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than they were at the middle of the decade. # i was waiting so sad happy...# one band who have been thinking a lot about this are liverpool's circa waves. they had a top five album this year with sad happy. the concept — one side of sad songs, one side of happy songs. and it turns out their fans have been streaming the happy side more, reflecting what's happening in music generally. i do think it's probably because of the current climate, and things that have just gone on recently. brexit happened, and now we're in a pandemic, and it's constantly kind of bad at the moment, if that makes sense, and we just need a bit of escapism. there's happy music out now, but that wasn't written in this pandemic. in a few months‘ time you probably will get a lot more sort of moody music coming out. i do think it's like a cyclical thing. i think eventually people will get sick of happiness and want a bit
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more...probably when billie eilish releases her next record that's when it will all get sad again. # it might have been a nightmare...# make room for the gloom. colin paterson, bbc news, liverpool. 0h, oh, no! let's catch up with the weather, shall we? here's stav da naos. conditions are set to turn bright, but for england and wales a gloomy afternoon, damp and drizzle at times. further north, scotland and northern ireland, lots of sunshine but you will notice across scotland some cumulonimbus clouds developing, these will continue to bring heavy showers, thunderstorms to central and eastern scotland through the afternoon, some really heavy, slow moving downpour is likely. further south it stays grey with drizzly patches, temperatures around 20 degrees in the south, high teens in the north. 0vernight the showers
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continue in eastern scotland, if few developing and eastern england and some will be heavy and slow moving. a muggy night across the south—east but high pressure begins to build into the west and starts to bring clearer skies and some slightly fresher air to start friday. a brighter day for many of us throughout friday afternoon stop it sta rts throughout friday afternoon stop it starts off with the cloud across the south—east but that will clear away. a big difference for central and southern england, for wales with plenty of sunny spells around, just the odd shower towards east anglia top temperature of 20 degrees. as we drift further north it's the north and east of the goods which could see heavy showers into the afternoon, the same for scotland. for western scotland, sunshine and a few scattered showers and temperatures around 14—17. there will be a fairly fresh north—westerly wind which will take the edge off the temperatures. the showers across eastern areas through friday evening should tend to fizzle out and we'll all be under the influence of higher pressure then through the so clearer skies and a cooler air mass. it will be a chilly
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start to saturday, temperatures in single figures for many. this is the high pressure i'm talking about, pushing in from the south—west and bringing fine, settled weather for saturday and for many others on sunday too. a bit warmer particularly for part two of the weekend. it should be dry for most of us and very welcome sunshine across the south. saturday's picture isa across the south. saturday's picture is a cool start, lots of sunshine around and into the afternoon fair weather cloud will tend to bubble up at times although most places should stay dry apart from a few showers pushing in on the breeze in western scotland. temperature i7—2id, around average or below. it warms up on sunday, high—pressure keeps much of the country dry again. the weather fronts start to push on to the north—west to bring increasing breeze, cloud for northern ireland and western scotland and outbreaks of rain but elsewhere lots of sunshine and it will feel warmer sunday afternoon. top temperature 22-24dc. that's all from the bbc news at one.
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going good afternoon. this is your latest going good afternoon. this is your latest sports going good afternoon. this is your latest sports news. going good afternoon. this is your latest sports news. the weather may be more settled in southampton for the opening day of the test between west indies and england, but the line—up is anything but. they lost four wickets during the morning. captain jason but. they lost four wickets during the morning. captainjason holder took the wickets of zach crawley and 0llie pope. captain ben stokes are still there, but england are really struggling on 106—5 at lunch. the four time tour de france winner chris froome is leaving too in the ca rs chris froome is leaving too in the cars at the end of the season after a decade—long partnership. he will join the israel start—up nation team where he will be sole team leader. at any where he will be sole team leader. atany us, where he will be sole team leader. at any us, he has seen his role challenged by geraint thomas and
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others. he says he will still be focused on winning another tour title with any us, and team captain dave bra ilsford title with any us, and team captain dave brailsford said they have decided to announce his departure now in order to put an end to speculation. liverpool captain jordan henderson will have a scan to assess the extent of a knee injury that forced him off during last night's win at brighton. he scored his side's second goal in that 3—1 victory, but he was substituted after 80 minutes following a collision with. liverpool managerjurgen klopp said he was not how i will show how serious the injury was, but added he knew it would not be nothing. arsenal have appealed against their striker‘s sending off in tuesday's draw with leicester city. he was shown a yellow card initially but it was upgraded to read after the referee viewed the incident and pitch side monitor. he is banned for three games. it is understood the decision will be made before arsenal's next fixture at tottenham on sunday.
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burnley‘s captain says they are confident of making it as europe next season. he is out of action with a thigh strain, but saw his side edge closer with a 1—0 win over west ham last night. jay rodriguez, with the goal. burnley are one of the inform sides in the league. they have lost just once the inform sides in the league. they have lostjust once in 12 games. just being able to be up there amongst the big teams is certainly firing the lads up and looking at the table, seeing we are up there, it is fantastic. i think every body wa nts to it is fantastic. i think every body wants to play in the big games in europe, and we enjoyed it last time when we got there and managed to get 54 when we got there and managed to get 5a points a couple of seasons ago. it would be nice to top that and beat that points tally. there are three matches tonight, with bournemouth and aston villa both in need of wins to help their relegation fights. england midfielder lucy staniforth hasjoined england midfielder lucy staniforth has joined manchester united women ona has joined manchester united women on a two—year deal. she has spent the last two seasons at birmingham city, but her contract has expired. she has been capped 16 times for her
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country and say she has made the move to win trophies and make history where the united. and west ham have signed the australian international goalkeeper mckenzie arnold, as seen here in the middle. shejoins from mckenzie arnold, as seen here in the middle. she joins from the mckenzie arnold, as seen here in the middle. shejoins from the brisbane roar. superbikes champion jonathan ray roar. superbikes championjonathan ray was beaten into second place on day one of the unofficial test in catalonia. it is the second session since the covid—19 lockdown, but not it is the second session since the covid—19lockdown, but not all teams are taking part. attack temperatures reached over 47 degrees. to cathy's scott redding edged out kawasaki by just under a tenth of a second. the season will resume injuly the 31st. pioneering jockey lizzie kelly has announced she is halting her career to start a family and almost certainly will not return to competitive racing. kelly was the first woman in britain to win a grade one race overjumps when she rode ta to to victory at kempton in
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2015. she is expecting herfirst child with husband ed, and said, i will not be returning to the weighing room this season, and in all likelihood, not at all. that is all sport from us for now. you can get all the stories on our website. see you soon. thanks, gavin. see you later. you are watching bbc news. i will ta ke you are watching bbc news. i will take you through the latest dell medal next few hours of our coronavirus coverage and more besides. let's start with what the scottish first mirza has been saying this lunchtime. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has confirmed the dates on which indoor pubs and hairdressers in scotland can re—open, as well as plans to lift restrictions on funerals and worship. she told msps that the decline in the prevalence of covid—19 meant the country could move into phase three of its four—step plan to exit lockdown. ican i can confirm that it is the judgment of the government that we can now move from phase two to phase
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three of the route map. i can also confirm that we will allow in a limited number of sectors an exception to be made to the requirement for a two metre physical distancing. however, this will be subject to strict conditions tailored to the circumstances of each sector. let me stress, the term exception. the general rule remains two metres for public transport in the retail sector, this exception will be permissible from tomorrow. however, it is essential the prior mitigations are in place and appropriate discussions have taken place with trade unions before it becomes prop albert operational in any setting has not given what i will cover later, it is also clear that the retail sector and covers personal services such as hairdressing. i want to remind eve ryo ne hairdressing. i want to remind everyone that face coverings, already mandatory on public transport, will be mandatory tomorrow in shops as well. they will be some exceptions for children underfive, be some exceptions for children under five, people with certain health conditions, staff some circumstances. however, for the vast majority of us, it will be the law
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that we will wear face coverings and shops. wearing a face covering on a bus, train, or in a shop should for the foreseeable future become as automatic is putting in a car. it should not need to be enforced, but the police can can issue fines for anyone not complying. however, i i am asking everyone to comply not from fear of enforcement but because it is the right thing to do. it helps us protect each other from the virus. that leads me to a general point that it is important to stress before i outlined the further restrictions we intend to lift. the virus hasn't gone away. it is still out there and it is just as infectious and just as dangerous as it ever was. lockdown has suppressed it, but as lockdown eases, there was a very real risk that it will start to spread again, and that is not conjecture, it is already happening in many parts of the world. with every restriction we left, the risk increases, especially as we start to
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promote interactivity, so we must all do whatever we can to mitigate it, and wearing face coverings is pa rt it, and wearing face coverings is part of that. so at the other measures summarised in our campaign. face coverings, avoiding crowded spaces, cleaning hands and surfaces, self isolation, social distancing and booking a test if you have symptoms. i cannot stress enough that as we move out of lockdown, these basic measures become much more important, not less. please follow them to the letter. presiding 0fficer, let me now confirm the key steps in phase three which we are now able to set specific dates for. you will find more detail on the scottish government website later today. as will be obvious from what iam about today. as will be obvious from what i am about to say, we intend to take the same staggered approach to phase three is needed to phase two. not all changes will happen immediately or at the same time. that means we are not bearing all of the risk at once. however, the first changes relating to the ability of different households to meet up together will ta ke households to meet up together will take place from tomorrow. the health secretary yesterday announced important changes to people who are
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shielding, for example, from tomorrow, you will not be asked to physically distance from people you live with, you will be able to form an extended household if you live on your own with children under 18. today's route map includes a link to additional changes we hope to make to the shielding changes up to the end ofjuly. the other changes i am about to announce do not apply to people who are shielding, u nfortu nately, people who are shielding, unfortunately, but to apply to eve ryo ne unfortunately, but to apply to everyone else. before i set out what these are, let me make a general point. last week, we said children of the 12 no longer have to physically distance when outdoors. from tomorrow, that will apply in those too. however, for adults and the time being older children, the advice to keep it to physical distance from people in other households will remain. the general rules on household gatherings will from tomorrow be as follows. a maximum of 15 people from up to five different households can meet together outdoors. the advice is to remain two metres distance from people in other households will remain. the general rules on household gatherings will from tomorrow be as follows. a maximum of 15 people from up to five different households can meet together outdoors. the advice is to remain
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two metres distance from people and households other than your own. and households other than your own. and house the gathering is in and people from up to two different households. as long as physical distancing is maintained, this can include overnight stays. i must stress that this is a one—off —— this is one of if not the highest risk change we have made so far. we know the risk of transmitting the virus indoors a significant higher than it is outdoors. so it is essential that we all take the utmost care and strictly follow all of the public health advice. that means keeping two metres distant from people in other households, being very careful to clean other households, being very careful to clea n su rfa ces other households, being very careful to clean surfaces after you touch them, and washing your hands regularly, especially when you first enter someone's house. at all times, try to avoid creating bridges that allow the virus to spread from one household to another. we are also advising that between indoors and outdoors activity, adults don't meet with people from many more than four different households in any single
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day. finally, from tomorrow, we will change the guidance so that people who are part of a non—cohabiting couple, regardless of their living arrangements, no need longer —— no longer need to stay physically distant from each other indoors or outdoors. nicola sturgeon speaking at lunchtime. all pupils in wales will be able to return to schools in september. the welsh education minister, kirsty williams, said schools would be able to operate at full capacity at the start of the next academic year due to the decline of coronavirus across the country. the autumn term in wales will start on tuesday, september one. all schools that can accommodate all pupils from the start of the term should do so. they will be a period of flexibility and recognition that schools may want to focus on priority year groups such as those new to secondary school, those sitting exams next summer, or those beginning in reception classes. this
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already happens in many schools, and we have learned from practices elsewhere. it will also allow time of up toa elsewhere. it will also allow time of up to a fortnight for any planning and reorganisation. schools and local authorities i know have already been working on their plans andi already been working on their plans and i know that many will use the opportunity to welcome more pupils back at the start of september. so please, if you are a parent, keep in touch with your school and local authority for updates. so what does the scientific advice tell me, and what does this mean for schools in september? the welsh technical advisory group, who provide scientific advice to the government during emergencies, recommends that schools, and i quote, plan to open in september with 100% of pupils physically present on school sites subject to a continuing steady decline in the presence of covid—19 in our communities. schools will return to full capacity with only limited social distancing within contact groups. a contact group
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should consist of approximately 30 children. some direct or indirect mixing between children in different contact groups will also be unavoidable, but social distancing for adults should remain in line with regulations and guidance. schools will be required to minimise the risk of transmission by taking other mitigating measures, and every school should continue to be kover protected, having carried out risk assessments and mitigated them with assessments and mitigated them with a combination of controls such as hand and surface hygiene, one—way systems, and so forth. if early warning systems show a local incident or outbreak, the nearby schools should implement appropriate restriction measures, and full and updated operational learning guidance for september will be published next week. i have been clear throughout this pandemic that our priority must be to deliver maximum learning with minimal disruption for our young people, and
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we will continue to work together to make this happen in a safe and sensible way. on childcare, we will be working with the childcare sector over the summer to increase the size of co nta ct over the summer to increase the size of contact groups and to support the gradual move towards full operation. my gradual move towards full operation. my ministerial colleague who is responsible for the sector will make further announcements in due course. earlier this morning, i confirmed the welsh government will provide an additional £29 million of funding to support this decision today. we will recruit, recover and continue to raise standards. with this funding, we will recruit the equivalent of 600 extra teachers and 300 teaching assista nts 600 extra teachers and 300 teaching assistants throughout the next school year. we will target extra support at years 11, 12 and 13, as well as disadvantaged and vulnerable learners of all ages. the support package provided at a school level could include extra coaching support, personalised learning programmes, and additional time and resources for exa m year
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programmes, and additional time and resources for exam year pupils. we must never ever lower our expectations for any of our young people, no matter what their background. that is what has guided me while i have been in thisjob, and that's why thousands and thousands of pupils in wales now gain and entera thousands of pupils in wales now gain and enter a science gcse, while we outperform other nations and our science results, and why many more are studying and succeeding at high levels. i know parents and teachers across the country share my determination not to lose that momentum despite covid—19, and this extra investment, on targeted support, will ensure that the impact of the time away from school in recent months is minimised. together, we will continue to raise standards for all, to reduce the attainment gap and ensure here in wales that we have an educational system that is a source of national pride and enjoys public confidence. so, the announcement about schools in wales, and we will talk more about that later in the afternoon.
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now, the government has said it will ta ke now, the government has said it will take time to absorb the findings of a review which found that three health scandals had inflicted dreadful suffering and tens of thousands of women. speaking in the house of commons, the health minister, nadine dorries, said that the accounts from patients had been ‘harrowing' and has pledged to protect patients in the future. what is clear, and i'm sure the whole house will concur, is that the response to these issues from those in positions of authority has not a lwa ys in positions of authority has not always been good enough. the task now is to establish a quicker and more compassionate way to address theissues more compassionate way to address the issues of patient harm when they arise. we must ensure that the system as a whole is vigilant in spotting safety concerns, and that we rapidly get to grips with the concerns identified by this report.
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we must make sure that different voices are invited to the table, and we must also make sure that patients and their families have a we must also make sure that patients and theirfamilies have a clear pathway to get their answers and a resolution. the issues tackled in this report are, from one perspective, complex. matters of regulation, clinical decision—making, and scientific judgment. but there is one simple co re judgment. but there is one simple core theme that runs through all of this, and it goes to the heart of our work on patient safety. there arejust our work on patient safety. there are just two words, listening and humility. so much of the frustration and anger from patients and families stems from what they see as an unwillingness to listen. for us to listen, for them to be heard. we
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need to make listening a much stronger part of clinical practice, and make the relationship between patients and clinicians a true and equal partnership. while this review has been progressing, the government and nhs have taken a number of steps relating to the concerns raised by the review. however, there is always more that we can do. and it is clear that changes needed. we owe it to the victims and their families to get this right. 19 diaries, speaking in the commons just a little earlier. —— 19 dorries. one of the stars of the us tv show glee — naya rivera —
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has been reported missing after going swimming in a lake in southern california. a search operation was launched after her four year old son was found alone on a rented boat at lake piru. the boy told investigators that they had been swimming but that his mother had failed to return to the boat. the 33—year—old actress is best known for playing the cheerleader santana lopez in the long—running show. a group of british pakistani doctors is using new technology, and what they've learnt from fighting coronavirus in the uk to help their counterparts in pakistan trying to tackle the disease. they've been holding patient consultations online, even carrying out virtual intensive care rounds. there have been around 240,000 cases, and close to 5,000 deaths from covid—19 in pakistan so far — though with low levels of testing, the figure could be much higher. secunder kermani reports. i would suggest that you continue... from his home outside london, this doctor is helping treat a patient in lahore. holding a tablet, a doctor there shows him the intensive care
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ward for coronavirus patients via video link. hospitals in the country are being stretched. through this software, they can share case notes. dr akhtar helped lead the covid—19 response in this part of britain. now he wants his experiences to help his country of birth. we're very proud of the nhs service we are giving here, and because of our relationships both in medicine and otherwise in pakistan, it was very important for us to help our colleagues and to help the people of pakistan. the software was built by this london based doctor, who has created a series of telemedicine portals. through this one, doctors here can hold consultations with coronavirus patients in pakistan. we haven't got resources there to really plug the gaps of service.
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so any skill, any special skill from the uk will be warmly welcome in pakistan. where a doctor and patient can speak the same language, we can create a bridge no matter where they are through telemedicine. so far, recorded deaths in pakistan have been lower than in the uk. the doctor taking part in this scheme hope they can do their part to save lives in both countries. in the past few weeks, and some major cities, they have seen a substantial decrease in patients. some restrictions are in place again, but doctors are not clear if thatis again, but doctors are not clear if that is what has led to the change. there could be two possibilities. 0ne, there could be two possibilities. one, that the patients are scared, they are not coming to hospital and are trying to self treat, and the other possibility could be that the cases have decreased. the answer may lie in the country's graveyards. we have been given data
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showing a significant in the country's to larger cities last month. they can't be explained by official coronavirus deaths alone. we don't yet know whether that trend is continuing, or what the exact cause is, but with testing rates low, it is perhaps only here that the true impact of the pandemic can be measured. climate experts warn that global temperatures could exceed the critical threshold of 1.5 celsius above pre—industrial levels within the next five years. the world meteorological 0rganisation says the research highlights the scale of the challenge of keeping below dangerous levels of climate change. scientists say the arctic is likely to warm by twice the global average this year. now it's time for a look at the weather with stav danaos. hello there. many of us, particularly across england and wales, are fed up of this great,
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gloomy, damp weather which we have had over the last few days thanks to this low—pressure area. that will tend to move away during friday's high pressure building. that will settle things down into the weekend. we should see a lot of dry weather with some sunshine. we still hold on the damp, dreary, muggy weather across the south and south—east of the country for this evening and overnight. heavy showers and thunderstorms across eastern scotla nd thunderstorms across eastern scotland will continue through the night and push on into north—east england as well. further west, as high pressure begins to move on, clearer skies, so chilly compared to further ease. 0n clearer skies, so chilly compared to further ease. on friday, a bit of a mixed start. we have some sign out west, a lot of damp weather across the south—east, which will clear away into the afternoon, so a vast improvement across central southern england and wales, with plenty of sunny spells around. dry weather, top temperature 20—21. northern and eastern england again will see heavy showers develop. some could be other
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thundery side. northern ireland, western scotland, sunshine and if you showers here, and that is also the case across the northern isles, where it will be cool. 12 degrees or so. perhaps the woman spots around 17 degrees. perhaps a bit cool for the time of year. thru friday night, showers and thunderstorms fizzle away. showers and thunderstorms fizzle n showers and thunderstorms fizzle away. many places turn dry under clear skies, and it will be quite a chilly one, temperatures in single figures for many for the start of saturday. more clout for north—west scotland. the high pressure i showed you moving in, this weekend it's better than the last few days. certainly across england and wales we re certainly across england and wales were a lot more sunshine around. so a sunny, cool start to saturday, and through the afternoon, we can see a bit offair through the afternoon, we can see a bit of fair weather, just building up bit of fair weather, just building up now and again, it may bejust a light western scotland. temperatures 17 in the north, 20—21 across the south. sunny spells across the afternoon. high pressure still with most of us through sunday, but this
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area of low pressure will bring in some weather fronts to the north—west of the country, decreasing the breeze for northern ireland, northern and western scotland, and also the cloud, with outbreaks of rain later in the day. high teen celsius later in the north, but in the south, spells of sunshine.
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this is bbc news, i'mjane hill. the headlines... more than 5,000 high street jobs under threat — asjohn lewis and boots announce store closures blaming the coronavirus pandemic


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