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tv   Bloomberg  Bloomberg  December 11, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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is "bottom line." tonight, congressional republicans trying to line up support for the budget deal. kathleen sebelius wants an investigation into the botched .gov.ut of healthcare hilton raises $2.3 billion in a record ipo for a lodging company. to our viewers here in the united states and those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks have stories making headlines tonight. su keenan has late details on the hotel hilton ipo.
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looking at congressional leverage to pass a farm bill before the holiday recess. let's begin where yang yang has more on the budget agreement. good evening >> good evening, mark. paul ryan and saadi murray unveiled their budget deal. today was the day to sell to rank and file as they get ready to bring the bipartisan bill to the floor for a vote tomorrow. it sets federal spending at $1 trillion per year above the current level of 960 $7 billion and replaces $63 billion in sequester cuts, reduces the does not address the big-ticket items of taxes or entitlement. how did they replace the sequester? and mix of user fees and other revenues and savings and chris -- including an increase in
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airport security fees, a small deal that neither side is perfectly happy with them it does not have overwhelming support but it has outside conservative groups the most outspoken in their opposition asking republicans to vote no. today, house speaker john boehner came to the defense of the deal slamming its critics. membersare using our and the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. listen. if you are for more deficit reduction, your for this agreement. the senate side, we saw majority leader harry reid do his part to garner support that he took a different tone. >> this agreement is really a breath of fresh air. as we have been committed to setting sound fiscal policy through the regular budget conference and not through hostage taking, and this deal of
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neither side got everything they historic. that is >> in dealing leaders another selling point when they release the estimate assuring the deal would cut the federal deficit by $85 billion over the next 10 years and at the end of the day, it looks like the convincing will pay off. they're expected to pass the deal tomorrow and the senate will act sometime on next week. from theshould be free threat for at least a couple of years. yang yang, thank you. we will be getting to alan in a few minutes as cussing the budget deal and the effect it could have on the farm bill coming up a little later here on ."ottom line y americans are not getting president obama much credit for the improving economy. julianna goldman has more on the president's approval rating.
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>> president obama's signature health law may be on the mend but his approval ratings are not hitting a new low with just 42% giving him top job marks in the latest bloomberg national poll making democrats nervous but especially so when you look behind the numbers. americans are feeling the economic progress we are seeing would have happened regardless of president obama's policies. 50% says he does not get credit for the improving job market. 60% says the president does not sponsor before the housing turnaround and 64% do not give president obama credit for the surging stock market. that is bad for democrats heading into the midterms does the number one issue remains the economy and the president, and by default the democratic party, they are not getting credit for turning things around. the numbers don't get much better on other issues. the personal approval ratings,
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always a bright spot, hurting as well. for the first time, the majority has an unfavorable view of president obama. republicans took a beating in the polls after the shut down the debt ceiling fight, but withdent obama did as well 58% of americans disapproving of his handling of the economy. 63% disapprove of his handling and 55% ofcit americans disapprove of how president obama handles and negotiates with congressional republicans. now andn change between the 2014, but right now the numbers do not vote well for democrats and could undermine his legacy of success when recessiong the worst since the great depression. tracks former bank of israel governor stanley fischer is the leading candidate to become vice chair of the federal reserve according to people familiar with the selection process.
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julianna goldman and phil fisherly reporting that is the top choice on president obama's list to become the fed vice chair. he is 70 years old. he stepped down as a governor of the bank of israel on june 30 midway through his second five- year term. there are no plans by the white house to announce a nomination this week. he will replace janet yellen expected to win the full senate confirmation as the next fed chair possibly as soon as next week. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius back on capitol hill again catching fire for the botched obamacare rollout. now that the website is vastly improved, what does this mean for the healthcare industry? we have a status report when " bottom line" continues in just a moment. ♪
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>> welcome back to "autumn line."
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let sure you have the equity markets finished for today, december 11, 2013. giving the biggest back-to-back drop in two months, the fall comes as the congressional budget accord fuel speculation the federal reserve could trim stimulus next week. let's look up the numbers. the broader market was down 20 points to 1782. news after the bell that facebook would be joining the in 500 replacing teradyne the index on december 20. the dow jones industrial average off 129 points to 15,843 and the to 4003.wn 1.4% kathleen sebelius once again facing obamacare critics on capitol hill. she has announced a new investigation and her agency rolls out the enrollment figures for the month of november.
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megan hughes has the details from washington. >> let's start with the numbers. there was a significant uptick in the exchange is more than one quarter million people signing up through obamacare systems. that's more than twice as many as october when the technical glitch made it difficult to create an account or browse. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius announcing that he has -- she has asked for the agency inspector general to investigate what went wrong and she is creating a chief risk officer position to review contracts. they are facing backend issues with data transfers and republican attacks are far from letting up. they encouraged crowd sourcing and they publish their own list of questions on the house energy and commerce committee website. in one heated exchange, a republican from illinois contended that required no cost
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coverage was baked into the premium of new insurance plans and arguing that it brings down healthcare costs and it got nasty. >> consumers will not have a co- pay order. the bowl. >> will you admit they have a higher premium? i think what a lot of actuaries will tell you is if you have preventive care to prevent a more costly hospital stay -- >> ok, i got it. we are going to agree to disagree. to theke talking republic of korea or something. >> severely us was considered in the top 10 for person of the year from "time" along with miley cyrus, bashar al-assad, and edward snowden. francis was named to the person of the year this morning. year.o
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>> let's get an insiders perspective from the ceo of the national biological corporation based in beachwood, ohio. welcome to "autumn line. co. thank you for your time -- welcome to "bottom line." for aen sebelius called review looking into what went wrong. what do you think the investigation should focus on you go did the technical problems impact your company? >> the affordable care act and specifically health consumers toriving the lowest cost offering which will typically be something like the bronze plan. one will be surprising to a lot of consumers is the really high deductible that will be associated with it. they will be surprised to find out that about $5,000 has to be
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occurred -- incurred first. >> about that investigation, what do you think they should focus on? expert in internet development but i think they should focus on how the they can best implement the system so that the american public can obtain really the best value for dollars. >> a government report said over 360 $4000 in two month selected an insurer using the federal and state health care exchanges and 800-3000 were found for state children health plans for medicaid. what did those numbers tell you 800-3000 additional -- 803,000.ligible
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>> hopefully there is smooth sailing ahead here he likes they were revolving backend issues with data transfers. as a ceo, how would you deal with technical issues corrupt and the launch of your company signature project? thoroughly have tested before we released and if it was not available, we would have announced a delay. that is just good common treatss and the way to your customers the appropriate way. >> tell us about your company and if it's been impacted at all by the affordable care act. >> one area that has been impacted were the surprising high deductibles that a patient or consumer will see we offer very cost of devices for the treatment of skin diseases. as a consumer sees this very willout of pocket cost it
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often make them shy away from our device. what is kind of unique as there has been a special arrangement put together by some of the big pharma companies to allow what or all the co-pay card waiver card that will actually encourage those consumers to use specialty pharma medications, biologics, often $20,000 per year medications at virtually no cost to themselves. that will be artificially promoting over some of the more common devices. >> do you think this gives big pharma an unfair advantage? >> we are looking for a level playing field so that the market really dictates the appropriate to use. >> will it come close to its goal of reaching 7 million newly
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insured people on the exchange? >> great question. it does not appear they're going to get there unless a lot of people get there very quickly. this is america. you never know what americans can pull off if they are so motivated to do so. >> you are right in the middle of the country. we mentioned you are in ohio. what do we know about the uninsured in the united states? do they and do not want to reveal about themselves? >> i think most people who are uninsured do want to keep that of underl privacy kind their belts. i think they will be the last to sign up for things that would disclose what they consider to be personal information. the jury is still out in terms of whether they will sign up or they will have to be strongly convinced to do so. >> in our last 20 seconds, tell
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us about the affordable care act. will it help or hurt national biological corporation? >> there are additional patients who will come to the system, we will probably be hurt in the theess chiefly because of high out-of-pocket costs to dissuade a consumer to purchase an effective device that we manufacture. oif from national biological corporation joining us from ohio. >> thank you very much. >> the price you pay for milk could double back the month if congress fails to pass a farm bill. joins us next. ♪
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>> welcome back. ons is "bottom line" bloomberg television, streaming on your tablet, and on no such luck on a farm bill. allen joins us now with the details. we've been hearing a lot about the possibility that without a farm bill milk prices may double in january. where does that stand? >> i was on a call with secretary tom vill sack and he said you would not be seeing any changes to milk prices in the month of january. takeshough the farm law
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that, you have the month of january to get some sort of a lot done because we cannot get this bill enacted and there is a feeling that a bill cannot get done and that is what they are counting on right now. >> they have a little breathing room. are they confident they will get a bill done? they are very say close to having a bill done. they're looking for congressional scoring issues to be resolved down looking at a few more details and then they think they will have a package that can go to congress in january. what happens? congress is very unpredictable and this certainly starts an era of good feeling, an idea that bipartisanship can happen and we will see if whether that holds in the farm bill. >> we've been hearing house speaker jon banner sang the chamber would consider a one-
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month extension of the lawmakers did not finish their work this month. >> that was immediately shot down in the senate because there is a feeling that the extension does not really needed. your cesium programs from 1940 nine technically needing to be put into effect but there is a rules process which the obama administration has a reason to drag its feet on to keep consumer prices from rising. while you have that window where the law of demand is from 1949, what is happening is not affected by these programs and is congress a chance to get something done. as the year goes on and the start to apply to other areas about your culture, things start to bite, that is also a prod for congress to do something. >> what could still trip them up ?ap g >> it was difficult to even get this far. the attempts failed them he
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ended up having two separate agriculture programs from the food stamp programs to get it through the house and it has been brought back together in the full version and you don't play out.his will they are negotiating a package to be sent to the floor and both chambers. >> what are they saying? >> what we are hearing largely comes inom congressman coll peterson, ranking member on the ad committee. the food step program ranges between $4 billion in the senate to $40 billion in the house will $10ably be at around billion. honestly, a lot of these are arcane issues that would border the typical person off the street to tears but they are important for the constituencies involved and it's keeping the farm bill from being passed on till next year. >> congress has been debating the farm bill and how is this
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affecting the debate if at all? >> it is affecting the debate. when you were talking one year ago, you are seeing record prices for coin and soybeans. we are having a lot of production income and that is very large crops. they are pushing down commodity prices and now you are seeing some concerns that there will be a reduction in farm income and these prices have been reduced creating a different set of problems in the farm economy changing the debate on what the subsidy program should look like in the farm bill. >> agriculture correspondent , thanks so much. a pilot in training inadvertently disabling a speed prevention program in the flights that crashed in san francisco in july. the top stories from asia when "bottom line" on bloomberg television continues in just a minute. ♪
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>> welcome back to the second half-hour of "bottom line" on bloomberg television. i'm mark crumpton. we are hitting the bottom of the hour on this wednesday, december 11, 2013. stocks lighting today because of disappointing earnings from a handful of american companies pushing the market to the biggest loss in five weeks. over aarket s&p 500 down full one percent. the dow jones also on the decline, 0.8 or send that 15,843. 0.8%.
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the nasdaq finishing the session at 4003. thousands of south africans parading past the flag-draped coffins in the same amphitheater were nelson mandela was sworn in as the first black president. they expect as many 2000 people per hour to file past the casket. mr. mandela's body will be transported saturday may village where he spent part of his childhood. the funeral will take place on sunday. opposition leaders in the the offer oft did talks. they will not sit down with him until he fires his government and releases all arrested demonstrators. this rejects -- shows their nameng confidence and
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for thes showing hope removal of support for the government. pope francis has been named time magazine's person of the year. they credited the pope with healing the mission of the church. he beat out edward snowden for the distinction. the newsmagazine has been giving 1927.ear since that's a look at the top stories down the news at this hour. now let's look at the top stories in asia. a pilot nervous about making manual landing unintentionally disabled the system that on the flight that crashed in san francisco in july. three people were killed in that accident. mia saini joins me from hong kong with more on the investigation into flight to 14. good day. >> hello. according to information released today at the hearing,
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the veteran pilot was being .rained on the boeing 777 he believed the auto throttle should have come out of idle to prevent the airplane going below the minimum speed for landing. the plane was almost 40 miles per hour slower than the target speed and it broke apart after hitting the ground. an instructor pilot monitoring the situation failed to abort the landing after it descended below 500 feet. these are details that are emerging out of these transcripts we have received from the hearing today. flights below target speed once they dissent to 500 feet should abort landings and climb. close to nine seconds after the initial speed warning the pilot commanded to abort the landing and climb but they said it was too late to prevent the type of collision. at these details from the hearing and also the faa.
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reliance on automation in the cockpit has led to occasional confusion and new safety risks as well. as a result of all of this, read training pilots and incorporating new standards were it pertains to safety. >> let's look at australia. gm just said they will no longer make cars in the country. does the spell the end of the local auto industry? >> in a word, yes. 2017olding units, call it but you can blame it on one thing, the stronger local currency. the aussie dollar has forced gm, ford, and toyota to reconsider and the palau. broadly speaking, -- to reconsider and the poll out. theffs have driven down cost of australian made cars by almost half since 2007. 3400timates it costs
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dollars more to produce a car in australia down anywhere else. as trillion made cars, really not going to happen. of australiaister says this seems counterintuitive because they're focused on domestic production. us fromaini joining hong kong, thanks. up next, steinway has a new owner and his name is familiar to wall street. he change the way the world-renowned handcrafted pn nose are made? we go behind the scenes to see why pianists flock to the iconic american brand. "hat story when "bottom line continues in just a moment. ♪
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has a newy and sons owner. john paulson bought the piano maker for just under $1 billion and he has promised to preserve the famed quality but they worry that cost cutting will
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hurt it. we visited the plant to see how they are made by hand. >> at the piano factory in queens, tradition rules. the american company pianos are made about the same way they were 100 years ago. >> the musicality of the instrument is the very first thing that we look at. save money,ally time, and improve the instrument. that happens. as other times where technology, , can workhow advanced and there ared certain things that robots cannot do. >> their method of handcrafted every piece of the instrument is what sets it apart from competitors and it shows up in the price tag.
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$150,000 for a new concert grand. the inside ofon pn nose one century old. >> you build it from the inside out at you sell it from the outside in. >> five owners in 160 years has not disrupted the loyal following ranging from famous musicians including billy joel aswall street titans such john paulson, the newest owner. he lays the final touches on these piano manually adjusting the density of every key you achieve the steinway sound. >> we do not cut corners. everything is handmade. to the man. you have to put pride in your work. that's the way we do it. ♪
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>> it's pretty fascinating. the voice you heard was scarlet fu of "bloomberg surveillance." setting the public latest offering from ipo's as they roll out in record numbers. we look at what's pushing an ipo to hit the lightest -- highest level since boom -- the next.m boom ♪
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>> hilton, the biggest hotel operator, raising 2.3 billion dollars in a record initial public offering for a lodging company pricing at the top of the range, $20 per share. this is not the only big lodging ipo in history beating out twitter, the most anticipated ipo of the year. su keenan is in the newsroom with the details. around.ds all
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at this price, they will start trading with a market value of about $19.7 billion leaving starwood hotel in marriott in the dust. taken private by blackstone six years ago sold more than 170 million shares for $20 each. hilton could raise an additional 300 to $3 million if they sell extra shares making it the second-largest u.s. ipo this year. a a great time to be taking hotel company public. stocks are up year today but we are still in a sweet spot of the lodging cycle. is limited new supply. the economy is improving. jobs are accelerating. great time to be a hotel operator. tothe company dates back 1919 when conrad hilton bought the first hotel. industryreestablishing leader status with more than 4000 hotels in 90 countries. while they own 10 hotel brands
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from luxury to budget, it lacks a boutique brand to compete with starwood w hotels. they got a bit of a boost. the private equity firm holds a 76% stake valued at about $15 billion after the stock officially launches. blackstone profit will pass the .ecord $10 billion >> blackstone is on a roll. what's the latest with last month's ipo? >> in november, though shares are up i almost a quarter. they specialize in longer-term lodging and just rated a buy at mk him partners. blackstone also planned an initial public offering for la quinta. they expect a strong trend for hotel stocks to continue. check out the competition.
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andiott, hyatt, all up .emand exceeding supply thelans to take probably four seasons and the fairmont possibly public in an ipo. keenan, thank you. president and founder of trading the street previously worked in the merrill lynch and and a group. thanks for your time. m&a group.lynch is your reaction? >> it's very popular and its comparables are doing very well. it's a fantastic brand. >> our colleague stephanie ruhle was on the air and she noted blackstone was leaving money on the table. what does that mean for momentum tomorrow? >> could build good momentum for that. there is an adage that there is
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make money. bills get money. picks get slaughtered. you don't need to be greedy the first time. it trades up well and blackstone still owning 76% of the company can sell down in the future ideally at a higher price. >> this is the strategy. >> it's a pricing strategy. it is oversubscribed but they want to make sure it trades up and continues to trade well. >> talk to me about the hilton turnaround. they were like the one lighted stepchild in blackstone group and now they are a record because of hilton and this deal that's looking pretty favorable. savvyckstone is a very investor with lots of expertise. they would rather time this well. loadtestructured the they had taken on with the leveraged buyout deal. this is part of the lbo lifestyle, taking the company operations,roving
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that's just part of it. >> this is the biggest deal ever by the amount of investor money at stake. what does that mean for investors? will they be getting rich? >> investors buying into the public now, just think. you are falling into smart money in that sense. they are still bullish owning 76% of the shares. >> be recovery in lodging and capital markets, how did it help drive this ipo in particular? always comes up in our discussions. when ipost is priced in general are doing well, you will see more euphoria. starwood, marriott, hyatt trading up as they have been strong year today, now is a good time to price.
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>> hotel stocks up 30% year to date. >> you are trading into strength and selling into strength. a lot of it is momentum play. you mentioned twitter and surpassing it. that's part of the story. that momentum in the ipo market gives confidence for the capital markets activity. >> food services company aramark priced at $20 per share at the low end of the range. another company owned by private equity return to the public market. you expect tod continue? >> private equity firms, the lifecycle of a transaction, they buy and hold for four to six years. these are two great examples. they sell them through an ipo back to the public, hilton being the largest hotel chain and it is the logical exit strategy. with a try to sell it to someone else down the road. this is a constant trend.
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the private equity industry is constantly looking at the portfolio to monetize. >> the ipo market has been on fire. data compiled by bloomberg, this has been the busiest since 2004 and by the end of the year, some 200 companies expected to debut. what does the jobs act have to do with this? than $1s with less billion in annual revenue can file an ipo but they can do so confidential. >> which twitter did but then they gave a tweet. good question and you will have to see how it unfolds. most companies -- and this is my opinion -- are not going to go public because they can do it confidentially but to raise equity for their private sponsor, depressed assets, monetize investments. does it help twitter? yes. it remains to be seen if whether that is good for the overall investment community.
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buycks the budget agreement reached tuesday in washington. does it have companies the certainty they need to begin advance preparations for an ipo? >> it gives general certainty and confidence. >> as much as you can give given the fact that we have two parties who don't like each other? >> and the battle from october fresh on people's minds. remember where we were one year ago going into the budget battle . this feels much different especially with the jobs report last week. you are seeing more momentum pushing in the up direction and that confidence really bodes well for capital markets activity. roston, training the street, thank you. first there is gangan and now techno udon? "hot shots" is next. ♪
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>> that's a look at the futures market. bloomberg rings are a market check out 26 and 56 -- bloomberg brings you a market check. we have yang yang and su keenan with a preview. >> let's start with tomorrow's house hearing on the federal reserve. president obama considers naming former bank of israel governor stanley fischer to the fed number two position. the house financial services committee will be hearing to consider the dual mandate. that is scheduled for 10 a clock a.m. washington time. at 2:30 p.m., the sec meets to consider lifting the ban on in-
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fccht phone calls -- the meeting. we will see another big vote sometime tomorrow and the house where lawmakers are expected to pass the bipartisan two-year budget agreement. that's it for your look ahead in washington. what else is going on, su keenan? >> amc theaters expected the price next week. you will be interested to know this is not a traditional public offering. the movie chain is inviting members of its customer loyalty plan to buy shares along with wall street investors. you can buy and sell stock with no fees through a site called loyal. ron burgundy is back and he is reinventing is to promote a movie. ever since anchorman 2 was announced, there has been a museum exhibit, books, tv
7:58 pm
cameos. genius marketing? we take a look. >> su keenan and yang yang, thank you both. it is time now for hot shots, a look at some of the most compelling images of the day. goodbye to the hit be -- hippie van. the last factory making the like konica vehicles is located in brazil. volkswagen said they would stop making the vans by december 31 they could not change production to meet the new safety laws. all 1200 last addition models are sold out. japan, busting a move for noodles you go techno -- noodles? techno udon the new trend.
7:59 pm
stomping oneats dough. ands then cut into noodles the served to the guests. organizers say they hope the trend will encourage young japanese to help save the dying art of noodle making. be some people just cannot happy with one guinness world record. a german daredevil aiming for two. first, he broke the record for walking across the most upright on top of 60eading champagne bottles. the previous record was 51. then he took the record for the most darts cut by hand in one minute. he caught 16. yes, he lived to tell the tale. he caught darts. get the latest headlines at the top of every hour on bloomberg radio, streaming on your tablet, and on
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that does it for this edition of "bottom line." i'm mark crumpton reporting from new york. i'll see you tomorrow night. ♪


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