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tv   In the Loop With Betty Liu  Bloomberg  January 31, 2014 8:00am-9:41am EST

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microsoft. he have learned that the company is close to naming steve ballmer's replacement. .e is satya nadella on caesar's.eye if they're about to take a bet on the boardwalk. they made a bid for an atlantic city casino that went bankrupt less than a year ago after opening its doors. , there is ad demand priced and amico super bowl tickets with just 48 hours to go before kickoff. not quite a new york, but in new jersey. >> the search is over. after months of rumors, microsoft is said to have found a new leader. according to people briefed on the process, the board is naming satya nadella as the newest ceo. an employee since 1992, nadella
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he is the cloud chief. and even bigger shift to be taking inside microsoft. lots of changes are going on. -- bring inn cory cory. >> i think it is a big deal. have aft is a cited to microsoft person lead microsoft. is not aomebody who great corporate manager. >> heated boost revenue. >> his unit is a big deal for microsoft. it says a lot about the future of the company. he is in charge of enterprise and the cloud. player ort the music the surface or xbox. it is the corporate customer and
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the cloud business. the cloud is the anti-desktop. it is the anti-windows. outside of the xbox, the only big business in iker soft in the last decade. >> investors would like to have seen someone with success running a big company. that is things you read in the notes, they would like to of seen summit seen somebody with more experience of the manager side. i attended a front, they are bringing in a technician, that is the legacy of bill gates. he wanted somebody with technical expertise. is he the influence despite the fact that investors would like to see bill gates a step away. we see his influence in this piece of news. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. we will see if he moves away from the company. at the end of the day, you may have two former ceos on the
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board. is that healthy for board dynamic? what does that mean for the freedom? >> we caught up with nadella. here's what he said at the cloud business. >> if you look at what happened in the last quarter, it grew over 100%. five --50% of the fortune 500 companies. growth the kind of new that we are seeing. we are going through a fundamental shift >>. what you think the amazon cloud business is doing? about $3 billion. recognizes theft have to focus. the guy has been architecting that focus is the new ceo. is a young guy.
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from what i understand, he is a young executive. this is make iker soft have the .oungest >> is 46 years old. a new, youthful approach would be important for this company to find new ways. there is a big overhang with the antitrust battles of the 1990's. the business practices of that era, microsoft grew their other businesses based on the success of windows. he was not around that. business was not grown on the monopoly of windows. they don't have to rely on a
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single at select windows. >> will they do this nokia business? they are going to be pushing for them to really bring results through on this nokia business, which they have not been able to do. >> we want to bring in someone with a perspective. analyst.oftware is this the right guy at the right time for microsoft? >> i think so. he brings a couple of characteristics that are important for them. first, you have a technologist as ceo again. i think that helps. steve ballmer was a sales guy. he may not get enough credit for bulimic commercial sales. he is not a technologist. having somebody who can speak to developers, there is a fight over developer mind show --
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share. he come from a part of the business that is winning. the commercial business grew 12% . that is a huge number. we discussed a lot of the issues on the consumer side, the profit pool that moves microsoft is the commercial business. before i came on, this brings a more youthful qualities of the it bringstween -- people back to the table. when you think about institutional investors sitting down with microsoft, there is a big monolithic giant that hasn't done anything. the correct move was to ignore it. , which isanagement managing expectations and helping make microsoft more
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opaque for investors. think when you're talking figure tech company, with the product is first in what the sales are second. ande figure out the cloud the necessity to be more collaborative, that has allowed enterprises to run linux on their platform. that was different 10 years ago. he is reach out across the lines to competitors and partners. that is very important when you think about microsoft ends up. with him coming into the mix coming from a cloud background, it makes investors say what is this guide up to? we'll do what they've done with --icer 65 -- office 365
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>> listen to more from him. this is an exciting place to be at. we look at what we are doing with our devices and services and cloud computing it is an amazing spot to be. it is enervated of and taking to market across society. mentions other things. it is a very exciting place to be, innovative. is it an exciting place to be? are they innovative? think on the consumer front they miss mobile completely. they're trying to catch up. >> i'm glad you brought up mobile. does that factor into your models at all?
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microsoft had been hoping to use them as a partner to get windows on their phones. now that his daughter going to happen, how does that impact microsoft's ability to expand into mobile phones? >> there is no doubt that it hampers it. we are this deeply in third place, success does not mean you have to do one or two. you make windows more relevant. you keep it relevant. theye think too much that have to be a growth business. at its size it does not matter how well they do. this is a huge cash flow for them. investors are not putting a lot of value on the consumer business to begin with. nokia makes them more relevant and smartphones, they have to have a more, development
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framework. if they can do that, development -- developers might come back. >> i've used the windows eight phone. it is very groundbreaking in different from android and apple. they're in third place. >> it is tough for them to get anywhere. it will take time. the narrative will be what drives the profitability. the enterprise business is doing well. the consumer business is less bad. price we're seeing different things. >> ballmer came in when the stock was in a tech bubble. bill gates have the common sense to get out. bill has been a steady seller of
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the stock. one of the intriguing storylines coming out of this is bill gates may be stepping in as chairman. that is an enormous change for the company. >> will that make a difference? how much will it make? >> people struggle with how much of an operational chairman of the board you want. offer nadellacan advice. you want a board that offers advice and you hire a ceo to run the company. bill gates is been very upfront that his day-to-day job as his foundation. tinkering on the little things maybe a little bit overblown. moving from chairman just a board member is notable. >> it will not be totally out of it. he spoke to bloomberg tv last week. here's what he had to say about
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his future plans. >> my full-time work with the foundation for the rest of my life. we are enjoying that. depth.o do it in i am not going to change that. i will help up our time. >> i spoke to an investor last night that said it is either no time or full time. this is one of the biggest areas of concern for investors. wella step down of gates those concerns? il be helpful if he moves a little that out of the limelight. one of the things you hear about satya nadella is that he is an insider. i think that is a little but overblown. if bill can move a little bit , that isshadow helpful. satya nadella needs to have
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some operating room to carve out his own identity. he is an incredibly intelligent and articulate person. when he is accomplished is notable in terms of running the enterprise business. that is been overshadowed by investors. -- it would be odd to have two former ceos on the board. i imagine ballmer will move on. >> thank you very much. >> come up, just two days more until the big game. we will talk to the president of stub hub about the changing super bowl ticket demand. >> we are working on the process. i am engaged in running our enterprise division. i have said everything i am going to say. ♪
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>> you're watching in the loop live on bloomberg television. watched television event of the year is just about here. the super bowl, player salaries, ticket salaries, adam johnson takes you behind the most surprising numbers of super bowl xlviii. >> are you ready for some football? about 110 million people will watch. almost as many people as the entire population of mexico. see rule one was played in 1967. tickets are $12 and fans were outraged that they were so expensive. now the face idea premium seats are going for as much as $2600. you'll pay more for stub hub which has a 30 person suite for
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$800,000. not all quarterbacks are like. paid manning has the highest is one ofssell wilson the lowest paid starters making a base of just over half $1 million. manny was drafted in the 1990's. russell wilson was nine years old. a record 1.2 5 billion buffalo wings kobe eden during the game. that is enough to stretch from centurylink field in seattle to metlife stadium in new york 30 times. >> all the fans thinking about going to the big game on sunday, it is mind blowing about how prices work. if you believe in supply and demand, check this out. this is what happened to super bowl pricing. you prices going up. supply and demand truly work when you see with more supply
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the price comes down. that is all have is a super bowl tickets. initiates very , pricing about $4000. as supply increases, rice's go up a little bit -- rice's go up a little bit. game, get closer to the the supply drops and the price drops dramatically. ticket sellers recognize that the writ of the tickets before the game. the price actually comes down when you have 2000 seats available. out, with the super bowl using the same dynamic. when supply increases, the price
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of starting to grab down. we expect the supply will drop as we get closer to the game. bowl's more to super pricing then a supply and demand. >> where the best places to score some tickets or any live event is stub hub. join us is the president of stub hub. what are you seeing in terms of pricing? are seeing prices a few hundred dollars lower than where they were last year. we have about 3000 tickets available for sale on stub hub. aroundest priced are $1400. he would not get to that price until sometime on super bowl sunday. >> is at the price they are being sold at? how are you making a comparison? >> their list prices. in the average price of tickets
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being sold, is about $2000 so far. as a few hundred dollars less than last year. >> why is there a depressed demand westmark >> it is a cold super bowl. it is a cold super bowl. >> would have the islanders and the rangers on one of the coldest nights of the year to play yankee stadium, there was not an ntc. new yorkers just don't care about this game. the brokers are hoping the locals will bail them out. is that going to happen? >> that rangers game was to new york teams played in new york. these are two west coast teams. i think this is the first cold-weather outdoor super bowl we have ever had. prices are down versus previous years.
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our volume is up. overall, the dollars is up versus last year. we are selling to more fans because of lower prices. yes look at volume and price. >> i been the super bowl before. how the cityting is turning out. i saw jake plummer last night. i saw joe montana. there is a lot of excitement. it is an event. >> super bowl's are an event. in a warm weather city, there are more people interested in going to that event. it is harder in 20 degree weather to stand outside. >> think you so much. >> only one team can walk up the field with the lombardi trophy.
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spenders will be here for the big game. ♪
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>> you're watching in the loop live on bloomberg television. i am cory johnson. >> let us check on markets. what is going on this friday? we expected volatility this year and we have gotten it in the first month of 2014. s&p 500 futures are off one percent. we are on the markets again in 30 minutes. reported profits that trailed estimates.
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google had better-than-expected fourth-quarter sales. and it is a quarter for amazon. webt of people thought that traffic would be big numbers for amazon. been twice the rate of members -- internet sales growth. there were not only growing with the internet, they were growing faster than e-commerce. they have a competitive share and continue to take it. >> the stock was down. at ae stock was trading thousand time earnings. the valuation left no room for error. >> they might raise the cost of amazon prime. >> that is a big deal in the
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u.s.. >> analysts were wrong. google is showing terrific growth. price of their ads falling, with the number of ads rose by 31%. that is really strong for google. to figure out how to put programs on display. those changes seem to be working. they're making some big changes with the way ads are delivered to customers and taken for the marketers and things working well for google. >> we will stay with technology. we have the president of stub hub with us. i want to talk e-commerce. that is your business. you said a conversion rates on mobile were still not where you want them to be. mobileare not buying on tom of air browsing. >> it is the same challenge.
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desktop is twice what is mobile. ads on mobile arch evil because you are getting less for them -- are cheaper because you are getting less for them. a lot of what we are focused on is re-platform in stub hub so we first. start with mobile that is the key challenge for us. andhy look at facebook twitter, have figured out mobile in a way others haven't. what are they done so well? they found native ads that just appear in the flow of what you are looking at. they are content companies, they are not e-commerce companies. we make money when people buy things. buy as a money made if we
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mobile device. it is hard to get semi-to buy on mobile than a desktop. >> your product requires you to be on their feet. at the end of the day, you're walking into a concert or baseball stadium it seems like mobile is a great opportunity for you. >> it was nearly 20% of our sales last year. content commerce -- content, commerce, two different challenges. the ad rates go up on mobile to the desktop level, it is about getting the conversion on mobile to come to the desktop level. >> what is psychologically the problem? why won't people buy on their mobile device? -- well theywill will buy, but they do not have all of the bells and whistles.
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we have optimized our mobile site from the last two years, and because there's less real estate, you cannot have all of the features and all of the bells and whistles that you have on the desk top. >> you guys do a lot of big events, like the super bowl, where are you seeing most business? >> the super bowl tends to be our single largest event throughout the next year, the bcs championship is our number two. no single event that is not more than half of a percent total sales. >> very diverse business. >> what about the concert business? over has really taken off the last couple of years, and it has grown to be a percentage of our business, so it has grown at a faster pace than the rest of our business.
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concerts are more in more important to artists because it is a major source of revenue for artists, so what you're seeing tours with more dates, and the like bruno mars, you see more coming out of the halftime show. instead of every three or four years, it is every two years, or in some cases every year. buble, michael concert ticket sales are really how he makes his money. stick with us. we have to talk about the panama canal, the new facelift. ♪
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>> we have a programming note, under armour chairman and ceo coming up.
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you're watching "in the loop." >> we cannot stop talking about a commit is the super bowl, and the players that to take home the lombardi trophy will also get to take home a hefty bonus for their winning efforts. they are not the only ones cashing in on the big game. olivia sterns is here with some of the business winners of the big game for everything from chips and dip to gentlemen's clubs. and of course, the day after. >> this sounds a little bit silly to be talking about, but when we were doing all of these research, we this realized there is a large academic impact that you would not realize. this is the second biggest eating day after thanksgiving, i do not believe the run-up in the use of avocados.
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aragorn to consume over 100 million pounds of avocados, that is a 1200 permanent sent -- 1200% increase since 2000. prices, driving up the and depending on your recipe, that is going to be 41 million bowls of walkable he. -- guacamole. i want to tell you about the wings. 1.2 5 billion wings will be eaten. day of theiggest pick year for pizza delivery. many men like to go and watch the games at the gentleman's club. >> i do not. >> i had no idea until
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yesterday, around any maze router -- majors porting event, the women fly into town into rows, and you get a big uptick in the dublin club business. -- in the gentleman club business. they have five times as many clients in the club of and they have ordered five percent more entertainers or contractors and they expect to see double-dip business on the super bowl sunday itself. the following day, about six percent of americans are excited to call in sick -- expected to call in sick. i will not be calling in sick from the strip club. [laughter] >> let's bring back the stubhub president. think as we, do you get right before the super bowl you're going to see an uptick or a big drop in your sales? >> usually what happens on the
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day off, you see prices come down. it went the other way around in dallas, and the main issue there was weather. bowlorce -- before super 45 in dallas, there was no, ray guba and so prices reached a certain point on saturday, and friday night, and then they went up from there because the weather got better. it looked like it was not good to be that bad, and it was inside the dome, so my guess is that as the weather gets better you might see prices come up. the thing that i tell people is that if you are very picky about where you want is that, by your tickets now. the premium seats -- >> of course you would say that. >> i tell people the truth about generally they come down as the event approaches. 2002, my father wanted to go.
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park, we saw the i hit a going down, and wall, could not find a scalper, and we had to watch the game from the bar. the ticket brokers that have completely given up their business to you. all they have is service. mr. ticket in san francisco is lonely now. do you have any notion of what share of the market you have? >> the segment share and hard to gauge, but if you look at just the online secondary ticket market, not the whole to getting the -- ticketing business in the dates the boy of about 50% of
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that -- in the united states, we have about 50% of that. they aggregate listings from ourselves and other competitors combat to show them in one place. >> how does that impact your business, that you have full price to separate one page -- a discovery on one page? >> it is not a problem. we have customer service that we do, and we are very competitive on price, and we tracked very closely with our competitors, especially on the super bowl. >> carl icahn the activist a stake ine has ebay, and he has been pushing them to spin off paypal. you think that stubhub should be a stand-alone business? >> i do not. i was part of the acquisition, i was on the ebay site and came over.
8:42 am
we have benefited greatly by being part of ebay. we are a marketplace business, ebay is a marketplace business, we benefit from the integrations with paypal, the technology that we get from our ebay colleagues. >> how? >> if you think about some of the things that we do, actually building a site of that scale, and building it around the world, that is what we're trying to do. we are relatively small geographically, but when we will -- when we launched in the u.k., we had all the assets of ebay to launch off of. we shut down the tickets category on ebay in the u.k. because we felt that stub hub was a better option. >> who do you think is going to win? >> it is hard to say. i will start by saying that i live in san francisco, i had to do -- i have two boys that are niners fans.
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the only other thing that i can is that the colors of stub hub -- stubhub are blue and orange. >> thank you. >> we have more coming up on the caesars casino, and casino business. ♪
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>> you are watching "in the loop." offers for the casino that went through bankruptcy last year are doing two weeks, and people with the knowledge of the situation are saying that caesars entertainment is considering making a bid. why would they bother my -- buying a money but losing casino -- why would they bother
8:47 am
buying a money losing casino? own foralready properties there, and they are having a really tough time to generate a stressed -- interest. it is crazy. why this strategy? many casinos, so they want to lock up the system and see which casino operates better very maybe shut one down, and at the same time -- >> how many do they have? look at that. empire, butrdwalk .t seems like caesars has it >> it has been a struggle, and now with online giving, they do not need to have another casino to began late -- began bowling online -- be gambling online. >> it is the same problem with
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e-commerce, how do get people to go there? seems to change in atlantic city, you get to go down and there are some other casinos, but the surrounding area does not change. >> the question is what can the private equity owners do? things that they have toyed with, just speaking with people behind the scenes as may be turning one of these into more of a convention center. they aresee how much struggling in and of themselves. state. a pretty sorry >> you look at financials all the time, if you look at a balance sheet and thought, what would you think? think the regulators are going to look at this deal, because regulators do not like a competitor buying a business with those numbers. thene of the senators in
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new jersey area has raised a red flag saying that we do not want caesars entertainment to lock up another conceit --casino. help the casino revenue and little bit. -- caesars entertainment themselves are a little bit of a troubled background. y re: negative cash flow -- they are in negative cash flow. >> do we question the itagement, but isn' or isi because of cash flow? >> the casino itself is getting a little tired, and their trade to refresh themselves. >> caesars in vegas is doing quite well, but they want to save face. >> is this all about the raven
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--ity -- right at equity private equity. >> absolutely. we will have to see how this all plays out. >> thank you. ♪
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>> you're watching "in the loop." what we're looking at for next week --out for next >> i think we will look for some confirmation that the fed is doing the right thing. they are in quite a tough spot, not wanting to change course. we are looking for governments and that the economy is doing well. -- confirmation that the economy is doing well. it is a tough thing because you
8:54 am
have the emerging markets in a backdraft. my eyes ong to keep another sporting events that we're not talking a lot about, the olympics kick off next week. we are talking about more -- we are more talking about the security dan the actual games. but no athlete has pulled out yet. the question is whether or not anything will happen. they're doing everything they -- deploy security forces around the area. be ainter alex seem to little bit cursed wei du thousand 10 they were reporting on the fact that the mountain that was hosting it might have gone bankrupt right in the middle of the games. it looks like the winter olympic is struggling here, but we will
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-- it seems like an exciting place to be anyway. want to see what happens with john thompson, if he does become chairman. i'm interested in what happens with that really common it, important company in the world of technology. if they really will make this massive rate from their iconic founder bill gates -- an break from their iconic founder, bill gates. it is hard to see him letting it go. foundation isthis his life's work, and i think he feels glad to have this chapter of his life in the rivera. -- in the rearview mirror. forecast maybowl be for milder temperatures, and that could be a good thing. >> i am going back to california. this is the one in a lifetime
8:56 am
chance to actually catch the -- >> there is always next year. we will be in next year. is taking about $4000 at the beginning of the week, it has gone down since that point. we will see what happens with prices. good stuff on this friday, it is good to six minutes past the hour, bloomberg tv is on the markets. this out futures at hour, pretty much at the lows of the session. you can see not is brought on the percentage based -- a broad -- on thetage based percentage based. we are the markets again in 30 minutes.
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>> 30 minutes to the opening bell, this is "in the loop." to in the loop, here's what we're working on. s&p headed for its worst january in four years, investors weigh earnings from tech giants such as amazon and google. microsoft preparing today to name satya nadella as the new ceo. -- more ofe lower these big moves in a moment. walmart fourth-quarter profits
9:01 am
may come in slightly on the low end of previous forecasts. what this could do to hurt u.s. sales. we start the morning at the u.s. stock exchange where the finance minister of ireland is in town to meet with potential investors now that ireland has acted run its rescue financing package. after they moved the credit rating back up to investment grade. i know you have been talking with companies, bankers, giving them the new ireland story. what is it? >> the story is very simple, for three years we couldn't access the finances to be on the mine we aren the markets area relying on colleagues in europe for their funds for the imf, and after three years of structural adjustment in the economy, we have no accident -- and now exited the adjustment program.
9:02 am
five year paper is on par with the united states and u.k., and we are closing in on all of the european countries. >> who are you meeting with here in the united states? >> this morning i met with the chairman of the stock exchange, and we talked about a lot of matters of mutual interest. yesterday i was in new york state and in new jersey, talking to people who intend to invest in ireland as part of our proposal. we are particularly interested in or visited goals and i.t., so that was part of it. at lunch today i am meeting a number of investors who traditionally are our customers were irish government paper. i want to update them on the irish story, and present to them
9:03 am
what the new situation of ireland is, and what we will be doing in terms of options for the next year. whenu're coming at a time you're talking about the irish economy, on the rebound after five years of sluggish growth, but you're coming at a time when there are all of these renewed concerns about the emergeing markets. others that are fighting the -- ation -- dwa should devaluation. it's great for you, but not in other parts of the economy. a time when never every economy in the world was doing well at the same time, there are always leaders and laggards. but we are going into a very good , because the big three
9:04 am
world economies are all driving ahead and very strong growth rates. worry high percentage of ld business and world trade. -- while it is disappointing what is happened in some of the emerging markets, the others have done so well, that they are up to about four percent. >> hi do we know that the european banks are out of the woods, that they are really well-capitalized? >> every bank, every country in the euro sector has its own bank, and the banks will be regulated out of frankfurt, there will be a european regulator, as well as there is a political agreement to have a resolution for solvent banks that may occur in the future.
9:05 am
we are moving close enough to the united states's model of a common currency underpants by i -- underpinned by a woman banking unit. that will be tested later in the year, because stress tests will take late in the autumn, and that will see whether -- additional currency will be needed. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> here's is a look at the top tech stories on the bloomberg west's radar. amazon missed its bottom line.
9:06 am
ceo jeff bezos has been pumping money into it. raise -- reduce cost. it is also buying a british game over and a deal valued at half $1 million. according to people of -- thege, the dallas the nadella is the front runner. i want to bring in my guest for the next hour. uni have talked about this whole you and icess at -- have talked about this whole
9:07 am
search process at microsoft. i surprised to see nadella's name come up? >> not really. candidate, a strong leader, and capable of running a difficult and politically charged process of getting to the right answer. i think you could end up being the chairman -- he could end up being the chairman, that is another question. >> do you know him? >> i do not know him, but i know that he is the leader of the enterprise and the clouds divisions at microsoft, and are two ofe -- those the most rapidly growing. they are trying to get their team structure to play where the puck is moving. this is what they are looking for to get growth resuming again for their levels of satisfaction, what better than to pick a gentleman of his experience? andnows the company also,
9:08 am
has been very responsible. it is a very difficult transition for microsoft to make from a few years ago. >> they cast this wine that can and then they go right down the hallway to a guy who was near steve ballmer's office. some of the blogs today have said why not just named john thompson as the ceo? >> i cannot answer that question. i think he has been leading a lesser life. he happens to be a neighbor in hawaii. he doesn't get there very often, but i'm not sure he is ready to step up and do that. i think that is a personal decision. i know he is committed to being a successful chairman of the search process. stay with us, we are going to talk about everything from tech to media, to the super bowl. we are just two ways away from
9:09 am
the -- days away from the big game. they compare to other big sporting events? air will be downed on super bowl sunday, but the cold brew has fallen out of favor. the plan to reinvent the frosty beverage. ♪
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>> we are back in two my cohost -- with my cohost for the hour about from the board of direct tv. john boehner hoping a little fresh air from outside d.c. will bring consensus on some horny issues -- thorny issues. they came out with some principles -- some guiding
9:13 am
.rinciples on immigration republicans,le for john boehner brought out a list of principles that should guide the republican approach to immigration this year. it was important to act and to solve the immigration issue. what was of note in those principles was that they will allow legal status for undocumented adult in the country. citizenship, to but further than conservative republicans have been willing to go previously. this is a big shift. as john boehner would go to reach a compromise in the white house, but there debate --thly healthy debate in the room. republicans who would anport this question this in
9:14 am
election year. >> a great question. i want to pose the question to dixon. >> i think that is a very defense of way, and nonconstructive way to look at the problem. that we havessue talked about so many times, there are some important people of both political affiliations. the president himself, there is a gaggle of corporate executives from silicon valley to the east all the way to the borders that believe this is something that needs to be done to help our country. self -- >> you your self has said this
9:15 am
many times. is this the year that we finally get it done? >> it would be advisable for president obama to look back a few short years to the big success he has had legislatively, which was signing the jobs act at the white house. i happen to be there in the first april of 20 -- in the in 2012 mandy at the support of all of these constituencies. maybe he could try a little bit of visualization, and go back and relive that experience in this new issue of immigration reform. he might be shocked if i doubt that there are a lot of people that would like to see them be successful -- to find out that there are a lot of people that want to see him successful. >> one of the selling points that john boehner put forth was
9:16 am
the economic argument for that it would be helpful to a host of american businesses that need this labor. event, --e economic argument, and if there's going to be a decisive fact or for republicans to move forward with is going to be that argument to and the business community coming in and weighing in more than they have up to this point on this issue. it was very clear in the room that this was a big push from john boehner. >> that has corresponded to what you have heard as well? >> absolutely. there was a terrific hesitation, the best when i heard was at presentation, the best i heard was at stanford, where they came out emphatically in favor of doing the right thing on immigration reform. archaic the current model is does not help the problem.
9:17 am
the greenlked about card thing ad nauseam, and there does not seem to be any agreement on what we should do with that. i have not heard much substitute out of vision -- substantive opposition. surprised, ie think it is all a matter of the people that are in the government positions deciding that they want to go and leave a legacy and do something as important as this for the country. it would shock everybody, but did you would be the right thing to do -- but it would be the right thing to do. just want to say that the fact that john boehner was willing to step forward and outline these principles yesterday tells the level of competency has in his a position about to take this gamble. he sees this as the right moment bad for supporters of immigration reform, that is as significant as anything. >> we can talk about this all
9:18 am
day long. thank you. we are going to be talking about a lot more, including yahoo! mail, a recent target of an online attack as hackers trying ied to get access. -- we'reng to talk to going to tell you which country is going to take the lead from japan in the lobo car market -- global car market. ♪
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theooking nice there over
9:22 am
new york skyline, hopefully it will be good weather in time for the game. company newshe top this morning, yahoo! says that hackers tried to access the mail accounts. did not disclose how many accounts were affected, but prompted users to reset their passwords. the announcement comes after the company said fourth-quarter more than season, tough holiday largest toy maker missed wall street estimates. the global revenue from barbie dropped in the fourth quarter. hot wheels declined by eight percent. we are just a few minutes away from the opening bell, and we're going to continue to talk about microsoft, next. ♪
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>> welcome back. it is 26 minutes past the hour, which means the bluebird television is on the markets. steel has the latest on futures on the last trading day of the month. up for ae shaping pretty lousy opening, if this is any indication. they're sitting just a few points from the 100 day moving average. as they say, as january goes, ghost -- so goes the rest of the year. they had their first monthly decline since august. >> all eyes this morning on
9:27 am
microsoft him as it seems to narrow down his search for a new satya nadella. senior west coast course but it -- corresponded jon erlichman broke the story for us. -- it to play for you heard you mention the name bill gates this morning, in the context of the story, what role he would continue to play. he did an interview a few weeks ago, and this is what he said to us about his role at microsoft. >> my full-time work will be the foundation for the rest of my life. me and my wife are joined in that. so i'mo do it in depth, not going to change that, i will help him part-time.
9:28 am
>> if he just stepped down as chairman, he is still going to be a big part of microsoft. >> a big shareholder too. it will be less or so if he steps down off the board completely. i think it is notable that satya beinga, in addition to part of the cloud enterprise, he is a technologist. he wasn't the management guy that some of the candidates might have been. >> do think somebody like satya nadella would have been somebody that gates would have pushed for? >> i think that is a fair bet. he would have been very supportive, because he comes from a really in-depth cap muggle background -- technical bul background.
9:29 am
that is how they get to be where they are. he has really helped change the way the board discussed this issue, maybe to help put a lot of pressure on steve ballmer as well. , it is such a nice guy hard for me to imagine doing that in the context of a board oliveri a lot of first malleus -- of a board full of a lot of personalities. what discussion takes place? >> it is very complicated, and a meticulous process that takes a lot of time. thatost important thing can happen coming out of this decision is for the board members and the chairman and the management team that are going to be there going forward to be united, and to have good
9:30 am
chemistry, and to work well together, and to have a lot of mutual expect -- respect for each other. if you have a group of people known in the industry, and you change one person, you change the dynamics much more than just one person in the group. guy -- jona nice erlichman is a nice guy. >> he wants to weigh in. >> dixon talked about chemistry, i begin this process -- i think in this process, when they talk to people inside and outside the company for this possible job by the glut of the concerns is what can i, as a proven leader, to in that order -- due in that boardroom? chairman, as is you highlighted?
9:31 am
somebody --, going with somebody like satya nadella highlighted as a very capable person, this doesn't go to the heart of the problems that are at the heart of microsoft. those are some of the kinds of conversations that have taken place on what is the best framework for this next stage of microsoft? >> warren buffett's great line, bad a business with the reputation beats a manager with a good reputation what is the -- condition that prevails needs a manager with a good reputation, it is the bad reputation that prevails. picking up tough job, and it was in a tough job, this is an area that dixon is where intelligent -- is well informed
9:32 am
of, the cable area. dibid,e fending off this because of cable consolidation. what he said was the difficult part of being that job right now. >> i do not make any bones about the fact that 2013 was a very rough year for us from a rescript cover perspective -- perspective.iber as we went from october, to november, to december, performancer form a -- improved, and january was the first january we have had in five years. positiveed to put a spin on it, but as someone on
9:33 am
the board of directv, in the face of rising programming costs, it is the same thing that is going on for directv. >> i do not have any inside information, and if i did, i could not discuss it, but what you have certainly observed, and what makes a lot of sense is that there are too many of those regional cable companies out there. your guests that you have had over the last few weeks have all commented on the value that would be associated with having a single company with a national footprint so they could interfaces,on user hardware platforms, it is a good idea, and i think it is going to happen. from cablehave seen bills, the more consolidation, the higher the cost. >> i think they will hang in there and provide them with an
9:34 am
attractive alternative. >> we need an alternative not just for programming diverse city, but also for prices -- but also, for prices. and charter appear to be teaming up. they are a both trying to figure out ways to meet up the pieces of time warner cable, when they .each a deal >> you have others standing on the sidelines, laughing about what is going on with the cable operators. >> cori talked about pricing, and this is a long game. the battle that brought marcus's , it's -- facing right now
9:35 am
the broadcasters, saying we want more money for our programming. you may continue to lose, because we've seen these fights lay out in the headlines, consumers are saying look at that nasty cable company. this does not change overnight, but netflix continues dad subscribers to and is a -- add certainers, and at a point will take over. >> we will be talking about football in the next segment. hoping to make a fortune off of a new beer. year -- record breaking we come off a record-breaking sales.r thorough bred stay in the loop. ♪
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>> super bowl weekend is upon us, the pressure is on. withhe 30 plus advertisers ads set to run on the biggest we want tont on tv, see how it stacks up against other big events about like the grammys. tolet's just compare it others boring franchises, first. , franchises .he super bowl reign supreme the white line shows the world series, four games-seven games, maximum offour,
9:40 am
seven. the orange line is march madness, the basketball weekend. the super bowl is in its own stratosphere when it comes to the amount of total spending. what is interesting about this year, in particular because you have the ludwig's coming up as that we have earned the thick of a beater spending season for the olympics coming major spending season for marketers. working right now is in the dream. >> we have talked about the nfl sunday ticket, a huge racket for erect stevie -- directv. why is it? -- i was ane
9:41 am
offense of tackle in my co


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