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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  February 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> from our stu >> frn new yorr city> fr is "charlie rose."rlie rrlie r >> we play our style of ball, wo did not make up did new call upi
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pressure or anything. we put our guys to play in situns they situnsrtableable with and learn how they werern e playing.ayin >> tea le seahawkshawk delivered a crushing victory over the broncos in supe broncrc xlronc final score 43-8l sc-8-8 seattle swarming forced peytonon manning to commit untimely rors. nalcolm smith was naold the game's m.v.p. he returned a 69-yard-yard interception. joining me now, peter king of sports illustrated, rachelated nichols is host of cnn, and jim gray. i am pleased to have you here. u my questio o not know thet kn answer, what happened to peytone
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manning and the denver offense? other than the blanket t, it was the seattle defense. >> charlie, two things happened in this game, the seattle tfense sort o they saw in advance, number one, they knew peyton manning came to thnningt line in certain formations, thah they had read him and they had done so much homework on him, they understood there was a very f stted amount of stuff theynt could f st it was all intermediate stuff. they did not fear, in any way, the deep ball of the denver s. in my opinion, on a weather-free day, peyton manning, one of his bi stakes was not toakes challenge deep. he only did it one time the whole game, not to challenge
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deep. deepthe second thing, they jndtw that only had been as physical with their eceivers all season as they were going to be withith their receivers. kam chancellor, the hardest hitting safety in football now has taken over that mantn ovrom troy polamalu, and sherman and maxwell both good cover guys but balso extremely physocal. denver wasn't ready to get beat up as much as they got bea as th >> but this is the super bowl. >> yes. >> i mean you are supposed to -- but you know them, buou knono kam chancellor, when he gets a running start on you and levels you, you can't practice appens and you say, oh, my s god, i mean, the cobwebs are in there. so my whole fe. so is,es richard sherman told me thistolh last week. he goes, i sd, well, you know,ly has got a lot of weapons, you know i look for onow i lhese
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e these guys on the bench toncho be a big factor in this game and he just laughed and sat , we don't care. they thought they were reall the going to beat him up. >> they were reading his signals he line, they were stealing peyton's signals the guys said after the game last night they calling it out to lling iter and midway through the first half ff they were right most of the time. that is bravado if you tbrav yoy g for eybook you haveon ce and you are prepared.ou >> jim, what happened? >> erformed them, they were out physical, i think the main thi is and peter haspe alluded to they got peyton pey off his spot. he was ked 22 times the entire season. the seattle seahawks hurried him and knocked him down a couple of times early.
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him unlike new england and these other teams that went in, they in, thdidn't get anywhere near w he was up there against san diego anen season, these receivers were jostled off the line and couldn't get to where they needed to be, it disrupted the timing. >> and it was peyton's manning the x's and o's and what 's because you have to consider the fact that as he has gotten older and things are more important, it is not just mor idifficult to get it done at 37 years old, physically it is difficult at that age. we saw it with brett favre and other people in boards, you, tighten up and it means more, you are smarter and have been through it you are aware this is your last chance, ybe, you hce, to grab it and you have to make in work and you mess up and we saw that with peyton manning. p >> that's why i always think peyton manning is noonbetter with two weeks to pr two w >> no. more weeks to obsess. is two >> to obsess over it. at right? heesses and is too anal already. >> he should only have a week to prepare because after that, you
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know, charlie, it becomearliy versus spy well here is what he is thinkin so this is what io th am going to think so this is what he is thinking. just go out and play the gt andy >> should we think lhos of his career because of this? >> this is a gigantic moment cause peyton manning may not get to another super bowl, so, u know, it is going to affect his legacy, there is no question about it. but i always say, i am so glad as a hall of fame voter that have to be retired for five years before we consider their case. se you areing about it. >> remember when kurt warner went to the super bowl,super everybody wants to do the thenation. why? let's everybody calm down. >> i was going to say, he is a great, great quarterback, i mea perhaps the best ever, look at all of these regular season records he is setting, but if the same guys who broke thee th record before, tom brady with the touchdown record, dan marino
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with the touchdown record in yards. they did not win the super bowl, they had great seasons and hat s came in there and they lost e al when you are talking about his legacy he is one game under .500 in the playoffs and in the super bowl i remember a line. they pay those guys on defense as well. >> but are we talking about the art of playiarrterback orarrter talking about w much numbers you have racked up and once we t into is it about number and regular seasumbers or winning super bowls? >> how should we talk about it? >> well, nobody has done more in this or the art of playing quarterback than peytorbacnning, he changed the pos cion and what you do when you come to the lin of scrimmage, he changed the standard that is set, and that is as important to the discussion dihing else. >> the game has changed. peter can speak to that. look at the offensiv aexplosion
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now in the passing game, it is i so much difft. i mean, it used to be, you know, the running game but now -- >> that is more argument than ers not being the mostbeing th importan right? rig >> i understand, that is right.. drew brees, you look at the a is a whole lot differehole ln it was years ago. >> i would make one point about all of the stuff about the mannin , over the weekend i looked up some of the great quarterbacks of all-time and look what happened to them late in their career in the posttsea. >> what you find?u >> johnny unitas had some bad postseason gposte in his career, some bad prey-off games, brett favre brett ad post season games late in his career. he had a terrible game againstma the giants and the cold thatnd l in green bay, dan marino, i mean, so many great quarterbackb as you get older are really arer they count the mosey games when >> what do we say about russell ??ls >> he is getting old too. [laughter] what do we say about his
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performance? >> the line of 6'2", certainly if you go back the analysis of him duri he draft, which we did, it was almost unaniwas out, he might make it in the nfl but not really a starting quarterback. and now johnny manziel ijocoming to the draft as a six-foot quarterback. >> schneider and carchnearch famously said they had this x factor they look for. the will to win. >> that may be pete carroll'et best decision ever as a coach achd i mean thracghout his entie career, whencaid good-bye to flynn, a he $8 million and said i'm going to go withing to russell wi on. there was no way that if he doesn'at it do that t m, i don't care how good
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their defense is, that they are in the super bowl. >> thi this, russell wilson walked onto the calked ot thet h university of wisconsin and 22 days after he appears on campus, he has convihe hcoaches thathe h he should be one of the captains of that team. after the game, i spent 10 minutes with russell wilson talking. and he goes, peterd he g we have to do, we have to make sure that this i t the only he said, i think we are poised for continued greatness. we are very young. i think theyrei think can keep the defense together. russell wilson will not get fat and happy. i will g rantee you.ra there is something in him, some jiip inside him, just what didtd
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that is what the seahawks saw in him.him. >> i got to speak to his to h o hhool coach. he said the day th said walkedti in there and he in tthem, he them, he he was a natural e wae. d he was born to do was b he would rally all of the guys and they did notanant to let him down. they did not want him to be be disappointed in them. that is how hard he worked. he was gettingood grades.gresgrr and then he is drad theno play s seball by the orioles and the rockies. he decides not to.ecides he would havhe a good second baseman.sema he goes to wisconsin, now he is winning a super bowl. his high school coach said there was no doubt, the fact he had learned from his father, heathe , this kestined greatness. >> we talk abou >the manning family, russell wilson s from an extraordinarytr family. his grandfather was a university esident, his grandmother has
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three different degrees. his father was an s faptional athlete, also went to an ivywent ntague schooand also presi of the class at law school withh with the san diego chargers, his whole family is about achievement and leadership ander accountability. he was d that way ou see it on the field. >> i left earlier than youearlie i left mid urth quarter beuse i had tobeuse earlierearl than you did. >> what if there had been are he comeback, charlie? [laughter] he person i wanted to talk to m gase. what happened? i read this article when i got that morning, sayhat mois isis a genius and peyton says the smartest mind i have met inet ll. all of that thing. i did not want to be accusatory, i just wanted to say, wante happened >> i will gi>> i wreat mike tyson line. everybody has a plan until they get hit. [laughter]
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then it goesthen window. it went t the window after thend first snap. nk the general said that about battle. i can't quote him. i will turn to you for that. [laughter] >> you said when manning looks back on the tape, he will be sick. >> i think he will be sick. ink how much he was rushedru really a ected res decision making process. he was n as patient going 1,patient go 2, 3, 4. ade quicker deadons and he has to. peyton manning hates to do that. number two, you know, tbelieve that no one has the reverence for this game and for theame history of theame, and he will not sa noyton manningning can answer anycan anowl trivia on you will ask him. he really lo--
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>> mike son and boxingso incredible. >> he loves football.ot it will bother him when bother h back at this tape and t es thea decisions he maddeci >> the thing i felt sick, he has done this before. that is what you did not wanted to happen to him again. >> he is going to have a going conversation.tion. young has been syoung it is about a conversation he hashe to have. steve young pointed to dan marino, he has tmarino, he ved peyton manning has to haveo this conversth is going to g is m more than anything.g. >> but i will just say one other thing, everybody said could this be it? absolutely not.absolu the reason he loves on itves on too much.o mu was he overmatwa last night? lutely. however, a lot of teams in the nfl, every dy said nobodydy remembers the loser of the super
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bowl, there are 32 teams ie the league, there is a lot, there t things about being number tw bem i do not think there hat been a quarterback who went into a super bowl that more people were not hoping the best for him, oever you were. if you are a fan, you wanted the best for peyton manning. >> russell wilson wanted the best for him. he loves him. he said that this morning. >> russell wilson told me this morning that he went to camp, the peyton mng camp when he >> and peyton took tnd time witt him. everybody likes peyton. he tre everybody well. you ca t help, even if you know him from television or his h performance, you can't help but nd respeadmis guy. i think you are right. he will have another chance. chc you don't set these records and
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go away next year and be totally ineffective. >> i want to say a word about pete carroll. he had t ised for thi ised for in the superl. >> a lot of people thought his rah rah college style would not work. i mean the themes of the program, the way he is excited the time. but it did work. that goes back to my point. it works with this group.roup he has a young group.up the seahawks' average age is 26 years old. >> and he is 64. >> only one coach in the history of the ncaa has won the national alampionship, larry brown.y now he joins barry switzer and jimmie johnsonnd pete carroll. ncaa championship. >> one quick point about peter carroll. last night i was fortunate to be
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in the locker room when he amgot his teamy goher and he was taland o them.em. i said to uddy at sports illustrated, i said this is th he sous precisely like he did at usc. a couple of tapes of him in college. is mr. unbelievable he is in hiable 60's. it is like he is 32.e is 3 in my opinion, pet my opoll maker in the world but if yo wod don't have russell wilson, if you do not have a totalitarianei defense like he has, ye 're be yelling in the wind. but i do believe, jim, you saids it exactly right, and rachel, th he knows his players so . he knows what gets pnoyers happy. no rep
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iday at practice, he has all of this music playing ai practice. >> in th terview, i think hour we had a conversation.n di, >> what did you think of him? >> i thought highly of him. he had confidence in hisonfim. the people of seattlpeople to in seattle.,this teamis it was because of paul allen. they were halfway gone, and he made that a preconde that a him doing it. what he said to me about pete, o in the e what we liked so much, he knew had to communicate to p he knew had to reach the players. here is my only super bowl story.stst i lo ïve, although a anguished for peyton mhed fo. i am sitting last night and to have a super bowl winning co bh,
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g co bwe talked throughout the . >> did he answer your question about e?e? tty much what peter said. it was great. he most wonderful super bowl experience i have ever had. so there is a super bowl winning coach sitting next to me and after every play, we did not need television. we had our eyes and one ear.ear. i was lucky enough to be in seattle in 1978 when the sonics won the championshn thfterthfter losing in 1978. in in webster team lost and got back with lenny wilkins and shelton came from the knicks and won and they threw a parade they year they lost. the year they won, they exploded. it has been all that time, there is going to be aisexplosion. t of lovslaut of love and ion for thaf t the pacific northwest has not had anything like this.
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re's nothing like as uper bowl. who did we see iwho e stadium? so many people watching on levision. everybody is celebrating. ith the flyover,ith t wonderful.ndernd yo this is america. this is an americais is nt. this is when america comesmeri together. >> the top five anthems ever.. my favorite will be whitney houston. right after the gulf war. during the gulf war. great to see you.reat to sese we will do it next year. pitchers and catchers report in three days. >> be there. back in a moment. stay with us. ♪
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>> ther is nothing i can do os anoan, iano mind has an made up. you seem to know the ans to to your questions. why do you ask? if you already know the answers
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to your questions, why ask? ask? are not helpless. and we are on a journey th on ar risks the dark. ight we mark thight butut celebr the life of actor philip seymour hoffman. he died in hanhattan apartment sunday morning. 46 years old. the suspected cause in a drug overdose.erdo he appeared in more than 50 films, captivating audiences talent and versatility. he was unafraid to wasabit and humanize ven the most unsympathetic characters, he was nominatefor four academy awards, he won the oscar for f truman capote in the filmr for "capothe received three tony nominations for his role ins ro "death of a salesman." here to talk about philip seymour hoffman, david denby of
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w e new yorker and a.ow scott of the new york times. i am pleased to have them here able. so i begin by asking you, just to think out loud about philip seymour hoffman.ou >> when ard the news yesterday, it came as a real sh b as young as he was. he seemed in his p sme, recently the master," delive master,"," extraordinary performances. i felt much more personally affected b this than by many m celebrity passings. i did not know him at all. i never met him. he same age and i same agam am ucation as aio moviegoer, and then as a filmhe mitic, was linked with his career. ne late 1990's, the i990'endent9
10:26 pm
movies, that flowering, that f american independence in theepee them, "booginights," "happiness," he was in those is and he was really indelible andn memorable in those, and thin ten was both wonderful character actor an had great character parts in big hollywood movies. cinema and the ambitions of directors like pdirectomasomas anderson and otherderson as abl to become a star, to take one lead rolesthwere incredibly ambitious. often very dark and troubling and there is this kind of honesty in his work that was very unusual and wil unu missedm >> it a romantic actor or a physically heroic acicr butic spiritually heroic. he would start fhem oue outside and work in. you would say that about many
10:27 pm
good actors, but i feel he was opening up a kinds of spheres of rage, lust, everything. it never stayed on the surface.. even in small roles.n small ro he could suggest soulfulness underneath what he was doing on ace. mber truman capote, truman cara was an impersonation b impe alsb got a complete understanding of what a kind of person he was. he could play a baseball manager, "moneyball," with his gut sticking o elderly manager with a big bger r gut. >> he made these unpleasant characters sympathetic. whether we are talking about a guy in charliegufman's "synechdoche" or the sexual predator in todd solondz'son
10:28 pm
"happine ." the task was to be completely son, to go as deep as you could possibly go. that h will bring thebr audiences to your point ofto yw. not necessarily sympathizearnd believe what you are there is enormous credibility in --e erin "thmastero inere >> it is an amazing movie. is one i will need to watch many more mes. it is extremely complicated and lancaster is a showman.howm in a way, hoffman is playingng is confident salesman and faith healer and and huckster, whatever
10:29 pm
he plays hat perfectly, what all of the exuberance this guy would have but he also let you see the loneliness and the pain and the confanthe the spiritual hunger and the need to be loved that drbe loved this guy. he does it, i can't say, i could not and analyze what the craft is that gets in there. he is, sometimes it is the color of his face. the way he would flush pink andh laugh or burstlao song. it is an amazing, and somewhat very exuberant and bust and rambunctious and showy perfornce. there is also the inner man, the soul in tormen he could take a close-up take c ovie and in "capote," in "c better than anybody. n actor to stan actor g for a close and holdclos
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so you would watch the play on his fa of course t of cour rkab he was a master of tempo. he would really slow things down. there are scenes in "tare scener where he pauses and "capote," it is all very measured in everything, without borengm. you still want to fill in all t those spaces bthose e is doinges so m you don't have to because he i doing so much doing ly with his face. that voice, it gets into your soul. intelligent and egocentric, ilee would have the feeling he would look at you and understand he he could unde you and play you. he has great people like tat two remember "the savages"? he is a university inteluniverl who was frustrated and bitter.
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>> to keep his m>>anthropy. >> and he could play with great skill, in "mission impossible," the big blockbuster films. in the movie, in "charlie on's war," he was playing ivged cia iserive whoer ing into john flattery's office, swearing up a blue streak.stre it is like he talking aaronng a sorkin dialobut he ds doing it as is if ite is inventing it. >> he to >>hanks. >> who played charles wilson. >> as he did with meryl streep in "doubt." a battle of technique.
10:32 pm
>> "doubt" is complex becausebea st who is a predator is also a benevolent guid b ise whole pois to holdpo in that ambivalence without really knowing for sure. for meryl streep knows for sure but o not know.o >> and lookingt am and watching him, you can go one way or the other way. t way. t it keeps you in that state of suspension. >> i don 't want to read too much into this but then someone who knew him said look, you sa't do what he did by getting so deep i in to the characters he plchar it, without paying a price. the mental effort it requires, and the craft. >> they said that about jazz musician 60 years ago. they were exposing their soul as well as th well you could name jyou musicians robert deniro, al pacino..
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i do not know how to read this. it is just waying in a way. >> it is. there is s ething, at least there is a risk, when yo a risha to these regions ofionsf ychic darknessychinessychi it has to .it h you may need to try to maked t not hurt. >> if you do it as well as he did it, to diclose as did, you are rdiy -- it a lo it of you. ued. think he would have uei think he would hthe triple tracked his career. he would have been in a ents.udget movie, g-dependent >> he could get them maduld >> and the theater.he t >> he seemed tbe working with
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through the central roles, willy lomans. >> he might ha>> he back andba played tyrone. >> exactly.>>ct >> i mean, it is endless. endle i have four pages of credits for a man who 46. >> 50 films. >> he worked all the time. he was part of a theatre company and he was insring playwrights to work. you can't explain this kind of genius.. it comes along once in a generation and it leaves a big g the last 24 hours o las so, you begin to realize how big the hole was. you figure he is going to be around, he is going to be on the rever and then you
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e how muchhas ed and how special he cial hes. i don't think there was anyok th who quite had that combination of int gence and raw talent, including a kind of talent and control of his physical bearing and his face. the ambition and discipline. he also had comedic skills. >> yes. >>boogie nights." both.oth.oth. it is a scene as one of the most heartbreaking. in the car after mark mar wahlberg has rebuffed his advances. in a babumovie like "ang came polly" with ben stiller, a movie no one should ever see you should see the the scenes where philip seymour n is playing then iskyla best friend of ben stiller.
10:36 pm
it is hilarious, t iing la school him in how to be a player and get the ladies. go he was in e nted mr. ripley," as tr. r nd fornicator.ornicaornica you don't imagine him playingm that k role, but he is he funny in it. he is on to matt dams on he had a premature gut, but it did not matter. it never mattered. >> whenever i would see him, he was here many times. m there was a kithere mpleness about him. his hair was never perfect. he often did not have a tie. >> he did not >> he dit >> h he cou se that as many actors could not.
10:37 pm
>> he could also, he was so, heo fastidious as truman capote. r other greaanother big lebowski." >> is there one momes , one role that -- >> it is hard to pick it out. pc i though of him talking on the talki phone and falling apart inllin "happiness." it is such a profoundly unpleasant movie. deep he goes into the unhappiness of that characs r t something that haunts me. i think of that and i think of in "the 25th hour," where he is playing one of the friends o the main c racter, who is a olteacher who olteterribleterr
10:38 pm
crush on one of his h ung students. he is playing another nerd. 't know what it is.those are sme films, i probably have not seen them in 10, 15 years. but there theybut there he is. >> it is arkable. in "capote," hinruman is a a the suggestion of e su hurt ondn when he meets perry, one of thee s, from "in cold blood," recogni s that fellow between thema here is a bond hoffman ts you see tha >> and whe >>ill him. >> without ing ws owut lness and his distance from this psychopath.s psychopah >> and his own ambitnd h amb >> the he will use that guy. thay.
10:39 pm
>> i believe the best portrait of a writer in all of his wilyness. >> it seems, from what wemhaveee read, it may have been a heroin addiction and if it turns out to be true, in a room alone with aa needle, and it just, it drives you crazy as to what happened,oh because of sbe talent, a man who was poised to do all of these great roles, the theatre had to offer or any great or and you wake one day and there is eamebody saying have you heard the news? you say, someone who had so much that he could do, and had ad remarkable bility to crawl inside s lse and have you understand what that person, who that person was.
10:40 pm
>> who was y much admired and loved by the people he workedhe with, by his peers, by other actors. >> someone e to see this, it for "capote."ote.wards speech his mother was there. t she had raised him. he thanked all of the requisitee people, but most of it was aboso ther he said we are here togeweerre >> she showed him his first movies. to his firsplayo hihi >> thank you very much, david. great to have you here. we will now show you from the appearances on this aranram, philip seymour hoffmip seyking y about the craft that he loved d did so well, acting. w >> will?
10:41 pm
>> do you want me to? >> i would >> have a friend there. >> ok, then i will. >> we continue our appreciationp of philip seymour hoffman withth diremiller, director who or whas knowreor whas knowre or or and directed him in dir "capote" and "moneyball." here he is talking about his friend and collaborator. w do you direct him? >> well, it is interestingt at that point i had known phil 20 years. there were things we learned lea
10:42 pm
about each other once we got a room and began deoom g the m t i think anguished, unforgiving process, and seeing what he needed to get there -- t did he need to get >> heded to go h a dark place and feel profound vulnerability and experience of despair that maybe people who do not know him woulm be unc able with.le wle on set, from the outside lookiht in, the pr peared a little bit fierce atle rough but it did not have to apologize to each other abouth t being very forward. forward. are we t re yetare not, bre yet because i have known him so so
10:43 pm
long, he would call me up before he would go off on a play. two weeks before "true west,"t," he cal up and he would say, i am nervous. i think my career is over.areer i don't knowi don'i'm owi don' 'm going to brevealed to be the fraud i really am. i would go opening nulht and hen is a gen when that began to happen with "capote," i had beenote,re before. i think we knew had to give him low him hidespair.m his d finding despair, what else, tell me how you see this performance. s great about it? >> what is great>> what is greie critics are s critics are what is great about it, it is
10:44 pm
not some kind of mimicking of truman capote. there is a mechanical aspect of playing this rolisis the voice, thehysicality, all of t he l but he had to own that stu to ot fluently that there ntly t onsciousness about kid. he could play what was beneath a it. people 's memories of capote, i think it belies the truth of who this character was and in many a characte an obstacle t an n do ihavedo it. you hado i communicatdo irough that. that is what he he is a complex person and i throk phil managed to reachhthrt
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>> you said the shooting phil ii like doing a wildlife ntary. other actors hit ther acarks hit phil is not interested in finding the light. he plays away from the camera. right. 's right. he is unpredictable. we rehearse for so r time, but would get into a scene an into whatever situation siat moment, it if it is in conflict.endo what you, he prepares i think more and more deeply or as prepare.eparybody possibly could he has a great brain and really
10:46 pm
can dissect a script, a ecory,pc and a character. those are not the things that a great actor. what makes him a great actor, i think, is his abilink,to tune and find the truth in it.ruruent he is an immensely sensitive person, who has a character in life and ofn i think it's the case people with charisma, and he has charisma, havehae another thing going on behind the charisma. a very sensitive person who will scene and, aosscenos de n, hs pr work, his analysis, can let go and be with and nt.
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>> we conclude our appreciation look bacat his app brances onh i this program.this p he talked about many things, but ngpecially the craft of acting. it is. >> acting is a weird thing. really the best, acting is a day-to-day thing. that is ing theatre is to important to me.port t does that meant doy to t doy to re only good as what yougo are doing right thendoing en acting is not something on aon canvas you can put on a wall. really what you do when that is en i am satisfied. i am as good as what i am showing you right now. the theater wi humble you and a second bec you will be asil bad as you can be. you can realize, i always have
10:48 pm
to -- you are using past tense. t as good as it ast have been,ee ee feels like that feewhere i was yesterday. i was not that great yesterday. it seems i elevant in a way, to u.s. an artist.u.s. >> but you can go back to itan g there is something, you flip it over, li nting. >> you are proud of it.f >> you say maybe i couldayee better tomorrobett maybe not. for one moment, there is something i will be proud of. >> very proud of it.of gre for the lazreside the laz de theyself. >> are you saying are youe moments in which the performance of "true wesyou are not good >> i am saying in the theatretre you do eight shows a week and dn it over four and a half, five t nths time, sometimes even longer.lo bettion in ayoion you can beion
10:49 pm
hat do you look for, in terms of getting outside of thei character, getting iactee of the character? what is it? >> i look r the thing i do not want to find.nt i keep asking question aaboutou aracter and abt myself, back-and-forth. pertaining to the story, to what i know, to gi some type of truth th trut the centerhe person's engine, ifs makes an sense at allan it is kind of getting ating at ing thatefuling thl be something that catapults whoever whoevyou are playing into acti. it is a hard thing is do. sometimes you don't find it. pais it a mental exercise?ise? a >> no, it is very mental.nt it is work. it is a lot of things. >> get them to>> gete hem y.
10:50 pm
>> he says that to carry at one point. i'm not here to entertain you. i'm here to write this book. it is in the movie and you getia ju very clear, he has justified ieall of his action. agedy.i don'agt think he underss e er is ultimately rolling toward and i think he is fighting it and he is fighting it off and it is inevitable he's going to have to make to have tm between the and watching these two people dese ese ese es >> he is rolling toward a moment in which the end of his book, they have to be executed. >> that is right. >> does he want them to be executed because he wants to end sh tstory and finish the book and move on? >> i would like it if you would die, but the grief i bill feel
10:51 pm
crushing. meaning he is willing at someone's death that ultimately when they die wiwh cause so e ch grief it will crush them those two things can't co-exist together ithout causing severut c damage. i think ultimately, that is the damage, the tragedy in this film. an incredibly taut way. that ngcoatling about it. i did not accept thid nolm to play truman pote.po i accepted this film to edll that sto because that story,e i'm getting corny, it is about life. it is about those decisionsdecii where you are, should i go there, there, i want both. these things that are so oppo attling with eacattlwith e e coexist inside of you.
10:52 pm
and how difficult that is. this is an incredibly extreme emexample of that very human dilemma. that ambition and greed in all of these things will bring up. >> which makes i>> which makyond it is abt human life. >> ambition,ebrity, journalism.jour >> i could talk about fath tal flynn in the present.he not just bse you do not wantt wt to give it away. tfill those things in personally. t they are intertwined. his history is ihis twined with his present. i think he is a man who does want his place to be the center of the community. he wants people to be excited to come to where coorks. he wants it to be the tsnter of th.ught and th. he thinks and wants this. but he ialso part of that tarchy. he is on the top of it.
10:53 pm
i do think that is not very progressive. u know what i mean? he is a progressive guy, something right up against something thatsomethhe is a part of.part he is not willing to give up yet. to put it in simple terms as i feel like that is how i think when working on it, i kekingkekg paring it down. thsimple moments of the life oot of the man. that is what it was about. i think it is, it is about a man' fe. i always say it is about a lot of peoples lives, but a man who realizes ultimately everyone ma the lead in their own story. this kind of realization toft comes to him. but ultimately about a person who is trying, you are watching a person trying.on try and then eventually his life ends. you never get there.
10:54 pm
you never figure it out. are you ever fulare ed? all of those questions arise.ri >> the poetry is in the journey >> and becau he is an artist. he is trying to approach the truth with an artistic piece, and he is very canse to these issues some people may keep away. ♪
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