidence that
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eating garlic or anything else has protected people from covid—i9. myth number two — drink water every 15 minutes. again, drinking water and staying hydrated is good for you but that doesn't mean it can stop coronavirus. you get a virus like this when you breathe in. there's no biological mechanism to suggest you can flush it out of your system by constantly drinking water. myth number three — don't eat ice cream. the idea of avoiding ice cream or other cold foods can prevent the virus taking hold is totally untrue. and trying to heat your body to make it inhospitable for the virus just won't work. we know the flu virus does not survive well outside the body during summer heat, but we don't yet know enough about how the heat might impact the new coronavirus. myth numberfour — drinkable silver.
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the use of colloidal silver, tiny particles of a metal suspended in liquid, has been suggested but the clear advice from health authorities is that it doesn't treat infections in the body or boost immunity. in fact, it could cause serious side effects like kidney damage, seizures, or even turning your skin blue. again, the best advice in all circumstances — keep washing your hands. coronavirus has been affecting the way of life for tens of millions around the world and perhaps one group who would have felt it a little more than usual this week were the thousands of athletes training for the tokyo olympics. they have been postponed to 2021.
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jessica kingsley is else and has found a way to give heavy his birthday party online. we have been looking forward to this party and counting the days. to be able to haveit counting the days. to be able to have it go ahead is just unbelievable. let it go. let it go. at one with the wind and sky. the experiment of a virtual birthday party seem to be working for jessica. so, how did that feel?
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really weird but really lovely, because it meant that i could still give the children magic and that is what it was about. it's their special day and this crazy pandemic shouldn't take it away from them. i could still seal their eyes on me and enjoying it and that was amazing. with millions of us under shut down conditions around the world, startling pictures have emerged of empty city and deserted streets. these are some of the images from across the globe.
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that's it for now. please keep up to date with everything on the bbc news website. i'm victoria derbyshire. do contact me on twitter with your stories at any time at vicderbyshire and thank you for watching. good evening. it has certainly
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started to feel colder today, and we ta ke started to feel colder today, and we take that chilly feeling with us into the second half of the weekend. particularly when we factor in the wind. a quite significant wind chill with some showers and dry weather around as well. the north—easterly wind blowing across the uk through tonight. large areas of cloud allowing temperatures to drop to around freezing. some areas in the countryside will get a few degrees below freezing. there will be one or two wintry showers continuing throughout tomorrow. particularly in eastern parts of the uk. as we go throughout the day a lot of dry weather. it will be windy particularly requesting england and wales. we can see 50 mph gusts across eastern and southern coasts. factor in the strength of the wind in some places it will feel like it's freezing. most places and it 00:28:54,703 --> 2147483051:51:12,991 will be dry. not quite as windy by 2147483051:51:12,991 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 then.
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